ATWT Update Wednesday 8/20/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/20/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lily’s house) Lily gets a call from Faith who is worried because Lily will be alone since she and Natalie and Ethan are with Holden. Lily assures Faith that she will be fine and asks Faith to make sure that Ethan doesn’t eat the jam again. Lucinda calls Lily a few minutes after Faith called so she assumes that Faith called Lucinda. Lucinda tells Lily that Faith didn’t call her and she asks Lily for a favor. Lucinda asks Lily to meet her at fashions and she will explain to her what she wants her to do.

(Java) Brian tells Luke and Noah that he has decided to partner Luke’s foundation with theme parks helping needy children have a fun day at a theme park. Luke thanks Noah for persuading him to start the foundation and the couple holds hands. Luke and Noah tell Brian that they love the idea and that it is perfect for the foundation. Brian looks Visibly uncomfortable that Luke and Noah are holding hands and acting like a couple.

(Al’s Diner) Janet and jack walk in and are surprised there isn’t a crowd and think it is nice for a change. Janet wonders how Parker is handling not being able to see Liberty. Jack tells Janet he laid down the law for Parker and everything is fine for now. Janet tries to persuade Jack to let the kids be friends because they are not going to be in the same classes at school or have the same friends. Janet is sure that the situation with the kids will work itself out. Brad is outside the diner and calls Katie to ask her if they should tell Liberty about the plan. Katie doesn’t think it’s a good idea because Liberty may get nervous if she knew they were going to set her up with Leo an intern from the TV station.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Liberty tells Katie she is ready to go and Katie doesn’t like the way Liberty is dressed. Katie lies to Liberty and tells her that paparazzi have been stalking her and Brad and she probably won’t want to show up in a magazine dressed in that outfit. Liberty is skeptical about the story but she does go back to her room t change her clothes.

(Carly’s house) Parker drinks a glass of milk and his mom tries to get him to eat something since he hasn’t eaten any food all day. Parker tells Carly that if she wants to help him she can persuade Jack to let him go out of the house. Carly reminds Parker that Jack didn’t say he couldn’t go out he said that he couldn’t go out with Liberty. Parker tells Carly that if he can’t go out with Liberty he doesn’t want to go out at all. Carly goes in the kitchen and Parker calls Liberty using his cell phone.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Liberty picks up the phone and Parker explains he is calling from Carly’s cell phone since Jack took his phone away. Parker tells Liberty he must see her and Liberty says no and explains to Katie that Parker wants to see her. Katie tells Liberty to tell Parker that she is going to Al’s with her and Brad and if he shows up he will have to face the consequences Liberty relays the information to Parker and Parker tells Liberty that he will figure out a way for them to be together. Katie and Liberty head to Al’s to meet Brad.

(Carly’s House) Parker asks J.J to put Carly’s cell phone back in the kitchen for him and then he is going to tell Carly that they both want to go to the movies. J.J complains about missing his movie marathon so Parker tells him that he just has to help him get out the door and then he can sneak back into the house and watch the movie marathon.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty and Katie arrive and a few minutes later Leo the intern arrives to deliver a package from the station. Brad invites him to have lunch with them and he gladly accepts the invitation. Brad and Katie smile at each other because their plan is working.

(Carly’s house) J.J tells Parker that he couldn’t put Carly’s phone back because Carly is in the kitchen. Parker and J.J head to the kitchen and tell Carly they want to go to the movies together when Carly grabs her keys to drive them Parker tells her they want to walk to the theater. Carly tells the guys to be careful and heads back to the kitchen.

(Fashions) Lily is surprised to find Lucinda looking at sexy dresses and tells Lucinda that Luke told her that she was dancing the other night with the Director of Luke’s foundation Brian Wheatly. Lucinda tells Lily that Brian has no interest in her but Lily tells Lucinda that Luke thinks Brian is very interested in her. Lucinda asks Lily to throw an intimate dinner party tonight so they can discuss foundation business. Lily calls Luke and Noah and invites them to the party and when Luke tells Lily that Brian is with them she asks Luke to invite him to the party. Lily tells Luke to let Brian know that Lucinda wants him to come to the party. Luke smiles and relays the information to Noah and Brian who both accept the invitation to the party.

(Al’s Diner) Katie sees Parker outside looking through the window and tells Leo to scoot closer to Liberty. Liberty knows what Katie is doing and Katie whispers to her that Parker is outside and this is a perfect chance for her to show Parker she doesn’t want to get serious with him. Liberty flirts with Leo and Janet sees Parker leave with a hurt look on his face. Janet goes outside catches up with Parker and informs him that Liberty was set up on a date with Leo by Katie and Brad and she had no idea Leo was going to be at the diner. Janet tells Parker he should go home so he won’t get in trouble with his parents.

(Carly’s house) Carly talks on the phone with Parker’s teacher and explains that Parker didn’t give her the orientation schedule but she would love to donate her time. Carly promises to call the teacher back when she has found the papers and let her know how she can help her. Carly goes to Parker’s room and searches the drawers for the papers. Carly is surprised when she turns and sees J.J climbing in the house through Parker’s bedroom window.

(Lily’s house) Brian, Luke and Noah arrive for dinner and Brian introduces himself to Lily. The three men agree that Lucinda looks awesome in her very sexy dress. Lucinda accepts the compliments and sends Lily to serve the drinks. Brian wonders if Mr. Snyder will be joining them and Lilly explains that she and Holden have recently separated. Brian offers Lily his sympathies and explains that he has also recently spattered. Brian offers to help Lily with the drinks and Lily walks over to Lucinda and whispers that Brian is handsome, sensitive, and unattached so she should go for it. Lucinda smiles glad that Lily approves of her pursuing a relationship with Brian.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks J.J where Parker went and at first he doesn’t want to answer her but then Carly reminds J.J that he and Parker promised to stick together. J.J wonders if he has to return the twenty dollars Parker gave him. Carly calls jack at the station and tells him Parker is gone and J.J helped parker sneak out of the house. Jack tells Carly not to call Brad and Katie because he thinks he knows where Parker is and he wants to get to him before Brad gets to him. Jack calls Janet and discovers that he was there but she sent him home. Brad gives his permission for Liberty to go with Liberty to the bookstore to get a CD. Janet is surprised that Parker hasn’t arrived home yet.

(Carly’s house) Jack is surprised that Parker isn’t home yet but explains to Carly that he went to see Liberty at the diner. Janet calls and tells Jack that Brad and Katie set Liberty up with an intern from WOAK. Janet starts to worry when Liberty takes too long to return to the diner and tells Brad that if something happens to Liberty she will never forgive him.

(Al’s Diner) Jack and Carly arrive and argue with Brad and Katie because they think what he and Katie did was way too harsh and mean. Liberty arrives with Leo she looks in the window and sees everybody and tells Leo she can’t deal with another scene from her parents. Leo tells Liberty to come with him and they walk towards the gazebo near the park and Parker follows them there.

(Lily’s house) Lucinda wants to sign the partnership papers for the foundation and everybody toasts to the new foundation. Noah leaves and Lucinda asks Luke to show Brian the terrace. Brian tells Luke that for the benefit of the foundation he should not be so open about his relationship with Noah. Brian explains that the charitable community is very conservative and may mot contribute to the foundation if they knew about his lifestyle. Luke tells Brian that he won’t go back in the closet under any circumstances.

(Gazebo) Liberty tells Leo he can stop pretending now because she knows her parents set this up and Leo tells Liberty he isn’t pretending he is really interested in her. Liberty starts to leave but Leo wants to find out the reason behind the set up. Liberty explains to Leo she had sex with Parker and her parents freaked out so they brought him in to discourage Parker from dating her. Leo tries to kiss Liberty because he thinks she should forget about Parker. Liberty pushes him away and runs to get away from Leo. Leo chases her and tries to kiss her again but Parker arrives and punches Leo. Liberty uses Carly’s phone to call Janet and Brad. Katie, Jack, Carly and Janet head to the gazebo.

(Lily’s house) Brian explains that since the foundation is going to work with children it wouldn’t be good for people to know that he was gay. Luke gets more offended with Brian because he is implying that people with think he is a pedophile. Lily tells the guys dinner is ready but Luke has lost his appetite.

(Gazebo) Liberty explains to her parents and Parker’s that Parker saved her from Leo who tried to take advantage of her. Brad and Katie apologize to Liberty for Leo and Janet thanks Parker for keeping Liberty safe. Jack and Carly tell Parker they are mad at him for lying to them but are proud of him for helping Liberty. Janet takes Liberty home with her and Brad thanks Parker before Parker heads home with Carly and Jack.

(Lily’s house) Brian says good-bye to Lily and Lucinda and after he leaves Luke tells them they made a mistake in choosing him to head the foundation. Luke explains that Brian suggested that he should hide the fact that he is gay because the charitable community is very conservative. Lucinda and Lily don’t think Brian is homophobic but if he is she will immediately fire him.

(Farm) Brad calls Janet to find out how Liberty is doing and she tells Brad it would be best for them to talk to Liberty tomorrow. Brad asks Janet to tell Liberty he and Katie are sorry and they love her. Janet relays the message to Liberty and asks her to cut Brad and Katie some slack because they have not been parents very long. Liberty is upset that she didn’t get to thank Parker for helping her so Janet takes her to Carly’s house to see Parker.

(Carly’s house) Jack realizes that grounding Parker wouldn’t help matters but he explains to Parker that he is scared too. Parker says that all he wants to do is see Liberty and wonders why that is so bad. The doorbell rings and Janet pleads with Jack and Carly to let the kids be friends again.

(Lakeview) Lucinda makes it clear to Brian that he almost lost his job today because he offended Luke. Brian explains that he was just trying to make Luke aware of what he will face in the charitable community. Brian makes it clear to Lucinda he has no problem with Luke being gay. Lucinda tells Brian to apologize to Luke and make him believe that he has no problem with the fact he is gay.

(Farm) Luke tells Noah what Brian told him and Noah tells Luke that Brian might be right and he should consider the idea. Noah doesn’t want Luke to give up the foundation because of this and makes it clear to Luke that it won’t change their relationship.

(Carly’s house) Everyone agrees to allow Parker and Liberty to be friends and see each other as long as when they do see each other there is an adult in the room. Liberty wants to tell Parker what she came to tell him and asks Liberty and Janet to pretend they are not there. Carly and Janet head to the kitchen to make coffee and Jack goes to the other side of the room to look out the window. Liberty thanks Parker and tells him that she wants him around whether or not she is in trouble. Liberty gives Parker a kiss on the cheek and Jack smiles as he watches them from the other side of the room. Carly thanks Janet for looking after Parker today and for reminding everyone when they were all going crazy that all that matters are those kids. Janet gives Carly a hug just as Jack walks in and sees them and wonders if there is a full moon.

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