ATWT Update Monday 8/25/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/25/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Alison is worried as she surfs online for her posted test results. She finally sees them; she is thrilled to see that she got a B+ on her exam. Aaron walks in, as Alison happily fills him in. He is very proud of her. She feels happy that things are finally coming together for her. Aaron thinks there is only one question left; does she love him.

At the hospital, Dani is looking for Chris. When she finds him, she tells him that she needs his help; she needs someone with big connections at the hospital – to hook her up with dead people, she adds with a smile.

Aaron worries that he upset her when Alison starts to gulp down water nervously. He went through a traumatic event when he thought he was shot, and it made him rethink his priorities. He was also happy to hear that she told Dani that he was her boyfriend. Alison smiles and then tells him that of course she loves him; she loved him from the minute she first laid eyes on him. Aaron tells her that he has lunch to plan and for her not to worry about it. He asks her to get him some lettuce and when Alison turns to go to the refrigerator, Aaron quickly places a velvet ring box under a dishtowel.

Chris introduces Dani to a man that works in the morgue, Mort. She needs to see hospital death records of people who have met with violent ends. He hands her a binder. She is thrilled, as Chris grins at her reaction.

At Fashions, Lily comes into the store with Natalie and Faith. She heard that Lisa is branching into kid’s clothes; she wants her children looking good for their first day back at school. Lisa looks nervous, as she quickly explains why she chose to do carry that line. In the very next breath however, she tells Lily that it isn’t a very good time and maybe she should come back, as Lily looks confused.

At the Lakeview, Holden is ordering some food when Mike comes in and they say a awkward hello before Holden cancels his order and leaves fast, as Mike watches.

Lily thinks Lisa is closed, but she explains it is not that, but she is just busy. Lily sees that she really isn’t and wonders if she did something to offend her. Lisa tells her that of course she hasn’t. Lily would like to look around then. Lisa continues to act funny until Carly walks out of the dressing room with a couple dresses in hand. Lily stares at her and Carly returns her look unsure how to act. They say awkward hellos in front of the children and Lisa. Lily thanks Lisa, but she doesn’t need to jump through hoops so they can avoid each other. There won’t be a scene, they promise. Natalie walks up, as a quiet Faith stands in the background, and asks Carly and her mom if Sage can sleep over. Carly is unsure, but when Lily answers that she is welcome to, Carly agrees. The girls go to find Sage, as Faith ignores Carly. Carly wants to leave, but Lily has something to say; Holden and she signed their papers; they are legally separated. Carly’s face drops and she reacts sadly. Lily tells her that she almost believes she is sorry. She is. She doesn’t want her to be. Lily tells her that Holden is now all hers.

Mike goes after Holden; they live in the same hotel; they don’t need to avoid each other all the time. Holden thinks it is for the best. He is not trying to come between he and Lily, Mike explains. He is sleeping with his wife so he would call that coming between Lily and he.

Carly tells Lily that there is nothing going on with her and Holden. Lily smirks, since Carly has been so honest with her afterall. The last thing she wants is a relationship with any man – least of all Holden. How long has she ever lasted without a man in her life, Lily wonders. Carly doesn’t think that Holden wants the separation. When he signed the papers that was a pretty good indication of the fact that he did, Lily answers back. They are in the clear to be together and to move on with their lives because that is what she is intending to do, as she walks off. Lisa walks over and wonders if Lily just gave her the go ahead to be with her husband. That is what it sounded like, Carly answers. Lisa asks her if she is going to get the dress afterall. A smile widens across Carly’s face, as she tells Lisa that she thinks she will take it after all.

Mike tells Holden that if he wants Lily back then he needs to tell her, but if he doesn’t then he should step back; he needs to make it clear whether they have a future or not. Holden tells him that it is clear because their marriage is over. Then he shouldn’t object to him seeing Lily. He doesn’t, but it also doesn’t mean he has to like it.

Aaron makes Alison a sandwich, as Alison keeps asking him for different stuff, as Aaron looks nervous. She goes to put her mustard on her sandwich when she sees a ring sitting on top of her lettuce. She stands up staring at it and wondering what it is – stating the obvious. Aaron drops to one knee and asks her to marry him. He tells her that he loves her and he wants to keep loving her forever; what they went through made him realize how short life is. They need to stop playing games and grab onto something so great – something they have had for years. Does she love him. She does. What does she think. She doesn’t know what to think, Alison answers quietly.

Mort wheels in a gunshot wound victim. Dani asks he and Chris if she can stay and watch. Chris wonders if she really wants to stay. She is a big girl and a professional. Mort unzips the bag and Dani stares at the body for a moment before she faints into Chris’ arms.

Alison tells Aaron that it isn’t him it is her. Aaron thinks that is sounds like the kiss of death. That is not what she means. Things have been so crazy; it was only a couple days ago was when she started feeling they were a couple again. She has so much in her life right now with school and work. Being engaged will get in the way of that, a confused Aaron wonders. She doesn’t know. It doesn’t feel like a right time to make a move like this; they need to take more time. She hopes he does not hate her. He is just disappointed, but he understands. Aaron tells her to wear the ring and they joke about it being a test drive. She agrees. He will wait until her ‘definitely not a no’ turns into a yes.

Downtown, Lily calls Mike; she wants to make up for their canceled date. The kids are all with friends and she was hoping they could spend the day together. He would like that. She hangs up and Faith is standing next to her asking her if it was Mike. It was. Is she going on another date with him. Yes she is. Is this to get back at dad. Lily shakes her head in disbelief.

At home, Carly comes in with her bag from Fashions and puts it down. She looks at the phone and picks it up. She calls Holden with a smile growing on her face. She didn’t expect to be calling him. They talk briefly about the kids before Carly tells him that is not why she called him. She ran into Lily; is she ok, Holden nervously asks. She is fine, but Lily made a point of telling her that their separation is legal. She told her that he was all hers. Holden is a little annoyed at how Lily said that.

Lily explains to Faith that it is hard, but she needs to move on with her life like her dad did. If her dad slept with someone else, she has to as well, Faith counters. That is not what she meant. Faith angrily tells her that she can spin it any way she wants, but it all stinks, as she stomps off.

Holden tells Carly that if or when they decide they would be together, it isn’t going to be because Lily gave them permission. Carly tells him that Lily told her that she is free to move on with him. She suddenly feels as if she can be with him without felling like a tramp or home wrecker. What is she saying. Maybe that today is their day. If they want to be together then they can be. Holden says nothing, as Carly worries if he is still there. He is just overwhelmed; he wants to be with her, but he just put those feelings away for so long, and now it is possible; where can he meet her. She would like to go on an actual date.

Chris gives Dani some smelling salts; she sits up quickly. She worries about the metal gurney she was on, as Chris laughs. He admits that the first time he saw a dead body, he lost his lunch. She gets up and teases him about checking out her merchandise. Chris jokes it off saying Mort might be back. She wants to buy him lunch to thank him. He has rounds left, but he will talk to her after he is done. Chris walks into the hallway where Susan, who is thrilled to share the good news, meets him – Alison got a B+ on her exam. Chris grins widely. He is glad that she seems to be turning a corner. He would like to congratulate Alison – has she seen her. Susan tells him that Alison is coming in because Aaron called and told her that Alison has something to show her.

In the on-call room, Alison is looking at her ring; she is talking to herself about what she is doing, as she starts to take off the ring. She stops after she has taken it halfway off, then looks at it again and puts it back on.

At home, Mike knocks and Lily lets him in. He says hello to her and is about to kiss her when Lily steps aside and he sees Faith, who says hello through clenched teeth; she has something to do upstairs, as she leaves. Mike understands that Faith is having a hard time with this; she must see him as one of the main reasons her parent’s aren’t reuniting. Lily asks for a rain check so she can spend time with her. Mike kisses her and tells her that he understands. He is about to walk out the door when he stops and tells Lily that he has an idea. They call the girls into the room and Mike asks them if they want to go to the Magic Land Amusement Park; he has VIP tickets from a client. Natalie and Sage are thrilled, as Faith just stands there. Mike tells them that they get free passes to certain rides and they get bumped to the front of lines too. Faith acquiesces and agrees that it might be fun. Natalie and Sage race out of the room to get ready, as Faith stays behind and asks Mike if he is just trying to buy them off. An annoyed Lily demands Faith apologize right now, but Mike tells her that it is ok, as he wants to explain. He is not trying to buy her off, but he is not above renting the pleasure of her company for the day. The only thing he asks is she gives him one of her beautiful smiles that is like Lily’s. Faith tells him that she looks more like her dad, as Lily tells her to go get ready now. Lily wonders if he wants to pull out now. He is not giving up that easily. She is glad.

At the Lakeview, Carly meets Holden for dinner. Holden’s mouth drops open when he sees her dressed to the nines in a white dress sequined low cut dress. They sit and soon talk about what looks good on the menu; they appear nervous as Carly talks about skipping the salad with the radishes; they give her hives. Holden finds it interesting that he has known her all that time and did not know that. There is some awkward silence before they talk about the kids and what they are doing with their time; he tells her how Faith has been down and out and bored since she get home; she has been wanting to go to Magic Land and he thinks he will take her this weekend. Carly nods, as there is more silence. She laughs then about how this is one of the worst dates she has been on. Holden simply smiles.

At Magic Land, Lily and Mike are thrilled to see the kids enjoying the Teacups and Merry Go Round. Mike teases Lily about not telling Faith that he might be the reason she is having fun. When there is something important, he doesn’t give up. Is getting along with Faith important to him, Lily wonders. Spending time with her mother is important, and he thinks if they all like each other that would make it easier. Lily tells him that she can speak for herself when she tells him that she likes him very much. He likes her too.

Carly and Holden are eating in silence when she finally says that she can’t figure it out; is it because they feel strange being in public or because they have called it an official date. This is the first time they can’t find anything interesting to talk about. He doesn’t know why either. Holden thinks they should get out of there, as they head upstairs. They don’t seem anymore loosened up when they are in his room. Holden kisses her and Carly pulls back. What is wrong, he asks. She wonders if their sexy sneaking around mystique has worn off; maybe they have no chemistry when they are allowed to be together. Holden doesn’t believe that, as Carly reminds them that they talked about radishes during dinner. They are alone and they aren’t tearing each other’s clothes off; they are talking and it is boring talk. Holden wonders if she is saying it is over before it started. She thinks it was never over – it just fizzled. Holden thinks they just need time to get used to be in public together. Carly wonders if they know that it doesn’t feel right and they just don’t want to admit it. Holden thinks it is crazy. Carly thinks that they convinced themselves they are star crossed lovers because their lives were so ordinary and not working and they needed something else to focus on. Holden tells her that he would never use her like that to get away from his issues with Lily. They both know that people do things that they don’t intend to, Carly reminds him. He understands that, he answers quietly. Carly smirks sadly – they have been through so much and it is finally ok with Lily and then they realize there was never anything there to begin with. Holden doesn’t know what to say. Carly thinks they need to cut their losses and walk away, as she heads for the door as Holden watches her leave.

Standing next to the game area at the carnival, Sage wants a big pink unicorn from a dart and balloon game, as Mike tells her that he will win it for her. He actually wins it for her right after Faith tells him that her dad says these games are rigged and noone ever wins. Mike then wins at a ring toss game and wins Natalie an oversized Kola Bear. Mike is next playing basketball game, as Faith thinks he will never make the shot. He makes it confidentially and Faith claps and smiles, as she gets a big white bear. They all walk off; Mike teases Lily that he was right – Faith does have her smile.

Back at home in her kitchen, Carly in her robe, is helping herself to a pint of ice cream when she hears the door and is annoyed as she assumes it is Jack; she finds Holden instead. What is he doing there. He is there to show her that she was wrong, as he tenderly kisses her. It is not about him wanting to break things off with Lily or her needing a distraction from Jack; what is going on between them is real. He kisses her passionately this time, as she drops her ice cream to the floor and kisses him back.

Aaron wonders if Susan has seen Alison yet. She hasn’t, but she is wondering what is going on; he is just going to wait to let Alison show her what is going on. Susan is concerned about him acting strangely and she wonders what all the secrecy is about.

In the on-call room, Chris walks in to find Alison there. He is happy to hear the news. Alison is unsure if he is talking about Aaron is unsure as to how to respond. Chris tells her that it is great to hear she is doing so well in nursing school. Alison looks relieved. She puts her hand down and thanks him. Chris wonders what she is hiding with her hand. He wonders if she is getting redness on her wrist where her bracelet was; he wants her to know it is normal because he has redness from his watch. Does she want him to look at it. Alison pulls back and tells him that she is fine and she doesn’t need him checking on her. Chris apologizes and heads out of the door. Alison follows him and apologizes for snapping at him; she knows he was just trying to help. Dani, wondering if Chris is off duty yet, interrupts them. She explains to Alison that Chris was so good to her after she was looking at a gun shot victim. Alison subtly sarcastically tells her can just imagine how nice Chris was to her. She wanted to take him out to lunch. Chris explains that he and Alison were in the middle of something, but Alison tells them to go. Chris pauses for a moment but then happily decides to leave with Dani, as Alison watches them go. Aaron and Susan walk over to her, as Susan wants to know what the big secret is. Alison is surprised that Aaron said something. Aaron explains that he just told her that she had something to show her. Alison pauses and then lifts her hand to show her mom; they are engaged. Susan is ecstatic, as she coos over the ring. She is so happy for them, as she hugs them both. Susan starts talking about dresses and flowers. Soon, Susan gets a page and has to leave, as Alison jumps at the chance it seems for some breathing room and tells her that they will definitely talk later. Aaron wonders if her comment to her mom about being engaged means, she accepted his proposal. She thinks she did; she also thinks he owes her a kiss, as he happily agrees.

Carly and Holden are on the floor wrapped in a blanket eating ice cream; he jokes about it being a great first date. Carly wonders what it means about them. He doesn’t know, but he thinks that they should just take it one day at a time. They are staring at one another when they hear a car door shut; they scramble to their feet and race to get dressed when Sage calls out goodbye to Mike and races in the door with her pink unicorn under her arm. Carly is wrapped in her robe and a little disheveled when she tells Sage that she is surprised to see her home. She was going to stay over but they went to Magic Land and Natalie threw up on the way home so she decided to come home. Carly is surprised to hear that Lily took them to Magic Land. They went with Mike too; did she know that she is Aunt Lily’s new boyfriend, Sage wonders. Carly looks bothered by this knowing Holden is in the other room. Holden is getting dressed in the other room and hears this, as he frowns.

Back at home, Lily and Mike are kissing; is he staying, she wonders. Mike would like to, but he thinks he may lose any ground he made with Faith today, as she kisses him again. They say their goodnights, but before he does, he tells her that night was a good for another reason as well – she didn’t mention Holden’s name once. Lily says nothing.

Sage tells Carly how Mike had VIP passes, they all rode the rides, went to the front of the lines and he won them all prizes. Holden’s expression looks less pleased and more hurt, as he hears about Sage telling her mom about how Mike told Faith and Natalie that he was going to take them to the car races soon. She wonders if she could go too. Carly tells her that they will have to see about that later. Sage smiles and heads for the kitchen, where Holden is hiding out. Where is she going, Carly wonders. She is getting some milk. Carly tells her that sine she had a long day, she would bring it to her upstairs. Sage leaves and Carly rushes into the other room and Holden and she head for the front door. Outside, she wonders if he heard what Sage was saying. He did, but he is ok. She knows he wanted to take Faith to Magic Land. He knew that Mike and Lily are getting closer so it is not a surprise. Lily and Mike are the last thing on his mind, as he smiles and hug Carly, who is smiling contentedly as she nuzzles into him. As Holden holds her, his smile fades and he looks much more somber however.

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