ATWT Update Monday 8/18/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/18/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At the courthouse, Bonnie is defending her case about the farm contamination to the board while Paul and Meg stand nearby. The Board thinks that Paul, who is a developer, is simply trying to make money, while they are worried about the people that will live on that land. They will make a decision and get back to them, they say as they leave. Bonnie thinks that they have a shot – even though it may be a long one.

At the farm, Mike is talking to a worker about the 30 days in which they are now being told that they need to clean up the farm. He is agitated as Lily walks up with a picnic basket, surprising him. Mike is worried about the project and is not focused on Lily, as she thinks he just needs a break, but Mike tells her that he can’t. Lily quickly deduces that might be a ‘code’ for Mike not wanting to spend time with her. Mike explains that is not what he means. He wonders if they should be pushing this as Lily frowns.

At the Farm, Aaron comes home. Emma is thrilled he is back. Alison comes in to check on Aaron, and they head upstairs so he can get settled. Emma thinks Holden will change his mind and stay at the Farm now that Aaron is home. He tells her, unfortunately, he is going back to the Lakeview. He will be here plenty, though. He can’t use the farm as a crutch anymore. His life took a bad turn, and he has to learn how to face it. Emma understands. After Holden leaves, Emma stares at the phone nervously.

At the hospital, Chris is back on staff. Bob tells him that he is proud of him – he risked his life to find the antidote. Bob is worried about him and Alison working together again. They don’t want to worry about them and another lawsuit. He won’t let that happen, Chris promises.

Alison is helping get Aaron comfortable when Aaron worries that she is acting strange around him now that he told her he loves her. Alison tells him that she is fine and she is going to get him something to eat, but Aaron stops her. She is just worried about hurting him. He risked his life for her, and she doesn’t want to disappoint him. She doesn’t want to lose him – he is her best friend. She isn’t ready for anything more right now, though. He doesn’t want to lose her. She is not going anywhere.

At the Lakeview, Luke and Noah meet with Lucinda. She has found them the perfect candidate for director of Luke’s foundation. Luke is surprised it is taking shape so quickly. Noah thinks that, with all the ideas Luke has been coming up with to use the money, Luke needs to get started. Lucinda has checked into him and thinks he has a lot of qualities they need. She introduces Brian Wheatley to them both. Brian tells Luke that he is excited to have this chance. He has lots of ideas and is looking forward to hearing all about his. He jokes that Lucinda is the main reason he wants to take on this project right and she laughs.

The Board comes back and tells Paul, Meg and Bonnie that they have 30 days to clean up the site or they will not be allowed to go forth with the project. Paul and Meg are thrilled. Paul promises the Board that he will meet all of their requirements in the allotted time.

Mike tells Lily that it is just a crazy day and he doesn’t have time for dinner. Lily wonders if it is because he is busy or because she is pushing it. He is straight and to the point when he tells her that he is busy because a project that was supposed to take a year of his life is falling apart, and he is trying to stop it from happening. He probably isn’t saying it the best way, but he doesn’t have time. Lily tells him flatly that she gets it; she won’t push it anymore – the last thing she needs is more rejections. As Lily takes off, the workers call out to Mike about a problem and he heads off to see what they need. Lily leaves upset. Holden is approaching, sees this and heads after her. He catches up with her as she sits on the blanket. He wonders if she is ok. She is fine. He saw her run off. She asks if he is there gloating over what a loser she is. He says he was just worried. She wants him to stop following her; her life is not his concern anymore. He tells her that it is a habit and one he obviously needs to break. He walks off, and a sad Lilly watches and then tosses over her picnic basket in frustration.

Paul and Meg are talking about the project. Meg is worried about whether the project will be able to be finished in the time allotted because Neal dropped out. She has to go see her mom and go talk with Mike. Paul teases her but understands she needs affirmation.

Brian tells Luke and Noah about his plans changing because of Lucinda. They talk about her as if she isn’t there, and Lucinda tells them jokingly that she is in the room. Brian seems to be flirting with her, as Luke and Noah glance at one another. Brian heads out, and Luke teases her about how much he was into her. Lucinda grins.

Bob wants to know why Chris would go after Alison, when she is not interested in him. His mom mentioned a woman at WOAK who thought he was ‘hot’. Chris laughs at this term. Whenever Alison and he get involved, there is trouble. When he thought she was going to die, he realized he couldn't deny his feelings for her anymore. What about Alison - she hasn’t been receptive, Bob reminds him. Bob wants Chris to back off if Alison tells him that she is not interested.

Alison tends to Aaron’s wound. She worries that it looks infected. She doesn’t know why there is no mention of him being on antibiotics in his release papers; she thinks it is commonplace with a gunshot. She is going to call the hospital and check on that. Aaron smiles – she is going to make a great nurse. Alison gets on the phone and calls the hospital. She gets Chris and instinctively disguises her voice, but Chris knows it is her. She laughs it off nervously and asks to talk with Aaron’s doctor. He wonders if it is ok. She explains that Aaron has seepage. Chris thinks it might be an infection and offers to come right over. Alison tries to talk him out of it, but Chris has already hung up. She turns and tells Aaron he is going to be getting a house call from a doctor – Chris. Aaron takes a deep, annoyed breath.

At Metro, Bonnie walks in and tells Henry her last case went well, but Henry tells her that they are behind in ordering alcohol. Bonnie tells Henry the way he is putting the beer away is all wrong.

Paul and Meg tell Mike that they got their 30 days. Mike doesn’t look happy. He tells them that the damage is much worse then they thought; it is much more widespread and there is no way that they are going to clean up the site in the time they have. Meg looks upset as she realizes that her mother will lose everything then. She leaves. Paul wants to know what they can do to turn this around. It can’t happen, Mike declares. How long would it take? Three crews that would work around the clock with massive overtime. Paul wants to know if he got what he needed and then would it be ok? Yes, but he would need bottomless pockets. He will get the money, Paul assures him.

Alison is trying to reach Chris on his cell phone but she can’t. Aaron tells her that he doesn’t want Chris around him. He was the one that answered the phone at the hospital and she couldn’t stop him. Chris comes in and hears Aaron talking about him and jokes about it. Aaron doesn’t want him there or touching him. Chris tells Alison to open the bandage, and a bitter Aaron tells him not to order Alison around. Alison finally works with Chris and he realizes Aaron has an infection. He can either accept his help now, or he can wait and need to have someone take him to the ER in a few hours and risk having him die - the choice is his. Alison can’t help smile about the way Chris handled him.

At Java, Luke talks about having to go to the Farm to check in with Aaron. Noah gets a call at the same time from his boss telling him that he is changing his schedule so he doesn’t have to work that day. Luke wonders if he wants to go see Aaron with him. Noah was wondering if he wants to go on a date. Noah wants Luke to get dressed up and meet him in an hour. Luke is thrilled as he kisses him and agrees to see him soon.

At Worldwide, Brian meets with Lucinda. She tells him that he is hired and she wants to show him his new office. He wants to show his appreciation, however, by taking her out to dinner. He wants a preview because soon he will be moving to Oakdale and he wants to know what they do for fun there.

Mike tells Paul and Meg that once they start this there is no halfway. The project will siphon off any money left and right. Paul just wants him to get started. Mike wants to see this work, so he is happy this may happen. Paul assures Meg that this will happen. Meg has now bounced into the opposite frame of mind than earlier – she thinks he made a terrible mistake; it isn’t right.

Mike finds Lily with her overturned basket. He was looking for her – he was hungry. She doesn’t want him to play with her. He is sorry he cut her off. It had been a bad day. Lily wants to leave. He thought they had the beginning of something. She doesn’t want to push forward when he wants to pull back. They should end this now since that is the impression she gets. He is there apologizing because he was wrong. She says she doesn’t know how to do this dating thing. He doesn’t either, but he was hoping their one night would turn into something more. Lily wonders why he treated her like a desperate bimbo in front of his foreman, then. That was never his intention. He likes her a lot and enjoys spending time with her. Until the next time he has a bad day, Lily wonders coldly. Is she looking for a commitment from him? No. Mike asks what then. She doesn’t know, she says as she heads off.

How can he take this on? He doesn’t have the money, Meg says to Paul. He promised her mom that he would save her farm and he intends to do that. She won’t see him go bankrupt. His mom won’t lose her farm, Paul answers. How could he ever afford all the new expenses? He will find a way. Where? Does she trust him? Yes. He will be back, he says as he kisses her and heads off.

Alison pleads with Aaron to let Chris take care of him. Many other doctors could treat him, Aaron counters. He could rest at home and let Chris take care of him, Alison counters back. Aaron relents. Chris looks at his wound and is glad that Alison caught the infection early enough. He smiles at her and tells her that it was a “Good call, nurse,” and Alison smiles.

At Metro, Bonnie welcomes Lucinda and Brian to the club. Lucinda introduces them and tells her that he is moving to Oakdale and wants to see the sights. Lucinda seems almost to be trying to throw them together when she describes Bonnie as gorgeous and talks about how she is a lawyer. Brian is more interested in dancing than sitting at the table. He drags Lucinda off, who has no interest in that, but Brian has his way, and soon they are laughing on the dance floor. Luke and Noah walk in and see this. They both grin and then join them on the dance floor.

Chris tells Aaron that he will prescribe an antibiotic, which will be given to him in shots by Alison if he so chooses. Chris leaves, as Alison kind of watches him leave. Aaron thinks Chris had a twisted happiness when he gave him the first shot. He worries that Alison has to come out to the farm four times a day to administer the drug. She is happy to help; this way they get to hang out. She tells him that she will see him later and heads out.

Downstairs, Emma is still looking over at the phone when Alison comes downstairs. She is glad to hear that Chris diagnosed the infection and that all that is required is some antibiotics. She will be back later to give them to Aaron. Emma is appreciative and hopes that she will stay for dinner. Alison happily agrees. Meg walks in as Emma tells her that, when she didn’t hear from her, she assumed that things didn’t go well. A nervous Emma wonders what happened. The Board ruled in their favor. Emma wonders if Paul can clean up the site in the 30 days. He says he can. She thinks his help is wonderful. He could have walked away – it was so nice, an elated Emma states. He wanted to keep his promise to her, Meg explains. She said that he changed and this is a perfect example, a relieved Emma states. She starts to cry and Meg comforts her. Emma is crying about how Paul took such a burden off of her shoulders. Meg, meanwhile, looks worried as she hugs her.

Paul arrives at Metro to see Bonnie. He is there to discuss business with Henry. He needs some money, Paul explains to Henry. He came to the wrong place. He knows people. He doesn’t want to know those people; they are dangerous. He needs to forget them. They could kill him, he says as an exasperated Henry starts to walk away. Paul stops him. He needs to introduce them, and he needs it tonight.

Mike hands Lily her basket when she tells him what she wants is honesty. What about him? she asks. He wants them to have fun and to always be friends. She thinks it sounds good. She wants the friendship to last even if the sex doesn’t. Mike laughs; he wants the sex to last, too. She promises to stop being so intense. He wants her to have dinner with him later. She agrees but she has to do something first, she says as she kisses him and heads off.

At the hospital, Alison sees Chris. They smile at one another, and then she walks back and thanks him for helping Aaron. She starts to leave again, and this time Chris walks over to her. He is back on staff and he wants to make sure she is comfortable with that. He will stay out of her way and avoid her if that is what she wants… after all he put her through. Alison looks unsure.

Meg comes up to see Aaron. She hears he has an infection. The upside is four shots a day. Meg asks how that is a good thing. Alison is giving it to him. He gets well and gets the girl, Meg adds with a laugh.

Alison tells Chris she knows what it is like to carry around her mistakes. She wants to start fresh with them. He doesn’t have to duck out of the way when she comes. They laugh; they will be respected colleagues again.

Lucinda is telling Brian that there is live jazz at the Lakeview that night. Luke thinks Noah wants to get up early and needs to go home. Noah wants to go there and make a toast to the new foundation. They all clink glasses as Brian stares intently at Lucinda.

Henry comes over to Paul’s table and slyly passes the information to him about his contacts. He is all for playing the long odds, but he doesn’t think that this farm project is worth risking his life. Now that his life is more than money, he intends to keep it that way, Paul answers.

At the barn near the farm, Lily sees Holden walking out, and he asks her what he can do for her. She is there hoping he can accept her apology.

At Fairwinds, Paul meets with Derek. He is surprised he wanted to meet at his home since it is a business transaction. The man chuckles. According to the friend of a friend whom he spoke with, he needs some financial assistance and he wanted to look at what he has for collateral. Does he meet his requirements? He exceeds his expectations. They joke about how Paul was expecting a wise guy. He thinks a lot of people think that because of the ‘Sopranos’. The man holds out a metal suitcase – this is what he is looking for. Paul looks at the money and is impressed that he came so quickly with it, and after business hours. They discuss the repayment plan, and he adds that there is no way out; he has to repay all of the money, and if he is late, they charge interest as well, or else. Paul understands. Meg walks in, and she wonders what is going on.

Bonnie asks Henry what Paul wanted. He thinks she should drop Paul as a client. She thinks she will be busy with Metro, anyway. She still can’t figure out what he was hiding when he secretly handed Paul something, leaving quickly and now suggesting she stay away from him. He thinks there is something to be said about bartender-customer privilege, but if Paul isn’t careful, he will need more than a lawyer – he will also need a doctor. Bonnie looks alarmed.

Paul tells Meg that Derek is a consultant as the man says his hellos and then heads out the door. Is he replacing Mike? No, but he wants to be more on top of what is going on with the new terms. Meg accepts his response and then kisses him for all that he has done to save Emma’s farm. He made her mother happy. She can pay him back upstairs, he jokes. They laugh. He became the man she always knew he was. He is her hero, she says as she hugs him. Paul looks uncomfortable.

Chris tells Bob that he and Alison will be fine. He has learned his lesson, but he isn’t giving up on her, and this time he is going to do it right.

At the Lakeview, Luke and Noah mention they need to leave soon so they toast to the foundation. Brain adds that he wants to toast to new friendships as well as he looks at Lucinda, which Luke and Noah can’t help but notice.

Holden is tending to the horses saddles as Lily explains that she was upset with Mike. She didn’t mean to bite his head off. It is another bad habit she needs to break. They are going through changes and just need to find a new way to relate. She thought it would be easier once he signed the divorce papers and she could move on. They will always be a huge part of each other’s lives because they have kids. Holden thinks it will be easier because it is just the two of them again now. Lily is stunned; is he saying that Carly is no longer in the picture? Holden tells her that they decided it would be best to no longer see each other. He is assuming she and Mike are no longer seeing each other anymore based on how she looked earlier. Lily tells him that it is not exactly true. She looks like she is about to explain when Mike walks up. Mike and Holden say hello, and then he asks Lily if she is ready to leave. She tells Holden that she will see him later. They exchange looks, and she walks away with Mike as Holden watches her go.

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