ATWT Update Friday 8/8/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/8/08


Written By Wanda
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Lily walks in on Carly hugging Holden. She rails at them that this makes her a colossal idiot and don’t tell her this isn’t what it isn’t. She actually had convinced herself to hold off on the divorce, but never again. When she leaves, Carly tells Holden she knew she shouldn’t have come over. He has to go after her. Stubbornly, he says that he’s through chasing Lily; he’s not going to do it.

Paul explains to Barbara that Meg was hallucinating again and she was admitted to the psych ward. She had a gun and was going to shoot him. Now he realizes he should have gotten her help earlier. He admits he hasn’t called Emma or Holden yet. Meanwhile, Meg is wiggling about and doesn’t have a clue where she is or why she is there. Paul restrains her and explains that nothing is wrong, but she is sick and the doctor will try to figure out what is wrong.

Casey and Chris are in hospital beds, with only Chris being able to really talk. Margo tells Kim that Casey was violent, and Chris explains that Casey barricaded him and Emily in a room and wouldn’t let anyone near them. And Chris himself had been violent but is past that now. He went for Aaron, but thankfully there was no harm. He tells his mom that he’s not 100% well, but good enough that he can sit in a lab and help figure out what is making everyone sick. Dr. Bob walks in, and Chris also begs him to let him up and go sit in the lab and perhaps they can get this under control.

Meg doesn’t want Paul to leave. He assures her that she needs her rest and he will be right outside the door. Sofie’s “ghost” tells Meg that she shouldn’t have married Paul in the first place. Meg demands that she leave her alone. She is just a bad dream and the reason that Meg is locked up in here. Sofie taunts that is Paul who put her in here. Finish her job and get rid of him.

Susan examines Emily, who is quizzing her about Casey. Susan tells her to sleep; she will see Casey later. Aaron states that Emily seems to be better, and asks if Susan think Alison will be, too. She’s not sure since her whole system seems to be shutting down. These are her daughters, and she is doing everything she can, but she doesn’t know what is wrong. Bob tells them that they found a strange element in the blood of all Chris, Casey, Alison and Emily. It’s not a virus, as that would be easy to fight. This is synthetic toxin. Chris says then it is lethal and someone is poisoning them.

Carly tells Holden that he can’t blame Lily for suspecting the worst; they were more than friends hugging. He agrees, but he has tried everything. Even Luke begged him to work this out. She begs him to try again. If he gives up too soon, he will regret it the rest of his life. Emma returns, and Carly takes one look at her and says she is gone. Holden tells his mom that Carly was only trying to help.

Luke whistles at Lily and tells her that she looks amazing. Does she have some good news? She tells him that he keeps pushing for something to happen and that has to stop. Holden tells his mom that he asked Carly to talk to Mike and ask him to back off so Holden and Lily would have some space to work things out. Emma shows her displeasure. He never should have involved Carly. But she did, and Mike understood, so he was just hugging a friend when Lily walked in. Emma can’t understand why he couldn’t have anticipated this. Once again he feels like she is saying he is in the wrong and Lily is blameless. He says, “You know what? I hate that I hurt her, and I’m very sorry for that. I hate that I’ve hurt you and the kids. But I can’t go on the rest of my life doing damage control. I’m done.” He says everything comes to an end sometime.

Chris is still trying to get up out of bed while they discuss the case. Bob asks if Margo has talked to Tom. She replies that he is out of town on a business trip and, because of his heart and the stress, all she told him was that Casey had a virus. There’s really nothing he can do, anyway. Bob tells him he has to meet with the Health Department, and do not let Chris out of that bed. Margo hugs her baby boy and says she doesn’t want to leave him, but she has to get back to the station as this is now a criminal investigation.

Both Susan with Emily and Kim with Chris are finding it hard to keep them in the bed. In the melee, Chris’ watch falls from his pocket. During the conversation Kim tells him she did not send him that watch. Then who did? Likewise, Dr. Michaels holds the necklace, and Barbara confirms that she lent it to Meg and she wears it constantly.

Paul asks Meg if Sofie is with her now. She says no, and talks Paul into loosening her restraints as her hand is cramping. He’s right there with her, so what could happen? Sofie is egging her on – “Do it now!” Meg sobs that she can’t do this. When Paul leaves, Sofie tells Meg that she was wrong. She does belong here. She is crazy. She married a man who doesn’t know how to be happy. He doesn’t know how to love. Cut out his heart…..kill him. Meg tells her to stop it. Sofie says she can not kill her, either, because she is already dead. Meg shouts for her to leave her alone, but Sofie says they are the same.....women whom Paul claimed to have loved, but destroyed. He’ll keep her there forever, and she will never get what she wants.

Chris shows up in Alison’s room, and Aaron tries to push him away. Chris promises that he didn’t know earlier what he was doing but he’s only there now to help. He will stay away from Alison; he didn’t mean to scare her. He questions Susan if either Alison or Emily received something – something that might touch their skin? Susan can’t think of anything except the bracelet that her dad sent. He cautions that she needs to call to make sure he sent it. She returns and says that Larry did not send it. Chris tells her that is the contaminant and they need to get the bracelet off Alison immediately. Aaron is adamant that he doesn’t want Chris near Alison, but Susan says this is all right. It may be the first help she has had in days. Chris says he is already infected, so let him take the bracelet, put it in a plastic bag and go to the lab to test it.

Lily tells Luke that she knows it is natural that he worries about her and Holden, but the more he gets involved, the harder it is. Just try to remember, no matter what happens, they will always be family. He understands, but says that she and Holden belong together. It is so obvious they still love each other, but he just made a huge mistake. She confesses she made mistakes too and did not fix them along the way. And, yes, they could get back together and be miserable and make the kids miserable, “or we can see the handwriting on the wall and just let it end.”

Holden calls Lisa and books a room in the hotel. He’s not sure for how long. Emma shows up at Carly’s door - the last person Carly wants to see. She tells Emma she left so quickly because she did not want a lecture. Emma says no lecture, just a request. She knows she was once friends with Lily, so go to her and tell her again that it is over and that Carly has no designs on Holden. Carly says she has, and Emma begs her to please try again.

Bob is not happy to see Chris in the lab and not in bed. They end up discussing the contaminant found in all victims. It could have been passed from Emily to Casey through bodily fluids during sex. For the others it could be jewelry, clothes or even lotion. A lab technician tells them a psych patient also has the same toxin – Meg Snyder Ryan.

Meg has fought enough to get the loosened restraints to release her, and she fights not being able to get out the door. The nurse returns and puts her back to bed and reminds Paul these are for her own protection. Quiet now, Meg apologizes for hurting the nurse or him. She doesn’t know what is wrong. Barbara intercedes and tells Paul that others are sick and it sounds like the same thing that Meg is going through. She produces the necklace she got through the mail, and they want it to be tested. She gets a phone call from Rick Decker. He pronounces that he thought he might help her family. Suspicious, she asks what he knows and how can he help. He says he realizes his last attempt ended unsuccessfully, but he’s willing to make it up to her. He’s certain he can make her problem go away. Paul doesn’t like it, but Barbara tells him just look at who is affected and it was intended for her. Rick is the one who poisoned all of them. They figure out it was Emily’s perfume that infected her.

Paul absolutely doesn’t like it, but Barbara tries to persuade him to take care of Decker later, now hire him. Bob and Dr. Michaels explain they will have to back off some of the medications that Meg is using. They can’t risk depressing her or lowering her heart rate and breathing. Paul tells Barbara to call Decker.

Seeing his bags, Emma asks Holden if he is leaving. He says, “Yeah”, he needs some time to let this sink in. She says she didn’t mean to judge him. He says he fought hard for this marriage, but he can’t keep fighting a losing battle. He needs to accept that it is over. She accepts that he may be ready to give up, but she isn’t.

Carly shows up at Lily’s, and Luke scoffs that she should not be here. She tells him that frankly she doesn’t want to be here either, but here she is - they all have to suffer. Lily tells her that she sure has guts. Carly tries to explain that she has no desire…no intention of being with Holden. They knew a long time ago they made a mistake, and that is why they ended it. Lily calls her a liar. Carly asks what it will take, what can she say for her to believe her. Lily fires that she could stay away from her husband, but then Carly can’t do that, can she? Carly denies that they have been together. Lily says they were together today. Why was that? So she had some urgent message? She could have called, e-mailed, or faxed. But then she couldn’t see his face, so she had to see him one more time. Carly reminds Lily that Holden loves her. Lily snarls, telling her to not presume to know how her husband feels about her. She can not stomach Carly’s lies or her pathetic attempts to make nice after she wrecked Lily’s life. Carly says she did not want to come - she did it for Emma. Believe it or not, they once were friends. So just so she could say she tried everything, but…….”I’ve got to tell you something, Lily. You are without a doubt the biggest hypocrite I have ever known.”

Lily thinks that it is rich for Carly to call her a hypocrite. Carly explains that, after Lily’s affair with Dusty, she was desperate for Holden’s forgiveness. She forced the issue when he needed time. She should have given him time instead of expecting him to bounce back as if she did nothing wrong. Lily can’t believe Carly is giving her a lecture on morality now. Carly states that she just thinks it stinks that Lily has everybody onboard, furious with Holden and protecting her. She gets that Lily is hurt, but can’t she see that Holden is trying to make it right? Can’t she forgive him? Lily barks that she knows how Holden feels about Carly and she won’t live with that. And this is the last time she will listen to Carly lecture her about her husband. She tells her to get out. Carly says okay, but to tell Emma she tried.  

Emma calls, so Lily tells her that Carly was there.  She asks if she had sent her. Emma admits, yes - she just wanted to help. Lily tells her that she knows she meant well, but nothing is going to change her mind. Emma says okay, but she and Holden are too stubborn. Holden tells her they will all survive this, even her.

At the station, Paul asks Margo about Casey, but she tells him there's no change. He says he and Barbara have something that might help -possibly a cure. She called Dr. Decker and he’s offered his services. Margo emphatically says no, he’s not getting anywhere near this. Paul says he knows they are grasping at straws, so Margo gives in and tell them to go for it.

Casey awakens long enough to demand they let him out of here - he wants to see his wife. Kim tries to calm him down and asks the guard to get her husband. Aaron asks Alison to wake up and talk to him. He knows she can do it. She does and asks if she is going to die.

The guard asks Margo where they want Decker. She quips to ask Paul and Barbara since he’s their problem. Dr. Decker thanks them. He is grateful and vows he will do everything to help his lovely wife. Paul asks the guard for a minute of privacy. The guard warns Decker not to make a run for it. He shoots to kill. Decker snarcs that there is nothing like a trigger-happy rent-a-cop to make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Paul is still not liking this, but Decker assures him that he should be happy basking in the knowledge that very soon Meg will be as good as new…..assuming that they can come to terms.

Alison and Emily talk and wonder who is trying to poison them. Casey wants Emily. He argues until he finally passes out. Margo assures Susan it is okay, and Casey is brought and crawls into bed with Emily. He will never leave her, no matter what happens.

Holden calls Carly. She remarks that she almost didn’t pick up the phone. He admits that he almost didn’t call, but he wanted her to know that he moved out of the farm and is at the Lakeview. He sighs that he's there and it seems so empty, so he asks if she would like to meet him for a drink. She doesn’t think that is a good idea.

Aaron is denied access to the hospital after he has stepped out for an errand. The hospital is under quarantine. Decker tells Barbara that he can save those people. He has the antidote. She asks what he wants in return. He replies, “Poetic justice, Barbara dearest. You helped put me in jail. You could help me escape.”

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