ATWT Update Monday 7/28/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/28/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In the hospital, Meg awakens and sees the flowers by her bedside. She smiles and pulls out a white rose to look at, but then looks upset, as she tosses it to the floor. Paul comes in and wonders if that means it is not her favorite flower anymore? She laughs and wonders if she can leave. Paul tells her that he is taking her home.

At Worldwide, a receptionist brings in a gift for Emily from a secret admirer, she thinks. Emily reads the card and tells her it is from a grateful advertiser. She sees two perfume containers inside the box. She marvels at the person’s good taste. She takes one out and tells her receptionist her mother loves this brand so she puts it in her purse to take to her, but then sprays the other one on herself. She has a lunch date.

At the Lakeview, Tom and Margo sit down and comment about how their son has good taste. Margo thinks Casey wants to make up; she thinks he wants to make things right and wants to apologize. Casey comes in and sits down. They are happy to be having lunch with him, but they are wondering why the fancy place? There is no agenda; he just thought they should have a nice lunch. He gets a message and leaves to check it. Margo thinks something is going on, as they joke and make a bet over her thought.

At Java, Susan and Alison get coffee. Alison laments that she is so tired from nursing school. Susan mentions Chris being concerned about her health - is she ok? She is fine; he only mentioned it because she saw her pick a fight with Aaron. Is she in over her head? She would not quit now after everything, Alison explains. She wants to check her out as a physician; they joke about her pulling rank. Ok, Alison agrees.

On the golf course, Bob tells Chris he is not going to win. Bob tries to tell him how to make the shot. Chris shakes his head as if his advice is bothering him. Bob notices he seems far away. Chris blows off the question as he prepares to make his shot, but he looks off again.

Casey comes back to the table; they tease him about paying for lunch. He will be doing this more often – paying his own way. They are glad to see this turn around especially after the last couple of weeks. He wants them to make a fresh start, as Margo agrees. Emily walks up and Margo wonders what is going on, as does Emily. Casey gets up and tells her that she has perfect timing. They are here to go public.

Paul is worried that Meg looks off; Meg explains that she is just groggy. She doesn’t have as much pain and she has not seen Sofie. Paul stops her – what does she mean – she has seen Sofie? Meg tries to get him to drop it, but he won’t. She finally explains that she saw Sofie outside the door at their wedding. She seemed real standing over there dressed like a bride. Sofie will never bother them again; he promises it will be ok. Then she wants to go home. Meg stops and remembers the necklace. She is sure Barbara would like it back now. Paul puts it in his pocket, as they head out.

Emily asks to speak with Casey alone. What was he thinking? He didn’t think she would come if he told her. She wouldn’t have. She is surprised his parents came. T hey didn’t know either, she surmises. He wants them to be seen as a normal couple. They aren’t though. Casey pleads with her to sit down and try this out. Casey and Emily come back, as Margo tries to leave. Emily tells Margo she will be the one to leave, as they both get up. Casey demands that they both sit down.

Bob is standing off to the side as Chris is taking a shot. He starts to tell him more about the way he is taking his shot, so Chris tells him that he needs quiet. Chris makes a bad shot. He must be rusty. Is that what he calls it, Bob teases? Chris looses his cool - he will never be as good at golfing or at being a doctor as him. Where did that come from, a surprised Bob asks? He might not be as good in golf but he is a fine doctor and he doesn’t want him to forget it.

Susan tells Alison that medically she appears fine, which brings her back to stress. Alison wants her to let it go. She wonders how much pressure she is putting on herself? She is not giving anyone the chance to kick her out of school. She will do it all on her own. Susan is worried where stress will lead? She isn’t going to go back to use drugs. She will take care of herself and go to her meetings. Alison tells Susan that the bracelet her dad gave her is good luck. After she broke it, she screwed up on her shift. She is glad that she can pick it up later today. Susan hugs her and tells her that she doesn’t need a lucky charm to get through nursing school.

Chris asks Bob if he is really ok with him taking a break? He is if it is only temporary. He is the first to admit he has worked too hard and too long; he should improve his golf game, Bob teases. Chris goes to set up the tee and has a dizzy spell. Bob grabs him and worries what is wrong?

Tom thinks Casey should have told him what he had in mind, but Margo tells them all surprisingly that they can do this – have a nice lunch together. However, soon she is making snide comments about lamb and how Emily would like to eat something so young? Emily replies that she was actually looking at the dry aged sirloin and was thinking Margo would like that too. She sees Casey’s face and apologizes about misreading the menu. Tom wants to order quickly. Margo talks about how it was just yesterday when Casey was drawing at the table and now he is taking them out to lunch. It will be only a matter of time before it is the same with Daniel. Emily wants her to leave Daniel out of it. Margo smirks and tells Casey that they should be able to be friends because they have so much in common – her husband and son for starters. It is too bad they don’t have a dog anymore. Emily has had it, as she throws her napkin down, and stomps away from the table as Margo laughs and Tom rolls his eyes. She thinks it went great, as Casey glares at her. Casey tells Margo there was no reason for her to do that. She thought he wanted to clear the air. He was making an effort. She can’t stop him from being with Emily, but things will never be normal with Emily and her. Nothing will be that way if she doesn’t give her a break, Casey answers back. Margo is going back to work, as Tom tells Casey that he knows that his mother doesn’t respond well to ambushes. He wants things to get better. He knows that won’t happen – especially overnight. It is not going to work if he tries to shove both of them down each other’s throats. Casey tells him that he knows that and he has to go apologize for that, as Tom hopes he is going after his mother. He knows better then that, as Casey leaves. Tom sighs.

Meg and Paul are walking on the outside grounds of Fairwinds; Paul has something to show her, as Meg worries. He thinks she will like this. The roses are gone. He only planted them to cover Sofie and since she is gone, then he removed them. He doesn’t want anything reminding them of her; he wants to move forward. She thanks and kisses him. She wants to go inside. Paul feels a bump in his coat and checks in his pocket. He takes the necklace out of his pocket and Meg wants to wear it. Does she think he will lose it? Yes, as he puts it on her. It looks beautiful on her as he lifts her into his arms and carries her inside.

Downtown, Alison picks up her bracelet and goes to put it on, as she mumbles to herself about it being her good luck charm. As she is about to put it on, her friend wants to know if she wants to walk with her to class. Alison agrees and put the bracelet back in its envelope and gets up and walks with her friend.

Bob wonders if Chris is on medication? Chris laughs and Bob wonders what is so funny? He said the same thing to Alison when he saw her yesterday and she was having a dizzy spell by the tracks. Bob wonders if the two of them have picked up the bug going around? Bob thinks they should go to Memorial and take some tests. Chris jokes that he is just worried he will beat him in the remainder of the game. Bob takes his pulse and asks him where he got the watch? Mom. He is not falling for that again – he was 5 the last time he pulled that was when he conned him into thinking he had missed his birthday just to get more presents. He was actually 10, Chris laughs. Bob wants them to head over to the hospital now.

At the hospital, Emily sits down next to Susan, who is happy to see her. She has been looking for her because she has a perfume sample from an advertiser and she knew she liked the brand. Susan is thrilled. The hospital likes the doctors to be scent free, but she is going to go to her office and spray it all over herself. She sees Emily’s face and wonders if she is ok? Why? She looks pale. Emily is annoyed; she thinks if she was ambushed at lunch by Tom and Margo she wouldn’t be doing much better. Casey thought it would be nice for them all to sit down; it was a disaster. He is a bad boy; he should spank him – maybe she already has, Susan teases. Emily defends him; he had the right idea. They are together and they need to be out in the open. Casey had the right idea. Congratulations, Susan says dryly. She sounds like Margo. Can she blame her? She can. She is sleeping with her son, who is young enough to be her son. She has already said this to herself already; this is not easy, as Emily gets more riled up and starts raising her voice. Susan has to take the page as Emily tells her that she is glad she is leaving. Emily runs into Casey next. Did he follow her there? He was coming to see if she is ok? No, she is not ok and only someone very young and immature would have done what he did today, she yells, as Casey stares at her.

At Fairwinds, Margo comes to see Paul and Meg; she didn’t mean to interrupt. The Durant case isn’t all the way closed. They found her killer… no thanks to them, Meg answers. Margo tells them that the DA might wants to press charges against Paul for covering up Sofie’s death. Meg is incensed; it was thanks to Paul that they found the killer. Margo tells her that if Paul hadn’t covered up the crime, they would have been on the case a couple days earlier. Cole might not have been able to have hurt anyone else. Meg is getting more upset and raising her voice; Paul wouldn’t have put Barbara or herself at risk. Meg looks like she is going to faint and Paul makes her sit down and Margo worries that she is ok. She was fine until she came here. Paul offers to talk with Margo in the other room; he teases her that she shouldn’t listen at the door either. They leave the room and Meg sits back; however, she hears a knock, goes to the window, and sees Sofie in a wedding dress standing by where Paul buried her in the rose garden. Meg opens the window and yells at Sofie to leave them alone and to stop blaming them. Sofie stares and says nothing.

Casey drags Emily into a private room; why has he gone from the man in her life to someone she is ashamed to be with? She didn’t act like that when she asked him to talk with her dad about custody of Daniel. Emily is furious; he is acting like a kid who bats his eye lashes and they all need to learn how to play nice. She doesn’t need to be with a kid – she needs a man. She is yelling more and more, as Casey tries to calm her down; this is not like her. What does that mean; he doesn’t really know her. Alison comes in; is she ok? Emily tries to calm down but she explains she just feels off – she is dizzy and light headed. Where is the bathroom? Alison points her in the direction and wonders if she needs help? No. After she leaves, Alison wonders what that was about? He has no clue.

Margo tells Paul to get his lawyer on this and to promise not to bury anymore bodies in his backyard. He promises. He walks back into the room where Meg was to tell her that Margo is leaving, but Meg is gone. He wonders where she is?

Bob tells Chris that he is getting the tests taken to the lab – rushed. Chris doesn’t want any preferential treatment. That is not his call; he is not the doctor. Chris is sitting looking off, as Bob wonders how long this has been going on for – he is sweating. Chris tells him the hospital is an oven. It isn’t hot in here, Bob answers. He doesn’t think he should drive. He will be fine; it is just a virus. Bob leaves and Chris falls back starting to breathe heavily. He tells himself it is just a dizzy spell. He rips at his clothes collar though, as he is getting more worked up.

Emily races into the bathroom; she is almost hyperventilating; she won’t let Margo get to her like that. She puts some water on her face. Then she pulls out her perfume bottle and sprays it a bunch of times at her face; she mumbles about how that is making it better, as she seems to calm down.

Alison can’t believe Casey – he thought that it would be a good idea to solve years of wars with lunch at the Lakeview? He knows it was stupid. She teases him about trying. She doesn’t want him to get down on himself about this. Emily has freaked out men older and wiser then him. What do people keeping harping on their age? He hasn’t been happier in a long time. She admits that it was a shock when she saw them kiss, but she wishes them well. They hug, as Emily walks up and grabs Alison; she orders her to take her hands off of Casey and then calls her a slut. Casey and Alison looked stunned.

Meg is out by the garden calling out for Sofie wondering where she went? She won’t let her do this to them when they are finally happy. Sofie suddenly appears and answers her that she knows they are happy; she doesn’t deserve to be. Paul put her in his trunk and they practically stood on her grave during their wedding. She and Paul talk about all the fun they will have sharing anniversaries and celebrations and where is she – in the cold, alone in the dark. She and Paul had nothing to do with her death, Meg tells her. Nevertheless, she is happy that she is dead. She can forget about her and her baby; is she happy her baby died too, as she holds up a baby towards her and Meg screams out no and collapses. Margo and Paul are nearby looking for Meg when they find her, Meg is unconscious. Margo and Paul take Meg to the livingroom. She explains how she saw Sofie and she was holding her baby; Meg realized that when Sofie knew when she was dying, she knew her baby was dying too. She starts to cry, as Margo tells them she is going to leave. Meg apologizes, as Margo tells her not to worry. Paul is going to walk Margo out.

Casey wants Emily to calm down, but Emily won’t be silenced. She tells Alison to keep her trampy hands off of Casey. Alison wants her to stop talking so loudly so she won’t get in trouble – she is already on thin ice here…this is her place of work afterall. Then she should have kept her hands off of Casey in her place of work, Emily snaps back. Alison and Casey can’t believe how Emily is acting and they can’t get her to stop causing a scene. Emily thinks Casey is taking Alison’s side now; is he sleeping with her already? She wheels on Alison and wonders if she gets off on stealing what was hers…first Dusty then Chris and now Casey? Emily tells him if he is already sleeping with Alison then he might want to pay attention for cameras rolling nearby because he might be starring in Alison’s movies. A shocked Casey grabs Emily by the arm and tells her that he doesn’t know what is going on with her, but they are leaving. Alison, with her mouth wide open, watches them go.

At the station, Tom is drinking a coffee waiting for Margo. She comes in and he jokes about how they never had lunch so he wanted to take her to Al’s for a burger. Is it coming with a lecture? She won’t talk about Emily or Casey. It is a shame they can’t talk about their son. He let Emily win again when Emily left with her visitation with Daniel still intact… just because Casey asked. She can’t imagine how more forgiving he might become. Would it be such a bad thing if they support their son no matter what the choices he makes?

Chris is starting to hyperventilate more and more, as he pulls at his clothes and starts to take them off. He even takes off his watch and places it down on the bench, as he is freaking out.

Susan sees Alison checking her schedule in the hallway. Alison wonders if she has seen Emily? She saw her earlier. Did she seem ok? Alison tells her how Emily attacked her for no good reason. It is probably because of Casey. She freaked out. Alison doesn’t think that is it. She thinks Emily could do herself a favor if she stays away from anyone with Hughes as a last name. She would do well to listen to that advice too, Susan tells her also. After she walks away, Alison mumbles to herself that if she never sees Chris again that would be too soon, as she heads for the on-call room. She walks inside and finds Chris breathing heavily scratching at himself and his arms folded across his chest. Alison stares at a naked Chris not knowing what to say or do. She closes the door and demands to know what he is doing. He didn’t mean to hurt her. Alison tells him that he is buck-naked and he needs to put some clothes on. Is he drunk? No. He needs to pull himself together, as she hands him his clothes and leaves. Chris looks down and at himself and can’t believe what he looks like or the state he is in.

Margo tells Tom that she can’t do it; Emily has been a part of some of the most unhappy times in her life and she is supposed to let Casey fall into her arms? What other choice does she have – she can’t ground him. He is a grown man and he is allowed to make the choices he makes…. even if they are wrong. Adam was a grown man and look how he destroyed his life. She can’t keep taking the blame for Adam; it wasn’t their fault. Yes it was – it happened on their watch. She will not allow another one of her sons to throw away his life – not until she knows there is nothing left, she can do. When would that be – never, Tom asks? Exactly.

At Worldwide, Casey takes Emily to her office and tells the receptionist that she isn’t feeling well and to hold all calls. Emily is embarrassed; she doesn’t want to see the look on his face because she feels two feet tall. She doesn’t know why she went off on him and Alison; she doesn’t know where it came from – she is sorry. He is sorry about the lunch. Maybe it was the combination of lunch and the trial; she guesses she needed to explode. At least she got it out. She was scared it was done in such an awful way. She doesn’t know if she can take the pressure of all that is coming their way because they are trying to be together. Casey assures her that they will be fine and make it through together, as he reassures and hugs her.

Chris has dressed when Alison comes back in; he is sorry. He felt sick and then he felt like his clothes were constricting him. So, he had to come in here and strip down? Was he meeting another girl from his nursing class? No, he is telling the truth. Because he is always been so honest in the past. He apologized for that and he doesn’t know what else to do. He has another dizzy spell; he really is sick, Alison realizes? He asks her not to tell anyone – his dad is already running tests. He starts to head out and Alison tells him that he forgot his watch. He takes it and puts it on; his mother would kill him if he left it.

Paul tells Meg that Sofie wasn’t out there – it was a nightmare. She is not going to bother them again. He knows she will get through this. Meg is breathing deeply when she asks Paul to take off the necklace because she feels like she can’t breath. He does and then takes her in his arms and holds her promising that he will take care of her, as the necklace lies on the table nearby.

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