ATWT Update Friday 8/15/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/15/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Margo hovers over Tom when she brings him home. She maintains that she has almost lost him twice in one year, so hush and take it like a man. He asks Casey how he is? Casey replies okay, and he can probably hasten Tom’s recovery faster than his mom can by telling him that he and Emily are getting an annulment; their marriage is officially over. They are accepting, but stunned.

Emily catches her mother at the hospital working instead of spending a little more time at home in bed. Susan says the same could be said of Emily who had to put her newspaper to bed. Emily said the story about Decker had to be told, and Susan replies the same, she needed to check on her patients. And she’s peachy despite the fact that every person in town knows that Decker used to be her ex-husband. And it’s no wonder that Emily and her sister have had problems finding a good man; they learned from the master. “Yes, mother, it’s true, my days as Mrs. Casey Hughes are coming to an end.”

Jack sneaks up and kisses Janet on the back of her neck. She’s just made a pie and was writing a note with a sealed lipstick kiss on it. She claims she was trying to tiptoe around and not wake him. He relays that it was late last night as J.J. wasn’t packed yet and ready to come home. He tells her Carly went along at the last minute. She asks how that went, and he says complicated, but then everything with Carly usually is. She wants more details and he assures her that except for the kids that he and Carly are history….yesterday was proof, no drama, no headaches so they have finally come to a place where they understand each other. Carly calls and tells Jack that Parker didn’t get off the train. Jack has no clear answer, but suggests she wait about twenty minutes and then try calling Parker again. She’s clearly irked by his not being more helpful.

Margo is surprised that the annulment was Emily’s decision. Casey assures them the Decker thing made it even more solid that he doesn’t want to live without Emily. He also says he’s very appreciative of them, how they acted when everything went down and he’ll never forget it. Tom says they just want him to be happy. Can he help him with any legal stuff? Casey replies no, there is no rush, Tom needs to rest. And the next time he and Emily get married it will be for keeps.

Susan tells Emily she is so glad she came to her senses. Emily shoots back that Susan had better watch what she says. Annulment or not, Casey is not ready to give up on her and she feels the same way about him. Susan says she is just hoping that Emily doesn’t think this May-December fling is any more than that. Emily argues that Casey loves her. He doesn’t care how old she is or what she will look like in twenty years. Susan states maybe not now, but……Emily scoffs and asks is Susan is forgetting her ex-husband, her much younger ex-husband, Larry? Susan says no she is not forgetting. She speaks from experience and being with Casey is a bad idea. Emily says Susan is out of her mind if she thinks she is going to throw this all away because Susan thinks it’s a bad idea.

After her second phone call to Parker and not reaching him, Carly calls Holden. She knows they shouldn’t be talking, but something is not right and she is worried. He tells her to stay at the train station and he’ll be right there. Jack tries to call Parker too, no luck, and tells Janet that only one day and he and Carly are back at each other’s throats. He asks Janet if possibly Parker could be at Liberty’s, even knowing how much trouble he would be in? She calls and asks if Liberty is alone or if Parker might be there? Liberty quips and what – risk sudden death? She hasn’t seen Parker and she doesn’t expect to. Jack tells Janet he’s heading over to the station to check for himself.

Kim introduces the new intern to Brad and Katie, otherwise known as “The Talent.” He laments to Katie that if he could just keep track of Liberty every minute of the day that he could keep her from messing up her life the way he did her mother’s. Katie says Liberty is grown up and she’s learned from Janet’s mistakes.

A hand reaches out and touches Liberty on the shoulder as she retrieves a bottle of orange juice and is drinking it. Splat – all over the floor. Standing is Parker. They both bend and touch hands as they clean up the mess. He confesses he just got off the train and came straight there. He had to see her. He was ticked at their dads for saying they couldn’t see each other, and he’d acted like a jerk. She agrees it got a little intense, but the parents were okay now and Katie was this close to talking her dad into letting Liberty have another cell phone….. so Parker needs to go. Parker says he is safe as he waited to be sure they were all gone before he came in. He tells her he missed her the entire time and all he could think about……he kisses her. She initially pulls away, but then returns his kiss with more. He jokes that this is where he double faults. Who can think of tennis when there is her? She pretends to be the good hostess and makes him sit while she gets him a drink. She hides almost into the refrigerator and calls the TV station and tells Brad that she did not invite him, but Parker is there. She does not know what to do. Brad and Katie shoot out of the cannon and tells Kim it is a crisis.

Casey meets Emily in the dining room and she asks if his parents are celebrating with a party? He tells her it’s okay as they finally came around. And he told them the annulment won’t change a thing so they seem to now know how serious he is. He tells her not to let her mother get to her; they will make it through this. She looks up as a beautiful young lady walks in, she jumps to greet Dani.

Holden arrives at the station, and Carly asks what in the hell is she supposed to do? Yeah, she knows this is wrong. He should be at home with his own son not out helping her find hers. He states he wants to be there. At his advice, Carly calls the camp counselor who tells her that Parker left on an earlier train. All grins, she guesses he’s probably home safe and sound by now. She thanks Holden for coming and not thinking she is the world’s worst mother. As he walks her back, they run into Jack. He says he came to help her find Parker. She mentions she should have called, seems as if Parker left early and he’s probably home. That’s where she is headed. Jack gives Holden a once over and asks if he is going with her? After all, it was their relationship that started all of these problems that Parker is having lately, so they might want to consider keeping this private little “whatever” out of his face.

The guys have words about who should Carly have called. Jack says, “you’re gonna give me advise now after you did such a bang-up job of yours?” Carly comes between them and tells them this is not going to do anybody any good. She tells Holden thanks and right now she is just going home to make sure Parker is all right, and she needs Holden to go. Holden asks if she is sure she wants to deal with Jack alone? Jack smarts and what does Holden think he will do? She says she can handle it. Holden brushes past Jack and says next time step up and she won’t have to call him.

Parker begins to tell Liberty that he has a plan so they can see each other without the parents knowing. She tells him that he is nuts. Her dad would plant a homing device on her if he could. She is being watched 24/7. She advises they are just going to have to suck it up and play by the rules. He says he misses her, doesn’t she miss him? She says yes and he is about to lean over and kiss her when the door bursts open. Parker faces Brad who says, “you must have a death wish, and it’s about to come true.”

By the time they get home, the tension is thick between Jack and Carly and she asks him not to do this as Parker does not need to hear this on his first day back. J. J. comes down and asks why are they yelling? He has been there all morning though and has not seen Parker.

Holden flops down at the diner and Janet quips that he looks like he is going to attack somebody. “You Snyder boys really think you are good at hiding things, but you’re not.” He tells her not to compare him to Jack as he’s had enough of him for one day. He saw him at the train station and he was jumping all over Carly for calling Holden instead of him to find her son.

Emily tells Dani how grown up and totally gorgeous she is. Casey joins the mix and Dani tells him she thinks the last time she saw him he was still playing with toy trucks. And she manages to get in they are looking at the proud graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which she admits is kind of weird since she ended up on this side of the law compared to how she was always in trouble as a kid. She’s stunned when Casey admits he did some time for grand larceny….a lot has happened since she left.

Margo admits to Tom that after seeing Casey and Emily at the hospital, she really thinks Emily loves Casey. Tom hopes enough to let him go. Dani tells Casey that it looks like he got his life turned around. He says he owes it all to the love of a good woman. When Dani asks about this, Emily cuts her off and tells Casey that she has to go back to work. Dani guesses that it is him and Emily! Actually it is Casey who has to leave and he gives Emily a quick kiss. Emily tries to change the subject and asks how Betsy is? It’s been years since she has seen her. Dani answers that she is okay. And she thinks it is great about Emily and Casey even though he is a lot younger. Why should the young girls have all the fun? “My aunt Emily, queen of the cougars, you go girl!”

Jack and Carly light into Parker, what’s wrong with him….why didn’t he call?….she was worried sick about him. Jack tells Parker not to take that tone with his mother. He mutters something about respect. Jack demands that he empty his pocket. He takes his wallet, keys, etc. from him and tells him from now on he doesn’t make a move without him knowing about it. Now go to his room. Jack tells Carly that short of taking him to the station and locking him up, he’s at a complete loss here. She says she understands but maybe he could get through to Parker if he acted less like a cop and more like a father.

Liberty hates that she got Parker into trouble. Katie tells her she didn’t, all she did was call them and that was the right thing to do. Does she really like Parker, and why can’t she just tell him to back off as Liberty wants to respect her father’s wishes? Liberty says she has tried. Bottom line she is not worried about her dad’s reactions, but she is about Parker’s.

Brad calls Jack and tells him he dropped the ball. He said he was on it, but he wasn’t. Jack doesn’t have time for Brad’s games, spill it. Brad tells him maybe that is the problem. He never has enough time. Maybe if he did then his son would not end up with his daughter – again! He’s bringing him home and Jack better figure out a way to keep him from Liberty and make it stick this time. Parker begs Brad not to punish Liberty. This was totally his idea. Brad wants him out. Brad has a tight grip on Parker and brings him in the door. He tells Jack obviously this is not working. Jack tells him do not tell him how to handle his own son. Brad yells well someone has to.

J.J. knocks on Parker’s door and sullenly he tells him to leave him alone. J.J. comes in anyway and tells Parker to turn the music down or his dad will take that away as well. Liberty must be something for him to keep getting into so much trouble over her. Parker says he doesn’t care what they say. They are all mad because they messed up so they don’t want to give anyone else a chance.

As her nosy self, Janet asks Holden if this is really about Jack’s son or is it about Holden’s wife? It’s hard to be at the Snyder farm and not hear a little. And she does know about when something is over, it’s hard to know where you stand. It’s like when you quit smoking, it’s a while before you start reaching for that cigarette. They laugh….is this about Holden and Carly or Holden and Lily….and Brad and Jack? Sure would be nice if there was a patch for the sleeve for all those relationships.

Jack argues with Carly that how can Parker act like an adult when the only adult he lives with doesn’t even come close. She fires back that maybe he would be better off with him and Janet at the farm, that’s a good example. He says if Parker lived with him at the farm, he’d find another place for Janet to live. Shall he do that? She says no so Jack tells her to figure out a way to keep him in line. As he leaves, she asks what happened to yesterday? They laughed and joked and she thought they had put all the bad stuff behind. He said he thought so too, but he was wrong…….again!

Casey tells Emily that he doesn’t get why she didn’t want Dani to know about them. If others have a problem with it, he just doesn’t care. He loves her more than anybody else in this world. He’s too happy loving her for anybody else to take that away from them. Susan hugs Dani and asks how long is she here? Does she need a place to stay? Dani replies no, she is just passing through on her way back to New York and she thought she’d treat herself to one night at the Lakeview before pounding the pavement for a job. They touch upon Emily and her younger boyfriend. Susan says she better not mention the difference to Emily or she will bite her head off. She thinks this is real and forever. Dani says nothing against Emily, but she thinks she was a little embarrassed. And someday Casey is going to know there are a whole lot of young, hot women out there and he and Emily will be history.

Casey and Emily are kissing and he’s telling her that he will love her forever. She starts to remind him, bodies like this don’t last forever…..when she is forty, he will be…….Saved by the bell, as Margo enters and shields her eyes. She apologizes but says she has brought the papers for Casey. She will leave and get them later. Emily insists that she not go and tells Casey no time like the present. She signs the annulment papers and hands the pen to Casey to do the same. He hesitates but does finally. Margo leaves to give them back to Tom. Casey asks if Emily is still with him on this. Both seem a little unsure but she tells him yes.

J. J. says no to Parker. He won’t lie to their parents when Parker wants him to pretend to be hanging out together and then he gets lost so Parker can be with Liberty. Parker ups the ante – how about $20 every time?

Brad returns home and tells Katie that he snapped at Jack but the truth is he doesn’t think anybody can get Parker to back off where Liberty is concerned. Katie’s solution is to get Liberty a date, not a real date, with Leo, the new intern. That would show Parker that she is really not that interested in him. Brad’s not sure that would work. Does Leo know that if he doesn’t keep his hands to himself that he will lose them? She thinks it will if everyone knows the boundaries from the get-go, except Parker.

Jack laments to Janet that he’s lost Parker and he’s not sure he can get him back. All he cares about is Liberty. Holden shows up at Carly’s and she tells him he should not be there. He knows, he just wants to make sure that she is all right. She steps outside so they can talk and she tells him that Jack went ballistic when he found out that Parker was with Liberty. And Parker seems hell bent on breaking all the rules, which doesn’t surprise her, like mother, like son. And Jack practically threatened her that he’d take Parker away from her if she didn’t get her act together. She thinks he has a valid point. She is setting an awful example for her children. She emphasizes this has to stop. He has to leave, she can’t see him. He tells her okay, but if she ever needs anything. She replies, “I can’t need anything from you….I can’t call you or see you for the sake of my children. I need to let you go.” Looking at the ground, Holden walks off and she lets out a big sigh.

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