ATWT Update Tuesday 8/19/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Fairwinds) Paul brings Meg a sandwich and she tells him she hates to disappoint him since he made the sandwich himself but she isnít hungry. Paul worries that Meg may have left the hospital too early and thinks she should go to the doctor. Meg insists that she is fine but she promises to go to the doctor to make Paul happy. Meg is touched that Paul takes such good care of her and tells him so but he is hurt that she rejected the sandwich he made her. Meg kisses Paul again that she may not have wanted the sandwich he made her but there are other things she likes to do with him.

(Hospital) Aaron arrives with Alison for his check up and they talk to Nurse Terri about how wonderfully Alison has been taking care of him. Aaron tells Terri Alison has gotten very good at giving him his daily shots. Alison and Aaron wait in a room while Terri goes to get the doctor. Alison asks Aaron what Magazine he would like to read and then she finds a swimsuit issue and brings it to him. Aaron tells Alison that no woman in the magazine is as hot as his private nurse. Alison sits on Aaronís lap and he tells her he canít wait to get the sling taken off so he can hold her in his arms. Aaron and Alison smile at each other and then Chris arrives to give Aaron his check up. Aaron is angry that Chris is his doctor and yells at him to pick out any other doctor for him and then he refuses to be treated by Chris.

(Java) Casey is in such a hurry to meet Emily he almost bumps into Susan so he apologizes to her and explains that he is late to meet Emily. Susan reminds Casey that his marriage to Emily was annulled so maybe she wanted to put a stop to their relationship. Casey tells Susan that Emily would not do that without talking to him about it. Susan tells Casey that if Emily stands him up for their meeting he should remember she warned him about it.

(Farm) Emma gives Mike a piece of peach pie before she gives him the bad news that the livestock are sick from eating feed grown in contaminated soil. Emma then takes the pie away from Mike fearing that the peaches may be contaminated as ell. Emma worries that all of her crops could be contaminated and that she could lose her entire harvest this year. Mike tells Emma itís too early to fear the worst and tells her the fruit orchard is very far from where they took the soil samples. Mike tells Emma he will talk to Paul and see what they can do to clean this up before it gets any worse. Emma gives Mike a hug and thanks him for all his help because she feels more at ease knowing that he is in charge of the clean up efforts. Mike leaves and calls Paul and tells him there is trouble and they need to talk. Paul tells Mike he will be there as soon as he can to talk.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Meg that there is a problem at the farm and she wants to go with him but he wants her to stay home and make an appointment with the doctor. Meg tells Paul she wants to see her mother because she will have a home remedy that cures everything.

(Hospital) Alison tries to persuade Aaron and Chris to use this as an opportunity for them to learn how to get along with each other. Aaron tells Alison that he respects Chris for coming up with the antidote that saved everyone who was sick but he doesnít feel comfortable having him as his doctor. Susan arrives and persuades Chris to let her examine Aaron. Once Aaron has gone to his exam Chris asks Alison why everyone who cares about her hates him so much. Alison tells Chris that he really shouldnít blame them because they remember how much he hurt her. Chris tells Alison her has proven to her how sorry he is and she forgave him so why canít everyone else forgive him.

(Farm) Paul and Mike talk over the bad news and Mike explains to Paul that they will have to do some testing but if the crops are contaminated there is no possible way they will be able to clean up the construction site in a month. Emily arrives to ask questions to Paul and Mike for a story but Mike leaves Paul to handle Emily. Paul tells Emily that he has already assured the town that they are doing everything needed to clean up the land. Paul tells Emily if she tries to invent a story he will shut down her newspaper Emily tells Paul that she isnít intimidated by him and she will make sure that people know the truth. Meg talks to Emma and tries to persuade her not to worry until she has the test results and they know how fare the contamination has spread. Emma is worried that Paul wonít be able to handle this problem. Meg assures her mother that Paul will do everything possible to fix the problem because he is committed to the project and helping the family. Meg instructs Emma to take two aspirin and go upstairs and take a nap because everything will be okay. Once Emma has gone upstairs Mike tells Meg he shouldnít have promised Emma that because she isnít sure what will happen. Meg gets lightheaded and Mike helps her sit in a chair before she faints.

(Hospital) Chris asks Alison to persuade Susan to give him another chance because it will make his situation at work easier. Dani Andropoulos arrives and Alison is surprised to see how much her cousin has changed. Alison introduces Dani to Chris and she immediately starts to flirt with him. Chris leaves the girls alone to talk and Dani asks Alison if Chris is single.

(Metro) Bonnie meets Derek Colburn who is new in town and is looking for a place to eat lunch. Bonnie tells Derek they donít serve lunch because itís a nightclub but she has been considering expanding the hours of the club. Bonnie offers to make Derek a club sandwich and he smiles and tells Bonnie he thinks he is going to like Oakdale.

(Hospital) Alison tells Dani that Chris is single but Chris has burned both her and Emily in the past. Alison advises Dani to stay away from Chris unless she wants to be hurt by him. Dani isnít scared off by Alisonís warning telling Alison that guys who are that handsome are always heartbreakers until they find the right woman. Susan arrives with Aaron and tells Alison Aaron is in great shape. Susan invites everyone to Alís diner for lunch. Dani tells Susan she will catch up with them later after her important appointment. Dani tells Alison that she wants to find out more about her cute boyfriend. Aaron wonders if Alison really referred to him as her boyfriend when she was talking to Dani. Alison avoids the question by saying she is starving and they will talk later.

(Java) Casey leaves a message for Emily saying he has been waiting for her for hours and wonders if this is her way of dumping him.

(Farm) Meg calls Paul but keeps getting voicemail and Mike canít find Paul on the construction site. Meg promises Mike she will make an appointment with the doctor. Meg gets light headed again and this time Mike wonít take no for answer and takes Meg to the hospital.

(Emilyís office) Paul tries to persuade Emily not to ruin his entire life by running the story. Emily thinks that Paul is afraid to lose Meg if he loses the farm. Paul says that isnít the reason but there is more at stake then money Emily tells Paul it is her responsibility as a journalist to expose when a real estate developer is lying to the public. Paul reminds Emily she works for the Intruder not the New York Times. Emily tells Paul that this is her chance to make the Intruder into a respectable paper. Casey arrives and is upset that Emily stood him up to talk to her ex boyfriend Paul.

(Lakeview) Dani is happy when she is offered a job compiling crime statistics for the city and tells her boss she will be there bright and early Monday morning. Chris arrives and Dani invites him to celebrate her new job with a glass of champagne. Chris and Dani talk about Paris and how much they miss living there.

(Alís Diner) Susan Aaron, and Alison talk about Dani and how confident and in your face she is around guys. Alison says that Dani probably didnít come meet them because she met a cute guy. Alison tells Aaron and Susan that she told dani to stay away from Chris but Dani probably wonít follow her advice. Susan tells Aaron and Alison that Dani is a lot like her mother Betsy because Betsy was very confident with guys. Aaron and Alison head to the Lakeview so Aaron can talk to his boss about getting his job back.

(Lakeview) Dani tells Chris she decided to study criminal justice because she loved to watch CSI on TV. Chris and Dani are toasting her new job when Aaron and Alison arrive and Alison tells Aaron they were right Alison stood them up for a guy.

(Metro) Bonnie introduces Henry to Derek who tells them he invests in start up companies and they begin to talk about how bad the economy is right now. Bonnie comments to Henry and Derek that Paul might go broke because he canít get the money to clean up Emmaís contaminated land.

(Emilyís office) Paul tells Emily that if she makes up a story to ruin him he will reveal that she is dating Casey but Emily tells Paul he has more to lose. Emily tells Paul he is trying to prove himself to the Snyders and he is afraid to mess up and lose Meg.

(Hospital) Meg arrives with Mike and she thanks him for bringing her but says he doesnít need to stay with her. Mike tells Meg he wonít leave until he makes sure she is okay.

(Emilyís office) Paul tells Emily he will shut down the paper if she prints the story and she threatens to sue him and Worldwide. Paul tells Emily that he will also tell the whole town that she is dating Casey. Emily tells Paul she doesnít care because the whole town knows almost everything about her life. Paul gets a call from Meg telling him that she is at the hospital. Meg is about to explain why when she gets light headed again and drops the phone. Paul calls Megís name a few times then hangs up the phone and rushes to the hospital. Emily tells Casey that she thinks Paul is doing something illegal and trying to hide it from the public. Emily is determined to find out the truth and publish every dirty detail of the story.

(Hospital) Paul arrives and yells at Mike because he shouldnít be there with Meg but Mike explains that she passed out twice so he thought that he should bring her to the hospital. Paul apologizes to Mike and Mike understands that Paul is worried about Meg. The doctor arrives and tells Paul they are running tests on Meg to see if this could be a side effect of the poisoning but Meg is stable now. Paul goes in to see Meg and apologizes for not being there when she got sick. Meg tells Paul that what is important is that he is with her now.

(Emilyís office) Casey wonders why Emily is so intent on going after Paul with this story. Emily explains it is partly because she wants revenge but mostly because she wants to prove to Margo that she can do something good. Casey offers to help Emily with the story.

(Metro) Bonnie explains to Derek that Paulís partner bailed out of the construction project because the land is contaminated and it costs too much money to clean up the land. Bonnie tells Derek that even if Paul is able to build on the land he may never get his money back. Henry thinks Paul is a resourceful guy and will be able to find a way out of this mess. Bonnie thinks that this time Paul is in over his head. Derek gets up to leave and tells Bonnie that he is sure Metro will be one of his favorite places in Oakdale.

(Construction site) Derek arrives looking for Paul and tells Mike that he would like to look around the site because he is Paulís friend. Mike calls Paul and tells him that Derek is looking for him and Paul tells Mike he will be right there.

(Lakeview) Dani tells Aaron and Alison she is sorry that she didnít meet them for lunch but she felt like celebrating her new job with champagne. Dani invites Alison and Aaron to have champagne with her and Chris but Aaron says no because he has to talk to his boss.

(Emilyís office) Casey helps Emily find all the information she needs for her story on the Internet. Emily thanks Casey for all his help and call s the front page to get a space ready for the story. Casey wants to make love but Emily tells Casey to leave her alone because she has work to do.

(Lakeview) Alison thanks Chris for the house call he made to Aaron because the antibiotics helped him get better. Aaron tells Alison he is ready to go home. Dani thinks the four of them should double date and Alison tells her she needs to get Aaron home. Dani asks Chris if there is something going on between him and Alison.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Paul Meg is fine and he will let her tell him everything about her condition. Paul tells Meg that he needs to get to the farm Meg asks Paul to leave while she gets dressed then once he is gone she touches her stomach and smiles telling herself she will tell Paul everything later.

(Farm) Alison canít believe how fast Dani made her move on Chris and Aaron thinks itís a good thing because Chris will leave her alone.

(Lakeview) Chris tells Dani that he and Aaron donít like each other and she says that happens because most guys donít like the guys who have dated their girlfriend. Dani explains to Chris that Alison told her they dated for a while but it is over between them now. Dani tells Chris she never would have invited him for a drink if she thought he and Alison were still involved with each other. Dani tells Chris she is going to like Oakdale very much things have started off very well for her.

(Emilyís office) Emily finishes writing her story and is ready to celebrate with Casey but he tells her he has to go to class.

(Farm) Paul drops Meg at the house with Emma and Meg is so happy she tells her mother she is pregnant. Emma is thrilled and gives Meg a hug and Meg tells her mom she hasnít told Paul the news yet because she wants to find the right way to tell him.

Derek tells Paul that he was just checking on his investment because he heard Paul was having problems. Paul says that there are no problems and reminds Derek the money he gave him was a loan not an investment. Paul tells Derek that he has thirty days to pay back the loan so until then he should stay out of his business. Derek tells Paul that until he gets his money back the construction site is his business. Derek thinks Paul would be wise to remember that if he wants to keep his family healthy.

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