ATWT Update Tuesday 8/12/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

[All the action in this episode takes place in different areas of the hospital so I will write the different areas of the hospital in this update.]

(Emily and Caseyís room) Margo screams for Tom not to try anything against a crazy Rick Decker but its too late because Tom tries to jump Rick from behind and fails but all the excitement causes Tom to have trouble breathing normally. Rick holds a gun on Tom and demands that Margo give him a helicopter on the roof of the hospital and clear passage away from there with no cops or FBI. Margo asks Rick to let Tom have medical attention and she will consider his demands. Rick tells Margo that is done and explains that Tom is in cardiac distress, and needs oxygen what he would do is put him on a heart monitor and gives him an aspirin. Margo thinks Rick is a very funny man and refuses to give in to his demands. Rick tells Margo that if she doesnít give him what he wants everyone in the room is going to die. Paul screams for Margo to call the helicopter back or she will get everyone in the room killed. Chris tells Paul to shut up and Margo tells Paul that she wonít do anything until Tom gets the help that he needs. Meg who is also sick crawls slowly over to Tom and loosens his tie and shirt so he can get more oxygen. A weak Casey awakens and wonders what is wrong with Tom and Margo tells Casey to remain calm because everything will be fine. Rick tells Margo that the help Meg gave Tom is all the medical attention he is going to get and she must make her decision now.

Bob finds an unconscious Susan on the floor in the lab he tries to wake her up by calling her name and touching her face Susan awakens and Bob asks her what happened and a very weak Susan says Rick Decker before losing consciousness again.

(Casey and Emilyís room) Decker is tired of waiting and keeps pressuring Margo to make a decision now. Tom groans and Meg screams for Rick to remember he is a doctor and help Tom. Rick tells Meg that is up to Margo now and Paul tells Margo to call the helicopter and she tells him to shut up because he isnít in charge. Paul tells Margo she doesnít seem to be in charge of the situation either. Margo screams that she is cleaning up the mess that he made because he is the one who brought Decker back to Oakdale. Chris tells Margo to let Decker go because he has the antidote and he made enough for everyone so they donít need Decker anymore. Margo asks Chris if he is sure the antidote works and he tells her that he tested it on himself. Emilyís fever breaks and she awakens and screams no when she sees Rick. Casey sits up in bed a little and tries to calm Emily but Rick turns and points the gun at Casey telling Margo she must now choose between her son and her husband.

Rick cocks the gun and Aaron who has been hiding inside an air duct in the ceiling waiting for a chance to jump down on Decker makes his move. Decker sees him coming and shoots up at him and Aaron falls to the floor with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Meg crawls to Aaron to try and help him but Decker screams for her to get back so she does what he tells her to do. Rick tells Margo he hopes that she knows he means business now. Rick tells Margo that Aaron was an unfortunate victim, which neither one of them expected and once again asks her to choose between Tom and Casey. Margo says that wonít be necessary because she knows what she must do.

(Susanís room) The nurse tells Bob that Susanís blood pressure is dropping and then she shows him track marks that Decker injected the poison directly into Susanís system. Bob tells Kim that they need the antidote Chris is working on right now. A second nurse arrives to inform Bob that the unconscious security guard they found has been revived. Bob asks the second nurse to page Chris immediately but she says that is impossible because they have a situation.

(Emilyís room) Margo calls the helicopter and tells the pilot that the air space has been cleared of everyone except him and he is to take Dr. Decker wherever he wants to go. Aaron manages to awaken an unconscious Alison who is on the floor next to him. Alison thins that Aaron is sick too and he tells her to look at him as he assures her that they are going to be okay. Rick congratulates Margo on making the right decision. Rick takes Alisonís arm and takes her with him for insurance. Emily screams at Decker to take her instead of Alison who is so weak she looks like a rag doll leaning against Rick. Rick declines the sweet offer by telling Emily he needs to take someone people actually care about then Emily cries and screams no Alison no. Rick gets outside the room and orders Margo to tell her men to stand down so she does as she is told and Rick heads for the elevator with Alison. Decker gets downstairs with Alison and walks out of the hospital. Meg rushes to help Aaron then Chris gets some help and tells them to get Aaron to the operating room quickly because he has a gun shot wound to the shoulder and he could be bleeding out. Bob walks by and wonders what happened Chris hands Bob the shot of the antidote and explains that it works and he made enough for everyone. Chris tells Bob to give it to everyone and also that Tom is having trouble with his heart. Chris tells Bob that Decker has Alison and he is going to save her. Meg tells Bob to give her the antidote first so he can go help Tom. Chris races up about 5 or 6 flights of stairs until he gets up to the roof. Decker tells the swat team and Chris to back off or he will shoot Alison. Decker hears police sirens and turns his head so Chris takes advantage of the distraction and ties to take the gun away from Rick. Rick and Chris struggle until Chris manages to punch Rick in the face and take the gun away from him. Once the gun falls to the ground Chris punches Decker until Decker falls to the ground. The police grab Decker and Chris takes Alison and carries he quickly into the hospital and into a room. Chris calls for a nurse and places Alison gently into bed. Chris asks the nurse to give him some of the antidote for Alison but the nurse explains that the antidote is gone because they had to give Susan a double dose because Rick injected the poison directly into her system. Chris tells Alison to hang in there because she is going to make it through this and then rushes to the lab to make some more of the antidote.

(Megís room) Meg tells Paul she already feels better and the antidote is working so she tries to get up and check on Aaron. Paul tells Meg she must rest and Aaron is in surgery and she canít do anything for him anyway. Meg wonders if she and Paul are okay and apologizes for trying to shoot him. Paul tells Meg he knew that she wasnít herself it was just the poison that was in her system. Paul jokes that he was surprised she had such bad aim since she was a farm girl. Paul also tells Meg that even when she was under the influence of the poison she really fought against shooting him. Paul tells Meg he loves her and they kiss for a few minutes Meg gets up again and insists on going to Aaronís room so that someone from the family will be there when he returns from surgery. Meg tells Paul that today she realized the importance of family and since Paul knows better then to argue he goes with Meg to Aaronís room.

(Tomís room) Margo tells Tom the stint in his heart collapsed when he fell but the doctor will replace it soon and he will be fine. Tom tells Margo she can yell at him because he is all drugged up. Margo tells Tom he shouldnít have tried to go after Decker and be a hero because he could have been seriously hurt. Tom tells Margo she was a hero and she tells Tom that he has always been her hero. Margo tells Tom that Casey should be fine soon because Chris made an antidote for everyone. Margo and Tom think they got very lucky and then they kiss each other.

(Casey and Emilyís room) Margo tells Chris that Tom will be fine he is in surgery now and they are replacing the stint in his heart. Margo tells Emily that Chris rescued Alison from Decker but they have not heard anything about her condition. Casey holds Emily and assures her Alison is going to be okay.

(Aaronís room) Meg borrows Paulís phone to call Holden to tell him about Aaron but Holden isnít home so she tells her mother to come to the hospital because Aaron has been hurt.

(Alisonís room) Alison starts to have a near death experience and walk into the white light she is confused about what happened and asks Aaron where they are and what they are doing there Aaron tells Alison she asks too many questions and takes her for a ride on his motorcycle. Alison wonders why she canít feel Aaron but he doesnít answer the question he just tells her to do her best to hold on to him Aaron and Alison end up at the Lakeview bar and Aaron offers Alison a beer and she wonders why she feels a little off. Aaron tells her he feels fine and he doesnít have any idea why Alison feels strangely. Alison remembers she canít drink beer but Aaron tells her she can drink a beer because she can have anything she wants so Alison closes her eyes and says she wants a million dollars. Alison opens her eyes and smiles and says its still a beer. Aaron tells Alison its nice to see her smile and she should smile more often. Alison tells Aaron she will try but she hasnít had much to smile about lately. Aaron tells Alison she always plays it safe and Alison tells Aaron that the safe survive. Aaron tells Alison that the safe donít always survive and Alison is very confused. Emily and Susan are singing and try to persuade Alison to sing with them. Alison asks Emily and Susan why they are all there and they ask her why she goes there all the time. Alison tells them she goes there to escape from her life. Emily and Susan ask Alison to sing with them and she doesnít want to until Aaron tells her to quit playing it safe. The three Stewart women sing the song together Alison is surprised that Chris is playing the piano for them because she didnít know he played the piano. Chris tells Alison she still has her spirit, which is a good sign that she still knows how to have fun.

(Susanís room) Emily yells and begs Susan to wake up and say something to her

(Alisonís room) Alison wonders why Emily and Susan have disappeared and Aaron ells her not to worry because she is fine on her own. Alison feels self-conscious and starts to get off the stage and go look for Susan and Emily. Aaron applauds and asks Alison to sing the song she used to sing to him in Seattle when he couldnít sleep. Alison doesnít want to do it until both Aaron and Chris agree that she is self-conscious. Chris is hurt that Alison never sang for him when they were dating and wishes that she had sung for him because she has a beautiful voice. Alison agrees to sing for both of them and while Alison is singing we se Chris in the lab frantically working to make more antidote for Alison. Alison finishes singing and Aaron applauds her. Alison turns and asks Chris how he liked the song and she gets confused because Chris also disappears. Aaron tells Alison not worry because she will be fine on her own and he gives her a kiss on the cheek before he disappears.

(Aaronís room) Emma blames herself for Aaronís shooting because she asked him to come back to the hospital and check on her. Meg tells Emma that she had no idea that Rick Decker would take them all hostage so it isnít her fault at all. Aaron awakens and says grandma while Emma strokes his hair.

(Alisonís room) Alison searches for a way out of the white light as Chris rushes in her room and asks the nurse if he is too late. Chris feels for Alisonís pulse and is relieved that she still has a very weak pulse. Chris tells the nurse to give him the antidote. Alison sees Chris in the white light and he asks her to trust him and take his hand. Alison hesitates at first but Chris assures her that he wonít let anything happen to her. Alison awakens and sees Chris and calls his name. Chris kisses Alisonís hand and says welcome back beautiful I thought we lost you.

(Susanís room) Susan blames herself for not realizing Rickís plan sooner but Emily tells her there was no way she could have known what Rick was planning. Emily tells Susan Rick was a monster and he held a gun to Caseyís head and she was so scared that he was going to kill him. Emily tells Susan that she was more afraid for Casey then she was for herself. Susan tells Emily she felt that way because she loves Casey she could see that now.

(Caseyís room) Casey is unnerved because Margo keeps staring at him and tells Margo to stop because it was fine when he was sick but now he is better. Margo apologizes for staring and tells him there were a few moments there when she though she wasnít going to see him again. Casey tells Margo he doesnít know what he would have done if anything happed to her, Tom or Emily. Margo is surprised at how much Casey loves Emily. Casey tells Margo that is why he married Emily because he wants to spend his life with her. Bob arrives and Casey tells him he is ready to leave the hospital because the beds are lumpy. Bob informs Margo that Tom is out of surgery and everything is fine. Bob tells Margo that Tom is in recovery and he can take her to see him. Casey tells Margo to tell Tom he loves him and then Margo stops to tell Emily that her husband wants to see her. Emily and Casey hold each other relieved that they made it.

(Alisonís room) Alison wonders if Chris came back for her and he says of course because he would never let anything happen to her. Alison congratulates Chris on finding an antidote to save everyone. Chris tells Alison she doesnít have to thank him and she says thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart. Chris kisses Alisonís hand and tells her to get some rest. Alison doesnít want Chris to leave so he gets a chair and says he will stay as long as she wants him to stay. Alison asks Chris about Aaron so he tells her the details of Aaronís gunshot wound and says he will be fine in a few weeks. Alison asks Chris if he can take her to see Aaron.

Kim and Bob talk in the hallway and Bob tells Kim that he is glad she has a healthy appetite because since she was in the cafeteria she wasnít taken hostage by Decker. Bob tells Kim the he doesnít know what he would have done if anything happened to her. Bob also tells Kim that if she had been in that room he would have saved her because the old guy still has a few moves left in him. Kim tells Bob she has always been her hero and they kiss.

(Tomís room) Margo and Tom are listing the things they are grateful for and Tom mentions Margoís ladylike snore and Margo says that she is grateful for that silly song he sings when he washes the dishes. Tom tells Margo that the next time Casey gets married she should let him know. Tom and Margo both agree that Emily really loves Casey.

(Caseyís room) Emily wants to go home take a hot shower and forget this day ever happened. Casey tells Emily he doesnít want to forget today because his parents gave their marriage their blessing. Casey says that means he was right their marriage is going to make it. Casey holds Emily who has a sad face after Caseyís remarks.

(Megís room) Paul tells Meg that the doctor says she can go home. Emma gives Meg a hug and tells her that she is going to take her to the farm and make all of her favorite foods for her and pamper her. Meg tells Emma she would love that but the farm isnít her home anymore her home is with Paul. Emma is a little hurt but she knows Meg is right about her place being with her husband. Paul tells Emma she can go to Fairwinds with them and help get Meg settled. Paul tells Emma she can even take over his kitchen, which has all brand new equipment because he hardly ever uses the kitchen. Emma thanks Paul for the offer and heads to Fairwinds with Paul and Meg.

(Aaronís room) Aaron awakens to find Alison at his bedside and wonders if he is dreaming. Alison pinches Aaron and tells him since he felt that he isnít dreaming. Alison tells Aaron that they are both going to be okay as she takes his hand. Chris watches the whole scene from the hallway with a very sad look on his face.

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