ATWT Update Thursday 8/7/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/7/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne


(Metro) Henry is very happy when Carly arrives from her vacation in Montana and gives her the receipts from the time she was gone and tells her to get back to work. Carly gives Henry a cowboy hat as a present and she also gives him a pink cowboy hat for Vienna so they can use the hats to play dress up. Henry wonders how Carlyís vacation was and she says it was very good that is why she bought him the hats to serve as a bribe. Carly offers to get Henry a martini so they can talk and he asks her to give him the news straight and he will medicate later. Carly tells Henry she wants to be a silent partner in the club for the time being and Henry wonders if Carly wants to go on another vacation. Carly explains to Henry that she feels she needs to spend more time with her kids right now because Parker isnít talking to her and J.J will be coming home from camp soon. Carly tells Henry that the trip helped Sage and she is fine right now but she feels all the kids need their mother especially after what they have all gone through recently. Henry applauds Carly for putting her family first and wishes he had a mother who cared about him so much so he accepts Carlyís offer to let her be a silent partner. Carly worries that Vienna might object to him spending so much more time at Metro but Henry assures Carly that Vienna wonít mind at all.

(Farm) Luke arrives and Holden hides the divorce papers he is holding behind his back but Luke sees the papers and wants to know why Holden is hiding them from him. Holden doesnít say a word and Luke guesses they are divorce papers and he wonders if Holden intends to divorce Lily. Holden explains that he isnít the only one that gets a say in the matter and he intends to abide by lilyís wishes and sign the papers. Luke asks Holden not to sign the papers and give his marriage one more chance for the sake of the family. Luke explains to Holden that he and Lily are married but for him, his sisters and brother it is their family that is being torn apart. Luke wonders if the happy family they once had isnít worth giving the marriage one more try.

(Lilyís house) Lily thanks Mike for coming over and agreeing to fix the wall and Mike wonders how the accident happened. Lily explains to Mike that she was aiming for Carly but changed her mind at the last minute and hit the wall. Mike thinks Lily is joking because he knows that Carly and Lily are best friends. Lily tells Mike that her best friend had an affair with her husband and she thought that was reason enough to at least think about running over her with her car.

(Farm) Holden tells Luke that he asked Lily to wait a while before they signed the papers so they could give each other time to cool off but she didnít want to do it because she is very angry. Holden tells Luke that he has decided to do what Lily wants because he doesnít want to make her angrier or cause her any more pain. Luke tells Holden that Lily is mad and she has every reason to be but he knows their love is strong enough to get past this latest obstacle. Luke asks Holden to go talk to Lily one more time and tell her he has looked at the papers and simply doesnít want to sign them. Holden is moved by Lukeís plea and promises him he will go talk to Lily one more time.

(Lilyís house) Mike s stunned at Lilyís news because he thought Lily and Holden were a solid couple. Lily tells Mike most of the time she is mad at Holden, Carly but most of all at herself for not seeing the signs. Lily begins to cry and grabs a tissue and since she sees Holden looking in the window she puts her arms around Mike and tells him that he knows how to make a girl feel better.

(Fairwinds) Paul awakens Meg and asks her if she slept well and she says not at first but then she had a nice dream that they were dancing together. Paul gives Meg a kiss and tells her they could be late for the appointment with the doctor. Meg tells Paul she wouldnít need a doctor if she wasnít crazy and Paul reminds her she isnít crazy. Meg tells Paul its okay she wants to get better so they promise to pick up where they left off later. Paul leaves so Meg can get dressed and Sofieís ghost appears to Meg again and tells her that Paul is plotting against her with that shrink. Meg covers her ears and tells herself Sofie isnít there but Sofie says that Meg knows where she is in the cold ground thanks to Paul. Meg screams for Sofie to leave her alone and Sofie tells Meg she didnít mean to scare her because all she wants to do is protect her from Paul. Sofie tells Meg she knows what she has to do because itís either her or Paul.

(Lilyís house) Lily tells Holden she wasnít expecting him and Holden says hello to Mike and wonders if he is there to talk about repairing the wall. Lily gets close to Mike and takes his hand and tells Holden that she and Mike were having coffee. Mike figures out that Lily is trying to make Holden jealous and feels very awkward to be put in that position. Mike tells Holden that the wall wonít be difficult to fix and Holden asks Mike if he can speak to Lily alone. Mike is more then happy to leave this tense situation and tells Lily he will be in the yard looking at the damage to the wall. Holden shows Lily the separation papers and she tells him he didnít need to bring them to her e should send them to her lawyer. Holden tells Lily he wants to talk about the separation. Lily asks Holden what he wants from the divorce and he tells her he doesnít want the divorce to happen at all.

(Metro) Bonnie arrives just as Carly is hugging Henry and thanking him for letting her be a temporary silent partner in the club. Carly says a quick hello to Bonnie before she leaves the club. Bonnie wonders how Henry is going to persuade Vienna to let him spend more time at the club since she hates the place. Henry tells Bonnie that he wonít have to persuade Vienna to let him spend more time at the club because she left him.

(Lilyís place) Holden tells Lily he was ready to sign the papers until Luke walked in and asked him to fight for the marriage one more time. Holden tells Lily they should try to work at their marriage once more for the sake of the kids. Lily tells Holden that he wasnít thinking of the kids or their future when he slept with Carly when the girls were practically in the cabin next door. Lily tells Holden she can barely stand to look at him much less want to work on their marriage. Holden tells Lily that it will take a lot of time but they can move past this and save their marriage. Lily tells Holden she is moving past this with Mikeís help so Holden tells her that he wonít waste any more of her time.

(Metro) Bonnie gets a gloating look on her face and Henry knows that she is happy Vienna is gone. Vienna admits that she is happy Vienna is gone but she is sad because he is her friend and she hates that he is suffering. Henry tells Bonnie that life is so difficult and sad without Vienna. Bonnie tells Henry she has felt that way before so Henry asks her how she dealt with the pain. Vienna tells Henry drinking doesnít help but work does fill the hours in the day. Bonnie also tells Henry there is a care he could find somebody else.

(Lilyís house) Lily tells Mike she is tired of crying all the time and when she looks at Holden all this rage builds up inside of her. Mike tells Lily that Holden look too happy when he left the house either. Mike tells Lily he could tell that she was angry at Holden when she started pretending that there was more between them then just home repair. Lily apologizes to Mike but admits it did make her feel a little better. Mike tells Lily its okay he has had worse thing happen to him then a beautiful yeoman fawning over him. Lily tells Mike her mood is improving and Mike makes it clear it would be best they remain friends because he doesnít want to be the other man her divorce suit. Lily tells Mike she could use a friend so Mike tells her she has a friend.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Meg he made her French toast and she tells him she is feeling better and asks him to go downstairs and pour her some coffee and she will be right there. Paul wonders if she has had more visions and Meg tells him not right now she feels fine. Paul pauses for a little bit at the bedroom door to admire Megís smile. Meg puts her necklace on and when she opens the bedroom door Sofieís ghost tells her that Paul poisoned the food and the only way to protect her is to grab the gun. Meg grabs the gun and takes it downstairs with her Paul tells Meg to dig into the French toast and he pours Meg some juice. Paul still has his back turned to Meg when he tells her he is happy that Dr. Michaels is helping her since she did such a wonderful job with Will. Sofieís ghost continues to taunt Meg saying that it took a year in a padded room for Will to get better and if she doesnít want that to happen to her she must protect herself take the gun and shoot Paul. Meg takes the gum and Paul turns and sees her with it and he asks her to put down the gun because she could hurt herself. Paul is nervous but Manages to keep his cool as he walks toward Meg slowly telling her he loves her and whatever she is afraid of she can tell him about it and they will deal with it together. Meg looks around calling for Sofie and Paul takes the opportunity to grab the gun from Meg they wrestle for the gun and Paul takes the gun away from Meg. Meg begins to hit Paul in the chest and Paul holds her telling her to stop while she struggles to get free from his grasp. Meg tells Paul she canít be with him because he will hurt her. Paul takes his free hand and calls 911 and tells them he needs an ambulance to pick up his wife who needs help because she is really in trouble.

(Carlyís house) Holden arrives to talk to Carly even though she canít see him and he explains he needs her help to save his marriage. Holden explains to Carly that Lily is still angry but he thinks they have a chance to save their marriage but right now Mike Kasnoff is the problem. Carly doesnít think Mike would move in on Lily but Holden explains he saw Lily hanging all over Mike when he went over to her house. Holden tells Carly that Lily is determined to prove to him that she can make it without him but if Mike were not in the picture then he and Lily could work on their marriage. Holden asks Carly to talk to Mike and ask him to keep away from Lily and give them a chance to work on their marriage.

(Lilyís house) Lily calls Mike and asks him where he is since she is surprised that he wasnít in the driveway. Mike tells Lily he is in Old Town picking up supplies so he can repair the wall today. Lily tells Mike she was going to make him lunch but since he isnít there she invites him to lunch at the Lakeview. Mike tells Lily that he wasnít planning to stop for lunch he was just going to grab a sandwich. Lily tells Mike she could have a sandwich with him and that she hopes she didnít misunderstand when he told her they could be friends. Mike says that they are friends and agrees to meet her in thirty minutes. Lily hangs up the phone and asks herself what she should wear to go to lunch.

(Carlyís house) Carly doesnít want to get in the middle of Holden and Lily because it hurts since she still misses Holdenís friendship. Holden tells Carly he misses her too and it is very hard for him to get over her. Carly points out to Holden that he is sending her mixed signals and he says that he knows that but he is trying to do the right thing and get back with his family. Carly tells Holden that she is trying to do the right thing too but some days it is hard to know the right thing to do. Carly tells Holden that today the right thing is for her to talk to Mike.

(Metro) Bonnie notices that Henry is quiet and tells him he doesnít have to feel strange about what she said because she wasnít implying that he replace Vienna with her. Henry reminds Bonnie that she told him that she and Vienna liked the same type of man. Bonnie tells Henry she s surprised Vienna likes him because he isnít her type at all she always like rich men. Bonnie tells Henry that the only explanation she can come up with is that she loves him madly. Bonnie puts Henryís mind at ease by telling him she doesnít have any romantic interest in him. Henry tells Bonnie that Vienna used to love him and then Bonnie cuts him off because her client Mr. Lansing arrives and pays Bonnie for her good work by giving her three bundles of cash in an envelope. Henry is curious to know just exactly what kind of work Bonnie did for Mr. Lansing.

(Lilyís house) Lily comes out dressed in a sexy dress puts on some face powder and checks her look in a compact mirror. Lily shuts the compact puts it in her purse grabs her keys and asks her what she is doing? Lily tells herself she is moving on with her life. Lily puts her purse on her shoulder and confidently walks out the door to have lunch with Mike.

(Lakeview) Carly arrives to talk to Mike and asks him to stay away from Lily and Mike wonders why she is asking him this since he and Lily are only friends. Mike explains to Carly that he is going to repair the wall in the driveway for Lily. Mike figures out that Holden sent Carly to fend off what he believed was his competition for Lily.

(Metro) Henry wonders what kind of guy pays thousands of dollars in legal fees in cash so he asks Bonnie Mr. Lansingís occupation. Bonnie tells Henry that if she told him Mr. Lansing would kill him. Bonnie explains that Mr. Lansing was going to get ten to fifteen years and she got him off on a technicality. Henry wonders if he was guilty and Bonnie says probably but law and justice are two different things. Bonnie tells Henry that she feels badly because she is such a good lawyer that she helps criminals go free and then feels dirty taking their money. Henry tells Bonnie he could help her get rid of some of her guilt by getting rid of the money for her.

(Lakeview) Curly tells Mike she must leave before Lily arrives and warns him that Lily might have told him that she wanted to be friends but what she really wants is more then his friendship. Mike doesnít think so and tells Carly that he made it clear to Lily that he only wanted to be friends. Carly tells Mike that if Lily wants him she isnít going to stop until she gets him she is just asking him not to make things harder for Holden. Mike is about to call Lily when she arrives in a sexy dress that leaves him speechless and nervous. Mike asks Lily if they can eat lunch in the lounge so Lily tells him she will have to tell the bartender to change their order because she told him to put white Bordeaux on ice for them. Mike tells Lily they should just cancel the whole thing because he doesnít want either of them to get hurt by playing games.

(Metro) Bonnie thinks Henry had a brilliant idea and he takes the money from her and thanks her for it. Bonnie takes the money back from Henry and tells him she intends to give the money to charity. Henry thinks that Bonnie is an idiot for giving the money to charity because she earned that money because she is a good lawyer. Bonnie tells Henry she wishes she could find another job because she is tired of setting criminals free. Henry asks Bonnie to help him manage Metro since he canít run Metro and Alís at the same time. Bonnie accepts the job even though she fears what will happen if Vienna returns to Oakdale. Henry tells Bonnie not to worry they will cross that bridge when and if they come to it.

(Lakeview) Lily feels embarrassed and doesnít know why she wore the dress Mike tells Lily dress made it really hard to say no to her. Mike advises Lily to be honest with Holden but Lily says she canít forgive Holden. Mike wonders if Lily has even tried to forgive Holden. Mike asks Lily if Holden has forgiven her for the times when she has been less then what Holden wanted her to be. Lily nods her head and Mike tells Lily she should at least give Holden the same chance. Lily gets up to leave and tells Mike she is going to find her husband.

(Farm) Carly arrives and Holden tells her he is sorry he asked her to talk to Mike but Carly tells him she already spoke to Mike. Holden invites Carly inside for some lemonade and promises nothing is going to happen between them. Carly accepts the invitation smiling and says she will have some lemonade since nothing is going to happen between them.

(Hospital) Paul arrives with Meg and manages to persuade the nurse to let him talk to Meg before the doctors see her. Paul kisses Meg gently on the cheek and when she awakens he tells her she is in the hospital. Meg wonders why she canít move her hands and Paul explains she is in restraints and Meg cries and screams for Paul to let her go. Paul holds Meg to calm her and she cries and says Sofie told her he would do this to her. Meg continues to cry as Paul holds her she says that she just wants to go home and she asks Paul why he did this to her. Paul kisses Megís head and explains he had to do it to save her life. Meg tells Paul that he shouldnít have let them tie her up since she isnít going to hurt anyone. Paul tells Meg that he knows that but the doctorsí needs some time to figure out what is wrong with her then she can return to her normal life. Sofieís ghost tells Meg this is her own fault because she should have killed Paul when she had the chance to kill him.

(Farm) Carly tells Holden that Mike understands the situation and he wonít get in his way with Lily. Holden tells Carly that the whole situation is complicated but thanks her for helping him get back together with Lily. Carly tells Holden she couldnít feel better or worse about the situation. Holden tells Carly that he feels the same way and if they would have met at another time or place things could have been different between them. Carly feels the same way but asks Holden to fix things with Lily so she doesnít feel guilty the rest of her life. Holden and Carly give each other a hug Just as Lily walks into the kitchen.

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