ATWT Update Tuesday 8/5/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Jack and Janet return home and Jack feels sure that Janet is happy that her long shift at Alís diner is finished. Janet agrees with Jack but admits that she was glad to be busy so she didnít have to think about Brad kidnapping Liberty and taking her somewhere without telling her. Jack corrects Janet and tells her that Brad didnít kidnap Liberty he just needed to spend time alone with her so he can learn how to be a good dad to her. Janet tells Jack that she knows she needs to let Brad spend time with Liberty she just needs to do something to keep busy. Janet suggests to Jack that they either have sex or she make him lunch. Jack tells Janet he would love to do both but Carly is away picking Sage up at camp and he needs to stay with Parker. Janet suggests that Jack go pick up Parker and bring him to the farm so she can make both of them a nice dinner. Katie arrives and tells Jack and Janet that she followed Jackís hunch and went to Half Moon Lake and found the cabin. Katie tells Jack and Janet that she peeked through the window and saw Brad and Liberty having a wonderful time singing. Janet is relieved Liberty is okay but wonders why Katie went to the cabin without her.

(Half Moon Lake) Brad and Liberty return to the cabin smiling and Liberty had fun with her first driving lesson. Liberty is surprised at how easy driving was and Brad says it will get easier with a few more lessons under her belt. Liberty says she canít wait to drive a car with her music blaring but Brad corrects her and says she will stop at every stop sign and stay under the speed limit. Liberty wonders what the moral of this lesson is and Brad says that she will be fine as long as she listens to him and follows the rules Liberty says that she gets the message that moving too fast especially with boys is off limits. Parker looks through the window of the cabin and sees Brad and Liberty laughing together.

(Farm) Janet is a little mad and annoyed at Katie because they all agreed that Jack was right and Brad and Katie should be left alone. Janet wonders why Katie felt the need to sneak up to the cabin and then lie to her about it. Katie says that she didnít want to lie she just wanted to confirm that Jack was right and when she saw Liberty and Brad bonding she felt better. Katie explains to Janet that she didnít want to interfere with the bonding process so she walked away. Katie doesnít think Janet could have walked away and left Brad and Liberty alone so that is why she thought it best not to tell her until now. Janet is offended because she thinks Katie believes that she isnít a good mother and Liberty is better off with Brad.

(Cabin) Liberty tells Brad she is very hungry and doesnít feel like catching any more fish so Brad informs her there is a store nearby and he will go get some food and supplies. Liberty asks Brad to get chips, soda, cold cuts, and chocolate. Brad laughs and tells Liberty he knows she had fun catching the fish but she doesnít have to admit it to him. Brad leaves to go to the store and Liberty is surprised when Parker arrives for a visit.

(Fairwinds) Meg is scared when she sees Sofieís ghost in her bedroom and she closes her eyes and puts her hands over her ears and tells the ghost she knows that she isnít real. Sofie tells her that closing her eyes isnít going to make her go away because she wants to help her. Sofie tells Meg that Paul is lying to her and only wants to hurt her and the only way she can protect herself is by killing Pau. Meg shouts that she canít kill Paul and covers her ears to try and shut out Sofieís voice but it doesnít work. Paul is downstairs calling Dr. Michaels to try and make an appointment for Meg because he thinks she needs professional help. Meg continues to argue with Sofieís ghost saying that Paul is good and kind and would never hurt her. Sofie tells Meg she felt the same way and now she is dead. Meg reminds Sofie that Cole killed her not Paul and Sofie tells Meg it doesnít change the fact that Paul wanted her gone and now she is dead. Meg shouts for Sofie to leave her alone and go away and Paul finds her sitting on the floor next to her bed and holds her while gently asking her what is wrong. Meg comes back to her senses and tells Paul she was trying to sleep but the nightmares just wonít go away. Paul tells Meg that he made an appointment with Dr. Michaels today and he wants her to get dressed and come with him to see the doctor. Meg is upset that Paul made this appointment without asking her and she doesnít like that Paul is forcing her to go to the doctor. Pail asks Meg if she needs help getting dressed and she yells that she is perfectly capable of dressing herself. Paul leaves the room and Meg sees the ghost of Sofie again telling her that Paul is bad and all he wants to do is lock her up and get rid of her.

(Half Moon Lake Cabin) Parker tells Liberty he came to help her because he knows Brad kidnapped her. Liberty tells Parker that Brad didnít kidnapped her he just threw away her phone because he didnít want her to be distracted while they got to know each other. Parker tells Liberty he has had a father a lot longer then she has and he knows Brad is just softening her up so that she will do what he says and then when she breaks the rules again she will be a prisoner in her own home. Liberty tells Parker Brad has changed his mind about that and she doesnít need his help because she is fine. Parker and Liberty hear Brad whistling so Parker quickly finds a hiding place.

(Farm) Katie explains to Janet that she didnít intend to exclude her she just wanted to make sure things were okay with Brad and Liberty. Katie assures Janet that if anything were wrong she would have called her to tell her. Katie tells Janet that Brad and Liberty were really connecting with each other and having a good time together. Janet is satisfied and Jack invites Katie to dinner and Katie is reluctant to accept the invitation because she doesnít want to intrude on the two of them. Jack assures Katie that both he and Janet want her to stay for dinner although Janet doesnít look so happy but she says Katie can stay to make Jack happy. Katie offers to help with dinner and Janet tells Katie that in the kitchen she works alone but Jack says every good chef needs an assistant so Janet accepts Katieís help to make Jack happy.

(Half Moon Lake Cabin) Liberty asks Brad if Ugo will still have to go to all her classes with her at school. Brad tells Liberty it depends on one thing she must stay away from Parker and every other sex crazed boy. Liberty tells Brad he has no right to tell her who she can be friends with and Brad says he can tell her what to do because he is her father. Liberty tells Brad he forgot the mustard for the sandwiches and sends him back to the store. Parker tells Liberty she must run away with him so they take the food and get into Bradís car. Liberty struggles to drive the car because she has only had one lesson but she does manage to drive the car.

(Hospital) meg tells Dr. Michaels she has been having bad dreams since the hostage crisis and Dr, Michaels and Meg both agree that is not unusual given the circumstances. Dr. Michaels does notice that Meg looks like she is staring at someone and of course there is nobody else in the room. Dr Michaels tells Meg she needs to talk to Paul so she goes out into the hallway. Sofie tells Meg she did well with the doctor and nobody will suspect she is seeing her. Dr. Michaels tells Paul that Meg must be admitted for observation but Paul refuses because he doesnít want to see another member of his family in a psychiatric ward. Dr. Michaels gives Paul a mild sedative to give to Meg in case she gets out of control. Paul reluctantly takes the prescription telling the doctor he wonít need to give the pills to Meg because she would never hurt him.

(Half Moon Lake Cabin) Brad arrives with the mustard and some more things and calls out Libertyís name when he canít find her anywhere he notices the car keys are gone and knows Liberty took the car.

(Farm) Katie is chopping onions and crying when she gets a call from Brad and admits she went up to the cabin to check on him and Liberty and they were doing so well she told Jack and Janet about it. Brad wishes she hadnít set a word to Jack and Janet because Liberty took his car while he walked to the store to get supplies. Katie wonders why Brad didnít call the police and Brad explains that he doesnít want to push Liberty farther away from him. Brad asks Katie to go up to the cabin and help him look for Liberty and make sure not to say a word to Janet so she doesnít freak out. Janet wonders why she heard the words Liberty and police so Katie says that Liberty took Bradís car for a joy ride. Jack, Katie and Janet head to the cabin to help Brad look for Liberty.

(Carlyís house) Jack stops by to talk to Parker and see if he knows where Liberty could have gone but Parker isnít anywhere in the house so Janet and Katie assume that Parker and Liberty are together.

(Fairwinds) Meg tells Paul that she didnít need a psychiatrist and Paul says that he just felt that she was a little stressed and needed to talk to someone. Meg tells Paul she has reason to be stressed because her husband thinks she is crazy. Meg tells Paul she is thirsty so he gets her a glass of water. Paul hands Meg a glass of water but Sofie tells her not to drink it because Paul put poison in it because he wants to kill her. Meg knock the glass out of Paulís hand and it falls to the floor.

(Half Moon Lake) Parker tells Liberty that as soon as Brad discovers she has taken the car he will call Jack and he will have the local cops looking for the car. Parker suggests they abandon he car and get as far away as possible. Parker promises to take care of Liberty as they get out of the car and begin to walk.
Jack Katie and Brad arrive and begin to blame each other for the kids running away. Janet tells Brad that if he wouldnít have blown something perfectly normal out of proportion they wouldnít be thinking they are Romeo and Juliet. Janet says that if this mess turns into a tragedy she knows whom to blame. Liberty and parker eat the sandwiches they brought and Parker thinks they taste good because they are eating them together. Liberty wishes the sandwiches had mustard but she says they are okay. Liberty wonders what Parker's plan is for what they should do now. Jack tells Brad and Janet that he put a trace on Bradís car and an APB with no charges pending on Parker and Liberty. Janet thanks Jack but Brad isnít going to thank him until they find the kids. Jack gets a call to inform him that they found Bradís car. Parker tells Liberty they will stay there tonight then hitch a ride to the nearest town and catch a bus to someplace. Parker tells Liberty he has forty bucks and she has seven so Liberty wonders how far the money will get them. Parker says that it will get them far enough and they can get jobs and move on from there. Liberty points out that nobody will hire them because they are too young to work. Liberty thinks that parker is living in a movie.

(Fairwinds) Paul starts picking up the glass Meg tries to help but Paul says he has got it Meg keeps looking around because Sofieís ghost is telling her that Paul would have poisoned her if she hadnít warned her. Meg tells Sofie to shut up and Paul tells Meg. Paul asks Meg the reason she is so frightened and she tells him that she isnít frightened of anything she is just tired and needs to lie down. Meg goes upstairs and Paul calls Dr. Michaels and tells her she is right Meg needs to be in the hospital. Sofie tells Meg that Paul is going to lock her up and she wonít ever have the baby she wants so badly. Meg tells Sofie that Paul loves her and would never do that to her. Paul comes upstairs and persuades Meg to take the sleeping pill because he wants what is best for her. Meg fakes taking the pill and pretends to sleep and Paul goes back downstairs.

(Half Moon Lake) Jack and the group look for Liberty and Parker and Janet begins to worry because it is getting dark. Jack tells Janet that will be safe because they are together. Liberty wants to go back because Parkerís plan wonít work and it is too much of a risk. Parker gets angry because he thinks Liberty doesnít want to be with him. Parker says he isnít going back and tells Liberty he doesnít need her or anybody else. Liberty tells Parker to send her a postcard from whatever wonderful place forty bucks takes him. Liberty walks back and finds Janet and the group and she brings Jack to the place Parker is and Jack hugs Parker. Janet and Brad ride back with Liberty and Katie and Jack rides in his car with Parker.

(Fairwinds) Sofie tells Meg she has to get the gun out of the safe but Meg says she canít do it. Sofie tells Meg it is the only way she will be safe. Paul calls Dr. Michaels and tells her that he will bring Meg to the hospital in the morning. Paul heads to the kitchen and Meg sneaks down and gets the gun out of the safe. Paul arrives to check on Meg and she yawns and asks if it is morning yet. Paul gives Meg a kiss and tells her he loves her and tells her to get some sleep. Paul leaves the room Meg feels under the pillow for the gun and Sofie tells her it is the only way she will be safe.

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