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As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/24/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Outside Brad and Katieís place) Brad tells Katie that Liberty has class today and Katie tells him she has some wonderful ideas as to how they can spend the day until Liberty gets home. (Inside the house) Brad and Katie are shocked to see Parker and Liberty on the couch kissing and Liberty is startled to see that Brad and Katie are home. Brad tells Parker that he saw skin and that he is a dead man even though he is his nephew. Brad grabs Parker by the back of his shirt while Liberty screams that she and Parker were only kissing. Brad takes Parker to the front door and tells him to leave now. Liberty tells Parker a quick Iím sorry and Parker tells Liberty he will give her a call later.

(Alís Diner) Jack is distracted and Janet wonders if he wants something else to eat for Lunch since he hasnít touched his food. Jack tells Janet he isnít very hungry so Janet tries to cheer Jack up because she thinks he is sad because Carly had an affair with Holden. Janet tells Jack she knows the affair stinks but there is nothing he can do about it things happen. Jack tells Janet he isnít that upset about the affair although it does hurt he is more concerned that Parker will want to have sex as a way to rebel once he finds out about the affair.

(Brad and Katieís house) Liberty tells Brad he better calm down because his eyes are bulging and he is breathing heavily. Brad yells for Liberty to go to her room and Liberty doesnít think that is fair since all they were doing was kissing. Brad yells once again for Liberty to go to her room and she yells that he is acting like a child and heads to her room. Katie tells Brad that sending Liberty to her room doesnít solve the problem and the only thing that will solve the problem is that he must talk to Liberty about sex.

(Alís Diner) Jack thinks it would be a good idea if he took Parker on a fishing trip to take Parkerís mind off Liberty. Janet thinks that is a great idea and advises Jack to take the opportunity alone with Parker to talk to him about sex. Jack wonders if Janet thinks the kids are having sex and Janet quickly says no to Jackís question. Janet tells Jack its just better to have the talk with Parker before things go too far. Jack wonders if Janet has managed to bring up the topic of sex to Liberty without sending her screaming from the room. Janet assures Jack she has a mamaís protection plan in motion for Liberty. Jack wishes Janet good luck with her plan and tells her that he will talk with Parker when the time comes but not now.

(Farm) Noah asks Luke if he knows where his sneakers are and then he finds them close by and notices that Luke looks very sad. Noah thinks Luke is sad because he thinks that Holden and Lily are going to break up but that isnít the reason Luke is sad. Luke explains to Noah that he doesnít know the future of his parentís relationship. Luke tells Noah that if his father is willing to throw away his marriage that once was full of so much love then he doesnít have a chance at making real love last and he shouldnít even try to have a loving relationship.

(Pond) Holden is glad that Carly came to see him and he leans in to give her a kiss but she tells him not to kiss her because she came to talk to him. Carly wonders what Holden told Lily about their affair. Holden tells Carly that he isnít in love with her anymore and that he is in love with her. (Carly) Holden also tells Carly that Lily wants a divorce and that he thinks a divorce is the best thing they could do. Carly advises Holden to fight for his marriage and stop Lily from filing for a divorce. Carly tells Holden that when she spoke to Lily she told her that what happened was just a one time thing that will never happen again. Carly is sure that if Holden tells Lily the same thing that in time she will forgive him. Holden refuses to deny his feelings for Carly and wonders if she still has feelings for him.

( Alís Diner) Jack sees Parker looking sad and wonders if things are okay and Parker says things are fine. Jack takes the opportunity to ask Parker if he wants to go catch some fish up at the lake. Parker tells Jack he knows he is trying to get him out of town so he doesnít find out about Carly and Holdenís affair but its to late because he already knows about the affair.

(Brad and Katieís house) Brad tells Katie that he canít talk to Liberty about sex because every time he thinks about it he freezes. Katie tells Brad that ignoring the situation wonít help matters. Brad tells Katie he is going to put the fear of God into Parker so he will keep his hands off Liberty. Katie tells Brad that his plan wonít work in the long run because Liberty has to be informed so she can make good decisions in the future. Brad asks Katie to speak to Liberty about sex but Katie feels that Brad should do this because he is Libertyís father. Brad gets Liberty to sit on the couch and he nervously starts to tell Liberty about how she physically came into the world. Liberty thinks its cool that Brad wants to talk to her about sex and she asks him what does he need to know about sex.

(Farm) Noah tells Luke that not every relationship is destined to fail and Luke thinks that Noah is living in a fantasy because most relationships fail. Luke points out that they have been alone in the house most of the day and they have not had sex. Luke wonders what is stopping them from being together and Noah reminds him of Emmaís house rules. Luke thinks that is a stupid reason and wonders why it was so easy for Noah to be with Maddie and yet he keeps finding excuses not to have sex with him. Luke thinks it was easy for Noah to be with Maddie because she was a girl. Noah tells Luke that he is totally wrong and explains that it was different with Maddie because he was never in love with Maddie like he is with him. Noah explains to Luke that he wants their first time to be special and not just some quick thing they do before everyone arrives home.

(Brad and Katieís place) Brad nervously tries to talk to Liberty but all he can manage to tell her when she asks when is a good age to have sex is that seventeen is too soon to have sex and he canít respond when she asks him why it is too soon he just tells her he should listen to him because he is her father. Brad tries to explain to Liberty that guys and girls are different physically but that doesnít go so well and Liberty gets uncomfortable and decides to go visit her mom for a few hours. Katie has been Listening to the conversation and once Liberty is gone Brad tells her he thinks the talk went well but Katie tells him well is not the word she had in mind.

(Alís Diner) Jack wonders why Parker didnít tell him he knew about the situation and Parker tells Jack he didnít see the point in telling him because it wouldnít change things. Parker tells Jack that the only thing that would change things is if Carly would keep sleeping around and Jack tells Parker that he shouldnít talk about his mother that way. Jack tells Parker that relationships are a serious and permanent thing. Parker points out that things can change because now Carly is in love with Holden and he is in love with Janet. Jack tells parker that he wanted him to come fishing so he wouldnít have to think about this situation all the time. Parker points out that the situation will still be there when they return from the trip that is if his mom hasnít decided to leave town again. Jack tells Parker that his mother loves him more then anything and she promised she would never leave town again. Parker sarcastically remarks that his mother has never broken a promise to him.

(Snyder Pond) Holden tries to persuade Carly to admit that she has feelings for him and she cries a little and she says that she does have feelings for him but she wishes she could take those feelings back because she hates herself for having them.

(Brad and Katieís place) Katie explains to Brad that he should have told Liberty that sex is special but only when you fall in love with the right person. Katie tells Brad that Liberty should know that if she is dating a guy who truly loves her then he will wait until she decides the time is right for her. Brad feels like he totally blew the talk and he should read a book on the subject and talk to Liberty again. Katie knows the place to go to get Brad the information he needs to talk to Liberty.

(Hospital) Liberty and Janet wait for Dr. Schiler and when Dr. Schiler comes out she tells Janet she would rather speak to Liberty alone. Liberty tells Janet she will meet her at the diner later.

(Alís Diner) Janet looks inside the bag the doctor gave Liberty that has, pamphletís birth control pills and condoms, Janet wonders if Liberty knows how often to take the pills and how to use the condoms. Liberty smiles shyly and tells her mother the doctor explained everything to her. Janet sees Brad and Katie coming and hides the bag from Brad. Brad tells Liberty that he needs to talk to her and when he pulls out the chair to sit down the bag falls to the floor. Liberty rushes to pick up the bag but Brad pick it up first and looks inside of it. Brad screams for Liberty to tell him what she is doing with a bag full of condoms.

(Snyder Pond) Carly tells Holden that she canít stand the judging look in Parkerís eyes every time he looks at her. Holden insists that Parker will adjust to their relationship in time. Carly tells Hold that he will understand how she feels when one of his kids looks at him that way. Carly explains to Holden that when your child looks at you that way it crushes whatever is left of you. Holden apologizes and wants to find some way to make this easier for Carly. Luke interrupts and tells Holden he should be trying to make things easier for Lily. Carly explains to Luke that she and Holden were just talking because neither of them wants Holdenís marriage to end so they were trying to talk about a way to fix things. Luke suggests that the only way to fix things is for them to promise to never see each other again. Luke thinks the sight of Holden and Carly is disgusting and he doesnít feel like going swimming anymore. Holden asks Luke to listen to him and understand that he is trying to fix things. Luke wonders if Holden still cares about Lily and Carly tells Luke that his father does care about Lily. Luke tells Carly that he would prefer to her Holden say those words. Carly promises Luke that her relationship with Holden is over Holden tells Carly that he understands the look she was talking about and she was right the look does crush you.

(Alís Diner) Liberty is embarrassed that Brad is screaming at her and whispers for him to stop. Brad continues to demand that Liberty tell him where she got the birth control and she says that plenty of girls her age have birth control. Janet tells Liberty to go home and she will handle her father. Janet tells Brad that she didnít need his permission to take Liberty to the doctor. Brad tells Janet that he knew that she would give Liberty everything she needed to have sex. Janet explains that back when they were in school she wasnít prepared and she didnít want Liberty to end up like her because of a boy just like him.

(Brad and Katieís place) Katie tells Brad that Janet was right and she is glad that Liberty took Janet to get birth control. Katie tells Brad he needs to face reality and Brad tells Katie that he is afraid that a guy will ruin Libertyís life the same way that he ruined Janetís life.

(Alís diner) Janet tells Jack what happened with Brad and Jack insists that Brad was insensitive and she knew the right thing to do because she knows Liberty. Janet asks Jack to give parker condoms and teach him how to use them. Jack insists that Parker is too worried to even think about sex and they shouldnít assume that their kids have even gone that far.

(Carlyís Place) Parker and Liberty talk about how much they hate their parents because they tell them what to do. Parker tells Liberty that she is the only person that helps him forget about his problems. Parker tells Liberty she makes things okay for him and then he tells her she is pretty and they kiss. Parker asks Liberty if she wants to go up to his room she says yes and takes her bag of birth control with her. Parker and Liberty kiss and then Parker asks Liberty if she wants to have sex. Liberty says yes and tells Parker she brought condoms and is taking the pill. The teens kiss and they begin to unbutton their clothes as Liberty lies down on Parkerís bed.

(Snyder pond) Carly tells Holden they have to put an end to their relationship because it is hurting their kids as well as Lily. Carly tells Holden to try and save his marriage and then she gives him a quick good-bye kiss.

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