ATWT Update Tuesday 7/29/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Vienna and Henry awaken and are hungry for breakfast Vienna suggests they order room service because she feels like someone should wait on her today. Henry agrees and starts to get up to use the phone but Vienna pulls him back to bed and they kiss and snuggle for a few minutes. Henry wants to stay in bed all day but Vienna tells him they need to go shopping because she wants to make Alís more upscale and glamorous so that he will be happy. Henry tells Vienna that they canít afford to go shopping but Vienna reminds him that once Carly gives him the money for his half of Metro they will have plenty of money to give Alís a makeover.

(Alís Diner) Liberty arrives and wonders why Janet left her twelve voicemails asking her to come to the diner today. Janet tells Liberty that she wanted to make sure that she had a good breakfast before summer school. Liberty knows Janet is lying so Janet admits she wants to make sure they finish their earlier conversation. Liberty asks her mom not to give her any more lectures about Parker because nothing is going on between them. Janet asks Liberty to look her in the eye and since she is her mother she can tell that Liberty and Parker had sex.

(Carlyís house) Jack and Parker arrive from their fishing trip and Jack wonders why Parker cut the fishing trip short. Parker thinks the fishing trip was pointless since the fish were not biting at all. Jack explains to Parker that catching fish doesnít matter because he was looking forward to spending time alone with him and talking about guy stuff. Parker wonders if he wanted to talk about either of their love lives because he doesnít want to talk about his motherís love life. Parker tells Jack that what his mother did with Holden makes him sick and he doesnít even want to think about it. Jack agrees not to talk about Carly but he does want to talk about what Parker did with Liberty. Parker tells Jack that Liberty is mad at him and she wonít even return his phone calls so he knows that she isnít thinking about having sex with him. Parker also tells Jack that there is nothing going on between him and Liberty.

(Brad and Katieís house) Brad asks Katie what Libertyís password could be and she is appalled that he is spying on Liberty and invading her privacy. Katie tells Brad to stop what he is doing right now and walks over and takes Libertyís laptop away from Brad.

(Carlyís house) Jack tries to talk to Parker and make sure that he doesnít have sex with Liberty just because he is upset with Carly for sleeping with Holden. Parker is hurt that Jack doesnít give him more credit and just assumes he would do such a thing.

(Alís Diner) Liberty tries to hide that she had sex with Parker but Janet knows better and within a few minutes Liberty is crying and apologizing to her mother and begging her not to be mad at her. Janet holds Liberty as she cries and assures her that she isnít mad at her. Janet asks Liberty how the experience was for her and she says it was fine it was just awkward after the experience. Janet tells Liberty that it is also awkward for her after having sex. Janet tells Liberty that she can handle the awkward feeling but she is a grown up and Liberty wasnít ready to have sex. Janet says that now thee hard part is to be friend with Parker now.

(Brad and Katieís place) Brad admits that Katie is right he shouldnít look at Libertyís computer. Brad decides to take another approach and heads for the door but Katie puts herself in front of the door and doesnít allow him to leave until he tells her where he is going and what he wants to do when he gets there. Brad tells Katie he wants to talk to Janet and ask her to take the birth control pills away from Liberty. Katie agrees but wonders what Brad will do if Janet refuses to take the birth control pills away from Liberty. Brad tells Katie that he refuses to let Liberty become like her mother and end up a mother at a young age. Katie says he has a good point so she is getting dressed but Brad tells her she should go to the studio. Katie makes Brad promise to not get in trouble.

(Carlyís house) Jack tells Parker that it is a good thing that Liberty isnít talking to him because he should be spending more time with other kids and not so much time with Liberty. Parker says he got the message and has to go to work. Jack tells Parker he is going to work too and offers to give Parker a ride but Parker says he feels like walking to work.

(Alís Diner) Liberty is sad because Parker hasnít called her and Janet explains that Parker went on a fishing trip with Jack so that is why he hasnít called her. Liberty thinks Parker wanted to get away from her that is why he went fishing with Jack. Janet tells Liberty that she is a wonderful girl and nobody would want to get away from her. Liberty tells Janet that she has to say nice things like that to her because she is her mother. Janet tells Liberty that this is for the best because Parker is younger then she is and his family life is a disaster right now. Janet tells Liberty that she doesnít want to become the way Parker escapes his problems because then he will become too dependant on her. Liberty tells her mom that Parker isnít like that but Janet tells her that men can change very fast. Janet tells Liberty that she should chalk this up to experience and forget about it for a few years. Janet tells Liberty she loves her and Liberty says the same before she heads off to summer school.

(Lakeview) Henry tries to explain to Vienna that he doesnít exactly have the money that Carly gave him for his share of the club in liquid assets. Vienna doesnít understand what Henry means and tells him to go get the money from Carly and if she doesnít have the entire amount she can at least give them part of the money so she can redecorate the diner and he can be happy. Vienna doesnít think Henry looks happy he looks very pale and he should go get some rest. Vienna thinks Henry is embarrassed to ask Carly for the money so she tells him that she will go get the money from Carly. Henry tells Vienna that he created this mess and he will get them out of the mess.

(Brad and Katieís place) Henry arrives to ask Katie if he can borrow fifty thousand dollars from her. Henry explains to Katie that he lied to Vienna when he told her that he sold Carly his share of Metro. Katie wonders why he would do such a thin because lying is never a good thing. Henry explains to Katie he was trying to use reverse psychology on Vienna hoping that she would see that he loved her enough to sacrifice something that made him happy. Henry was hoping that once Vienna saw how much he loves her she would let him keep Metro. Katie tells Henry that his plan didnít work and he should tell Vienna the truth. Katie says that Vienna has always told him she loved the diner but Henry thinks Vienna is sacrificing her own dreams for him. Katie tells Henry she doesnít have that kind of money lying around so Henry asks for whatever she has available and he will tell Vienna it is a down payment.

(Alís Diner) Vienna arrives sees Janet crying and she explains that Liberty is growing up and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Vienna tells her to take a few hours home until the lunch shift. Jack arrives and Janet asks him to take her home.

(Farm) Jack tells Janet that he and Parker cut the trip short because Parker didnít feel like doing any male bonding with him. Jack tells Janet he tried to talk to Parker about Liberty and Janet thinks they had a good talk so she says that those poor kids have such a hard time talking about their first time but when they finally open up everything comes gushing out. Jack is shocked and asks if Liberty told her that her and Parker had sex. Janet tells Jack that is what she thought he was talking about and then Jack explains that Parker didnít tell him anything. Janet tells Jack that Liberty told her that it was okay between her and Parker it was just awkward when the sex was finished. Janet tells Jack she doesnít think sex will be an issue between Parker and Liberty anymore and they will naturally drift apart. Janet asks Jack not to say anything about this to Brad or Carly since it wonít be a problem anymore. Brad arrives and asks Cary and Janet to help him keep Liberty an innocent girl.

(Brad and Katieís place) Henry fears that Vienna will leave him if she finds out he tricked her Katie tells Henry that Vienna loves him and wonít leave him if he tells her the truth. Katie is unable to persuade Henry to tell Vienna the truth and she agrees to lend him the money.

(Farm) Brad asks Janet to take the birth control away from Liberty and he asks Jack to tell Parker that he will never have sex with Liberty. Janet and Jack both think that Brad is overreacting and tell him that they have the situation under control. Brad tells them both he would never forgive himself if Liberty ruined her life. Brad wonít leave until Janet swears she will take the birth control away from Liberty. Janet agrees to take the birth control away from Liberty.

(High School) Parker and Liberty both think that the other person is ignoring them on purpose. Liberty confronts Parker and he admits to Liberty that she was mad at him for assuming that she wasnít a virgin. Liberty tells Parker he could have called to tell her that instead of running off on a fishing trip without letting her know she was gone.

(Farm) Janet thinks that Jack hates her for lying to Brad about the kids having sex. Jack thanks Janet because she was smarter then all of them and she protected both the kids in spite of him and Brad Jack makes it clear that he thinks Janet is a wonderful mother and when she makes mistakes she owns up to them. Jack tells Janet that Brad doesnít know how to handle this news and he would probably embarrass the kids. Jack thinks itís a great idea to not tell Brad that Parker and Liberty had sex.

(Brad and Katieís place) Brad informs Katie that Jack and Janet agreed to do whatever it takes to keep their kids virgins for as long as possible.

(Alís Diner) Henry arrives and gives Vienna two thousand dollars in cash and tells her that is all the money Carly had in the safe and he will get the rest of the money later. Vienna is happy and says that they can go shopping as soon s she takes the strudel out of the oven. Carly calls Henry and tells him to come to the club right away. Henry hangs up the phone and sends Vienna shopping because he is felling sick and needs to go lie down and rest.

(Farm) Emma arrives with peaches and decides to make a peach pie and she gets annoyed when Janet suggests that she can make a tiramisu and Emma says she wants to make peach pie. Janet decides to go to the ladies room and leaves Emma and Jack alone to talk. Emma is angry with Jack because he moved a strange into the house without asking her and that Janet rearranged things in her kitchen. Jack tells Emma that Janet is a good person and she is working extra shifts at the diner to save enough money to get her own place. Jack tells Emma that Janet is a good person and he likes her. Jack asks Emma to give Janet a chance and she agrees since Janet makes him happy. Janet arrives and Emma excuses herself and Janet thanks Jack for what he said to Emma and promises to put things back the way they were in the kitchen.

(High School) Parker tells Liberty Jack was asking questions trying to figure out if they had sex but he didnít tell him anything about what happened. Liberty tells Parker her mom guessed everything but she was really cool about it. Liberty tells Parker that she promised her mother that t wouldnít happen again. Parker and Liberty decide to go to Brad and Katieís house and hang out since Parkerís student cancelled on him and Libertyís teacher is sick.

(TV Station) Brad and Katie finish taping a show and Katie wonders why he is going to let Jack and Janet handle this problem with Liberty. Brad says its because they have more experience being parents and they know how to handle it. Katie tells Brad that he loves Liberty he just has to learn how to trust her and it will go a lot further then looking at her computer. Brad tells Katie he forgot to turn off Libertyís computer.

Brad is speeding to try to get home before Liberty when he is stopped by a cop and given a ticket for driving 85 in a 35-mile zone.

(Lakeview) Vienna arrives home with chicken soup for a sick Henry who isnít in their room.

(TV Station) Vienna arrives and asks Katie if she thinks Henry is gambling again because he lied to her about being sick. Vienna also tells Katie that Henry came home with a big pile of cash from Carly instead of a check. Katie assures Vienna that Henry isnít gambling and advises Vienna to talk to Henry.

(Metro) Katie tells Henry that Vienna went home to bring him chicken soup and now she knows that she is lying to her. Katie explains to Henry that he thinks he is gambling so he tells Katie that as soon as Carly arrives he is going to tell Vienna that he never sold his share of the club and he lied to her to persuade her to let him keep the club. Henry hopes that Vienna will be okay with that but Vienna heard everything and she says she wonít be okay with that and runs out of the club with Henry chasing after her. Henry tells Katie that Vienna just drove off without letting him explain things to her and he fears that he will lose Vienna. Katie tells Henry that she is sure that Vienna will forgive him once she gets over the initial shock.

(Brad and Katieís place) Parker and Liberty start to kiss then Parker stops and asks her if it is okay. Liberty nods her head yes and they start kissing again. Parker stops and asks Liberty if she has some of those things Janet gave her (meaning condoms.) Liberty says yes and hands Parker a condom. Parker opens the condom just as Brad walks in the door. Parker gets nervous when he sees Brad and drops the condom on the floor.

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