ATWT Update Friday 8/22/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/22/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Katie and Brad have some personal problems while filming their segment about back-to-school clothes. Kim reminds them to clean up their act or the viewers will be turning off in droves. They take a break and argue about Liberty. She warns him that it was her mistake but she is done. He can send Liberty to the convent or whatever. Brad confesses that she married an idiot. Liberty does need Katie in her life. He is not the cool guy he pretends to be, and he can not pull this off alone. No more fighting. They head for the car wash.

At the school car wash, Liberty and Parker are concerned that they will be there and their parents will be ballistic because they are together. Janet is front and center at the car wash. When she bends over showing off her assets, Carly sneers that Janet has an interesting approach. Jack dogs every move of Parker and Liberty, who want to be alone. They end up in a water fight just as Brad and Katie arrive. Brad is livid that Parker is pushing his buttons, and he canít trust them for a minute. The typical friendly argument breaks out since Brad was kept out of the loop. Janet and Brad made the decision that Liberty and Parker could see each other as long as an adult was always present. This still doesnít please Brad, and he wants to be able to make some decisions, too. They say thatís fine as long as it doesnít involve bodyguards again. In the process he is sprayed full force with water from a hose. Buckets of water are heaved on the others, and Parker and Liberty are humiliated. Carly comments to Jack that they keep wanting their children to act like adults but they keep giving them good reasons not to. Alone, Parker asks Liberty if she was in on it to get that Leo guy to make him back off. She apologizes and asks him not to hate her. She did not want to hurt him.

Paul lies and tells a concerned Meg that the project is fine and back on track. She wants to talk about the baby. The phone rings and itís the doctor. The test results are in, so they head to the doctorís office. They are elated at the good news that the toxins have not had any effect on the baby. Emma calls and frantically insists that Paul come, as that man is demanding the money. Emma is no dummy and wants some answers from Paul. She is so worried about Meg, and this pregnancy, and itís up to Paul to protect her from any more stress. He assures her that this baby is his number one priority. He asks Emma for a hug, and she complies, saying she will do anything once.

Left alone, Meg has bad cramps and is assisted by Derek. He reminds her he is with the Snyder farm project. She insists itís only muscle spasms, and she is all right. He wonít hear of her taking a cab home and insists on driving her. Heís not a stranger, as Paul knows him. Paul is visibly upset to find Derek in his home. Derek is super nice and warns Paul that he needs to look after his wife, as he wouldnít want anything bad to happen to her. Outside, Paul threatens Derek not to come near his wife again. Derek assures him that he is in no position to make that threat.

Janet catches Liberty and Parker kissing, and she orders him to leave. She reads Liberty the riot act. She conveys that Parker is a boy, and she is afraid Liberty will make another mistake. Brad and Katie also show up. Janet ducks out. Parker returns home and asks Jack if he is going to get a lecture now or later. Jack gives him good advice that boys may get props but girls get reputations and he knows Parker doesnít want Liberty to get that name. Liberty nicely tells Brad that she got along without a father for a lot of years and she can do the same now. He needs to lighten up. Seeing through the window, Janet spies Jack and Carly hugging. She is jealous and concerned, but they do end the evening by leaving together.

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