ATWT Update Monday 8/11/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/11/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Outside the hospital, Aaron tries to get back inside to see Alison, but the guard won’t let him; the hospital is on lockdown now. Aaron pleads with him, but the guard won’t budge.

Inside the hospital, Margo realizes that everyone who got a poisoned gift betrayed Rick. She explains to Bob and Chris her theory; Susan was married Rick and then betrayed him. Emily held such a grudge that she even tried to frame him for murder. Casey unfortunately was exposed to the poison through Emily. Chris made sure that everyone knew Rick was the one killing people years ago, as Rick was trying to make people think Bob was the one behind the deaths. Alison faked her own death to flush him out of hiding and he got caught because of her.

Meanwhile, in her room, Alison's heart rate drops, as the nurse races out for a doctor and to find Susan.

Bob wonders why Meg was infected. Margo explains that he necklace was intended for Barbara; she loaned it to Meg. He went after her because Barbara used Rick to escape form the psychiatric hospital and then she abandoned him. Meg is collateral damage, as we see Meg strapped to her bed in and out of a restless sleep.

At the station, Paul wants to know from Rick how he can save his wife. Rick tells him that he has the antidote and he will give it to them… as long as they help him escape. When he is at the hospital working on a cure, they will bring him $1million dollars and a helicopter. Meg and everyone else will be as good as new afterwards; do they have a deal, he asks. Paul says no, as Barbara says yes simultaneously.

At Fairwinds, Emma goes to see Meg, but the housekeeper tells her that she is not there. Emma wonders where she is. She is in the hospital, the nervous housekeeper answers . Emma looks stunned.

Meg is trying to rest, as she calls out for Paul. She sees Sophie lifting up her pillow and holding it over her. Sophie tells her that this is what Paul will do to her. She won’t be able to fight back because she is in restraints. Then Paul will bury her the same as he did to her.

Barbara wants Paul to reconsider because it is the only way to safe everyone. Paul won’t budge because he won’t help Rick get away with what he did. What about Meg, Barbara wonders. Rick interrupts, commenting about how Meg doesn’t have much longer because she will be going into cardiac arrest soon, and then she will have seizures. Paul gives in and he and Barbara start to leave. Margo, who has just walked into the station, grabs Paul by the arm, as he is heading out the door. They are going to have a nice long talk, Margo explains, as a nervous Barbara and Rick look on.

In the lab, Chris shows Bob the results of Alison’s blood work; he thinks because of the toxicity level in Alison’s blood, it is obvious that Rick wants her dead. Chris angrily tosses papers and folders across the room. Bob wants Chris to calm down. The toxin is manifesting itself in different ways in different people; he and Casey became violet. He just needs to remember what this is about; he believes he can solve this. He just needs to keep focused. Chris thanks him and gets back to work.

Barbara tries to explain quickly to Margo why they are working with Rick. He has a background that would be very beneficial to helping all the people that were infected. Margo reminds her that is because he poisoned people. Does it matter if it helps everyone, Barbara asks. Rick interrupts; he wants to atone for his past crimes so he will help them. Barbara tells her that they need to go get Bob to get Rick access to the lab. Margo lets them go. Rick gloats; he would like transportation now. Margo wonders why he is so invested in this. He likes a good medical mystery. Margo thinks it is kind of strange that all the people involved in the poisoning are connected to him. She lists the people, but Rick reminds her Barbara was ok because just walked out. He thinks he will swoop in and pretend to be the hero is disgusting to her; she won’t let him get away with this. Rick doesn’t look fazed; he thinks she is arrogant because he is already serving multiple life sentences. She can go after him and push her papers around the desk all she wants. He is not the one that has something to lose – she however does though. Margo is incensed; she asks if he is threatening her. She is supposed to be responsible for protecting people in the town but she is busy making this personal. He is trying to save a lot of people… including her son. What will he get in return. He wants his freedom; he wants his original sentences commuted. Margo is amazed; he must be crazy.

Barbara is on the phone talking with the bank about making a huge withdrawal ASAP.

Margo is getting more and more worked up with Rick; he is a calculating vicious coward. He didn’t spend time in prison trying to become a better person,; no, he figured out ways to get back at people that he hurt to begin with. He is using these people as leverage; he is sick. He has done nothing wrong this time; he made past mistakes, but now he can change things for everyone. Tom walks in the background, as Rick tells her to think of her son. Margo cuts him off when she sees Tom. If he can reverse the affects, she will see what she can do. That is not enough - he wants her to call the Governor and get him time served. Margo tells a police officer to take Rick to the hospital and by the time he gets there, she will make sure he has access. Rick leaves and smiles coyly at Tom on his way by. Tom comes stomping in wondering how she could ask the Governor to pardon Rick. Margo tries to explain that Rick is responsible for the poisonings. If he thinks saving Casey will happen by her ulling some strings, she will let him think that. Tom doesn’t understand what she is talking about. She couldn’t tell him on the phone. He will go see him right away and she will stay here and do everything she can. Margo doesn’t think that they will let him in. They will or he will be back in handcuffs.

At the hospital, Tom finds a semi conscious Emily lying next to an unconscious Casey in the hospital bed. He wonders why she is there. They are all sick and they didn’t know when they are going to get better. He thinks she should go back to her room for some rest. She is not leaving Casey. They got married and she is not leaving her husband, as she lifts up her hand weakly up to show him the wedding band she is wearing. Tom looks stunned.

Margo is busy on the phone with Bob trying to make sure Rick has access to a lab. Hr will have an armed guard; she wants him to get to work to figure something else. Bob begrudgingly agrees. Margo tells an officer to put a tail on Paul and Barbara and see if they go near Rick, and if they do, she wants shim to tell her.

Paul goes to see Meg; a nurse tells him that she had another episode, but they were able to calm her down. Paul heads inside and sits by her bed. He quietly tells her that he promised her that he would make everything ok and he will keep that promise no matter what. He touches her face softly and then kisses her cheek before he leaves. The officer secretly follows Paul after he leaves.

Chris is working in the lab when Rick is brought in with the guard. He wants him out, as Chris roars at him to get out. He charges him, but the guard stops him. What is wrong with him; he is there to help, Rick wonders. He poisoned him and he could kill him for what he did. Does he care about Alison because they can save her and everyone else. Bob comes in and realizes Rick is there. He tells him that he is not going to work near Chris or anyone else on his staff; he has his own space and he reports only to him.

The nurse tries to revive Alison because her heart rate is dropping fast, as she tells a nurse to go for help and get her mom.

Rick tries to get the guard to remove the handcuffs, but he won’t allow it. Rick asks for help moving some items when Rick sticks him with a needle and uncuffs himself. He drags the man out of sight, then picks up his shield from the floor, and starts to put it in his pocket when Susan comes in the room and can’t believe that she is seeing him standing there alone. He calmly says hi.

At the airport, Paul is talking with a worker about how he needs to rent a helicopter. Does he need a pilot too, the man asks. No, he will be flying it himself. He hopes it isn’t a big deal, as he flashes a big wad of cash. The man shakes his head.

Tom walks back in Casey’s room with Kim. The nurse asks if they have seen Susan; her daughter needs her. They haven’t. Emily mumbles out Alison’s name. Kim tries to appease her. Emily starts to cry about how she can’t lose her sister. Kim comforts her as best she can. Emily tells her that she can feel her fading away. Outside the room, Kim finds Bob; there is something going on with Alison; she needs him. Bob goes into her room and checks on Alison.

Susan demands to know who let him in. Margo, Bob and the state of Illinois. The hospital is in crisis and he is there to help. She is disgusted that he is there supposedly to help; he has left a line of victims again in his wake. He is asking for a second chance. He should be the one upstairs in the hospital bed. Susan gets a page on her beeper and starts to leave, but Rick hold up a vial; it is an antidote to the poison. He would never hurt her or her daughters. Why isn’t he upstairs helping then. Why is it so hard for her to say thank you, as he kisses her hard.

Bob tells the nurse and Kim that he gave Alison adrenaline to increase her heart rate. The nurse says she is improving, as Kim is glad.

Outside, Aaron is waiting around trying to figure out a way into the hospital when an ambulance comes in and the guard tells him to drive around back. Aaron jumps on the back of it when it starts to drive away.

Casey wakes up with Emily still at his side. He sees his dad and he tells him that he doesn’t feel well. He will be ok. He is glad Emily is still there. He wants his dad to know that he and Emily got married and he is happy. He drifts back out, as Emily tells Tom that he needs his rest. She tells Tom that his son needs his blessing while he still can hear it.

The officer brings Barbara into the station; she was walking with this, as he holds up a steel briefcase, the man tells Margo. She can’t open that because it is private property. She is right, but she can open it for her. Barbara finally agrees and Margo sees all the money inside. She wonders how much is inside. It is $1million dollars – for Rick – to find a cure, Barbara stutters. He caused everyone’s condition. He is serving multiple life sentences – so what would he need with that money behind bars.

Susan shoves Rick backwards and tells him never to touch her again, as she slaps him. He thought she had feelings for him. She does – repulsion. He means her no harm. Susan starts to leave when Rick tells Susan that she forgot the antidote, as Susan comes back. He hides his hand, as he fills the needle and when Susan walks back, and he stabs her with it. Susan drops to the floor right before the phone rings in the lab. Rick answers it and it is Paul. Does he have the antidote, Paul wonders. He does as long as he has what he asked for. He does. They will meet in five minutes, as Rick promises he will be a hero because of this. He hangs up, steps over a now unconscious Susan and leaves.

Barbara tells Margo that she needs to get the money to Rick, but Margo wants the money impounded, as she pleads with her that she has to let her go. An officer comes over and tells her that Paul just rented a helicopter. Margo tells him to lock the money up and not let Barbara leave, as she races out.

Chris thinks he has found the cure; the other lab tech wonders how he will test it. Chris tells him that there is only one way, as he inject himself.

Sophie telling her that Paul was there and he plans on hurting her awakens Meg. Meg thinks he loves her and he wouldn’t hurt her; she is not real. Sophie doesn’t stop; she fell for Paul's act, but he will kill her. Meg orders her away, as she suddenly disappears.

Paul is in the helicopter preparing for take off. He starts the helicopter up and takes off.

Rick is now outside of the hospital as he hears the helicopter above.

Tom doesn’t want Emily to think like that. Emily tells him that they are getting weaker. Can’t he just do this for Casey because he is so happy, even if Tom doesn’t mean it. They love one another – isn’t that all that matters. Tom tries to rouse Casey; he wants him to know that he loves him and that he and his brothers are the best thing that has happened to him. He is also happy for him and Emily; he wishes them both the best. Casey smiles and thanks him through closed eyes; he loves him too, as a crying Emily mouths thank you to Tom.

Kim offers to go get Bob some lunch. Alison awakens and wonders what happened. They made some adjustments to her. She wants her mom; can he get her, an emotional Alison asks. Meanwhile, Susan is still unconscious where Rick left her.

Emily starts to take deep breaths, as Casey and Tom wonder if she is ok. She just needs water, as Casey snuggles up to her telling her how much he loves her. Emily asks Tom to not let Daniel to grow up thinking the worst of her. That won’t be an issue; she will be fine. She doesn’t want Margo to tell him all the bad things she did. She wouldn’t do that. She loves Daniel; she hopes he will tell her son that every day.

A hospital guard sees Rick and trains his gun on him, but Rick gets the upper hand, knocks him out, and takes the gun. Paul is putting down the helicopter when Margo and two police officers show up; he is under arrest, as Rick watches secretly nearby.

Chris tells the lab tech to get his blood onto a slide so they can see if the levels of toxicity have gone down. If they have, then that means that they have found a cure.

Aaron is in the stairway racing along until he is forced to hide when a guard goes by. He ends up in the basement when he sees some ducts.

At the farm, Emma is very upset, as she tries to get some information about Meg over the phone from someone at the hospital. She doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere; this is her daughter she is asking about, she pleads.

In the psychiatric ward, Rick sneaks into Meg’s room. Meg awakens and wonders who is there. Rick walks up and tells her that he knows now why Paul is so desperate to save her. He is not real, Meg mumbles. He is not a hallucination, as he undoes her restraints. They are going on an adventure. He holds the gun to her head and tells a terrified Meg to smile as they head out.

Margo tells the officers to arrest Paul, but he has to get to Rick so Meg can get the antidote. She thinks Rick is lying to them; he doesn’t have any antidote. What if there is the slightest chance he does. He has the helicopter and money and Rick brings him the antidote in return he helps Rick escape, Margo surmises. He will do anything to help his wife; wouldn’t he do the same for her son. If ever, there was a time to bend the rules. She doesn’t have that luxury; he is making worse, Margo tells Paul. Paul explains that he saw Rick struggling with a guard and now he has his gun; they have to stop him before he does something.

Rick is walking behind Meg using her as a shield. He walks into Alison’s room and she awakens to see him with Meg. She takes off her oxygen mask, as Meg tries to calm her. She begs him to leave her alone. This isn’t the strong girl who made sure he got put behind bars. He wants her to get up, as he waves the gun at her.

Chris tells the lab tech that they found the antidote, as they happily race down the hall.

Bob walks into the lab to find Susan lying unconscious on the floor. He tries to wake her, to no avail.

Chris races into Alison’s room and finds it empty; he races across the hall where he finds Rick still holding Meg at gunpoint, as Alison lies on the floor and Casey and Emily are in the bed with Tom sitting beside them. Chris is incensed; he wants to know what Rick is doing. Rick smirks; he is glad that someone finally asked him that.

Aaron is quietly trying to make his way through the ducts of the hospital.

Margo sees Chris and rushes by him and trains her gun on Rick. She sees the roomful of people. Rick tells Paul that Meg is a beautiful and he has outdone himself. If he hurts Meg, he will kill him, Paul sneers. Rick wants to know if Margo has called the Governor. She has worked things out. He doesn’t believe her. Chris tells Rick that they can work together to find an antidote and save them all. Rick hopes that he has a lot of faith in his antidote because his is saline, as he opens the test tube and dumps it on the floor. Paul demands Margo kill him. Rick wants to know if the helicopter is where he left it. The helicopter is gone and so is the money, Margo answers flatly. That is unfortunate because he was willing to negotiate. She will not negotiate with him. Rick thinks it is too bad, as he looks like he is going to shoot her when Tom jumps him and they fight. Tom seems to suffer a heart attack suddenly, as he clutches his chest and falls to the floor. Margo tells Rick that he is a doctor and he needs to do something for Tom because he already had one heart attack. Rick and Margo are holding their guns on one another as Rick tells her that they need to let the negotiations begin, as everyone watches holding their breath.

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