ATWT Update Wednesday 7/30/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Brad is upset to find Liberty with Parker about ready to have sex. What are they doing, he manages to ask? Nothing…just listening to music, Liberty stutters. Brad picks up a condom – is this to protect her ears from loud music?

At home, Carly calls Jack at the station. She sees he is back from his fishing trip by the tackle box in the hall. He cut his trip short because Parker really didn’t want to talk about anything, but he does feel that he got his point across enough with he and Liberty where they won’t be having sex. Carly can’t believe that they are even discussing that when it comes to Parker. She was wondering since Parker is at work, if he could go pick up Sage at camp? Sure; he can get away. She thanks him for doing this for her.

At Lily’s, Holden walks in and Lily wonders why Holden is there? He thought they could go to camp to pick up the girls together. She is not interested in that at all. She doesn’t want to be in a car with him. He thinks the girls would love it if they picked them up together. He doesn’t think they should punish the girls because they are at odds.

At their room, Henry comes in calling out for Vienna, but then he sees her packing her belongings into a suitcase on the bed. What is she doing? What does it look like, Vienna snaps back. She remarks about how she is dumb that she didn’t catch on soon enough to see what he was up to. Henry pleads with her to take a vacation on a tropical beach with him since she is packed instead of the alternative. Does he think that will make it right? They can talk. She thinks a beach sounds nice, as Henry is happy to hear that. Vienna finishes her thought; a beach without him sounds better though. She needs time – away from him – she is leaving him.

Brad angrily tells Liberty that she played and lied to him. She tries to deny it. She told him she would be responsible and she isn’t being that way, as Liberty starts to cry. Brad grabs Parker and tells him not to look at her. Katie comes in and demands to know what he is doing? He is only going to hurt him a little. Katie tries to stop him from holding onto Parker. He will be back, as Katie and Liberty try to convince Brad to stay there with them. He tried it her way and now he is doing things his way. He wants Katie to stay with Liberty, as he stomps off. Liberty tells Katie she shouldn’t have let Brad leave with Parker; it wasn’t Parker’s fault. Her dad was freaking out for no good reason. Katie doesn’t think that sounds right. Liberty is annoyed she isn’t listening to her; her dad already lectured her and she doesn’t need another one. Katie tells her to drop the attitude because she has a pretty good idea that her dad was right about being upset. Liberty tells her that she is leaving, but Katie tells her that she isn’t going anywhere.

At the station, Brad drags Parker in, who is telling him that he can’t have him arrested because he didn’t do anything illegal. Jack comes out, sees him with Parker, and wonders what is going on? Brad tosses Parker into a chair, as Jack snarls at Brad. Does he know what he just caught his son doing with his daughter? Jack looks nervous and asks if he wants to hear this. Parker tries to explain that he didn’t do anything. Brad takes out the condom. Jack asks if it is Parker’s or Liberty’s? Brad is annoyed he is trying to pin this on his daughter. He is only trying to get to the bottom of this. Jack immediately calls Carly (as Parker pleads with him not to say anything) and tells her that there is something he has to handle at the station. Is it more important then his daughter? He doesn’t want her to give him a hard time. She was counting on him. He has to go. Brad tells Jack that he came home and found Parker on top of Liberty. They were just kissing. Jack tells them that he can’t listen to either one of them. Janet walks in and tells them that she would like to hear about what is going on then.

Lily is aggravated because she feels that Holden is using their girls to make her do what he wants. That is not what he is doing. If she doesn’t say yes then she is being a bad mother. He just wants to forget about this for one day. She won’t pretend their problems don’t exist. He doesn’t want the girls to remember the summer this way – they go away to camp and then they come back to a broken home. She will not take the blame for this. This is about letting the girls know they still love them. Lily relents; they deserve to know that they do love them and to not have his mistakes rubbed in their faces like she has had.

Henry pleads with Vienna not to leave him. She has made her decision. He won’t let the best thing in his life walk out the door; she is his reason. She is obviously not enough for him not to lie though. He was just trying to make her see the light because they are giving up a gold mine. He told more lies though after; he also took more money from Katie. She doesn’t care about that life. He has weaknesses and his biggest weakness is she. Nothing has to change. She can’t stay there anymore. She has lost faith in them and there is nothing he can do to change that. He is going to prove that this is where she belongs. He needs to keep her there; will she stay there for a moment – he will be right back. She reluctantly agrees.

Brad tells Janet about how he caught Liberty and Parker making out and about to do more, they made up a story about listening to music, and then he finds a condom on the floor. Janet is happy there is a condom at least. Is she listening to what he is saying, Brad asks? She is and so is all of the station. Janet looks past Brad and quietly says to Jack about so much for their parenting skills after the first time they did it. Jack looks at Janet funny and starts to shake his head. Brad realizes what she means and whips around on her. Janet realizes he doesn’t know. Brad lurches for Parker, as Jack stops him.

Why was her dad being so mean, Liberty asks Katie through tears? They weren’t doing anything wrong; they were just kissing. What is her dad going to do when she and Parker… she stops and Katie realizes they had sex. Her dad is going to hate her. No. He won’t want to be around her like he did with her mom. Katie tries to explain that this is not the same at all; he just wants to be a good dad. Liberty starts to cry; he wants a little girl and she is not his little girl anymore.

Brad yells about why noone told him. Jack snaps that they were handling it. Brad growls back that he obviously didn’t handle it because Parker is still breathing. Janet yells for him to stop it. They had sex, and Jack and she told them they were too young and they could go back to being friends. Brad snarls about them knowing that they can’t go back to being friends afterwards. They should have known they couldn’t do that and they should have stopped it. He is her father and he had a right to know. If Jack doesn’t keep this ‘horn dog’ away from Liberty then he will, Brad growls. Jack cuts him off; he is not doing this with him right now – he is not going to embarrass Parker. He is leaving with him. Brad yells that he may be his nephew, but if he comes near Liberty again, he will break both his legs, as Jack gets in his face and tells him that if ever threatens his son again, it will be the last thing he ever does; Brad should worry about his own kid. He takes Parker out of there. Janet wants to know where Liberty is? Brad answers that she is at home – for a very long time – so she can think about what she did. She is his daughter and not his prisoner, as Janet stomps off with Brad close behind her.

Katie asks Liberty to sit down. She had to know her dad wouldn’t be happy about this. What does she think her dad will do? He will do a lot of yelling at her…as well as with Parker, Janet, Jack and she. He just wants to make sure she grows up safe, happy, and healthy and when she makes decision that compromise that, then he will react. She will have to accept how he acts, but it doesn’t change the fact that he loves her. Most parents would act the same way. There is a knock and Janet wants to know where Liberty is? Liberty stands up and cries. Janet rushes to her telling her that her mother is there and she will make it alright, as a sad Katie watches.

Jack brings Parker home; he is very disappointed in him. He thought after their talk, he wasn’t ready to have sex with anyone. It wasn’t anyone – it was Liberty and they weren’t having sex, Parker answers. Brad walked in and overreacted. They were going in that direction though. They both wanted it and they were being safe. He is too young to have sex. So, he and his mom can hook up whenever, but he is too young to be in a relationship. Where does he get off judging their relationships? He is judging him. His relationship with Liberty is more of one then what he is doing with Janet or his mom and Holden. Jack explains that he is the adult and he knows more about things then he does. Is that why they keep messing up because they know so much? They may be young, but they will never end up like them. Jack stares at him in disbelief.

Carly arrives at the camp and Sage races out to greet her. She is so happy to see her, but she thought her dad was picking her up? He had to finish something at work so he sent he next best thing – her. Carly assumes that she is ready to go. Sage tells her that she has to go say goodbye to her friends. Carly is anxious to get on the road, but Sage tells her that she will only be a few minutes, as she races off and Carly looks nervous.

Jack tells him that he hopes Parker and Liberty don’t end up like them because they haven’t done the best job. However, he knows that they are too young to handle the emotional ramifications of having sex. Liberty acts like she is tough, but she isn’t. This has to stop because he loves him too much and this is having a far too serious affect on his future. How is he going to stop him Parker asks, as Jack stares?

Janet, Liberty and Katie sit down, as Liberty tells her mom that it was so awful because her dad was so mad that she thought he was going to kill Parker. The only thing that Parker is dying of is embarrassment, Janet tells her. How does she know that? She saw them at the police station. Is he getting arrested? No, why would he get arrested for them kissing? Liberty explains that Katie knows. Katie asks Janet if she knows? Yes, and so does Jack and…. Brad. Both Liberty and Katie get up anxious and worried. What did he do? She is sure that he has since calmed down. Janet tells Liberty that she is going to talk with Jack to try to make this go back to normal and then she will be back. Liberty tells her to be sure to come back for her remains. Janet assures her that it will be fine and she loves her. She leaves and Katie asks her if she wants her to make her something to eat? She is way to scared for her last meal. The door opens and Brad walks in with a very large bald man. Katie wonders who his friend is? Liberty adds – his very big friend. This is Ugo – Liberty’s new bodyguard.

Holden and Lily arrive at the camp and Lily tells him that she is going to find the girls. Holden would like to go with her because he knows the camp. Lily remarks that she is sure he does. He doesn’t want to fight with her here. Here – where he slept with Carly …she would imagine he wouldn’t. She wants to go find her girls and spend some time alone with them; he has the whole ride to pretend they are fine, as she stomps off. Sage runs over and hugs Holden; she wants him to know that she is no longer afraid of horses thanks to him. Can she and her mom come over to the farm tomorrow to ride the horses? Carly tries to stop her, but Holden tells her that she can come over whenever she wants. Sage realizes she hasn’t said goodbye to Mr. Beasley. Who is that, Carly asks? She rode her horse all summer. She will be quick as Carly is unsure, but then relents. She takes off, but soon she comes back with Lily, Faith and Natalie. Lily looks angry to find Carly and Holden there. Sage tells them again that Natalie and Faith have to come with her to say goodbye to Mr. Beasley, as they all take off. Carly and Lily and staring at one another so Carly tells her that she is going to put the bags in the car, as Lily snidely remarks about Holden helping her.

The camp counselor, Winky, comes over and jokes with Holden about the two Mrs. Snyders being with him. She tells Lily that she was beginning to think that she didn’t exist, as Lily is annoyed. Winky tells her that she was just kidding. She has to confess though when Holden and Carly first arrived… because of their last name, she assumed they were a couple. Lily answers her – really? She treated them like an old married couple and they even had to bunk together. Lily icily answers that she is sure they didn’t mind the close quarters, as Carly is nearby listening. Winky tells Holden that there is a billing issue they have to clear up. Lily tells him to go. Lily stalks over to Carly and tells her to not say a word – she came here with her husband and children and pretended to be her? She never pretended anything, Carly promises. Except pretending to be her friend. They shouldn’t forget that charade. Which cabin did they have sex in? That one, as she starts pointing out cabins. Carly wants her to stop. That is what she should have said. Winky made an assumption and put them together. They didn’t correct her; the words couldn’t come out of her mouth. That is because she wanted her husband. What if the girls had walked in on them – in all of their spontaneity? Carly recalls Faith showing up. Lily realizes why she looks the way she does. Which one of her girls saw them? Carly pauses and then admits Faith, but she didn’t see anything. She had no idea what was going on. Lily is incensed; she is sick; she makes her sick. Lily, her voice dripping with anger and sorrow, calls out to her girls. They race over and Lily tells her that they are going. What about dad? She doesn’t want them to worry about him, as she throws their bags in the back. He can find his own way home, as Carly watches holding on to Sage.

Vienna is getting her bags ready to leave. Henry rushes in and tells her that he is glad that she is still there; he is sorry he was late, but she will understand when she sees why. He said he would be right back and she doesn’t want to miss her flight. Henry takes a velvet ring box out of his pants and holds it out towards her. He gets down on one knee. He knows he proposed before with help, but she deserves more. To hear she has lost faith that is the only thing that gives his life meaning; he felt like he was drowning. He will make a promise – not to be perfect – but to be hers and to put her above all else – including himself. He doesn’t want her to doubt he loves her. She hasn’t. Please, will she marry him? He opens the box.

Katie tells Brad that they should have talked about this. She doesn’t know the things he does, Brad answers. She does. How come she didn’t tell him? She might have thought he would have acted extreme. Ugo is going to keep her in line. He will stay with her night and day… all 280 pounds, as Brad walks over and sits down next to Ugo. Liberty tells him that he wants him to yell at her instead. Liberty tells Katie that the man probably eats live goats for breakfast and she can’t leave him alone with her.

Parker is sitting outside when Jack joins him; he has tried to be the good guy – to understand. He has taken things way too far. Parker says whatever. He is not the only person that feels that way…his mom, Janet Brad. When do they get a voice in what they want? They don’t because they have both demonstrated they can’t be trusted. He is to stay away from Liberty…in public or family gatherings that will have to happen, but other then that, it will not be happening anymore. Does he understand him, Jack yells? Parker stares and then tells him that he obviously doesn’t have a choice, as he stomps off. There is a knock and Jack answers it; it is Janet. Janet tells him that Liberty is terrified that Brad is going to rip Parker’s arms out at his sockets. He needs to stand in line. His round two of talking didn’t work? It is like talking to a brick wall; he thinks that if he had done more then just talk to Parker at her insistence, then they wouldn’t be where they are right now. Janet is angry; is he saying this is her fault? Jack stares back at her.

Sage is in the car listening to her music when Holden walks up; where is everyone? Lily left, Carly explains. What does she mean? She took the girls and left. Why? Because she was upset about what Winky said. Is that all? Carly stalls and then admits that she also knows that Faith saw them. Why would she tell her that? She put it together. She explained that Faith didn’t know what she saw and that it looked innocent. They didn’t hear them talking about why Lily would leave. The girls are going to ask her why she left and he has no idea what she will tell them. She wouldn’t tell them something to upset them. She doesn’t know that. When he gets hone, they can get home and straighten it out. He will have to go rent a car, but Carly offers him a ride. She can’t leave him behind. What will Lily say about that? She is the one that left him behind. Sage sticks her head out and wonders if they can leave? They will in a minute, Carly promises. Sage asks Holden if he is coming with them? Carly smiles at Holden.

Jack tells Janet that he doesn’t blame her, but he should have taken a harder line…like Brad did. Brad took it more serious then he did. He laid it on the line with Liberty that Parker will not be alone with her. Did he act like Parker did something to be ashamed of, Janet asks? Jack looks at her incredulously. Janet continues; they didn’t rob a bank or take drugs, but they are being treated like they are criminals...they just had sex. Not every 15 year old is out there having sex, as Jack smirks. He is a cop and he knows what is going on out there. Their kids may be having sex, but they were responsible enough that they used a condom and were safe. She keeps saying that, but that doesn’t matter to him and he doesn’t want her to act as if he should be taking Parker out for a beer. He and Brad are not as different as he would like to think, Janet growls.

Brad asks Ugo what the number one rule around the house? No boys. Brad smiles. They have to go back to work, as Liberty begs them not to go. Katie doesn’t think it is a good idea to leave Ugo alone with Liberty. They can take her to the studio with them. Ugo needs to go along too, Brad answers. Liberty taunts him about Ugo not fitting through a door. Brad tells her then they will go alone, as they leave. Katie mouths that she is sorry to Liberty.

Vienna puts Henry’s ring away. He loves her. They tried getting married and he left her at the altar breaking her heart. That was the biggest mistake of his life. This is… asking her to marry her; this is his easy way out for him, Vienna answers. He wants a life with her. This is not going to solve their problems; he has these impulses to do stuff – like gamble away the diner, to buy into Metro without thinking about the consequences or what she wants too. It is always about what he wants when he wants it. He wants her today. If it is about the size of the diamond….? No, one time size may have mattered, but not after loving him with her whole heart; it has changed her. He thought he loved her but he seems to be trying to change her back to who she used to be. She can figure out who she is with him, Henry offers. She needs to go and find out who she was before she met him.

Back at home, Lily is listening to Faith and Natalie’s stories. She tells Faith and Natalie to go put their backpacks upstairs. Natalie leaves and Faith stays behind to ask if everything is ok with she and her dad? Lily explains that he just needed to handle some stuff at the camp; there is nothing for her to worry about. Faith nods.

Carly drives Holden home; Sage reminds Holden that they will be out to the farm to ride tomorrow, as Carly tells her that they will have to see. Holden and Carly stare at one another before he gets out. Holden barges in the door; how could she just leave him behind? She thought the girls should start to get used to him not being around. That is what he is talking about; he doesn’t want to expose them to this. Lily jumps up; he needs to get over himself. When he was having sex with Carly steps away from their kids, was he thinking about what is best for the kids? She snarls that the days of him lecturing her and she taking it because she thinks she deserves it is over!

Vienna walks out the door, as Henry follows her out pleading with her not to walk away from them. The bellhop walks up and takes her bags downstairs. Vienna tells Henry that he is her one and only and she loves him, as she kisses him and walks away.

At WOAK, Katie tells Brad that this is one of the worst things he could do to Liberty. One day Liberty will thank him. His daughter just had sex for the first time and he is not talking to her about it at all. Ugo is going to look after her to make sure she stays ok. Who is going to look after him? Brad doesn’t understand. If he is not careful, he might just lose his daughter for good.

Parker is lying on his bed when his phone rings. Liberty calls him; why is he whispering? She is being watched by a bodyguard who is following her around… he is big and scary. Parker can’t believe this. How are things there? His dad says they can’t hang out anymore, as does everyone else, who thinks it is for the best. She doesn’t feel like that. He doesn’t either; he misses her. They cannot do that to them. He is not going to let them tell him what to do –especially when it comes to them. Liberty is happy to hear this.

Janet tells Jack that everything is either black or white with him and Brad; you are either all good or all bad - forget about being in the middle with a little gray. It just irks her that someone might question her. Excuse me, Janet says? She thinks because she raised Liberty that she knows what is best for her and every other teenager, Jack answers. Is she supposed to apologize for knowing how to talk to her daughter? She doesn’t talk to her like she is her daughter- more like she is a grown up. She did the best she could and she wouldn’t change a thing she did if it meant that she wasn’t real with her then treat her like a baby. Maybe he made a mistake by not treating Parker like an adult, but neither one of them are in the clear because they are both in the same place. Janet tells him not to worry because she won’t offer an opinion on what to do, as she stomps off.

At Al’s, Sage is wondering if Holden will let her ride a different horse this time? They will have to wait and see; it probably won’t be tomorrow. She is sure that Holden will want to spend time with Faith and Natalie because he missed them as much as she missed her. Why didn’t Lily let him ride in the car with them? Sometimes adults don’t make sense.

Holden tells Lily that he is not trying to lecture her; he just wanted today to be about them trying to hold their family together. If that was what he wanted then he should have tried not to sleep with the town slut at their kids sleep away camp. Can she keep her voice down so the kids don’t hear her? He is worried about the kids finding out now? Does he know what Faith told her on the way home in the car? She said how funny it was to find her father and Carly sleeping on the same mattress because your bunks broke. Did she say it on her own or did she ask her, Holden wonders? Why… does one make her a bad mother? Faith didn’t see anything, Holden reminds her. Thank God… lucky for Faith and him, but it still isn’t the same thing as him not doing it to begin with. She wants him to go, as she kicks him out and starts to cry after he leaves.

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