ATWT Update Thursday 8/14/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/14/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Jack gives one of his men orders on what to do since he will be gone because he is going to pick up J.J at camp. Jack tells the officer to make sure to fill out some forms and turn them in because they need the chain of evidence for a case. Jack also tells the officer that if the D.A. calls regarding wire taps for a case to let him know he must wait for a court order. Jack is giving the officer these instructions so rapidly that the officer wonders if he wants him to clean the coffee pot too. Jack apologizes to the officer who tells him to go pick J.J up from camp because everything will be done. Carly arrives and gives Jack a handheld video game to keep J.J busy on the way home. Jack tells Carly the car trip isnít that long so J.J probably wonít have much time to play a game. Carly asks Jack if Janet is going with him on the trip and he responds that Janet has to work. Carly tells Jack that J.J doesnít like to talk much so the car trip will seem longer for him because it will be quiet in the car. Jack smiles and asks Carly if she wants to go with him to pick up J.J. Carly tells Jack she doesnít want to incontinence him and he says he is fine either way so Carly tells Jack she will go to camp for his sake. Jack laughs and on his way out the door he tells the officer to use a brush to clean the coffee pot.

(Metro) Bonnie talks on the phone to Marcello the wine merchant to try to get better prices on the wine he provides the club. Marcella doesnít want to take Bonnieís price until she says they will find another wine merchant if he doesnít agree to her terms. Henry walks into the middle of the phone conversation and doesnít know whom Bonnie is talking to until she hears the words wire merchant. Bonnie hangs up the phone and Henry demands that she calls his friend Marcello back and apologize to him because he hired her to assist him not to take control and alienate his friends. Bonnie asks Henry if he wants to make friends or money and shows Henry the prices Marcello agreed to and Henry is shocked at how much money Bonnie has saved him.

(Lilyís house) Lily makes breakfast for Mike he hasnít had a home cooked breakfast in a long time. Lily wonders what Mike usually has to eat for breakfast. And he says half a frozen bagel and coffee. Lily thinks that Mike has been single too long and then nervously adds that she doesnít think there is nothing wrong with being single. Mike gets up from the table and tells Lily that they shouldnít have trouble talking to each other because they are friends. Lily puts her arms around Mike and reminds him that last night changed the rules and she isnít sure what the new rules are yet. Mike tells Lily that last night was wonderful and they should not complicate things by giving their relationship a name. Mike and Lily almost kiss but Faith arrives home suddenly so they quickly pull apart and starts to put the dirty dishes in the sink. Lily tells Faith she should have called and told her she was coming home early but Faith doesnít think it makes any sense to call Lily to tell her she was on her way home. Faith wonders what Mike is doing there so early in the morning and Lily tells Faith she invited Mike to have breakfast with her.

(Farm) Holden arrives and finds a confused Emma who is worried about the land being polluted. Emma wonders how land that is so beautiful be a danger to anyone. Holden thinks the cause of the pollution maybe some dirty water that may have seeped into the soil when the well was tampered with years ago. Emma find that hard to believe but assures Emma that Neal will know how to fix the problem. Emma asks Holden to stay because Neal is coming to talk to her about the tests they took of the soil samples.

(Lilyís house) Faith thinks itís to early for Lily to be having company and Lily tells Faith to stop being rude to Mike. Faith wonders if Natalie and Ethan are at Emmaís house and Lily tells her that she is going to pick her brother and sister up soon. Faith wonders if Lily and Mike are alone in the house and Lily tells Faith it doesnít matter. Mike gets a call from Neal who asks him to go down to the farm because he is going to meet with Emma about the soil sample tests. Mike hangs up the phone and tells Lily he doesnít have a good feeling about the test results. Lily tells Mike that she has to go pick up Natalie and Ethan at the farm anyway so she asks Mike if she can go with him. Lily tells Faith she can stay home alone because she wonít stay too long at the farm. Faith thinks itís a better idea if she goes with Mike and Lily to pick up Natalie and Ethan.

(Fairwinds) Meg tells Paul she feels a lot stronger and she starts kissing him and implies that she is ready to make love to him. Paul wonders if she is up for this and she continues to kiss him and soon they are starting to make love on the couch. Mike calls but Paul ignores him to concentrate on Meg. Mike leaves a message for Paul to meet him at the farm because he thinks the project is in trouble. Meg thinks they both should go because the project is important to her family. Paul wonders if Meg is strong enough to go and Meg asks Paul if he thinks he is strong enough to stop her from going to the farm.

(Farm) Faith arrives with Mike and Lily and says hello to Grandma Emma and gives Holden a hug and tells him she is happy to see him. Lily tells Holden that she is there to pick up Natalie and Ethan whom Holden tells her are in the barn. Holden sends Faith to get her sister and brother but first Faith tells Holden not to go anywhere. Faith leaves the kitchen and Holden wonders why Faith is acting so strangely. Mike and Lily share a look before Lily responds that she doesnít know why Faith is acting that way. Paul and Meg arrive and Emma makes Meg sit down because she looks pale. Emma offers Meg some tea but she tells Emma she just had some tea. Neal arrives and informs everyone that the soil is so contaminated that it would cost more then the project costs to clean it up. Neal is sad to inform everyone that his company is pulling all of its money out of the project immediately.

Jack and Carly have coffee at a roadside Diner and Carly tells Jack she really needed a good cup of coffee. Jack thinks Carly is already jittery and tells her he will listen if she wants to talk. Carly tells Jack that she isnít in the mood to hear one of his lectures on how her problems are all her fault. Jack tells Carly he is out of the lecture business and once again offers to listen if she wants to talk. Carly tells Jack that her life is a disaster, her best friend hates her, her son wonít talk to her and the town looks at her like she is poison. Jack tries to lighten the mood by saying besides all of that what is your problem. Jack tells Carly if she didnít want her affair with Holden to come out and Carly finishes with she shouldnít have had the affair. Jack tells Carly that all teenagers are mad at the world and that anger only stops around the age of 25. Jack tells Carly she shouldnít blame herself for Parker because she wasnít even in town when he slept with Liberty. Jack also reminds Carly that nobody has the right to judge her actions not even him.

(Farm) Paul tells Neal they canít just cancel the project because they have a contact. Neal informs Paul that there is a clause in the contract that states that they can cancel the contract if a pre-existing natural condition is discovered. Neal is truly sorry to have to cancel the project because he knows how much the project means to them. Neal leaves and Mike goes to tell the crew to get ready to load up the equipment. Lily walks with him and Mike tells her that since the project is canceled he will probably have to leave Oakdale. Emma worries she will lose the farm because she was counting on the money to pay the mortgage on the house and debts for the land. Paul tells Emma that she wonít lose the farm because Worldwide will take over full responsibility of the clean up so that the project can proceed once the clean up has finished. Meg asks to talk to Paul outside and she tells him that he doesnít want him to do this for her sake because he has nothing to prove to her. Paul tells Meg he isnít doing it for her sake he is doing it for himself. Paul tells Meg he has never been a part of a supportive family that pulls together in a time of crisis. Paul tells Meg that he likes being a part of the Snyder clan and wants to do his part to help them. Emma walks out on the porch and tells Paul she doesnít want his charity and Paul explains this isnít charity because enlarging his investment in the project will only make his company more money. Paul tells Emma he will get the paperwork started and then when she looks over the papers she can decide what she should do. Paul heads to the bank while Meg is hurt that Emma wonít accept Paulís offer. Emma thinks Paul is trying to win points with Meg but she tells her that Paul only wants to help just like all the members of the family.

Jack and Carly continue their talk at the roadside diner and Carly tells Jack that him giving her all this advice and not judging he proves that he is moving on with his life. Carly tells Jack she envies him because he has friends a job that he loves and a new girlfriend. Carly tells Jack he deserves everything he has and she is a little jealous of his life. Jack tells Carly that he children love her even Parker and that things will work out for her too. Jack advises Carly to stop feeling sorry for her because that wonít do her any good.

(Camp) Jack and Carly arrive and J.J is happy to see them both but admits he hasnít had time to pack because he has to finish a project for them. Jack and Carly go to J.Jís room to pack his things while he finishes his surprise for them.

(Lakeview) Paul asks Barbara to co sign his loan to save the farm project because she also thinks he is trying to do it for Megís sake. Paul gives Barbara the same reasons that he told Meg and she signs the loan papers for him.

(Camp) Jack and Carly are packing clothes and Jack tells Carly that J.Jís duffle bag is very heavy and full and that all the rest of his clothes are going to have to go in his backpack. Jack tells Carly itís amazing that the bed didnít break with the heavy duffle bag on it. Carly remembers when Holdenís bunk bed broke and fell on top of her bunk bed. Jack can tell by the look on Carlyís face she is thinking about Holden. Jack wonders if Carly loves Holden and Carly tells Jack she isnít sure of his feelings for Holden but she does miss him. Jack hugs Carly and J.J walks in and tells them he is glad they are not fighting anymore. J.J tells his parents that Parker has been sending him instant messages about everything that has been going on at home. J.J gives Carly a family picture inside a beautiful frame that he made and tells her they are always going to be a family no matter what happens.

(Farm) Meg tells Holden Paul is getting the money to save the project and Holden thinks that Paul is trying to score points with Meg. Meg tells Holden that Paul doesnít need to prove himself to her he is trying to prove himself to him and Emma but has no idea they are both so closed minded about him. Lily advises Mike to talk to Neal maybe there is a way he can stay in town. Lily gives Mike a kiss good-bye and Holden arrives and by the look on his face Lily can tell he is wondering if she has slept with Mike even though Holden denies it. Lily tells Holden that she and Mike are friends but they have slept together. Holden tells Lily he doesnít want her to get hurt because when she is unhappy she tends to make self-destructive decisions. Lily tells Holden that Mike isnít Dusty and this time she isnít hurting anyone because they are not together anymore. Lily tells Holden that he on the other hand hurt a lot of people when he slept with Carly. Lily also tells at Holden to stay out of her business and sign the separation papers so they can both get on with their lives.

(Carlyís house) Jack sends J.J upstairs to unpack and he will come by later and take everyone to Alís diner. Carly gives Jack a beer she also drinks one as they sit on the couch and talk. Carly is glad she and Jack broke their old pattern of having sex and fighting or doing both things in one day. Jack and Carly are both glad they are learning to talk to each other and wonder if their marriage would have been better if they had done more talking.

(Farm) Holden admits to Meg that it bothers him that Lily is with Mike but their marriage is over now so there is nothing he can do about it. Meg tells Holden she felt more then once that she and Paul were over but they are still together. Meg tells Holden it bothers him to see Lily with Mike because they have been in love since they were young kids. Meg admits to Holden that she is worried that Paul will do something foolish to save the farm because he is thinking with his heart instead of his head.

(Metro) Paul arrives so Bonnie can look over the loan papers for him and she tells him she isnít working as a lawyer anymore. Paul offers to double her fee and Henry insists that she do the job for Paul.

(Farm) Paul arrives to tell the Snyder family and mike that the project is back on because he got the loan to pay Neal for his part of the project. Emma is very grateful to Paul for saving the house and land. Paul tells Emma that he did it because he wanted he and Megís children to be able to come to the farm.

(Lilyís house) Mike arrives to tell Lily the good news and they almost kiss because they are happy he is staying in town. Holden interrupts and Mike leaves Holden and Lily alone to talk. Holden tells Lily he signed the separation papers and gives her one more chance to change her mind. Lily tells Holden it is too late to change their mind now so he gives her the envelope with the papers in it.

(Fairwinds) Meg and Paul make love because Meg is very proud of what Paul did for her family.

(Carlyís house) Carly wonders if Jack is still mad at her for her affair with Holden. Jack reminds her she shouldnít care what he thinks because he isnít her husband anymore. Jack tells Carly it was tough to get over but he understands she was going through a rough time and needed someone. Neal arrives to say good-bye to Carly and Jack leaves because he has to go to the station. Carly catches up to him and tells him he doesnít have to go because Neal came to visit her. Jack gives Carly a kiss on the cheek and says he really needs to go to the station. Carly goes back to Neal and he tells her the project is canceled but the offer to go to Paris is still open. Carly doesnít accept the invitation so Neal gives Carly a kiss on the cheek and tells her if she changes her mind she knows where to find him.

(Farm) Emma asks Holden if he thinks she made a mistake accepting Paulís offer. Holden tells his mom they had no other choice it was the only way to save the farm.

(Lilyís house) Lily tells Mike that Holden is gone for good this time because they singed the separation papers. Mike hopes he wasnít the cause of the separation. Lily assures Mike that her marriage was over a long time ago she and Holden just didnít want to face it. Lily doesnít want to lay this all on Mike and he tells her they were friends before they had sex and whatever happens he hopes they can always be friends. Mike offers Lily a shoulder to cry on and Holds her as she cries.

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