ATWT Update Wednesday 7/23/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

In the hospital, Meg awakens and is still in some pain. Paul wants to get her some medicine, but Meg doesnít want any. Meg teases him about being rich and powerful and how he should be able to get her released. She asks if her mother is there. No. She would like to see her because it was her fault she missed their wedding. She thinks she is starting to like him. He thinks Emma is humoring the gun shot victim. It is her fault that she doesnít like him. Paul kisses her and tells her that he will be back.

At Java, Alison is fidgeting with her bracelet and looks to be in a bad mood. Aaron wants to get her a coffee. He can get her rat poison or arsenic, instead. Why? She got her test back. She got a C. That is not bad. She has to maintain a B average to stay in the nursing program. He is sure she will get back into the groove of things in a while. It takes time. Alison jumps up from her chair and snarls at him to not patronize her because it doesnít help, as she walks away in a huff. Aaron looks surprised and hurt.

Downtown, Chris and Kim are walking. What is he up to? Reading, eating, sleeping. She is glad that he is slowing down and thinking about what he will do with the rest of his life. However, she is worried he has gone from 100mph to nothing. It is working for now. She can find him a job at the station. Chris thinks it is coming from his dad.

Alison brings coffee back over to the table. Where is his apology? She doesnít need a cheerleader; it makes her feel like a loser when he keeps giving her these pep talks. Sometimes she just doesnít want to hear it. He didnít even want her to go to nursing school. He wanted her to run away to Seattle and hang out. That was before he knew she had a spot back in the program. Alison continues to act erratic and edgy, and Aaron wonders what is going on. He asks why she is actingÖ but then stops. Alison demands to know what he was going to say. He takes a deep breath and tells her that she is acting like she is on drugs again, as Alison glares at him.

At home, Daniel is eating breakfast when Tom walks over. He wants to know why he and his mom have to have a court hearing. Sometimes parents donít agree, and that is when a judge steps in to help them out. The judge may want to talk to him about stuff, too. He wants to know if he is going to ask the judge to take away his momís shared custody. For the time being. Casey walks in, and Daniel wants to know why his dad doesnít want him to see his mom anymore. Tom stares at Casey.

At the station, Emily comes in wanting to know from Margo if they are planning on having a party after the hearing since they are stealing her son. Why would she hurt Daniel by having him find out his mom is a prostitute. She knows she loves Daniel Ė so why do that to him? There is a way out of it Ė she just doesnít fight them about it.

Casey tells Daniel that he got off the phone with his friend who has just set up a huge gaming area in his house, and he wants to know if he can go over. Tom tells him that he can. Daniel leaves, and Tom is livid; he had no right to do that because he knew he was talking to him about the case and the judge. Is he trying to get him out of the house to get him alone and turn him against him and his mother? Casey yells back that is not what he is doing; he just wants to talk with him and he didnít want Daniel to hear. He would never trash him and his mom; maybe he should do the same and not trash Emily, as Tom smirks. His responsibility is to bring Daniel up as best as he can. By poisoning him against his mom? He wonít hear what Emily did; he will just think they didnít agree on his care so the judge will give him full custody. Casey wonders if he thinks that Daniel is that dumb. He will want to know. They will field his questions. He wonít ask them; he will go back to his school and talk with his friends. They will get onto the Internet and get their facts there. He will have the records sealed. That may slow him down. Who will he hate? Emily for being a prostitute, him for outing her, or himself for being the reason everyone knows. This is all Emilyís doing, Tom tells Casey. She isnít doing anything anymore. It was a crazy self-destructive time, and she isnít doing it anymore. She slept with men she didnít know for money, and now she has slept with a father and his young son. She sounds the same to him. She is a good mother. Stop bringing up Daniel. He is there to protect himself and what he has with Emily, and not his brother, Tom snaps.

If she signs over custody, then no one needs to know, Margo offers Emily. She will not do that; he will hate her for abandoning him. Does she want Daniel to hate her? Yes. She is being so heartless. She thought she loved Daniel. She has the power to stop the pain he is about to deal with. This is not about Daniel. It is about Casey, Emily is convinced. She will do anything to stop this. She is begging her. Margo tells her that she will see her in court.

Daniel is a great kid and that is partly because of Emily, Casey reminds Tom. She asks if he is doing this because he has issues with him or because it is what Daniel needs. It has very little to do with his relationship with Emily. He wonders, since he is an ex-conÖ maybe this about the sons he tried to save, but couldnít.

At the farm, Paul goes to see Emma. He is there because he wants Meg happy. She doesnít like him, Emma answers bluntly. He doesnít much like her, either. She has seen the damage he has done; Meg has been thrown in jail, lost her job/career and now been shot. Every time she manages to pull away, he pulls her back. Why couldnít he leave her alone? That is never going to happen. He thinks this was a mistake to come, as he starts to leave. Emma stops him. She knows that Meg needs her approval and she wants Meg happy, too. How can she give it when she doesnít see any good in him. She wants to, but she just canít find it. Meg can, and maybe she can take her word for it. Does he think that she has been unfair to him? He thinks all she sees is his anger and jealousy, which had been off the charts. That has supposedly changed? Loving Meg has changed him - he has learned to be patient and have faith that someone like Meg could love someone like him. He has faith that every day she will chose to be with him forever. Can he promise he wonít hurt her? Emma wonders. Paul answers honestly - no, but he will never hurt her intentionally and he will love her as long as she will have him - that is a promise he can keep. Emma sighs. What is the favor he wanted? Is she going soft on him? She is accepting that God knows what he is doing. His wife wants a couple of gifts today, and she is one of them.

Kim explains that Bob is concerned about his future. He just needs a little time to figure out what to do. His dad must think he is loafing around. He is being too sensitive, Kim thinks. He needs a few weeks, or maybe months. It will take as long as it takes, or until he runs out of money and comes home. Kim laughs and tells him she will see him later.

She canít believe he would accuse her of that, Alison growls. What is he supposed to think? She is biting his head off, fidgeting, and her eyes are doing weird things. He is supposed to be her friend, but he isnít really Ė he is just waiting for her to fail. How could she think that? It must have always been there, and she just didnít see it. Chris walks in and sees their disagreement. He shouldnít have said anything about using drugs. She wants him to leave with his phoney concern. After Aaron leaves, Chris walks over and puts his coat over her shoulders. She doesnít need it, but he does it anyway, as Alison shivers.

Meg asks Paul were he has been. He was on errands. She wants to go home. They have to observe her for another day. Her mother hasnít been by. She hasnít checked in on her daughter who got shot. She will be there even though she doesnít approve of her new husband. She didnít either, but she likes him now. Paul smiles. He is glad about that. Will she marry him? She already did, but her mother wasnít there. That is not going to happen. Emma walks in telling her not to be so sure. Paul wants her to answer if she will marry him right here and now. Meg wonders how Paul talked her mom into this. Emma tells her that she loves him and she wants to learn to tolerate him. They all smile. Is she up to another wedding? Barbara waltzes in and tells them that this wedding isnít happening without her. He is still waiting. Will she marry him? She will. Is she getting married in a hospital gown? Barbara tells her that she got her the gown from Fashions that she liked so much, so she will have something new. Emma tells Meg she brought her something old. Meg sees it is her motherís mantilla. She wore it to all her childrenís christenings. She hopes it brings them happiness and healthy babies. Paul thanks her. He being a good husband is all the thanks she needs. Something borrowed is the family Bible. Barbara tells them that she talked with Will and Gwen since they heard about Sophie, and all the rest of them had gone through and they apparently thought she would need a little cheer up, so they sent her a gift. She opens the box and shows Meg a light blue stone necklace with diamonds around it. This is her something blue. It is beautiful. She asks Paul how he knew how much this would mean to her. Paul smiles lovingly. They tell Paul to leave, and Emma and Barbara help her get ready. How does she feel? Like a bride.

Casey knows that he thinks they went wrong with him and Adam. He loves him and he is proud of him. Casey explains the thing they did right was that they werenít perfect parents; they made mistakes, did wrong things and even cheated on one another. It proves that good people can make mistakes and come out stronger. They always forgave each other and their kids. Why canít they forgive Emily? Some things are worse than others and he wonít let Emily have a toxic effect on Daniel. He is an ex-con Ė is he toxic? It is not the same thing. It is. Daniel is not responsible for any of this, but he is making him suffer for it. He is being his father. Then he can be his father and love him enough to not do this. Tom stares at him but then tells him that he needs to get to court.

Alison doesnít want Chrisí coat, but he thinks she does. She wants everyone to leave her alone. He brought her tea because she looks shaky. She is fine. Did she eat breakfast? No. She wants to be left alone. He gets that, but she was dizzy at the track, too. She should get checked out. She asks if he is offering to give her a physical now, as she leans forward. She needs to find out why she is dizzy, nauseous, has chills and is coming on to him when he is the last person she would want.

At the courtroom, Emily walks in and looks around. Casey shows up, and Emily wants him to leave so his parents donít see him. He feels it is his fault. He tried to talk with his dad. Maybe she should just give them what they want. She has to fight for Daniel so he doesnít think she doesnít want him. His parents already have won, and she is worried it will hurt Daniel. She asks if he will be there. He says he wishes he could but he thinks it will make it worse, as he kisses her hands. He is pulling for her with all his heart, as he heads out.

Alison tells him that he is always trying to sleep with her. She was being sarcastic with him. Was she faking the nausea and shakes? Like he cares. Her mother is a doctor and she can look at her. She is too busy studying. Chris leaves, and Alison fidgets with her bracelet until it falls off.

The judge is explaining that they are in court because there is new evidence about the fitness of the mother and that the father wants to file a motion to deny visitation from here on out. Casey walks in and Emily sees him and smiles. Margo sees him, as does Tom. Tom pauses but then agrees to what the judge says. Casey sits behind Emily. He and Emily have shared since Daniel was a baby, but certain information has come to light that makes him believe that Emilyís contact with their son is no longer a good thing. The judge wants to hear the evidence that he has, as Emily looks back at Casey. Margo sighs at this. Tom starts to say what the evidence will show, but then stops. He actually doesnít have any evidence, as Margo sits forward, stunned, and Emily puts her hands to her mouth in disbelief. The judge demands to know what they are doing there. He has decided to withdraw his suit. He should have had more respect for the courtís time. He made a rush to judgment. She wished he had reached that decision earlier. The case is dismissed. Emily and Casey smile at each other, and Margo looks upset.

Paul comes in and sees Meg standing there in her wedding gown flanked by Emma and Barbara. Paul brought Megís minister, also. Meg is thrilled. Emma thought he was going to South America. He told Paul that, but he wouldnít take no for an answer. Meg grins widely. Emma quietly tells Paul that he is making it hard for her to not like him. He smiles - she started it. The ceremony begins, as Paul starts to say his vows.

At the Lakeview, Alison walks over to Aaron and tells him that she broke her bracelet and she was wondering if she broke them, too? Aaron is irate; what is going on with her? She has no idea. She is so sorry she snapped. He was wrong to think she was on drugs. She was acting so weird, though. She has no idea what made her so angry. He thinks he does.

At the hospital, Chris finds Susan. He is worried about Alison. She doesnít need his concern. He is worried that she is exhibiting weird behavior and troubling symptoms. It is probably his fault and he should leave her alone. He just thinks she should give her a physical. She wants him to stay away from both of them.

Paul speaks his own heartfelt vows to Meg, and she starts to say her own heartfelt ones back. She is mid-sentence when she looks past Paul and sees a ghostly looking Sophie standing outside with a wedding gown on. She suddenly faints. Susan has raced in as Paul places Meg in the bed. A distraught Emma tells her that she was only on her feet for a few minutes. Susan asks Paul to take off Megís necklace because it will be in the way. Paul does and then places it on the bedside table, as the camera zooms in on it.

Emily leaves, and Margo rushes over to Tom. Why would he let her get away with it? He didnít. She just walked out with shared custody. Did she see where their son sat? So, he is still infatuated with her. He had to make a decision about whether to lose his son or keep them both. She doesnít understand. Casey talked to him this morning, begging him to let Emily off the hook. So he caved? He came to court with every intention of making Emily stay far away from Daniel. He sees it now clearly, though. Every time they fight they win the battle, but lose the war. Emily will play the victim, as she did with him and Chris. He finally decided they donít have to do the heavy lifting anymore. They donít have to keep her away from Daniel or Casey. She will alienate herself all on her own.

Emily is thrilled, as she hugs Casey. He did this for her. He is glad to help. She wants them to get out of there so she can kiss him some more, as they steal a kiss and take off.

Alison explains that she got a C on her first test. It isnít good. It isnít terrible, though. She raised her average a whole grade level without Chris or Megís help; she studied all on her own. If she keeps this up, she will be at B+ by weekís end. Does he think so? He never lies to her. She is so sorry she blew up at him. She heard the words coming out and she wanted her to shut up. When was the last time she ate? She didnít feel well this morning, so she just had coffee. That would wire anyone. He is going to make her a sandwich. He is her hero, she teases.

Meg is sitting up in bed. Barbara tells Susan that before she fainted, she had her hand on her heart. Did she hear anything when she examined her? Was she in any pain? Meg tells them she felt a flutter, as she smiles. It is not the first time Paul has made her heart race. Then she felt light-headed and even hallucinated. Paul wonders what happened. Susan didnít find anything wrong; her heartbeat was a bit rapid at first, but now everything seems fine. Maybe she was having second wedding jitters. Paul paces. This is his fault. He should have waited until Meg was 100%. Paul thinks Meg should rest, but Meg tells them she shouldnít because she will feel a lot worse if they donít finish what they started.

At the Lakeview, Emily kisses Casey. He got her back her son.

Alison finishes her meal and thanks Aaron. He would offer her dessert, but he doesnít want her to take it the wrong way. Alison kisses him on the cheek and tells him that he can take this anyway he wants.

Emily starts kissing Casey, but he pulls back, worried, because she never wants to be seen. She doesnít care. She loves him and she doesnít care who knows or sees them, she says as they kiss passionately. Alison walks out of the lounge where she was with Aaron, sees them and just stares.

Tom and Margo come home and Margo tosses her purse down angrily. She doesnít get it. It is like giving Emily a blank check. She can do whatever she wants, and they will look the other way. Tom wants her to hold on and make sure Daniel is not there. Margo is mumbling that she hates this, she hates Emily and hates that she will win again. This isnít about just Daniel. It is about Casey, too. They need to let it run its course, Tom believes. Until they have a baby, get married or she gives him a sexually transmitted disease? Margo asks. Tom wants her to stop. Emily is out of control. Who knows what she will do next? She will not accept her and Casey as a couple. She wonít. Does she think it will make a difference to Casey? He is a grown man and he will do what he wants, no matter what they say. Casey will dig in, then they will lose Casey, and Emily will win. She will not let Emily win. She will find a way to stop her permanently.

Alison clears her throat, and Emily and Casey stop kissing. Emily tells Alison that they love each other and are together. She doesnít want her to giver her any grief about it. Alison smirks and tells them congratulations, as she walks off. Casey jokes about that being easy.

At the Lakeview front desk, Chris is getting his mail. The manager tells him something came for him, as he hands him a gold gift bag. Chris notices it has no return address. He asks when it came in. A messenger brought it earlier. Chris reads the note which reads, ĎTake all the time you need.Ē He takes out a watch and smiles. He gets on his cell phone and calls his mom to leave a message. He thanks her for everything Ė and not just the obvious, but for understanding. He hangs up and smiles, as he holds the watch.

Meg finishes up her vows while in her bed. The minister declares them husband and wife, as they kiss. Barbara tells them to take care of one another and be happy, as she leaves. Emma kisses Meg and tells Paul not to disappoint her. Meg thanks them all, but Emma tells her to thank Paul. After they all leave, they kiss again. He doesnít want her to scare him again. He believes in happily ever after and he is going to hold her to it, as he kisses her, and they fall backwards. Paulís hand is near the necklace still on the bedside table.

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