ATWT Update Friday 7/25/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/25/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

It seems that Vienna is miffed at Henry. He tells her he would love her more if she would join him at Metro. He could use a drop-dead gorgeous waitress, and they could do a little dirty dancing. She smarts back asking who is going to do the dirty dishes and make the Swedish meatball special. He quips there was a time that he was her Swedish meatball - is she mad at him? She denies it, but he reveals they haven’t played their little games in a week or two - he’s lost count. She asks if he complaining about their sex life. “What sex life?” he asks, “At this point we might as well be married.” She fires back that he should have thought about that before wasting their money on co-owning a nightclub. 
Henry pours Bonnie a drink and informs her that he can’t talk Vienna into joining him here at Metro. She realizes this and admits she is the last person on this earth that could change her mind. He thinks he has a brilliant plan, if he must say so himself. Just some fake legal work. She smiles and says he needs to get himself a little fake lawyer.  
Janet sits a cup of coffee in front of Jack at his desk and says she thought he could use a caffeine boost and that she’d do better than that if he wouldn’t be mad at her. For giving Liberty birth control pills, and if that was against the law she’d be in cuffs right now - “and I don’t mean that in a good way”. He says he knows Parker and Liberty are getting closer and he just doesn’t want to see them grow up too fast. She asks what kind of trouble can two crazy kids get into on a hot summer day in Oakdale. A lot - he says he keeps trying to convince himself that Parker is not ready for anything heavy, but he’s beginning to wonder if he is right.  
Parker and Liberty are lying in bed side by side with not much to say, embarrassed to be there. He asks if she is sorry they did it. Carly comes home and calls out his name. She sees his ball gear, so she knows he is there and heads upstairs. Parker hears her and locks his door. She calls out again that she knows he is there, so he has to open up and talk to her sometime. He says forget it. Janet massages Jack’s shoulders and remarks that she doesn’t know if it’s this thing with the kids or with Carly, but he is so tense. He doesn’t even want to think of Carly right now. She drapes her arms around him and says “good”, they should just concentrate on themselves. She coos why doesn’t he come with her and she will buy him an ice cream cone? He says okay, but he’s buying. He leaves to finish up something, and the phone rings and Janet answers it. Carly says she needs Jack. Janet quips then she will have to stand in line, “honey”. Jack returns, and she hands him the phone. Carly wants to talk about Parker; he’s not speaking with her. Jack wonders what she expects. Carly says she just wants Jack to understand that she and Holden have come to an understanding. He asks if she wants him to throw them a party. She rails for him to cut the attitude for five minutes. She needs him to come over, now if he can. 
Holden walks into the house and picks up a photo of him and Lily. Moments later Lily walks in and, unsettled by this, says he can not just show up like this unannounced. He says they need to talk, and she informs him that is what lawyers are for. Has he talked to Bonnie? He says no and he’s not going to. He’s not leaving here. He asks that she hear him out. He ran into Luke today and seeing him, hearing him, put everything into perspective. She says she did not want this to come between the two of them. He informs her that Luke is on her side, as he should. What he did was wrong, so he’s not about to give him a free pass. She retorts, “Frankly, I never thought you’d need Luke as your moral compass, or anybody else, for that matter.” He confesses that he knows he’s hurt her, and he’s not about to make excuses, and asks if she can just listen to what he’s saying before they take any legal action. He thinks they owe it to themselves to do everything they can. What he’s asking her is not to give up just yet.  
Jack tells Janet he’s going to have to take a rain check on the ice cream cone. She asks if something happened to Parker. He says Carly happened. She’s finally realized her actions have consequences and now she needs his help in cleaning up her mess. Janet doesn’t think that is fair. 
Bonnie gulps down her drink and thanks Henry, but she will pass on the phoney legal work. He begs her to stay and just hear him out. He knows Vienna loves it here. She was born to be the “hostess with the mostest.” Bonnie believes that would beat running a bordello. He tells her to be nice. And speaking of sex on demand, Vienna has been so upset lately that she has been withholding some of his conjugal rights. She reminds him that he is not married, so technically he has no rights. And that’s the last free advice she is going to give him. He tells her no, no, no, he has a plan to get Vienna to come around, and Bonnie is the only person that can make it look legal.  
Bonnie walks into the diner and asks Vienna if Henry is there? Vienna huffs that he is not, and asks what she need him for. Bonnie holds up a brown envelope and says she needs to give him this. Vienna takes it out of her hands and says she will give it to him. Bonnie makes it out to be very personal and confidential and says Vienna is not to look at it - “Do not open it, seriously”. Vienna lays it on the counter, but can’t do a thing without keeping looking at it and finally picks it up and tells herself that she and Henry do not have any secrets. With Bonnie looking on outside the window, Vienna opens the document and hugs it to her chest, bragging that Henry loves her so much and she loves him too. Bonnie calls Henry and tells him the fish took the bait. Getting her into the net will be up to him.  
Lily arranges some flowers. Holden tells her that she is very quiet. He just wants her to say she will give them another chance. She states that she thinks she did everything to save their marriage as she thought that is what they both wanted, but she was wrong. And it’s very hard to trust him right now. He realizes that he’s done a lot to damage their relationship. She isn’t sure she can wave a magic wand and forget he slept with Carly. He remarks they just need some time, rather than making a decision they will regret later. 
In the kitchen, Carly tells Jack that Parker won’t even talk to her. He asks if she is surprised. Lily and Holden are family. Parker stayed with them at the farm. They were pretty much his second parents when Carly took off with Simon. She says that’s nice, and asks if he has to bring that up. He points out Parker is old enough to know that Holden and Lily are having problems and are just now getting back on track, and now Carly is throwing herself into the mix. How does she thinks that makes Parker feel? That’s why she is upset. Whenever Parker thinks she has done something wrong, he acts out. The question is how far will he go this time. 
Upstairs, Liberty and Parker get dressed. He tells her that his dad is here but he needs to ask her a question. Was it okay? Was it the way it’s supposed to be? Dumbfounded, she shrugs. She’s never done it before? He’s surprised to hear that. She says just because she is older than him does not make her a slut. He assures her that isn’t what he meant. He tells her he didn’t say that to make her feel bad. He seriously did not know this was her first time. “Whatever” she says, “Oh, really, I was just that good, huh?” 
Jack tells Carly he doesn’t know what Parker will do but it won’t surprise him if he tries to get back at Carly. She says so, whatever happens, it will be her fault? He reminds her that she is the one who slept with Holden. She asks if they can just concentrate on their son and not beat up on her. She wants him to know that her and Holden are completely over. They will not be seeing each other at all. He comments, “Good luck with that”. He says working with Parker is a given, but, as far as they are concerned, they are not working together on anything, not anymore. Carly reminds him they are still Parker’s parents and they need to show him they are on the same page. Jack laughs and says he has no idea what page she is on lately. How many times is he supposed to fix her mistakes? “You’re the one who had the affair,” he tells her, “you undo the damage.” 
Lily tells Holden that Ethan promised he’d go to sleep if he didn’t have more bad dreams. Thank God he’s too young to know what is happening. Holden adds, then they should not make it any worse for him and put off any legal action for now. She isn’t sure what waiting will do, but Holden says maybe they won’t make any more mistakes. She tells him not to equate hiring a lawyer with what he and Carly did. He says he’s not. He knows he hurt her with Carly and her with Dusty. Things blow up, and, instead of them working it out, they shut down. They always find themselves coming back to each other. This time should be no different. But at least they know they have tried. She admits she thinks his affair with Carly was his way of ending things for good between the two of them.  
Vienna throws her arms around Henry and exclaims that he is the most perfect man in the world. He comments he’s heard rumors to that effect, but asks “what’s up, Liebchen?” He thought she was mad at him. True, she says, but that was before she found out he was planning on selling his share of Metro. He pretends to be disappointed. She wasn’t supposed to see the papers just yet. She says it’s okay and that at least he is listening to her and what she wants. He stammers that he wanted it to be a done deal before she found out……he didn’t want her to feel guilty that he’s giving up his stake in a club that he invested in for her……he didn’t want her to get down on herself just because he was willing to put aside his dreams that he had for their future…….dreams including a very glamorous future, fantastic business opportunity and a sure-fire solution to the dire financial straits they may find themselves in if the diner doesn’t put them in the black. But who cares about all of that? This is what she wants. And he wants her to be happy. “So I’ll just go ahead and sign those papers,” he tells her, “and we can just kiss it all goodbye.” He pours them a drink, and she agrees – kiss it all goodbye, goodbye and good riddance. She doesn’t need all those things when she has the best – Henry. She gives him a big kiss, and he grimaces. Foiled again!  
Liberty sinks down on her couch and says props to her; she is not a virgin anymore. Disrupting her solitude, Janet knocks on the door and asks how her baby girl is. She asks if they are alone, yes, as Brad and Katie are out. Janet gushes she just wanted to make sure that Liberty wasn’t upset how Bradley freaked out over the whole birth control thing. He thought giving Liberty the birth control meant she was encouraging her to have sex, which she is so not. Liberty acts uninterested and says “whatever!” Janet wants her to know she shouldn’t deal with things like this until she is ready. Liberty tells her she does not want to talk about this right now. Janet guesses –“Oh, my God!” 
Carly tells Jack that she can not change what happened with Holden, but only guarantee that it will never happen again. He thinks she should refrain from making promises she can’t keep. She knows he is angry, but she needs him to promise something, too – that he won’t try to take the kids from her. Holden tells Lily that he’s confused about a lot of things but he knows he did not get involved with Carly to break up this marriage. She remarks their relationship never completely healed after Dusty and maybe Holden didn’t want it to heal. Maybe he knew that if he was involved with her best friend that Lily could not get over that. She claims there was a difference with her and Dusty. They were trying to get back together when he was with Carly. He says she is right and he’s sorry. It will never happen again. She asks how many more times can they uproot their children and keep breaking their hearts. Why keep making the same mistakes. Just let go. He said he had feelings for Carly, so she gives him permission to go to her. She cries for him to act on those feelings. Be with her. She is giving him his freedom. She walks back into the house. 
Holden follows and tells her he doesn’t want his freedom. His feelings for Carly are over. She asks if his feelings over or just the affair. He says it doesn’t matter, but she says it matters to her. He states he wants his family back and before they speak to lawyers to think about what is best for the children. She counters that she has made up her mind. She is still filing for a divorce. He vows he is not giving up, that is his choice. He walks out saying he still believes their family has a future and she knows where to find him.  
Jack assures Carly that he is not going to take her kids away. The last thing they need is to be taken away from their mother again. They can’t hurt them anymore. She thanks him and says at least they agree on something. He points out that he isn’t as bad as she thinks. Janet tells Liberty she can not run away from this; she sees that look on her face. She was that age once, too. She did it with Parker, didn’t she? Liberty says they did not do it. Janet wants her to swear on the Holy Bible. She wants the truth. Just because she gave her birth control is not an invitation to use it. She’s much too young. Having sex is a very powerful thing, and when you do it too soon it can really mess you up. It makes you do stupid things and brings out all your insecurities. Liberty says she hears her, she is not deaf. She’s heard this a million times. Janet says good, she will hear it a million more. She wants to know exactly what happened. Liberty wants to skip out saying she has homework, so just trust her. Janet says okay. If she did do it, that doesn’t mean she has to do it again. She repeats again that Liberty is way too young. She gives her a quick kiss and tells her she loves her. Liberty mouths, “Thanks, Mom, for nothing.” Parker flops on his bed and reminisces about his conversation with Liberty….what a jerk he is! 
Vienna nags Henry to go ahead and sign the papers, saying she will make him even happier when she takes him home and ravishes him over and over and makes him beg for more. He admits that could make him happier and hollers out for Bobbie to come cover for him. 
Before Jack can check on Parker, Janet stops by. Carly is sure that she did not come to see her and Janet says, no, she came to see her ex. Jack says they can go home and talk. He’ll talk to Parker later. 
Holden sits in church and admits he needs some guidance. He doesn’t know who else to turn to. He loves his wife and wants to do what is best for her, but the truth is there is another woman. God help him, he loves her, too. He looks up and finds Carly standing there. She apologizes that she didn’t expect to see him here. They promised not to see each other. But a couple of sinners look for forgiveness. He asks if she is okay. She says she isn’t really - she is not very popular right now. He tells her to join the club. She says he will think she is crazy, but she came here to ask God to make her a totally different person. He says he hopes that does not happen. 
Janet asks Jack if he is sure his Aunt Emma isn’t there. He assures her they are the only ones there and asks what is so urgent. Janet says she is building up to it; she thought she’d ply him with some cherry pie ala mode and sweeten him up before she told him the news. He’s not going to like it – the news, not the pie. She tracked Liberty down and there is no easy way to say it, but she thinks her Liberty and his Parker are doing it. Liberty is taking a sudsy bath scrubbing all over, while Parker is trying to text her. 
Carly tells Holden she did not mean to upset him and that she should go. He stops her. She asks if he’s seen Lily or if he was praying to get courage to face her. He informs her he did see Lily, and tried to reason with her, but she’s made up her mind and called a lawyer. Carly tells him not to give up and do whatever he has to. Make her take him back. He says that is what he was hoping to do, but only part of him wants to go back. 
Emma surprises Lily by stopping by. She declines an iced tea and says she only wants one thing and she thinks Lily wants it, too. Lily guesses this must be about Holden. Emma says, "of course” and that what he did was unforgivable. It was a horrible, horrible mistake, and he regrets it. But for Holden’s sake, for her sake and for the children’s sake, can’t she find it in her heart to forgive him? Can she do that? 
Vienna and Henry have a raucous, giggling romp under the sheets. Then he meets Bonnie outside the diner and thinks that kiss backfired. He shares that Vienna decided to stick with Al’s and have a life of poverty, peddling pepparkakor – say that five times real fast. He thought pretending to give her what she wanted would make her see the other side. Unfortunately, she did not bite, but he’s not giving up. There has to be another way.  
Janet laments that Liberty denied it, of course, upside down and sideways. But she didn’t fool her. She’s got E.S.P. when it comes to S-E-X. Jack agrees. If she is right, it never should have happened. Parker is too young for this. Janet says that is the reason she kept trying to tell her not to make the same mistake she did, but she didn’t listen. It must be tough being a teenager with raging hormones. Jack thinks they sort of made it too easy. She says she knew it. He would think it was all her fault. She got her the birth control, but she swears she was not encouraging her daughter with that. “Really”, he asks, saying that is exactly what she did. 
Liberty tries to call Parker, but only gets his voicemail. Janet begs Jack not to blame her. It takes two to tango. Parker just found out his mother was having an affair with a married man. Jack maintains it doesn’t matter - he’s still underage. She says she knows and he is too young to be having a baby, so Jack ought to be damn glad that she made sure he isn’t going to have one. Jack scoffs that just because she gave Liberty birth control doesn’t mean she used it. Janet says, “Oh, she’s using it”. She told her things to scare her to death, so don’t blame her for this! That’s what she is hearing. He tells her there is a fine line. You give someone protection and then what do you expect? That she’s just going to put it in a drawer and forget the whole thing? He’s sorry, he says, but this whole thing seems like a lot of encouragement to him. Janet shrugs and says she has been discouraging her from the day she was born. Maybe so, but he thinks what she said and what she did are two completely different things. She says they are not going to get anywhere if they argue. What are they going to do?  
Parker walks in and Jack asks what is up. Parker asks if he remembers the fishing trip he wanted to take him on. He says that he has changed his mind and would like to go. Jack thinks that is great and asks Parker to go grab the reels and tackle box and put them in the truck. They will go tonight. He tells Janet that solves one problem - at least they can keep Parker and Liberty apart, and he can have a serious talk with Parker while they are away. And in the meantime Janet needs to lay the law down to Liberty. She says easier said than done. 
Emma continues with Lily. Holden is the love of her life, always has been, always will be. She knows they have loved each other since they were children. Lily acknowledges that, but just because they have logged a lot of time doesn’t mean they have done it right. Emma reminds Lily of what she just said. They created a beautiful family. She says they have beautiful children that are counting on them to do the right thing and to never forget that. What Lily has created is very, very special - too precious to throw away.  
Carly tells Holden they should never have allowed themselves to have feelings for each other. He questions if they could control that. They both tried, but it didn’t work. So what are they supposed to do now? She says, “I guess we take those feelings, we put them aside, and then we put one foot in front of the other. Try to fix what we have broken.” He asks how he can pretend that he doesn’t want her. She says he always does the right thing, so for once in her life, she’s going to do the same thing. What other choice do they have? He looks at her and gets up and leaves. She sighs, and her eyes follow him all the way to the door.

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