ATWT Update Thursday 7/31/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/31/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Emma asks Holden how things went between he and Lily on the way to pick up the girls from camp. Holden tells Emma the girls are fine and home but he and Lily didn't say a word to each other on the way to camp and he didn't come home with her. Emma wonders why Holden and Lily didn't come home together so Holden explains to Emma that Carly was at camp picking up Sage. Holden tells Emma that Lily thought that he and Carly planned to meet at camp so she got mad and put the girls in the car and drove home. Emma wonders how Holden got home since Lily left him stranded at camp. Holden tells Emma that Carly gave him a ride home but makes it clear that nothing happened between them. Holden tells Emma that he and Carly have been doing everything they can to avoid each other. Emma tells Holden if that is true he has to find a way to make Lily believe that things between him and Carly are over for good. Holden asks Emma to give him an idea of how to persuade Lily that he and Carly are over because he doesn't have a clue about what he should do.

(Lily’s house) Luke arrives and Faith and Natalie give him a big hug and tell him they had a lot of fun at camp. Faith and Natalie also give Luke two key chains they made for him and Noah at camp. Faith wonders if Luke is moving to California since gay marriage is legal there now. Luke tells the girls they are stuck with him for a while because Marriage is hard and he isn't ready to get married yet. Faith wonders why Holden didn't sleep at home last night and Lily tells the girls Holden is at the farm. Faith wonders why Holden is at the farm and Luke explains that he probably had to get up early and do chores so he decided to sleep at the farm so he wouldn't disturb them. Luke offers to make pancakes for the girls so that they will get distracted and stop asking questions about Holden.

(Farm) Holden tells Emma that he has apologized to Lily and asked for a cooling down period before she takes legal action but Lily won't listen to him. Holden tells Emma he keeps hitting a brick wall with Lily and Emma advises Holden to find a way to knock down that brick wall. Holden admits to Emma that he doesn't know if he wants to save his marriage but Emma advises him to give his marriage one more chance because his family is important. Emma tells Holden that she is going to have a barbeque to welcome the kids home from camp and so that he and Lily can talk. Holden doesn't think Lily will accept the invitation but Emma insists that Lily won't say no to her.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Liberty goes to the kitchen and wonders where Katie is and Brad tells her that Katie has gone to the studio and that he will also be going to the studio in a few minutes. Brad tells Liberty that they are doing a segment on parakeets and Liberty thinks that she is in a cage much like the birds. Brad tells Liberty she needs an attitude adjustment and assures her that he is only doing this because he loves her and wants to keep her out of trouble. Liberty is upset that Brad has hired a bodyguard named Ugo to watch her. Brad heads for the door and tells Ugo to keep an eye on his little girl. Liberty tells Ugo to stay out of her sight and not to speak to her. Ugo calls Liberty a brat and heads to the other side of the living room to watch Liberty. The doorbell rings and Janet wonders who Ugo is and why he is answering the door at Brad and Katie’s house.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives because Carly called him and she explains that she needs his help to figure out what is wrong with Parker. Carly explains that he won't talk to her and what Really worries her is that he hasn't said a word to Sage since she came home from camp. Jack tells Carly that he tried to talk to Parker but he won't listen to him and he doesn't know what else to do. Carly demands that Jack tell her what is going on with Parker because she suspects that he is keeping something from her.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Janet tells Ugo she is Liberty’s mother and she wonders where Liberty, Brad, and Katie are so Ugo tells her Brad and Katie are at work. Ugo also explains to Janet that he has orders from Brad that nobody is to see Liberty. Ugo also assures Janet that Liberty is safe Janet tries to push Ugo away from the door but he is to big so she screams Liberty’s name and Liberty comes out of her room to introduces Janet to Ugo.

(Carly’s place) Jack tries to gently tells Carly that Parker and Liberty had sex and Carly thinks he is joking at first so Jack repeats the words Parker and Liberty had sex. Carly yell that her son is only 15 and he is too young to be having sex. Jack tells Carly that he knows that and he tried to talk to Parker but he had already had sex with Liberty when they talked. Jack tells Carly that Janet was right the whole time and he is glad Janet gave Liberty birth control and kept both Parker and Liberty safe. Carly gets even angrier at Jack because he confided in Janet about Parker and didn't even bother to tell her the news. Carly demands that Parker come downstairs now so they can have a talk.

(Brad and Katie’s Place) Liberty explains to Janet that Ugo is her bodyguard who was hired by Brad to protect her from herself. Janet thinks this is a ridiculous idea because Liberty isn't a danger to herself or anyone else. Janet tells Liberty to go pack her stuff and Liberty is happy that she gets to go live with her mom and her Uncle Jack. Janet tells Liberty she doesn't think Emma would like that idea and she is considering leaving Oakdale. Liberty doesn't want to leave Oakdale but Janet orders her to pack her stuff and they will talk later. Ugo goes to call Brad and Janet makes it clear to Ugo that she isn't leaving the house without Liberty.

(Lily’s House The family gets done eating breakfast and Faith wonders why they couldn't invite Holden to breakfast and if Holden is mad at Lily again. Lily explains Holden had a lot of work to do at the farm. Luke tells Faith to turn off her overactive imagination and sends her and Natalie to wash the dishes. Lily thanks Luke for distracting the girls but he reminds Lily that she is going to have to tell the girls that she and Holden are going to get a separation. Lily tells Luke that she wanted to give the girls one last happy day before breaking the news to them. Luke tells Lily that maybe they won't have to separate and she and Holden can still work things out. Luke can tell by the look on his mother’s face that there is no hope to save the marriage. Lily gets a call from Emma inviting her to a barbecue at the farm. Luke encourages Lily to go for the sake of the girls so she accepts Emma’s invitation. Lily wonders if it was a mistake to accept the invitation to the barbeque since Holden will be at the farm. Luke tells Lily that she can handle it and she asks him to go with her. Luke asks Lily if he can bring Noah with him and she tells him that would be fine.

(Java) Luke goes to invite Noah to the barbeque but explains to him that his sisters don't know about their parent’s separation but Faith is suspicious so they will all have to pretend to be a big happy family. Luke tells Noah that this won't be fun at all since things are so tense between his parents and Noah tells Luke that he doesn't have to pretend to be happy when he is with him.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Parker to come down again and she says if he doesn't come downstairs she is coming upstairs. Parker finally comes downstairs and Carly tells him that Jack told her that he had sex with Liberty. Parker gives Jack an angry look and says thanks dad. Carly tells Parker not to blame Jack because she would have found out anyway. Parker rolls his eyes and tells Carly he is ready for the lecture now. Carly tells Parker she isn't going to lecture him she just wants him to take Jack’s advice since he is a good role model when it comes to these things. Parker thinks Jack is a better role model then Carly and tells her so and Jack reminds Parker that Carly is his mother and he must respect her. Carly tells Parker that she has made some bad mistakes but she still has the right to express her opinion to him as his mother. Carly tells Parker that it is her opinion that he is too young to be sexually active. Parker tells Carly that she has no right to tell her anything and Jack once again reminds Parker to respect his mother. Sage interrupts and asks for permission to go to the farm for the barbeque. Carly tells Sage to go get her swimsuit and then go wait in the car because she has to finish talking to Parker. Carly tells Parker that what happened between him and Liberty shouldn't have happened and it shouldn't happen again. Parker wonders if Carly is talking to him or herself and Jack tells Parker to stop talking this way to his mother because she is very worried about him. Parker tells Carly not to worry because they used protection so there is no problem.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Liberty comes out of her room with a bag and she and Janet head for the door but Ugo stands in the way and says he will do whatever he has to keep Liberty safe. Janet reminds Ugo that Liberty is her daughter and he will have to shoot her to keep her from taking her home. Ugo grabs Janet’s arm and it really hurts so she tells Ugo that she will charge him with assault Ugo says he doesn't care. Janet manages to push Ugo out of the way and she and Liberty are about to leave but Brad arrives home and stops them from leaving the house. Janet wonders what kind of father Brad is to keep his daughter prisoner this way. Brad tells Janet he is just giving Liberty the discipline she needs even if it is sixteen years too late. Brad tells Janet he will do whatever it takes to make sure Liberty stays out of trouble. Brad tells Ugo to go outside while he talks to Janet and he tells Janet that she allows Liberty to get away with murder. Janet tells Brad that she never told Liberty sex was okay at her age but she did make sure Liberty was protected so she wouldn't get pregnant. Janet points out that Liberty needs her father not some bodyguard. Liberty sneaks out the door while her parents argue with each other and Ugo comes back inside to ask when the argument will end. Janet calls for Liberty and discovers she has left so Brad fires Ugo.

(Carly’s house) Parker apologizes for having sex and not thinking about all the consequences but he points out to Carly that she didn't think of the consequences when she slept with Holden. Jack once again tells Parker to respect his mother but Parker tells Jack he doesn’t respect what Carly did with Holden. Carly tells Parker they aren't talking about her right now and Parker says maybe they should talk about her. Parker heads upstairs and Carly feels frustrated as a parent. Carly asks Jack to take Sage to the farm but he doesn't think it is a good idea for her to be home with an angry Parker right now. Carly grabs her keys telling Jack she will drop Sage at the farm and get away as quickly as possible.

(Java) Luke gives the key ring that Faith and Natalie made him to Noah and Noah hopes that someday they can have their own apartment. Luke explains that he feels he needs to be with his family right now and Noah says he understands and Loves him for it. Noah tells him that he feels lucky to be loved by Luke every time he sees how much he loves his family. Luke and Noah head to the barbeque and Luke thinks it won't be fun at all.

(Farm) Faith and Natalie arrive for the barbeque and hug Holden and tell him they missed him last night at home but he says he was busy with chores. Holden tells the girls that he will always be there for them whenever they need him The girls tell Holden they made napkin rings at camp that say mom and dad. Emma tells the girls she made dresses for them and they should go try them on to see if they fit. Faith stays behind and tells Holden and Lily that she can tell that they are splitting up again and Lily confirms the news. Lily tells Faith not to worry and Faith tells her parents that if they really loved them they would stop splitting up all the time. Faith runs out of the house and passes Luke on the way out and Luke tells his folks not to worry that he will talk to Faith. Holden tries to talk to Lily but she says she can't deal with him right now. Carly tells Sage that she will drop her off because she doesn't have time to go inside and say hello to everyone. Carly gets out of her car to give Sage a hug and Sage makes her promise to ask Holden about horseback riding lessons. Carly promises to ask Holden about that later and she starts to leave but she sees Lily and assures her she was going to leave because she doesn't want to bother her. Lily blasts Carly for daring to show up at the farm and Holden tells Lily to calm down and tries to grab her arm gently but she yells for him not to touch her. Lily yells at Carly that she can't have sex with Holden and just show up there like everything is okay. Faith is walking back with Luke and overhears everything and won't listen to Holden and tells her parents she hates them. Faith runs toward the pond and Holden starts to go talk to her but Luke thinks its best that he goes to talk to her instead and he heads to the pond to talk to Faith. Lily tells Carly she is only making thins worse so Carly leaves saying she will have Jack pick up Sage. Faith tells Luke that she hates her parents for doing this to them again and he holds her as she cries. Lily is angry that Faith found out like that and blames Carly for Faith’s pain. Lily wonders if Holden invited Carly there and he tells her that he had no idea that Carly was going to be there. Holden tells Lily that Faith finding out the truth wasn't his, Carly’s or Emma’s fault and he tells Lily she has to learn to control her emotions in front of the kids. Holden tells Lily he deserves everything she has to say or shout to him but what she is doing to the kids is wrong and has to stop.

Liberty calls Parker and tells him she escaped from her bodyguard and needs to talk to him at Java. Parker tell Liberty Jack is guarding the door so she tells him to climb out the window and meet her at Java.

(Farm) Faith tells Luke that their parents are dumb to keep making the same mistakes over and over and not realize that they are also messing up the lives of their children. Luke tells Faith that she is right but parents can still love their children very much and mess up their own lives. Luke admits to Faith that he is mad at Holden and Lily but he chooses to be a family because its better then living in an orphanage. Faith tells Luke she still wants to be a family as long as he keeps being her brother and then they hug each other. Lily tells Holden that it drives her crazy when she sees Carly or the both of them together. Holden tells Lily that he knows exactly how she feels because it is exactly how he felt when she left in the middle of thanksgiving dinner to be with Dusty. Lily tells Holden at least now he admits he slept with Carly as payback for her affair with Dusty. Holden tells Lily that he didn't say that what he meant was he knows they have both been hurt many times by the other now they have to figure out how to stop hurting each other.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Jack the details of what happened at the farm and that Faith overheard about the affair with Holden. Carly tells Jack she makes a disaster wherever she goes and Jack suggests that she take a few days break and go to Montana with Sage. Jack tells Carly that she has made mistakes but its time she take some time for herself and give everyone some time to cool off. Carly gives Jack a hug and thanks him for offering to stay with Parker.

(Java) Liberty arrives to meet Parker but Brad gets there first and when Liberty refuses to obey him and go home Brad picks her up and carries her out of the restaurant.

(Farm) Noah tells Faith that she should go look at the new foal so she heads to the stables. Noah tells Luke that his parents are inside talking so he thought Faith could use a distraction. Luke thanks Noah for understanding why his family needs him right now. Luke tells Noah he loves him very much and someday they will have their own apartment then Noah and Luke kiss each other. Lily tells Holden she can’t live with what he did so in order to stop hurting their kids they mist have the courage to admit when their marriage is over. Lily tells Holden maybe someday she can forgive him but right now she can't stand to look at him. Emma tells Hold en to fight for his marriage and go after Lily but he tells his mom he can't do that because he thinks she is right.

(Java) Parker arrives to meet Liberty but when she isn't there he sits outside on the bench waiting for a text message from her.

Brad and Liberty talk in his car and she is angry at him for carrying her out of Java. Brad tells Liberty that he is her father and he is trying to protect her. Liberty wants to go live with her mother but Brad says no and then she tries to text message Parker but he throws her phone out the window. Brad tells Liberty that she is going with him on a trip and they are going to spend every minute together.

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