ATWT Update Thursday 8/21/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Fairwinds, Paul picks up and looks at the Intruder; Emily’s article adorns the cover. Meg walks in and wants to get Paul to leave, as he wonders why. She admits to trying to coordinate a surprise for him; her mother will be here soon; Paul jokes about her mom being involved with something to do for him. He will try to be home early, but it looks like he is going to have a bad day.

At Worldwide, Casey comes in to see Emily and commends her on her story being on the front page. Casey tells Emily that his mom told him that she was impressed by the fact she is reporting real news now. She even extended an invite to dinner. Emily looks suspect.

At the station, Margo walks by the interrogation room and sees a woman inside working hard among piles of folders. She steps inside and sees that it is Dani. She is kind of glad to see her, but she wonders very quickly, what she is doing with all her files.

At the worksite on the Farm, Paul approaches Mike; has he seen this, as he holds up the Intruder. He has. He spent the morning trying to convince the crew that they aren’t shutting down. Mike tells him that the clean up is going faster then the specialist can get the soil samples. They can’t work around this because they need the specialist. He has rewritten the budget and sent him an email. He has a lunch date, so he will see him in a little while. After Mike leaves, Paul is sifting through the soil when Derek approaches him, holding up a copy of the Intruder; he tells Paul coldly that he didn’t present the facts of the case to him completely when he asked for the money – therefore, he wants his money back.

At home, Holden brings home Faith, Ethan and Natalie as Lily, dressed to the nines, greets them. Faith immediately realizes she is wearing a new dress and wonders what she is doing. She is having lunch. Faith wonders if it is with grandmother. Holden mumbles that he doesn’t think so. The babysitter just canceled and Faith is more then happy to assume she is staying home then. Lily corrects her; she is hoping their dad could keep them another couple of hours. Holden tells her that he can’t. Lily wants to speak with Holden, as the kids are nearby. She can’t believe he won’t stay longer with his kids. He won’t do that so she can go out on a date. Lily asks to talk to him alone, as the kids, knowing what that means shuffle out. She thought he would want to spend time with his kids since he said he had no plans. She wanted them back by lunch though, Holden replies. Natalie comes out and wonders why he doesn’t want to spend time with them. Holden explains that it isn’t the point, as Faith tells her that they should leave them be. Lily angrily tells Holden to leave so she can tend to her kids, but Holden tells her that he is not leaving until they work this out.

Dani explains to Margo that this is part of her job description for the city, as Margo doesn’t look pleased. She is compiling crime statistics. She has an authorization form to be there, she promises when Margo asks about it. She is annoyed that the city is interfering and she wants her to leave and put the files back where she got them. As she heads out the door, she sarcastically welcomes her back to Oakdale.

Emily isn’t going for the invite to dinner; her case is Casey’s parents hate her and in addition to that, they shouldn’t all be subjected to fake pleasantries. Casey thinks that his mom is going to have to compliment her on her work in the Intruder at some point during dinner. Emily jokes about it being an incentive. Casey reminds her that many people are happy about the article on Paul, but Paul will be furious and he is her boss. She has the final say on all content though, as Casey thinks Paul could lose a lot on this. Emily doesn’t want him to feel bad because Paul always winds up on top no matter who he steps on.

Emma walks into the living room where Meg is up on a stepladder hanging streamers. She orders her down since she is still recuperating and not to mention is now pregnant. She is making her so nervous. They sit and talk about how she has a baby growing inside of her; they talk about how amazing the milestones are when your child reaches each one. Emma is so thrilled that her baby is having a baby of her own. Meg seems to have a small bout with nausea. She will be fine because she wants to bake for Paul; she needs her help. Emma teases her about how she has tried to dislike Paul, but she sees how happy he makes her and how much he is doing for the farm; she sees a leopard can change its spots. Meg gets up and is immediately not doing well so she tells Emma that she is going to have to start without her, as she walks quickly out of the room, holding her hand to her mouth.

Paul tells Derek that he can’t possibly get that kind of cash that quickly to him; he put the money into the project. That is not his problem; he has 30 days, Derek tells him. That was before he read about all the problems; he is not in the gambling business. He will sell the units and be able to pay him back. He doesn’t think with this kind of publicity he will be able. He needs some time. The deal is off. He can’t pay him back the full amount. He will if he knows what is good for him, Derek says coldly.

Holden is angry that Lily started this in front of the children and now Natalie thinks he doesn’t want to be with her. Faith walks out and tells him that Natalie will forget about it quickly if he reads her a favorite one of her stories. Do they not realize when they fight everyone can hear, Faith asks. Holden and Lily explain that their fighting is about them and not the kids; they love them, but Faith is sick about hearing that. They can both leave and she will take care of her sister and brother. Holden and Lily stare sadly at one another after Faith stomps out. Holden apologizes; he was being petty. Lily apologizes too; she will cancel lunch. He doesn’t want her to; he would love to spend time with the kids. She is going to go hug her kids before she leaves, but she will be back soon.

At Worldwide, Dani walks in upset about how she is a certified criminologist; she has the right to do her job without being treated like she is a kid playing cops and robbers. She is glaring at Casey. He promises he didn’t do anything. She apologizes because it is about his mom kicking her out and she stood there and took it. His mom is a hard ass. What happened. She went to collect crime stats and she was set up in a room, and then his mom came in and she was bent out of shape because she didn’t know about it and she kicked her out. Emily thinks Dani should tell her boss. She isn’t going to do that on her first day. Dani tells them she will be going back, but she pleads for their help. Emily tells her that she has no clout. Casey steps up; he will see what he can do. He will take the authorization form to Tom.

Casey goes to see Tom at home; he plays it off as a friend that is getting hassled. Tom looks at the papers and says everything is in order and then asks about Dani being back in town. Casey explains it is a new job and his mom threw a fit and kicked her out. Tom wonders what that is about. Casey thinks it has to do with the Stewart women connection. Tom disagrees; he doesn’t think she would let that interfere with her job. What should Dani do. Tom tells him that he will handle it.

At the Lakeview, Lily meets Mike. She is rushing around and talking a lot. Mike wants her to relax because she looks frazzled. She admits to a fight with Holden. Why. He knew she was going out to lunch with him. How did that come up. She doesn’t usually dress like this to hang out. He just happened to show up when she was leaving, Mike asks. It wasn’t really like that, but they worked it out. Mike wonders if she is hoping that someone will see them together there and report back to Holden. She wouldn’t do that to him, Lily promises, but Mike looks unconvinced. She already has done that to him. He understood it because Holden cheated on her. Does he think she is using him. Not until this moment. He thought they were building something, but he can’t if she is emotionally invested in someone else.

Faith comes out and Holden tells her that he is firing up the grill. She is not hungry. They all are kind of down, so she was going to just put in a movie. Holden wants a hug because it makes him feel better. He wonders if they could all watch the movie together. She would like that. There is a knock and Holden tells Faith that he will be right up; it is Paul. He is surprised to find Holden because, as he says shortly, he was looking for Lily. She is out; is there a message. Paul, again straight to the point, tells him it is urgent. Holden explains that she is at the Lakeview, but before he can say anything Paul is off, as Holden watches him go unsure.

Lily explains there isn’t emotional baggage with Holden; they will never be together again. He isn’t so sure because they are not getting divorced but only separated. That is mostly for the kids, Lily explains, but Mike is unsure. They aren’t getting back together, Lily promises. Mike wonders if she is sure, as Lily falters and Mike drops his head shaking it. He was looking for that answer. She has leftover feelings that are habit. What she has with him is what she wants. He wants her too. He doesn’t want to fall for her and then have her go back to Holden. Paul walks up to the table and makes no apologies, as he tells Lily that he needs to talk wit her. She wonders if they can do this another time. It can’t wait and he tells Mike that he can hear this too. He hopes that her offer to lend him money still stands, as Lily looks confused. He stills needs money with the project; she thought he had another source. It fell through. Mike can explain the ins and outs of the project to her. Mike immediately tells her that he is not comfortable doing that because he is Paul’s employee and her friend; he couldn’t give her an unbiased account, as Paul looks nervous. She is worried about the project. Paul pleads with Lily to lend him the money. She has to think about it. Can she let him know when she decides. Lily turns to Mike and wonders why he doesn’t believe in this project anymore.

Dani is looking at the Intruder telling Emily how brave she is. She just did her job. She wrote an article that could make a lot of people angry. That is nothing new. Dani thinks that she is the gold standard for working women around the world. Casey comes back in; he talked with his dad and he agrees that she should finish her assignment. He is going to talk with his mom as they speak. Dani hugs him appreciatively. Emily smiles widely at him.

At the station, Tom and Margo are kissing; as much as she loves this, she wonders why he came all the way down there. He holds up the authorization form of Dani’s. Where did he get that. He is wondering why she did that; she has no right to impede this. Casey came to talk with him. Margo is angry because Dani is Emily’s niece and once again, Emily has Casey do her bidding. He is not there to talk about them, but he is worried about her making this an issue because she shouldn’t be, and it could bite her in the backside. Tom leaves and an exasperated Margo sits down on the side of the desk.

Holden and Faith are playing cards; she apologizes for being mean. She doesn’t want her mom going out with Mike. Holden reminds her that they are not together and she is allowed to get on with her life. It is probably because he slept with Carly. Holden looks surprised, but he tells her that she is partly right. They are just fighting a bit now, as they try to figure things out. Faith reminds him that he always tells her and Natalie that you can’t fix anything by fighting. It makes Natalie and Ethan sad. What about her. When you think you are going to lose, you pretend you aren’t, Faith answers; her grandmother calls it bluffing. She doesn’t have to do that. She just wants him to try not to fight anymore. He will try, Holden promises.

Mike corrects Lily; he still believes in this project otherwise he would have walked away before when the original investor left. Why didn’t he say that in front of Paul. He isn’t comfortable telling her what to do with her money. Paul seemed desperate. She needs more answers… but not from Paul. She decides to cut her lunch short. She hopes he doesn’t take this the wrong way. Mike tells her that he is open to anything, but she just needs to tell him what she wants.

Emily and Casey are giving Dani a pep talk before she heads out. Casey doesn’t think his mom can really do anything more. She could get fired. Emily promises she will be fine because Tom smoothed things over. Dani is about to leave when Margo walks up and tells them that they are dead wrong if they thought they were going to run a game around her. She tells Casey it wasn’t right for him to go to his dad when he is still recovering from heart surgery, as Casey tries to defend himself, Margo wheels on Dani… she is freshly back into town and she is green. Then she turns to Emily; Casey wouldn’t have done that without urging from her, as Emily tells her that she knows she is to blame for all of this. Casey tells his mom that he makes his own decisions and he doesn’t want her bullying Emily or Dani. Margo explains angrily that Dani didn’t have a right to set herself up in her station without clearing it through her, but Casey thinks her rationale is bull. He thinks she just doesn’t like Emily or anyone related to her. Margo just stares at him.

Lily comes home and Holden remarks about it being a short date. She wasn’t in the mood especially after Paul showed up. He came by and said it was very important that he talk with her; he adds that he hopes he didn’t ruin anything, but it seemed a little unbelievable. She explains that Paul wants her to loan him money for the Farm project. Holden wonders if she will do it. Did he read the article in the Intruder. He did and it didn’t sound promising. Lily talks about how they grew up there and their lives are intertwined at the farm. She doesn’t want his mom to lose his home. He thought after everything they have been through, she wouldn’t care. Her kids are Snyder’s; it is their legacy. The farm represents her past and she wants to always remember it. Holden advises her; Emma will always have a place to live because he will help her. The land will heal in time. He doesn’t think she should throw good money into a project that will in all likelihood fail. She should just not help then; he doesn’t think so. He thinks it is a lost cause.

At Barbara’s suite, Paul tells his mom that he thinks Lily will come though. Barbara agrees that Lily loves Emma and has disposable income. Paul changes the subject to Meg, who told him she was preparing a surprise for him. She is cooking. She can cook, a surprised Barbara asks. Not at all. Barbara is glad to see him smile. Paul admits he heard about people’s happy lives from the outside before, but he never thought he would have one himself. Lily calls and interrupts them; she considered his request and she regretfully has to turn him down. Paul understands and thanks her for considering it to begin with. Barbara realizes she turned him down before he even hangs up. Paul surmises that Emily’s article may have scared her away and into thinking it was a losing scenario. Is there anyone else. No. Barbara tells him that there is only one thing left – to pull out of the deal and tell Meg why.

Emma finishes cooking, as Meg apologizes for not being much help. She is growing a baby that is hard work. Meg is suddenly quiet. She wonders if it is too soon to tell Paul. What if something goes wrong because she had all those toxins in her. Emma reminds her that she got tested and was given a clean bill of health. She wonders if she should still wait. Emma thinks if something were to happen to the baby, she can’t grief alone; that is not what marriage is about. They already lost one, and if it happens again… her voice trails off. That is a reason to tell him; they should experience everything together. Whatever the future brings, they face it together. She doesn’t want to bring Paul pain. She could never do that.

Paul wonders how he could tell Meg. He did everything possible, Barbara reminds him. She may not think that when her mom loses her home. He did everything he could. It was nice to have Meg believe in him – even if it were for a short time, as he leaves and a saddened Barbara watches him go.

Margo is furious with Casey; the police station is not her living room. It is not the bedroom either. She bases her decisions on what is right for her jurisdiction and not on a sentimental whim. Emily wants to know why she can’t admit she was wrong. She wasn’t. She mistreated her niece Emily jumps in. She used her son for her own needs… just like she used her husband too Margo shoots back. She has clout in this town and doesn’t need anyone to do her bidding – she runs a newspaper. That is just her latest profession, as they stare knowingly at one another before Emily demands she leave. Margo does so while staring Emily down. She hands the paperwork back to Dani. She decides who works in her station and she is out. Dani tries to explain that her boss, but Margo cuts her off; her boss is the Mayor and if she has a problem with her then she should take it up with him, as she walks off in a huff. Emily immediately gets on the phone and mumbles to herself about how she asked for it, as Casey watches her.

At the station, the Mayor walks in flanked by Emily, who is smiling smugly and Dani. Margo greets him. He was having a meeting with his friend, Emily, as Emily smirks again. He wanted to talk about the project that the city is working on by compiling crime statistics. He hears this is Dani’s project; he thinks her work will help a lot. Margo tells him that she will do whatever she can to help. He is glad to see she wants to help. Margo agrees to help in anyway she can. The Mayor leaves with Emily and Dani and Margo just stare at one another.

Back at her office, Emily laughs about Margo’s face when she walked in with the Mayor. Casey smiles; he thinks she has quite the clout since she calls the Mayor by his first name, has his personal number and got him to accompany her to the station on her behalf. Emily looks uncomfortable, as she starts to fidget. Casey wonders soon if he was a client of hers. Emily just tells him the past is the past.

At home, Margo comes in and tells Tom that she is home for the day because she couldn’t stand watching Dani do her ‘victory dance.’ Tom doesn’t understand because he thought that she was going to give her the go ahead herself. She didn’t end up doing that. What did she do. It doesn’t matter because Emily got the Mayor involved. Tom thinks she brought in the heavy artillery. Margo can’t help but wonder what she did to get close to the Mayor and how.

Holden brings Lily a drink and orders her jokingly not to feel guilty. His mother can hold her own. She thanks him for helping her sort it out. Anytime. She used to think that she could talk to him anytime. He thinks they should get back to treating each other with respect for themselves and the kids. Lily agrees. She thinks they should try to be friends again. Their kids bound in the room telling them that they are hungry, as Lily agrees because she is too. She asks Holden if he wants to stay fro lunch. He would love to go fire up the grill, as they all smile.

Paul comes home, as Meg is thrilled to see him and wants to give him his surprise. He jokes about it being edible. Part of it. He needs to talk with her. She places his hands over his eyes and leads him into the room. Once inside, she takes Paul’s hands down and she is holding a tray full of blue and pink cookies. Paul stares at them, as Meg asks him if he is as happy as she is. All Paul can wonder if this is really what he thinks, as a beaming Meg tells him yes. Paul looks overcome with emotion and Meg grins ear to ear. He pulls her into a big hug. What did he want to talk with her about, Meg suddenly wonders. Paul stumbles over his words before he says that he just loves her, as he kisses her.

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