ATWT Update Wednesday 8/13/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/13/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures By Suzanne

At the hospital, Chris comes into Alisonís room with her release papers.  She thanks him for saving her life.  Does she have someone to take her home, he asks.  She will be fine; she is just glad her mom will be up and around soon.  He could take her home, Chris offers.

At the Worldwide offices, Casey comes into see Emily, who is working hard.  Why did she leave the hospital without telling anyone, Casey wonders.  She has lots of work to do to get the story out about Rick.  Couldnít she wait until she was better for a few days, Casey suggests.  She was his victim; she canít have a better angle.  He feels like she is shutting him out, Casey admits.

At the work site at the Farm, a worker shows Mike some plans telling him that they have a problem.  A worried Mike looks over the information and tells the worker that the Snyderís have enough problems without this.

At the hospital, Holden sees Lily, who is walking up to Aaronís room; he wonders what she is doing there.  She tells him awkwardly that she is there to see Aaron.  Then she adds with conviction Ė does he have a problem with that. 

At home, Carly answers the door; it is Neal.  She didnít know he was back in town.  He is here for business, but he thought he would check in with her; is it ok that he stopped by for a visit, he asks. 

Holden tells Lily that of course, he doesnít mind that she is there to see Aaron.  He is her stepson and she would like to think she had a part in his upbringing.  Noone called her last night and when she heard that he had been shot, her heart stopped.  She turns her back to Holden and starts to tear up. 

Carly tells Neal that she is happy to see him.  She invites him in.  He was hoping that she was no longer pinning away for Holden.  They arenít seeing each other anymore, she regretfully answers.  He thinks it might be good news for him Ė if that means she will give them another chance.  Carly half smiles.  She doesnít want to make promises especially after what happened.  He didnít regret one moment with her.  How will she ever get over her broken heart if she doesnít give him a chance, a charming Neal asks. 

Holden and Lily come into see Aaron; the nurse allows two visitors just this once because they are his parents.  Holden and Lily look at each other out of the corner of their eyes.  After the nurse leaves, Aaron jokes about having to get shot to get them back together.  Lily and Holden stare at one another.

Casey wants to know what is going on with Emily.  Why didnít she disappear on him, Casey asks.  She had to get the story going; she wasnít thinking.  She apparently wasnít thinking of him.  He is her husband and not co-worker.  Emily tells him that they need to talk about that.

Alison signs the papers for her release that Chris brought her, but she is going to see Aaron because she is not going anywhere until she is sure he is going to be ok.  Chris gives her an update on Aaron; it is good news Ė he is going to be fine.  They talk about how Rick is going back to jail foreverÖit is thanks in part to him and Aaron, Alison tells him.  She is going to see Aaron now.  Chris sadly watches her go. 

The toxin in her body made her do irrational things, Emily explains; she does have feelings for him, but she is not ready to be married.  Does she mean she is not ready for a long haul, Casey answers sadly.  None of her relationships have lasted.  She still thinks age is a factor, Casey asks.  It isnít about that Ė it is about being ready, and she doesnít think either one of them is.

Lily tells Aaron that his sisters have made some get well cards for him, Luke will stop by later and Noah will send him his beverage of choice from Java.  Holden tells Aaron that his mom was about to get on a plane, but he promised her that he would be fine.  Aaron asks about Meg.  She is recovering.  He is also worried about Alison as well.  There is nothing to worry about now that Rick is back behind bars.  Aaron tells them that when he felt the bullet hit and he wasnít sure he would make it, he thought about the people he loves and about what is important.  He hopes they can patch things up because it can all end in a flash and then it is too late for regrets.  Holden and Lily listen to him intently.  Alison interrupts when she bounds in the door.  Aaron is thrilled to see her.  She is officially released, an ecstatic Alison declares.  Lily tells them that they are going to leave them alone.  Aaron tells Alison that he couldnít wait to see her. 

Outside the room, Holden asks Lily to go to Java with him to get a cup of coffee; Lily smiles and accepts.  At Java, Holden orders Lily her Ďusualí.  They seem uncomfortable as they sit.  He thanks her for seeing Aaron and being there.  Holden hopes she will continue to be there for Aaron after he gets home.  She doesnít mind; she will of course help out while he is at the farm, and if he wants, she will call ahead first.  He is not staying at the farm anymore, Holden quietly explains.  Lilyís smile fades; that is convenient.  Holden doesnít understand.  It must make seeing Carly a lot easier, as Holden frowns.

Carly is getting Neal some coffee, as they continue to talk.  She could use a distraction.  Does that mean they can see each other, Neal asks.  It depends on what he means.  He offers lunch at the Lakeview.  Mike calls Neal and interrupts them by telling Neal that they have an emergency at the farm.  He asks if they could put their lunch off for another Ĺ hour.  Carly happily accepts, as he kisses her and leaves.

His moving out had nothing to do with Carly, Holden defends.  What does Emma think, Lily wonders.  She would prefer him to be at the house with her and the kids, but she has made it apparent that she doesnít want that.  Why would he want to stay at the Lakeview she co-owns it, Lily states.  It is central to where he needs to be, but if she wants to evict him.  He can do whatever he wants, but she would appreciate if he didnít lie to her about him seeing Carly, she snarls.

At the Lakeview, Mike and Neal are meeting about the farm project.  Mike hands him information that shows that there are high levels of toxins in the soil.  If this is accurate, it could endanger the whole project, Neal states.  Neal goes to fax this information to his office in London.  Carly heads over to the table where Mike is.  Neal will be back.  She didnít mean to overstep when she told him to stay away from Lily.  It is ok, but he wonders how it worked out.  It backfired because she went to see Holden to give him an update and Lily walked in and misinterpreted what she saw.  Did they explain.  They canít tell Lily anything anymore.  They are still divorcing.   He is sorry to hear that.  There seems to be nothing to do with it.

An exasperated Holden tells Lily that he didnít come there to talk about Carly or to tell her for the 100th time that there is nothing going on.  She just wants him to sign the papers; his personal life no longer is her business.  He is more concerned about Aaron; that is why he wanted to sit down with her.  She didnít have to come there, but she did it to help Aaron, but it is apparent that they canít even be in the same room; she just wants him to sign the papers and send them to her lawyer, as she gets up and leaves.

Neal comes back and Mike leaves so he and Carly can have lunch.  He wants to order some champagne to toast new beginnings. Carly smiles coyly.

Casey tells Emily that he wasnít drugged when they got married; he wants them together.  They have finally been accepted as a couple and now she wants to run away.  They are at different points in their life; he is in college and she has a job to run and a child to raise.  She is too busy for him, Casey sarcastically wonders.  Marriage is a step they arenít ready for.  He is; they almost died, he reminds her.  Emily has mixed feelings; it is complicated.  Casey thinks she just wonít admit that they can work if she lets them.

Alison tells Aaron that she canít wait until he is better.  He will be in no time.  She is about to leave to let him rest when Aaron stops her; there has been something he wants to say to her.  When he got shot, he started thinking about things.  He wants her to know that he still loves her, as Alison stares at him.

Emily tells Casey that she is not afraid of them as a couple.  She is not saying their relationship is wrong, just the marriage part.  He disagrees.  She wants an annulment.  He doesnít, as he slams out the door.

At home, Mike comes to see Lily; he was checking on the repairs to the wall, but then he quickly admits that isnít really the truth.  He sees she looks off; how is she?  She is ok.  He came there to check on her.  He did, he adds with a laugh.  She is surprised that he is talking to her since she tried to use him to make Holden jealous; she thought he might hate her.  He never would, as they both smile. 

Carly tells Neal that she is surprised that he is back for more with her after everything that happened in New York; she was rude and ungrateful.  He is either persistent or a glutton for punishment.  He just canít get enough of her.  He will let her set the pace Ė all she has to do is say the word.  She doesnít know what that word is.  He is sensing that she is not ready yet.  She doesnít know.  What is holding her back, he wonders.  Holden walks in at just that moment, as Carly and Holden lock eyes uncomfortably.  Neal sees Holden.  It seems wherever she goes, Holden isnít far behind.  She knows it is a coincidence.  He doesnít seem happy to see her.  Holden cancels his order; he just lost his appetite he tells the waiter.  Carly seems upset to see him go, and as Neal continues to talk, it is obvious that Carlyís mind is elsewhere.  He wonders if she is ok.  She is sorry.  Nealís phone interrupts them.  He has to put out a fire; can they do this another time.  Of course, as he kisses her hand and leaves.  Carly immediately calls Holden; what is with the sudden exit, she asks; they canít keep avoiding one another like that.  Holden tells her that it wasnít about her.  Aaron was shot last night and almost died; he adds tersely that she and her Ďplay dateí are the least of his problems, as he hangs up, as Carly stares at the phone.

Lily brings Mike some Iced Tea, as he wonders where his kids are.  Faith is at a friend's house and Natalie and Ethan are at the Farm with Emma.  She seems nervous.  Aaron had a close call and things arenít going well with Holden.  Is there anything he can do, Mike asks.  Noone can help, as she turns away.  He thinks she looks worse then she is letting on.  She just hasnít been sleeping Ė it is probably catching up with her; she is fine.  He doesnít believe her.

Aaron tells Alison that he has loved her for a long time, but he hasnít admitted it.  After last night, he had to tell her.  She is glad that he did.  With his dad and Lily, they have loved each other since they were kids and they just canít get past things.  They would be better off if they let it all go and get past it.  They should just start over.  That is why he thought of them, Alison asks.  Yes.  He hopes it isnít a shock; he is not expecting her to say it back; he just wanted her to know that he loves her and always will.  Alison looks conflicted.

Chris and Casey are talking about how Tom is getting better.  Chris notices that Casey seems unsettled.  Casey jokes sullenly about how he doesnít have to tell him that being with Emily is impossible.  What happened.  Emily says that they need to get an annulment because she was poisoned.  Is that true, he wonders.  No, they love each other.  The unthinkable happened finallyÖ people that didnít understand them have finally accepted them Ė like his parents.  Does she want to break up.  No, she just talked about her having a bad track record.  Chris thinks it might be too soon, but is a piece of paper so important; why does it have to be official, Chris wonders.  Arenít he and Emily being happy in their day-to-day life enough.

Alison tells Aaron that she is going to let him rest, as she slowly heads out the door.  She stops outside and bumps into Chris.  Is she ready for him to take her home.  She tells him that she is going to stick around for a bit.

Holden is on the phone with Meg asking her for the name of a nurse to help take care of Aaron when he gets home.  She clearly wants to be the one, but Holden wonít hear of it because she is still recuperating.  He writes down the name of a nurse and then hangs up the phone after he tells her that he will check in with her soon.  There is a knock and it is Carly.  They both look at one another not saying a word.  Holden finally smiles and invites her in.  She is sorry to hear about Aaron.  He will be fine.   She just wanted to see if there was anything she could do.  He has it covered.  Does he need to vent.  He doesnít want to do that either.  His life is not good now; his marriage his over, his family is in shambles and he is living alone in a hotel room.  Things will get better, Carly promises.  She knows where he is coming from; she looks in the mirror and wonders where it all went wrong.  Holden adds about wondering where they go from here.  Holden walks closer to her and tells her that since they are in the same boat then maybe they can help each other out. 

Mike and Lily sit outside on the patio; he is sorry that she and Holden couldnít work things out.  She thought that they were making progress, but then they ended up fighting.  He is sorry; he wishes he could say it gets easier.  She appreciates his honesty because she doesnít get that from Holden anymore Ė especially about his feelings.  He says that his moving to the Lakeview has to do with him getting space and clearing his head, but she knows the real reason.  What is it, Mike asks.  So, he can be with Carly, Lily answers flatly.

Carly tells Holden that they canít help each other now Ė even probably as friends.  She probably shouldnít even be there.  Why did she come then.  She could hear how hurt he was, and she wanted to help.  She should go before she makes it worse.  Holden takes her arm; she needs to tell him the truth about why she is really there.  She cares about him and she always will.

Chris wonders if Alison doesnít want him to take her home because she is uncomfortable around him.  No.  When she was sick, she thought he was attacking her.  She was out of it.  She didnít have that reaction with Aaron, her mother or his dad.  He thinks that might mean deep down that she is afraid of him.  He would never hurt her, and if she can believe that then she can trust him again.  She does trust him.  Her staying there has nothing to do with him.  Is there something more going on with her and Aaron that he should know about. 

Casey comes back and tells Emily that he thought about what she said; if she wants an annulment then he wonít fight her, but he doesnít want it to be over; he doesnít want to lose her.  She doesnít want to lose him either; it scares her also, but if he wants to give it a shot and stay married then she will too.  Casey is thrilled. 

Holden wants to know why they have to deny the feelings they have for one another.  Havenít their feelings caused enough damage already, Carly explains.  Lily and he have tried to fix things, but nothing has worked.  What about his kids.  He wonít give them false hope that they will get back together.  How does he know that they wonít.  Because when they are together, the world stops because he is with her.  He tries to will it away, but it wonít work... even Lily knows it.  He doesnít want to pretend anymore.  He wants to be with her and he knows she wants to be with him.  They stare longingly at each other and then fall into each otherís arms.

Lily tells Mike that Carly gives Holden something that she canít; she would like to know what that is though.  Mike tells her that Carly doesnít have anything more.  He doesnít have to say that.   He isnít saying anything that isnít true; she is a beautiful, fun, sexy woman.  She is everything a man could want.  Lily thanks him.  He is succeeding helping her ego, she jokes.  She doesnít deserve this.  They stare at one another, as Mike suddenly tells her that he should leave.  He starts to leave, as Lily stops him and tells him that there is something she forgot to give him. 

Carly and Holden are kissing passionately when he pulls he down on the bed and they start undressing one another.

Lily tells Mike that Emma had some papers that she wanted her to give to him about the project.  She just needs to find them.  She hands him the folder, as they touch hands, which leads to a kiss.  The folder drops to the floor as they kiss more.

Casey tells Emily that he wants to stay married, but there is something he wants more Ė he just wants to be with her and to be happy.   She wants it too.  Then they will get the marriage annulled and if it goes well, then they can get remarried and have a real wedding.  She thinks it sounds great.  They hug, as Casey tells her that he doesnít care what they call their relationship as long as they have one.  Emily smiles as she hugs him, but then looks unsettled.

Alison tells Chris that she doesnít know what she wants or what her feelings are.  He gets that she doesnít want any pressure right now.  Does he.  Yes.  She thanks him.  He will give her all the space she needs.

Casey wonders how Emily feels.  She feels fine.  Good because he has been waiting for this all day, as he locks the door and comes back to give her a big kiss.  They wind up on her desk.

Carly and Holden are kissing on the bed when Carly suddenly stops him.  She gets up; they canít do this.  Why, Holden pleads.  It is wrong, Carly sadly answers.  How can they be together after what they put Lily through.  Why are they continuing to punish themselves, Holden wonders.  She told him she wouldnít be the woman who steals her best friendís husband.  This shouldnít be about Lily anymore; the marriage is over, Holden counters.  She is partially to blame for that fact.  She should have been there to support Lily instead of sleeping with her husband; it was wrong and she needs to do what is right now, as she walks out the door.

Mike and Lily are kissing when Mike pulls back and asks her if she is sure.  She is sure, as she pulls him back into the kiss.   They collapse onto the couch, as they are taking off each otherís clothes.

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