ATWT Update Wednesday 8/6/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne


At home, Jack is making breakfast.  Parker walks in, drinks some milk out of the carton, and leaves. He leaves to go upstairs, obviously not wanting to talk.  Jack is about to follow him when the doorbell rings; it is Brad. They have to do something about their kids, Brad announces. He is sure he already has a plan, Jack answers. As long as he keeps Parker away from Liberty, they won’t have a problem, as Parker listens unnoticed.

At home, Liberty wakes up, as Katie teases her about sleeping a long time. She had to catch up on her zzz’s. She admits bonding with her dad was ok apart from the bears and gutting fish. They talk about how Brad took her driving, which Liberty admits was fun. She paid him back by leaving in his car with Parker, Katie replies. She told them it was Parker’s idea. Now, she is grounded though. At least she’s back in civilization. Where is her dad? He had something to do; she thinks he went to see Jack. Liberty wonders if it is to keep her away from Parker? Does she have a problem with that, Katie asks?

Jack sees Parker listening and tells him to go get ready to go to his tennis lessons. Brad admits that Parker is a great kid, but he and Liberty are a bad combination. Liberty should be focusing on other things besides boys and sex. Jack agrees with him that they should be kept apart. Brad is happy they agree on one thing. The doorbell rings and Jack answers it; it is Janet. She brought homemade muffins. What is Brad here for, she quickly snaps? Is he discussing their daughter without her? Janet is furious; he is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can raise Liberty without her; she will make his life a living hell.

Katie thinks sometimes distance can be a good thing especially when things are so intense. Liberty blows it off. Katie needs to go to the station and Liberty needs to go with her because Brad does not want her left alone.

In her hospital room, Aaron is sleeping beside the bed when Alison wakes up gasping for air. He will get her help immediately, as he rushes out in the hall for help. Chris comes in and Aaron is incensed; he is not getting anywhere near Alison. He only wants to help. The hell he is, Aaron snaps back.

In another hospital room, Susan is telling Emily that her vitals are normal again. Emily admits that she feels better; does she know what is wrong with her? She is waiting for more blood work. She feels as if she was on another planet. She knows because Alison is here too. They both seemed to have been exposed to a virus. They have similar symptoms, and if she is feeling better then so will Alison. Emily remarks about how she can’t believe how crazy she acted. Susan smirks; is she referring to running off with Casey and getting married? They are interrupted when Casey, who is bearing flowers, comes in. Susan tells him that he can’t be in there, but Casey tells her that Emily is his wife and no one can keep him away from her. Susan and Emily glance at one another. Susan decides to leave after Emily asks her for time. She needs to not be stressed, so take it easy. He has been so worried; is it serious? It was enough to make her do something out of her right mind. Whatever she had, it is gone though. He is glad; he is sorry that he reacted the way he did. When his mom told him, he was so worried he would lose her. She is sorry that she acted crazy. Getting married was not a mistake, Casey responds.

Aaron is snarling at Chris, as he tells a nurse that Chris shouldn’t be anywhere near Alison because they have a history. He is no longer supposed to be working here. In addition, she sued him for sexual harassment. The nurse explains that Chris has been reinstated and is Alison’s attending physician. Chris is looking at Alison, who is out of it, telling the nurse that her blood pressure is low and she needs more fluids. He is going to talk with his dad, Aaron promises; do whatever he wants, but it is not going to help Alison, as Aaron stomps out. Chris is trying to keep Alison awake.

Brad is mad at Janet because he missed out for the first 16 years of her life, but he is her father and he is responsible for her. Is he saying she isn’t responsible? It is not his fault that she dropped the ball and now he has to pick up the pieces. Jack tries to separate them; he and Carly made mistakes with Parker too, but they all have to just work together. There is plenty of blame to go around. They have to step up and work together. Janet tells Jack that she is with him all the way. Speaking of which, going all the way with Jack was not the best example to set for Liberty, Brad reminds her; she should have set a better example. Does he remember them as two stupid teenagers who conceived Liberty, and she is close to following down that same path. Jack tells Brad that the tough love didn’t work; it only made her run away. They need to be firm and consistent. Jack tells Janet that giving Liberty all that freedom confused her. She was not giving her mixed messages by giving her the birth control. Jack tries to diffuse the situation again; they can all agree that none of them want Parker and Liberty having sex again, so they need to come up with a way – the right way – to tell them to not be together. What is the right way, Janet wonders?

At WOAK, an assistant wants Katie’s help quickly on teen fashion trends. Liberty offers to help her, as Katie tells her to look through the pictures and help. They have fun doing that. They get onto the subject of Parker. How does she feel about him? She doesn’t know. It was his idea to run away with her. Running away is his default when things didn’t go his way, Katie explains. He told her about that; she told him that their idea was dumb. She gave him good advice – she guesses it is about being older; she knows what she wants. Brad calls and tells her to bring Liberty to Carly and Jack’s because he is there having a powwow with Jack and Janet. She hopes this a much calmer solution. More like, he is going to lay down the law. Katie tells him that is not going to go over well, as Liberty is nearby rolling her eyes guessing what they are talking about.

Emily tells Casey that they got married and it was way too impulsive; it would never work out. For one thing, beside age, she is his half brother’s mother. Daniel would be fine. She doesn’t believe that. He cannot lose her. Susan comes back in; is he still here? Yes and he is still her husband. Not for long. Emily wants to leave. She will come back if she doesn’t feel well. Susan hands her the bag of her stuff, as Emily sees the perfume inside that she gave her. Why doesn’t she want it? She did love the scent, but now she thinks she might be allergic to it. She doesn’t want it to go to waste. Emily wants to get dressed so she asks Casey to step into the hall. Why is she being so shy all of the sudden with him? Emily says nothing so Casey just steps outside. Susan tells her that she is going to get her release papers. She needs to convince Casey this marriage needs to be annulled and then she needs to break it off once and for all.

Chris and the nurse are with Alison, as he is about to take some of her blood. Alison is out of it, but then she awakens after he puts the needle in her arm. She grabs it out of his hand and stabs him in the shoulder with it. Chris pulls it out and Alison yells for him not to touch her. Aaron runs in with Bob. What is going on? Alison tells them that Chris is trying to kill her with a drug. Aaron is furious telling Chris to stay away from her, as the nurse explains that she was there the entire time and he did nothing wrong. Chris explains that he was just taking some blood. An emotional Alison is curled up in a ball in the bed rocking. Aaron wants him out, but Chris promises that he can figure out what is going on – he can save lives.

Casey takes Emily back to her office. She wishes that she could have seen Alison before she left. Casey reminds her that Susan told her that she would call with an update. He hopes she didn’t leave the hospital because he showed up. It had nothing to do with him; she hates hospitals. She doesn’t know how her sister and mom stand working there – with the antiseptic smell alone. She takes her perfume out of her bag and sprays it two or three times at her, as she rubs it in taking deep breaths saying how much better she now feels. Casey tells her that she is ready for the lecture about how them getting married is a mistake and it is over. He agrees that they jumped into it without thinking, but it made him happy. So what, if his parents don’t approve and either does her mother? Can she tell him what she wants? Emily tells him that she wants him, as she crawls across the desk and starts kissing him passionately and desperately.

Chris pleads with his dad not to take him off the case even though Aaron is yelling about Chris doing more harm then good. Chris explains that there is a chemical compound in Alison’s blood that is making her sick and paranoid. He knows what she is going through because he had that same compound in his blood. He can help and probably find an antidote. Bob wants them both to leave so he can examine a fearful and shaking Alison alone.

Casey wonders what is going on; first, she wants their marriage annulled and now she can’t get enough. She doesn’t know why she is sending him mixed signals, but she wants to be with him all the time. She tells him to close the door and take off his clothes. They lay down on the desk kissing each other madly.

Liberty and Katie show up at Jack and Carly’s house where Jack, Brad and Janet are waiting. Parker comes downstairs, as they tell them that this is going to be hard, but they have discussed this all together and have decided some things. Brad explains that they are both great kids, but they should focus on being young, free, studying and playing sports. Jack adds that they don’t want them to grow up too fast. Janet tells Liberty that she must know how much she wants her, but she got pregnant way too early in her life. Liberty knows. Jack tells them that they would like them to keep their distance from one another. There will be no longer any unsupervised visits between the two of them and they would like them to agree with this. Liberty agrees, but Parker tells them no way, but then he realizes what Liberty just agreed to and stares at her. Jack tells him that he needs to agree. Parker doesn’t want to. This is not punishment, Brad explains. Liberty tells her that she understands it is no longer their decision to make. They are happy she is so mature. Parker tells him that he is leaving,

Emily tells Casey that she can’t get enough of him; they are perfect for each other. Casey is shocked by her 180. She is getting dressed because she is going to show him off, as Casey is unsure. They are a couple and no one will keep them apart. It is all of nothing – stay married or not. Casey gives in to her mood swing – without a doubt he wants to stay married.

Bob comes out and tells Aaron and Chris that Alison is very weak. Aaron tells Chris to back off before he goes back in. Bob tells Chris that his presence upsets Alison and he can’t treat her anymore. He will work in the lab and keep his distance, but he is not giving up on her.

Emily wants to head out immediately to talk to his parents. Casey stops her for a second and wonders if she is ok; she looks flushed. She is fine, but then Casey notices that her eyes seem glassy. Again, she promises that she is fine. She wants to get outside and shout out loud how much she loves him. Casey wants her to stop because she has a funny look in her eyes. He wants to take her back to the hospital. He is her husband and he doesn’t want to risk her health. Emily loves hearing him say that so she agrees to go with him.

Jack comes back in and says he can’t find Parker but his bike is gone; he is sure that he needs to just blow off steam. Brad thinks Parker’s temper is another reason he should stay away from Liberty. He is getting pretty good at being a dad – if Jack needs help – he can talk with Parker. Jack snarls that he is fine. Katie reminds Brad that they need to get to the station. Brad is worried about what they should do with Liberty; Janet tells them that she can take her. Liberty tells them that she needs to go to school, as Brad offers to take her. Once they leave, Janet tells him that Parker will be back and how level headed he was during the talk. Jack is worried about how Parker is taking things. He has a lost a lot – first his dad, then his sister, and his mom left. Janet thinks that with Carly being back, she can talk some sense into him. Jack doesn’t want her to hold her breath, but then he immediately takes that back. She is not to blame; he screwed things up all on his own.

At school, Liberty is walking in when Parker comes out from behind a tree. She doesn’t want Brad and Katie to see him. He doesn’t care. She does. Is he ok because he ran off? He couldn’t stand there after she said she didn’t want to see him, but then he realized that she is good at telling parents what they want to hear. She didn’t really mean it, did she? She actually did. Parker tells her that she is taking this because she is afraid of Brad. She isn’t afraid of that. No one can keep them apart. How can they stop them? They can find a way. They make threats, but they don’t follow through – like when his dad threatened to send him to camp, but he didn’t because he knew he would run away. His parents love him so why doesn’t he stop talking about running away. Fine, but they can stick around and still find ways to meet up – like at the library. She doesn’t think so. She thinks it is for the best to do things their way. He doesn’t want to do it their way. She thinks if they do things their way for a week or two then they will start trust them again. Parker is adamant that he doesn’t want to spend one day away form her. He wants to be with her all the time; he loves her, as Liberty stares at him.

At WOAK, Brad is going on about how well Liberty took things; he thinks she was acting very mature. He thinks that having a strong man in her life has made a difference. Katie agrees, but having a strong woman helps too. Did she have something to do with this? How did she get Liberty to do the right thing?

Liberty backs off. Parker tells her that he didn’t mean to scare her. He will call her later, as Liberty backs away. She doesn’t think so.

Janet tells Jack that he did really well with handling his kids. He was a single parent while Carly was gone; he had three kids. She talks about how she was too much of a friend rather then parent to Liberty. Jack wonders if he should have been less strict? He saw the way Liberty handled things and Parker didn’t. She thinks that Parker will come around because he is an amazing father. She has to get to work, as Jack tells her that he is going to stick around and see if Parker comes back.

At the lab, Chris is starting to breath heavily as he looks over the results. Bob comes in with more of Alison’s blood and notices Chris seems off. Chris covers, as Bob doesn’t want him overdoing it. After Bob leaves, Chris starts to breath heavier and sweat, as he is laboring.

Back at the hospital, Casey helps Emily sit down. He thinks they are in the right place because she is winded just from walking from the parking lot. It is 100 degrees out there, Emily counters. It is cold inside though and she still seems hot and sweaty. Emily sits down, but Casey is the one who suddenly feels light headed. Emily is now concerned, as Casey changes the subject. Susan, who walks in upset that Emily left to begin with, interrupts them. She needs to examine Emily so she tells Casey to leave. He heads for the door, but then loses his balance. Both Susan and Emily wonder if he is ok? He is suddenly angry telling them that he is fine and that no one is going to kick him out of his wife’s room. Casey walks towards Susan and she tells him that she will call security if he doesn’t calm down. He tells her that he is not leaving, but she is, as he quickly leads her out of the room telling her that they are going to need another doctor for Emily. He walks back in and closes the door behind him, as Emily stares at him strangely.

Katie tells Brad that it wasn’t as much as what she said, but Liberty knew deep down it was getting too intense. She just needed someone to confirm what she already thought. He was glad she was there. She just talked to her like an adult; he should try it sometime. He will. He is impressed that she is not a parent yet, but she has such good intuition. She is going to be a great mom to little ‘Katie and Brad’s.’ He thinks they should go home and start expanding on their gene pool, as they kiss.

At Al’s, a somber looking Liberty comes in. Janet worries because she knows she was getting her grades back today; were they that bad? She didn’t get them. She thought she was going to school. She did, but Parker was waiting for her. She thought they weren’t going to see each other. He was waiting for her- it was not her fault. Do they need to talk about this right now? They don’t have to, as she hugs her.

Parker walks back in the door and Jack admits he wasn’t sure he was going to come back by the way he left. He is not going anywhere. He is glad of that. Does he know who was on the phone? The Tennis Program he applied to in Chicago; he got accepted. It would be good for his game and college application, he understands if he doesn’t want to leave now though. Parker actually jumps at the offer; he has nothing better to do, as he walks off sadly and a concerned Jack watches him go.

Chris is trying to keep focused, as he fights whatever is bothering him again. He sets himself up to take his own blood sample.

Casey is barricading the door, as a weak Emily wonders why he is acting like that? He sits down on her bed, then lies down, and closes his eyes, as Emily closes her eyes beside him too. Meanwhile, outside, Susan has brought hospital security telling him that Casey is in there with her daughter, who has some kind of virus and now she is worried he has come down with it too. The guard knocks on the door and then tries to get in the door, as Casey screams out. The guard forces his way in and grabs Casey holding him still, as Casey tries to struggle with him. Susan rushes over to Emily, who seems semi conscious. Susan wonders nervously out loud what is happening in this hospital?

Alison is fitfully sleeping, as Chris lets himself back in the room. He tells her that because she stuck him the needle, he is now sick. He can’t get sick now; he needs to help her. Aaron comes in and sees Chris at her bedside; how many times does he have to tell him to stay away from her? Chris stands up and goes at Aaron, wrapping his hands round his neck and trying to strangle a shocked Aaron.

Casey is continuing to struggle with the guard, as Susan tells him to take him to another room; she has to do something to save her daughter before it is too late, as she tends to Emily.

Bob races in and tosses Chris off of Aaron. Aaron is telling Bob that Chris tried to kill him and he is a monster. He needs to be locked up. Bob tries to administer a sedative to Chris, as he tells him that he can’t do that to him. Bob tells Aaron that Chris has the same thing Alison has; there is a dangerous and infectious disease running rampant through the hospital. Why can’t he find out what it is, Aaron asks? They are trying; that is why Chris has been around – he is their best bet to find a cure. This is bad, Bob worries. This could turn into an epidemic – he worries what would happen then, as they look at Alison, who seems to be struggling still in her semi conscious state.

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