ATWT Update Friday 8/1/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/1/08


Written by Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne


Meg wakes up with Paul all lovely-dovey and he says he has some lovely ideas of what to do with his life right now. She informs him it will have to wait, he’s taking her out to lunch right now. He mentions that he knows she is bored, but she’s not yet back up to 100%. She reminds him that fresh air and exercise are good for her. She is going out to lunch, so is it going to be with him or without him? She picks up the necklace and exclaims, “I’m sure Barbara won’t mind if I wear this one more time.”

Alison is frustrated trying to study and laments to Aaron why is her brain going all loopy? He quips perhaps because she is trying to study in a hotel and not at home. She claims she can not concentrate at home. It takes her right back to high school and all she can think about is failing again. He notices her hands are shaking and asks if she is all right or does she have a fever? She says she is fine, her mom just checked her out. But she will go to the hospital with the other nurses and cram.

At the hospital Chris asks his Dad if he’s seen his watch? He can’t find it. Dr. Bob tells him that he seems to be better, any more symptoms? Emily tries to apologize to Casey for going off on him and Alison. He says it’s not necessary. Alison is her sister and he would never hit on her. Emily stammers she’s knows that. And she doesn’t know what got into her – it was like some alien took over her body and turned her into this jealous raving lunatic. He calls her his girl and she swears this jealousy won’t happen again. She realizes she is late for an appointment to interview Officer Banks and grabs for her purse to put some perfume on. Casey glibly accuses her of trying to make him jealous by spritzing for Officer Banks. She assures him that Banks is just her source, Casey is her guy and she is spritzing for him.

Aaron questions Alison until she admits what happened with Chris earlier. But she doesn’t want him getting into another fight with Chris. Yet she realizes there is no way she can tell him this without him freaking out. She relays how she walked into the on-call room and found Chris standing their naked and confused. He did not know how he got there or why he had no clothes on. Aaron says Chris is lying and she knows it. She needs to go to the hospital, but does not want to run into Chris again. Before they part, she makes him promise he won’t do anything crazy. He won’t beat him to a bloody pulp, but he might break his face.

Bob asks Chris if he has been taking any new medication or vitamins? He reminds his dad that he’s a doctor and knows better than to put new supplements into his body. Aaron walks up and angrily asks Chris why he can’t leave Alison alone, what’s wrong with him? Either he stop messing with Alison or he will stop him. Chris doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Aaron recounts Chris standing there butt-naked in front of Alison. Was he going to jump her or think she just could not resist him? Bob thinks Aaron is crazy and tells him the last time he attacked Chris, he advised him not to press charges, but this constitutes harassment. Aaron tells him he is not making this up, just ask Chris. Reluctantly Chris has to admit it was the day he got sick at the golf course. He blacked out. He had no idea what he was doing. Aaron scoffs at this idea. Chris says he explained it to Alison and she was not upset. Aaron assures them that Alison is upset. So Chris better keep away, and keep his damn pants on.

Susan runs into Alison and wants to speak with her about her grades. She talked to Brenda and found out Alison got a C- on her last exam, that is almost a D. If things aren’t improving, perhaps she went back to school too soon. Maybe she should consider withdrawing for a spell. If she keeps going like she is, she could end up failing and never get another chance. Susan explains that Alison doesn’t have to be embarrassed about this. Nursing school is tough. They can set up some good tutors for better study skills. Alison states that she is a grown woman, she doesn’t need her mother to spy on her and monitor her grades! Or to keep telling her that she is a failure and a screw-up. She ends up saying to quit rubbing her face in it, and just go away.

Bob continues to question Chris, but he shrugs it off. He hasn’t had any more symptoms and it’s not an issue. He doesn’t work for Bob anymore, so Alison can’t sue the hospital. Bob assures him he is not worried about the hospital, only Chris. The last thing Chris remembers is his skin feeling supersensitive, not wanting anything to touch him, not even his clothes, nothing. And the next instant Alison was there. Bob insists they are going to do a M.R.I. and find out what’s going on, the sooner, the better.

Meg puts the necklace on and is admiring it in the mirror. Paul walks in and admires her new look in the dress. She asks about the music, and he admits he didn’t hear any music. She admits it stopped when he walked in. He insists on her stopping by the hospital and letting Susan check her out. She pooh-poohs that. This is her first day out after almost being killed by a madman, and she’s not going to waste any more time. He tells her she fights dirty, and she reminds him who she learned that from. She states she is getting stronger each day and she’s not going crazy. He answers, “well, you married me a couple of times, so you probably have a screw loose somewhere.” And it took them forever to get to this point, he’d like it to last.

At the station, Emily is her flirty self interviewing Officer Banks. Margo interrupts and tells him if he is finished with this interview, she is sure there are other crimes to be solved. Emily has a sudden slight dizzy spell. But she lights into Margo and says she sure knows how to blow the wind up, so give it her best shot. Margo spouts as tempting as that is, no thank you. She’s decided to back off. She didn’t even have to talk to Casey, but knowing him, his likes, his dislikes, his youth, his short attention span, she realizes she doesn’t have to do a thing to get her out of his life. “He’ll get sick of you all on his own.”

Meg tells Paul that she is starving, How about they eat in the lounge as that is quicker. He keeps asking if she is all right. She barks at him that she is tired of him keep asking her that, so go upstairs and get his mom and have lunch with them, so she can have a real conversation. As she walks into the room she has a dizzy spell and Aaron notices it and comes over.

Margo asks Emily if she is playing the sympathy card by being dizzy? Emily answers that Margo can insult her all she wants, but she is going to have to accept that she and Casey are committed to each other. She loves her son and this is a long-term relationship. Haughty Margo replies that really, for her perhaps, but what about Casey? Has Emily looked at herself in the mirror lately? Emily brags that yes she has. And Casey likes what he sees. Margo states that Casey likes what he gets – sex all the time. She also tells Emily to look real good and compare herself to people his own age. And what happens when he dumps her for some fresh-faced college girl? Emily jumps toward her and Margo warns her about assaulting an officer, better control herself. Emily half-way apologizes.

Alison runs into Chris outside the On-Call room. She tries to avoid him and shakes him off when he attempts to grab her arm. She says she never promised him anything. He just wishes if she were so traumatized, she would have come to him first before running off to Aaron. She’s rattled and tells him she doesn’t have time for this. She has more important things on her mind, so leave her alone and stop stalking her. Within Chris’s ear shot, she calls Aaron and leaves a message. She says she feels like she is losing it, she’s wrecking her life, school, everything. She’s going to the pond, can he meet her there?

Meg settles down and thanks Aaron for the drink. She says it is really hot out there and she got overheated. He comments that his grandmother is worried about her too and she assures him to tell her that she shouldn’t be, all is all right. When he leaves, the lights dim and a ghost of Sofie appears before her with a baby carriage.

Alison arrives at the pond, fingers her bracelet and walks off into the water. Close behind, Chris runs and jumps in as well to drag her out. He gives her CPR and tries to explain that she was drowning. She doesn’t understand why she would go swimming. The important thing to him is they get her warm and make sure her lungs aren’t infected. They need to get to the hospital. Adamantly she doesn’t want to go there so anyone can see her. He promises he won’t take her there.

Meg tells Sofie that she is not real, she is only imagining her. Sofie assures her that she is real, she was just waiting for her chance for just them girls to talk. She's here to warn her. Think about what Paul did. She died in his arms and he never called the police. He buried her with her child…..a child he thought was his. Knowing that, how could Meg marry him? Only a monster would dispose of his own child without a second thought. Meg defends that it was not Paul’s baby and Cole killed her. She causes attention when she shouts out for Sofie to stop this.

Emily looks through the glass door at Java and spots Casey with some young college girl and thinks back to what Margo just said. Casey spots her and waves for her to come on in. He introduces her to Arie, they are in journalism class together. She overhears Arie calling Emily a cougar. She asks Casey if he knows what that means? He says sure – cougar, older woman, younger man. Insecure, she asks if he means what he said when he said they’d never ever let anything come between them? “Good, then marry me, now.”

Casey is shocked, they never talked of marriage. What did his mother say to her? She tells him it wasn’t what Margo said, more that it’s just out there that what they have isn’t real. So they need to make that declaration. They belong together. She loves him. She’s all over him and declares she wants to be with him more than anybody in this world. So he needs to prove it to the rest of the world – marry her!

Aaron listens to his phone messages, hearing Alison tell him that she is headed to the pond.  He asks another employee for time off, to switch with him for this emergency. As he is about to leave, he sees Chris rush in, carrying Alison in a wet blanket.

When Paul returns with Barbara, they question a waiter as to where Meg is? He tells them she left, she was acting sort of strange…… talking to someone who wasn’t even there. Meg surprises Emma when she shows up at the farm. She says she is off the heavy-duty pain meds so she was able to drive herself. She insists on pouring Meg some lemonade but realizes something is wrong. Meg says she has been having dreams….actually nightmares. She has been seeing, dreaming of Sofie and she doesn’t understand. She knows she is dead and not coming back, but she still is afraid of her. Emma hugs her and tells her to sit down and take it easy. Meg asks if she is going crazy? Emma assures her of course not, and certainly not terrorized by some ghost. The only person she thinks she is scared of is Paul. Meg tells her not to change the subject, she is not afraid of her husband. He thought he was protecting Meg when he hid Sofie’s body in the garden. Emma chides, so Meg finds that comforting? That a man who claims to love her, she would think capable of murder? That is not right and she knows it. Of course she is afraid. Meg can’t believe Emma is saying these things when she was at the wedding. Emma states she did that to try to accept Paul for Meg’s sake. She tried to see what Meg saw in him. “But to tell you the truth, at his very core, Paul Ryan is a vindictive, angry man.” Meg claims Paul has changed, and she doesn’t even know why she came here. Emma says it is because she knows her momma can see in her heart and will tell her the truth. Meg cries that she wanted her to tell her she would be all right and it was just the trauma from the pain, the medication, the stress. Emma tells her sweet baby that if she wanted lies and platitudes, she would have spoken to her husband, not to her.

Paul calls and Meg tells him she changed her mind and just needed to see her mother. She has the car and offers to come get him, but he says he will meet her at home, he’ll be all right. They say they love each other. He tells Barbara that he doesn’t think the waiter was exaggerating, he thinks Meg had another hallucination. Barbara questions why Meg wouldn’t have told him. He tells her sometimes he and his wife are a little overprotective of each other. Barbara responds, “you know, sometimes it’s just best to tell the truth. Do you remember Lynn Michaels?” He says Meg does not need a shrink, Barbara is assuming the worst. She says this doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end, unless he runs away from it.

Meg tries to reassure her mother that she is happier with Paul than she ever has been with anybody. And she would have told him everything, but he’s never had a normal life, a good life until now. She doesn’t want to worry him and she’s sorry for worrying her mother too. Emma suggests that she move in with her awhile. Just let her take care of her and the nightmares will go away. Meg nixes that, she would miss Paul and he would miss her. She will be okay. Emma begs her to be careful. Meg responds – be careful of what? She is in love with the man she married, what’s there to worry about?

Chris lays Alison down on the bed and tells her to stay there. He’s going to go get more blankets, they need to keep her warm. She doesn’t want to be there. He says okay, then he will get her some clothes. He’ll take her home or over to Aaron’s, whatever she wants. Suddenly Aaron is pounding on the door, demanding that he knows they are in there so open up! Chris opens the door, but says Ali isn’t feeling well. Alison wants Chris to let Aaron in and begs Aaron not to be mad at her. He comforts her and promises it will be all right. What did Chris do to her? Why can’t she remember anything? And Chris is right, Aaron wouldn’t believe anything he said. So don’t bother, he’ll just call the police.

Emily and Casey are on a quick flight and share champagne. She asks what is on his mind? Is he changing his mind? He assures her he is just excited, being married to her is going to be wild. He realizes she is trembling, but she tells him she too is just excited. She chuckles when he says she doesn’t need to put on lip gloss as he is going to kiss her a bazillion times before their wedding. She sprays her scent on and he comments that he loves it, it drives him crazy. She says she thinks it has that affect on her to. It falls to the floor as they kiss.

Aaron thinks Chris is lying when he tells him the details. Alison would never go into the pond. He must have drugged her. Margo is there and asks questions. She has to take Chris in when she determines that he had been naked in front of Alison and has no explanation. He is read his rights and arrested. He says do what they want, but to test Alison. Get a blood profile. He did not drug her, but something is wrong with her.

Casey and Emily have a quickie wedding, acting giddy most of the time. Paul makes sure that Meg crawls into bed though she is tired of taking naps. He tells her Barbara is only disappointed about lunch in that she doesn’t get to tell Meg her news. Sofie’s murder case is open and shut, premeditated. Cole Norbeck is gonna do life without parole. She likes that, he won’t go to trial and she won’t have to testify.

Barbara calls and gives Paul a phone number that he writes down. It’s for a psychiatrist. He wads it up and starts to throw it away, then stuffs it in his pocket. Meg stirs in her sleep, looks up and there is Sofie again with the baby carriage. Riddled with fear, she sits up and looks at the carriage. Instead of a baby, there is a gun. Sofie says, “you know what’s next, don’t you? Paul has to pay for what he did. You have to kill him.”

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