ATWT Update Monday 8/4/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/4/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In a St. Louis hotel room, the bellhop is bringing in Casey and Emily’s bags, as Casey carries her over the threshold. The bellhop tells them about the casinos, but they are only interested in putting up the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. They are thrilled to be called husband and wife, as they fall to the bed kissing.

At the hospital, Aaron is talking to Susan about Chris supposedly drugging Alison. Susan takes her blood pressure and wants to get to the lab for her blood results. Alison thanks Aaron for getting him out of Chris’ room and getting her dressed. She is upset over not remembering what happened. Outside, Susan tells Margo that the results will be up soon. Margo tells Chris that Alison walked into the pond and didn’t come out till he pulled her out. She may be stressed and overdoing it with school, but she is not suicidal, Susan answers.

At the station, Chris is telling Bob that he thought Alison was high. Bob realizes that is why he asked for a drug test. As they know why Susan performed a drug test of her own – because she thinks Chris drugged Alison for his own benefit. If they think they are going to find a date rape drug, then they are going to be disappointed, Chris answers. Chris reminds Bob that he saved Alison’s life; doesn’t that count for something? Bob quietly explains that sometimes things seem devious when he is involved.

At the farm, Katie walks in and Janet wonders what she is doing there? She is wondering if she has heard form Liberty? Isn’t she under lock and key? Katie says nothing. Janet starts to get upset. Katie explains that Brad called her and told her that he and Liberty have gone on a road trip and she was just curious if they had contacted her? When was this? Yesterday, and she is just telling her now? Brad has kidnapped her daughter, Janet yells!

Brad and Liberty stop on a road in the woods. Where are they? Brad smirks… she speaks. She hopes they are not staying here. He wishes he could say no, but he can’t. This is Boot Camp – Brad Snyder style, as he reaches across her and opens the door, as Liberty stares at him incredulously. Soon, they are walking into a cabin. Brad tells her that this is a great place to get away. Does he mean from Parker, sex and rock and roll? She is not staying. They are 113 miles away from home. She will walk. Has she seen a car in the last hour? Liberty stomps out. Brad mumbles to himself that she will be back.

Katie wants Janet to calm down; Brad didn’t kidnap her. Liberty would have called her if she were happy, Janet believes. She may not have been happy, but she will be fine once they get there. Where? She doesn’t know. Janet takes out her phone, as Katie explains she already tried to call them. She is not calling them – she is calling the FBI and then the media to tell them that Brad kidnapped their daughter. Before she does that, there is one person who might have heard from her. Katie and Janet head over to Parker’s home and try to get him to tell him where she is. He doesn’t know. They don’t believe him, Janet says. Jack thinks she might have texted him. She hasn’t and he doesn’t care what they believe. Do they think she ran away? Katie tells him that Brad took her on a trip. It is not his fault that they lost Liberty. They didn’t; they just don’t know where they are. He doesn’t either. Can he go? Yes, Jack answers, as Janet glares at him. He believes him. She wonders if she can trust Jack? Why wouldn’t he tell her if he knew something? He and Brad want Liberty shipped off to a convent. Katie’s phone rings and she races to answer it. It is Brad. He is checking in. Is Liberty ok? He just thought they needed father-daughter time in the country. Katie tells Janet, who is freaking out nearby, that Liberty is fine. Katie steps outside and wonders what is going on? He has a plan. Did he take Liberty against her will? He is her father; she shouldn’t make him sound like a kidnapper. This is not the way to get through to her. Katie realizes Brad may not still be there, as she calls out to him.

Emily and Casey are in bed together, as he suggests he and his ‘wife’ get something to eat if they want to keep up their strength, as he smiles at Emily. She looks confused and wonders what he just said? He thought the whole wife comment turned her on before; has she gotten sick of him already?

Alison is sitting up in the exam bed when Margo comes in. Alison tells her that she wants to go home. That is Susan’s department. Margo thinks she may remember something now. She doesn’t. Margo explains that she has to understand that she is going to have to let Chris go if that is all she can remember. It is not even a matter of ‘he said she said’. Alison understands, but Aaron is immediately upset thinking Margo is trying to protect her brother-in-law. Alison tries to calm him down realizing Margo is right; how can she accuse him of something she can’t remember?

Casey tells her that she doesn’t have to use his name; she has a career and all. Emily is confused still. He is playing with her hand when Emily realizes she has a ring on her finger, as she pulls her hand away quickly to look at it. What has she done, Emily wonders?

Susan sees Margo and tells her that there is no trace of toxins and/or drugs in Alison’s system… including Crystal Meth, which Chris tried so hard to convince people that Alison had fallen off the wagon again. Margo tells her that she can’t hold Chris then. She doesn’t have to look so pleased. Margo wonders if there is anything in her system that might explain her strange behavior and black outs. Susan tells her that there was a strange chemical compound in her body that the lab is working on right now. Could it be the cause of what is going on now? It could be or it could be nothing. Everything else is fine, except…Margo realizes she doesn’t like that there are no answers either. She has to get to the station to tell Chris. Susan asks her to take the long way.

Bob tells him that his behavior has been strange and he thinks he should take a break from medicine. His mother and he will support her no matter what. That has nothing to do with this. He thanks him sarcastically for his support; with that kind of belief, he will be lucky to be out of jail in the next decade.

Brad is chopping wood talking to himself – she will be back in 15 minutes. Liberty races back to tell him there are bears out there. She should listen to him then. What does he want? He put her under house arrest. She managed to escape so it didn’t work. Therefore, he found a place she can’t escape. She won’t go anywhere until he gets through to her. He made his point – she can’t talk to boys until she is 30, and she can’t have sex without a note from him and she should keep her mouth shut and be a perfect angel. Her behavior worries him. He doesn’t have a right to be worried. He is her father; he loves her. Why… until 3 months ago he didn’t know she existed. He wants to be a father and to do all these fatherly things, but he doesn’t know her. She has a point, but he wants to learn. For the past 16 years he was no one’s father, so can they go back to how that used to be, as she stomps off.

Emily jumps up covering herself with the sheet; this was a mistake. What? They never should have gotten married. They are here because of her, Casey explains. She said this is the only way to prove they are serious. A few hours ago, she was obsessed. Emily freaks out and wonders what Tom would do about Daniel if he was willing to take him away over her sleeping with his son… now they are married. How could he let her do something so stupid, she screeches.

Margo walks into the interrogation room, as Chris jumps up and asks how Alison is? She has stabilized. That is good news. She can’t remember either. Bob thinks that is good news because she can’t refute his story. Margo tells him that there were also no signs of anything in her system. Chris doesn’t understand. Margo tells him not to worry about what is going on and just focus on him being off the hook. This had better be the last time she brings him in because of Alison.

Emily tells Casey that this is a disaster. They need to end this marriage quickly and painlessly. No, they fell in love and got married; she can’t pretend it didn’t happen. He takes her dress, as she tries to get dressed. She yells for him to stop acting like a child. He wants her to treat him like the man that she married. Why can’t they be married? There are a million reasons that they would never work. Casey wants her to stop thinking about labels – girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife – does she love him? Emily doesn’t say anything at first, but then admits that she does. Why does he think she has been going through hell to be with him, but that loving him doesn’t change things and the fact that they shouldn’t be married. Casey gives up; she should do whatever she has to.

Chris is walking out and Margo tells him to not let this happen again, as Bob tells Chris to stay away from Alison. He can’t because he has to find out what happened to Alison. She is not his patient. She was his friend at one point and he has to find out what is going on. Can’t he show him Alison's chart? As long as he is Chief of staff, that is not going to happen.

Brad tells Katie that he can’t talk to her now. Janet grabs the phone as Brad tells Janet he is busy. Liberty tries to grab the phone from Brad calling out to her mom. Janet tells Brad that he better tell her where her daughter is or she will call some friends that will make it sp he won’t want to be on air again. Liberty is yelling for her, as Janet is yelling back. Brad hangs up the phone and Janet demands that Jack find them. Katie thinks she has an idea; Brad mentioned them being in the country air. Didn’t he used to go to a cabin near Half Moon Lake? Jack remembers that is true. What are they waiting for? Katie tells them that area is huge; it would be a needle in a haystack. Jack thinks he can narrow it down, as Katie tells Jack what his license plate is. Jack calls his friend in the state police.

Brad wants them to go down by the lake, as Liberty is sulking about him not giving her a chance to pack a bathing suit. He doesn’t want them moping around on such a nice day. She is hungry. They can get something to eat. There is a restaurant here, Liberty happily asks? Not exactly, but if she wants to eat they should get a move on, as he heads out the door and Liberty begrudgingly follows.

Jack hangs up after having talked to his friend at the state police. He is at Half Moon Lake on the Eastern shore. Katie is thrilled; she will head up there, as Janet wants to go. Jack wants them to sit tight because they are fine, Liberty is not the woodsy type, and by the time they get up there, they will be probably be back. Katie gives in supposedly and says she is going home, but Janet wants him to draw her a map. He won’t do that so she can get lost. At least Katie is being reasonable. Janet doesn’t think so; she is making a big mistake leaving Liberty with Brad in the woods… and so is he.

Liberty and Brad are fishing on the pond, but Liberty doesn’t want to put the worm on the hook. She would rather drown, as Brad starts to rock the boat – he is just trying to be a good dad. Liberty yells for him to stop but then starts to laugh. She agrees to put the worm on the hook, but then Brad teases her about having to clean the fish afterwards.

Jack tells Janet that he thinks she is overreacting and she is being selfish. She is furious. She has had Liberty for all these years; can’t she give Brad a few days to try to be a dad?

Liberty and Brad are fishing and actually having fun. Liberty doesn’t think any fish will bite because it is so random, as she suddenly gets a bite. She reels in a fish and Brad tells her that she got them dinner.

Emily and Casey are on the plane coming home looking very upset. The flight attendant sees them and comes over wanting to know how the happy couple is? Casey and Emily look up at her and say nothing so the flight attendant walks away.

At the hospital, Chris is heading to Alison’s room, as Bob tries to convince him that he shouldn’t be there. He just wants to know how she is and asks her some questions. Aaron comes outside and Chris tell him that he doesn’t want trouble and tells him that he isn’t welcome there. Just because he is out of jail doesn’t mean he can come anywhere near Alison.

The plane lands and Emily wants to know if she can drop Casey anywhere? She already has. Emily tells him that just because they aren’t married doesn’t mean, but Casey cuts her off; she says she loves him and wants to be with him, but then she does this. He can’t live like this anymore. Is there anything she can do, a saddened Emily wonders? Yes. They can go back to St. Louis and have their honeymoon. She can’t do that. Then there is nothing she can do for him.

Aaron wants Chris to leave, but Chris tells him that something almost killed Alison today and they need to find out what it is. Bob steps in and tells them that there is nothing they can do for Alison and they needs to leave. Aaron watches them go, and then goes back inside as Alison is waking up. He wants her to go back to sleep. Aaron comforts her.

Aaron tells Bob that there is something wrong with Alison and they need to find out what it is. He is not allowed to look at charts. Nevertheless, he is, Chris reminds him. He can talk with Susan, as Bob seems to be considering it.

At home, Margo sees Casey’s finger; she is beside herself – he married Emily Stewart? Casey pulls his hand away. It is not bad enough that he gets married at his age, but he gets married to her? What is wrong with him? An emotional Casey tells her that Emily said she loved him, so they flew to St Louis because she wanted to be with him forever, but then she dumped him. She got what she wanted because it is over, Casey explains as he stomps away.

At Worldwide, Emily is crying at her desk. She looks down at her ring and pulls it off. She tries to throw it away but can’t. She cries out wondering what is wrong with her?

Jack asks Janet what is wrong because she is quiet? She was just thinking about how he said she should leave them alone to try to be a father and daughter. She thinks he is not thinking of Brad; she thinks he is trying to punish her and Liberty. Jack can’t believe she said that. With Liberty out of town, then he doesn’t have to worry about what Parker is doing and she gets punished as an extra benefit for not locking Liberty up in a nunnery. That is not it at all, as Janet walks away and Jack stares after her.

Liberty thinks it is only fair that he clean the fish if she caught it. That is not the rule, Brad teases. Liberty starts to do it, as she is grossed out. Meanwhile, outside Katie has snuck up to the window and is looking in. Liberty is singing, as Brad tells her that he didn’t know. There is a lot he doesn’t know… like there is more to life then sex. Like his daughter is pretty interesting and has a great voice. They laugh and start to sing together. Katie is outside watching this and stifling a laugh. She quietly tells herself she should leave them alone, as she tiptoes off.

Downstairs, Jack is calling out to Parker to come see him. What is it? Liberty is fine. They know where she is; she is on a trip with her dad. In addition, away from him? Yes. He has to go see someone can he count on him not to go anywhere. Now that Liberty is out of town. He realizes something – he realizes he has to go see someone. Parker watches him go and then heads upstairs.

Aaron wants to know what is wrong? Alison is playing with her bracelet in her hand, as she tells him that her dad’s bracelet was supposed to be a good luck charm through nursing school; she guesses it has worn off. Aaron thinks she should just give it time. Alison puts it back on her wrist. Susan is heading back inside the room to talk with Alison when she hands Bob her file. Bob stares at it for a moment and when Chris walks over, he slowly gives it to him. Chris thanks him. He owes him. He is not giving it to him because he asked, but because there is something he needs to see; it is a strange coincidence.

Casey is sitting at the kitchen table playing with his wedding ring, but he then takes it off. He gets up and tosses it in the trashcan.

Emily takes out some aspirin and starts to take it when she sees the mug Casey gave her. She pauses, but then washes down her pill with it. Margo barges in wanting to know what she did to her son? She thought this day couldn’t get worse. She can get it out of her system because she won’t stop her; she is a monster, a whore and ruined Casey’s life; is she close? Margo wonders if she has a soul? She gets him to fall in love with her, she gets him to marry her and then she breaks up with him; why doesn’t she rip out his heart and dance on it. She didn’t mean to. Why did she do this to him? She doesn’t know. She is not leaving without an explanation. It is between her and Casey – not her, Emily snarls. There is no more Casey and she, Margo counters. She knows what she did, but does she know what she did to her son? She is smothering him. Emily starts to look unsteady and then she collapses. Margo think she is lying at first but then realizes she isn’t. She leans down beside her.

Emily is being wheeled into the hospital with Margo. Susan sees her and wonders what Margo did? She collapsed before she could do anything. Emily comes to and tells her that she thinks something is really wrong. Margo eyes her phone, then takes it out and makes a call to Casey. He doesn’t want to talk. She is at Memorial and there is something he should know. Casey looks upset – is it dad or grandpa? It is Emily; she collapsed and she thought he should know.

Chris is talking with his dad; isn’t this the same chemical compound they found in his blood? Yes, and now it is in Alison’s blood. They both had similar symptoms. There is no way that is coincidence. That would mean they both had to be exposed to something strange or to a virus. He doubts that. He learned a lot when working in Africa; anything is possible, Chris answers.

Aaron is trying to help Alison study to keep her occupied. He is asking her questions, but she is scratching herself, unfocused, and talking fast but not making sense. Aaron says something and she snaps at him, but then she suddenly wants her blankets off of her. Aaron wants to know what she is doing, as she is getting more irate and determined to get the blankets and sheets away from her. She is scratching at herself harder now.

Emily tells Susan that she doesn’t remember what she was doing with Casey. He had to tell her everything. Susan tells her that it is probably nothing, but Emily doesn’t think she believes that herself. Susan asks her when she last ate? This morning maybe. Susan tells her that she is going to arrange for her tests and get her some soup, as she leaves looking scared. Outside, Chris and Bob catch up with Susan, as they see something is upsetting her. What is wrong? Emily collapsed. She just told her that she and Casey flew to St. Louis to get married and now she can’t remember anything. Chris is immediately skeptical until Susan tells him that she doesn’t understand how she could have an episode that she doesn’t remember what she did. Margo was with her when she collapsed though. Suddenly, Chris thinks this all sounds too suspicious. What does she think is going on? Susan tells him all she knows is Emily is not faking it. Aaron races out into the hallway, tells Susan that Alison is acting strangely and breathing funny. Chris wants to go in, but Bob stops him. Chris tells him that he needs to help; there is something that is going on here and he can get to the bottom of it. Bob thinks for a moment and then agrees to try to get Chris reinstated. Chris watches Susan trying to calm a flailing Alison down, as he promises her that he will get to the bottom of this.

At Al’s, Janet comes out of the kitchen and sees Jack. He would like to order something sweet since he has had a rough day. They make small talk and things are easily smoothed over between them. He knows they see things differently, but they both want the same things – for their kids to be happy, healthy and for them to stay kids for along time. She has to know that Brad would never put Liberty in danger and maybe it will all work out. He hates to admit this, but Brad can have a positive impact on people. He can, Janet admits. She just hopes one of them is Liberty.

Liberty and Brad are joking around singing. They end up laughing hard, as they try to sing together.

Parker is on the phone trying to get bus and ticket information to Half Moon Lake. He hangs up and heads out the door.

Brad and Liberty end the song laughing and hug. She admits he is pretty cool. He thanks her. If it weren’t for the bears, worms and guts, she might like it here. She puts the fish on the stove to start to cook it, as Brad watches her smiling.

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