ATWT Update Tuesday 7/22/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Emma walks in and finds a somber Holden sitting at the table. He jumps up, helps bring her bags in and helps her get comfortable. What is he doing there? He avoids her question; he would have picked her up if he had known. He isn’t doing his chores she hopes? He moved back in. Emma is confused. He has been dreading this conversation so much with her. She thought he had moved back in with Lily. Emma is sorry that it seems to not working out. Lily tried when she went to Iva’s. Maybe she could go back to rehab. It is not Lily’s fault. She is talking about a solution not whom is to blame. It is all him this time.

At Lily’s, Lucinda waltzes in telling her that she brought the stuff she needed, but she is wondering what happened outside in the driveway? Oh that, a nonchalant Lily answers – she tried to kill Carly.

Emma needs to freshen up, but she will be back in a few minutes. He is in no rush to talk anyway. Even though he is scaring him, she knows he will make it right. He doesn’t know this time.

Lucinda laughs; she will get someone over there to fix this. She is not kidding. She is telling her that mess out there is supposedly because she tried to kill Carly, an incredulous Lucinda asks. She saw Carly standing by the wall; she put her foot on the gas and wanted to kill her. Lucinda looks shocked. Why is she sitting here then and not behind bars, Lucinda tries to joke. She lost her nerve at the last minute, swerved into the retaining wall, totaled the car, and messed up her neck. She could have been killed Lucinda starts to become alarmed. She should be grateful she is fine, but being alive right now doesn’t feel so good.

At home, Parker comes into the kitchen and Carly tells him that she made brownies. When he doesn’t answer her, she wants to know what is wrong. Does she really? Yes. He thinks she is a slut, as his words cut Carly and her face drops. All she ever does is mess up this family, Parker snaps before he walks away.

In the hospital, Barbara is having a bad nightmare. She calls out and awakens herself. Paul, who was dozing in the chair nearby, jumps to her side. Barbara tells him how Cole shot up morphine in front of her and he had a gun he kept threatening her with. It is a good thing that he is in jail now. She wants to go home. She will when they say she can. Meg went to get her antibiotics. How long has she been sleeping? Where is Meg? He doesn’t know. He gets up to go find her.

Meanwhile, Meg is lying bleeding on the floor in the room where the medicine cabinet was. Paul is right outside when he asks a nurse if she has seen Meg? She was supposed to get his mom some antibiotics, but she has been gone a long time. The nurse hasn’t seen her, but she probably got what she needed and left. Paul knocks on the door but then looks down and sees blood pooling from underneath the door. He panics and calls for the nurse to open the door right away because there is blood. The nurse races over and they open the door, as Paul calls to Meg. They find her on the floor. The nurse has to push Paul out of the way to tend to Meg. She tells him to get a doctor and nurse to bring in a crash cart right away, as Paul races off. Meg is placed on a stretcher and the nurse tells Paul that they have to get her to the OR right away because she has been shot. Paul puts his face close to Meg’s to say goodbye before they wheel her away.

Carly goes after Parker and stops him; she is still his mother and he won’t call her names, she snarls! He will never speak to her like that again! Is she done? Where is this coming from? It is the truth. He notices she is not denying anything. She doesn’t deny screwing up. She screws up repeatedly. Carly realizes that yesterday that wasn’t the door shutting because of the wind. No, it was not. How could she do that to Lily – she was her friend! She knows; she never set out to hurt anyone. She doesn’t know what else she can say.

Lucinda realizes Carly could cause people to want to kill her, but that doesn’t sound like Lily. What could she possibly have done to her because they are friends? She slept with Holden, Lily answer quietly. Lucinda can’t believe this. She doesn’t think she heard her. She repeats it. Was Holden conscious, and sober? It was reciprocal. She never would have expected it. She is so calm; is she in shock? She was so angry, but now it is sinking in; it is real. He went to someone else. She feels like a fool, as Lily hugs Lucinda.

Carly tells Parker that this is the worst moment in her life. It should be. Did she think of anyone but herself – did she think of Faith too? At least with Simon, that was bad, but he wasn’t married to her best friend. This isn’t like Simon because she isn’t going anywhere; she promised she would never leave him again. He doesn’t care. She will do whatever she can do to make it right. He doesn’t think she knows what is right or maybe she does and she doesn’t care. Why should he listen to her when she tells him something? She knows she has not set the best example; all she can do is be honest and admit that she made a mistake. That doesn’t make it right and better. Of course not. She wants him to sit and they can talk so she can make him understand. He will never understand and neither will JJ or Sage. It will never be right, as he takes off. Carly mumbles to herself about how he is right noone will understand.

Lucinda wonders if Lily thinks it is payback. She doesn’t know or care. How did she find out? Holden told her; he had an out of town business trip supposedly but then he told her that he was with Carly in NYC. Did she suspect this? No, she felt unsettled; she didn’t want him to go away, and she was so happy when he came back and he must have seen it in her eyes. He is an idiot; he is a controlling idiot, Lucinda grumbles. Holden wants her to know about him sleeping with Carly, Lucinda asks. It wasn’t like that. Why didn’t he keep his mouth shut? Maybe is was payback for Dusty? Doesn’t she think he deserves that? She is not defending him? No, but she isn’t going to rewrite history either; Holden needs to take responsibility for what he did and she will too. He slept with her best friend. She wants her to stop, Lily yells! She has watched her take responsibility for everything wrong in this family; this marriage has to end.

Paul comes back into Barbara’s room with his shirt covered in blood. A shocked Barbara nervously wonders what is wrong? Meg was shot; Cole shot her. No, they said he was in jail. They were wrong. She will be ok, an emotional Barbara promises. He just got her back. Susan comes in and tells them that Meg is in surgery. Barbara wants to make sure Meg will be ok? The doctor doing the surgery is the best. She has lost a lot of blood so they need to call family members for a match.

Emma comes back downstairs and is ready to talk with Holden. However, Paul calls Holden to tell him that Meg was shot. Holden reacts in disbelief, as Emma sees his face and is worried. Paul is hoping someone has the same blood type. Holden does and they will be right down. He hangs up, tells Emma what happened and they race out the door.

They arrive at the hospital to talk with Susan; Meg is still in surgery. She wants Holden to come with her right away to get his blood. They leave and Emma sees Paul come out of Barbara’s room. She should have known he was involved in this; what has he done to her daughter? Paul says nothing.

Lily wants Lucinda to leave. No, she needs to face the truth. Doesn’t she have pride or she wouldn’t let this go on. She has pride as well as four kids and Holden who has stood by her through so much of her own dark times. She is making allowances. She hates this. She thinks a divorce is best for her. No, it is what she wants to hurt Holden. Lily surmises.

Emma is sitting now listening to Paul. Cole killed Sofie and his unborn child she was carrying, he attacked his mother next. They thought the police had him, but he must have gotten away. How? He doesn’t know. His mother was here and Meg was helping with getting antibiotics. They got a call saying he was in custody. She is holding him responsible still because she never would have any contact with these people unless it was for him. Paul knows that and tells her that there isn’t anything she could say that he hasn’t said to himself already. He is sorry. He always brings pain and suffering and this isn’t the first time. He is always sorry but nothing changes. It will have to this time. She doesn’t believe him. Susan comes over; Meg is out of surgery and will be fine. They got to her and found the bullet in time. Susan tells Paul that there are papers for him to sign at the desk. Why would he need to be the one to sign them, Emma wonders? Susan looks confused; he is Meg’s husband; didn’t she know? She glares at Paul, as he tries to explain that they wanted to tell her. She doesn’t want to hear another word; she just wants to go see her daughter before this day could get any worse.

At home, Liberty comes to the door and Parker wants to know if anyone is home? They are alone, as he comes in. He can’t deal with anyone over the age of 18. She doesn’t want to know. Parker goes to the refrigerator and gets a beer. What is he doing? Drinking. Is it her mom? He told her that he knows and he called her a slut. Seriously? Yes. Did she freak out? She said he couldn’t talk to her like that. She always says sorry; she does the same thing repeatedly. She wants to make it better but how can she do that?

Lucinda answers the door and finds Carly; did she come to twist the knife? Did she come to spend time in the home she wrecked? Lily wants her to come in. Lucinda tells her that she will be sorry. Carly thanks her for letting her in. Part of her can’t help but wonder what she could possibly say. She wants to talk to her – about Holden. She hopes she isn’t going to try to explain her husband to her. She doesn’t want her to lost sight of what is important. She knows she hates her; Holden didn’t want it to happen though. What is his excuse; she seduced him; he was powerless under her spell. More like hers, Carly answers. Lily rolls her eyes. Carly wants to explain. Things were off between them and for Holden that meant his world were off. He was lost and he should have known that; she should have run like hell in the opposite direction, but she was looking for a little of comfort. She and Holden were tired of feeling alone. So she is saying it was her fault? It was hers; he was vulnerable and deep down he was angry. Lily sarcastically thinks this is a fascinating analysis. The last time she took her advice, she kicked her husband out of her house. Then guess what he did next and with whom? She won’t apologize because doesn’t want to hear it, and she probably will never forgive her, and if she were her, she wouldn’t blame her if she never does again. Lily snarls that she is not her and apparently, that is what her husband finds so appealing. No, he doesn’t want her; he wants his life back with her and the world was the way it was meant to be. It is too late, Lily snaps. It isn’t though, Carly counters. She pleads with her not to lose the man she loves over someone like her.

Liberty thinks his mom really loves him. He is not denying that, but you never know what she will do from one day to the next. He can’t rely on her. Liberty jokes about grounding her. Does she think it is funny? It is not tragic though. What if Lily and Holden get divorced over his mom? So what if they do; they should give up on the whole perfect family concept… 2 parents, 2 kids, dog and picket fence and just grow up.

Emma asks if he and Meg are really married. It happened while she was out of town. Meg had doubts a while back so what changed? She changes her mind; she can’t deal with this. He is sorry. Why… he got what he wanted. Holden comes over and tells her the news. They heard. She wants to know if he knew about Meg marrying Paul. He hangs his head; he did. He must not have tried hard to stop it. He didn’t because it wasn’t his place. Paul listens close by with his head down. Emma wants to know how Holden could let this happen?

Lily wants to know if she understands what Carly is trying to say- Holden wasn’t himself because they weren’t together. That is why they had an affair. She was gone and he didn’t know what would happen. So one desperate night they fell into one another’s arms and found comfort? However, it happened again though a second time. She confided in her best friend that she wanted to get her husband back. She must have a had a great time with that. No. She had a good laugh when she was picking out a negligee. She hated it. She knew that she didn’t need all the bells and whistles and that she could attract Holden with bug spray; she didn’t need anything additional. Carly pleads with her to stop it. She doesn’t want her to ever come there again and try her spin an excuse to her; she is not as stupid as she wants her to be. She agrees with her about herself, but she is trying to keep her from lumping Holden in with her. What they did was not enough to ruin a marriage over. He went back for seconds though. She says Holden doesn’t care about her and she is the light of his life? Yes. The affair is over? Absolutely. Funny, Holden doesn’t seem to agree with her there. Carly’s face drops.

Holden wants Emma to relax. She thinks she needs a whole new set of children. If he would have called then she would have been angry and miserable over something she would have had no control over. As opposed to how happy she is now. Paul interrupts and calls Emma by name. She doesn’t like when he calls her that. Holden can’t help but say would she like him to call her Mother Snyder instead and actually, both Paul and Holden smile slightly. Do they think this is funny? Meg is going to be ok and they should be happy about it. She knows he is right; she was so scared, as she cries on his shoulder. Paul smiles again at them when he calls her Mother Snyder – he knows she has no faith in him, but he promises that he will make sure that Meg has a full and happy life. Emma tells him not to push it. Susan comes over and tells them that they can see her now, Paul tells her to go and see her daughter. Emma is at her bedside, as Meg tells her that she is sorry. She has to tell her something. She knows already that she and Paul are married. She thinks it is lovely. She is ok? When she gets better, they will plan a big celebration. Meg thanks her, as they hug. Susan sticks her head in and tells them they should keep it to one visitor. Emma tells her that she and Holden were leaving; her husband should stay with her. After they leave, Paul wonders how she feels. If anything happened to her, as his voice trails off. She doesn’t want to think about it; they have each other and that is all that matters.

Parker is sarcastic about Liberty’s sympathy. Liberty realizes that Carly screwed up, but no parent is perfect, but some are better at hiding it then others. His mom and Holden will figure it out and not him. Liberty tells him that she will never get married. Before he used to take off, but now things are different because she is there. She is glad it makes a difference. He kisses her.

Holden takes Emma home to the farm. She is upset; she is worried about Meg. He thought she was fine. In front of Meg, she had to pretend she was. She has been married to Paul for a short time and a drug user he brought into her life has shot her. What about Lily and he? He guesses he needs to tell her now.

There is nothing between them; why would he tell her otherwise? When she asked him pointblank if it is over, he could not give her an answer. She will; it is over, she swears. Then why wouldn’t he tell her that? Therefore, what scares her is she may be over him, but he isn’t over her. Carly thinks that is silly. She just needs to forgive him; it will be hard, but it will be worth it. Does she realize how much he talks about her and loves her? All she has to do is take him back.

Holden pours Emma some wine; is it that bad, she asks? He just wants her relaxed. The day could not get worse so why doesn’t he just tell her. Lucinda waltzes in. Emma laughs; it could get worse. Lucinda wants to talk to Holden; he is to stay away from Lily and she never wants him to see her again. That is not her decision. Does he think it is his decision to make? He forfeited a decision to make when he did what he did to Lily, Lucinda yells. Holden tries to explain how his mother just got home from a trip. She apologizes, and she can’t imagine how Emma feels after she found out what Holden did. Emma tells her that she is not in the mood for her tirades. Lucinda is livid; she doesn’t allow her boys to cohabitate at the farm, but it is ok for her husband to fornicate with his wife’s best friend. Emma’s face drops, as Holden tries to interrupt to tell her that his mother just found out that her daughter isn’t going to die and she has to show up and throw her two cents worth. Lucinda tries to talk over him and Holden yells back that he wants her to get out now! Lucida glares at them both, as Emma stares at them in shock.

Lily is getting angry; she is going to tell her how to run her own life and she is supposed to listen to her? She understands that she never wants to deal with her again, but she wants her to think about her family. Lily is incensed; she never wants her to talk to her about family again. She didn’t mean it like that. She doesn’t care how she meant it. She is not going to let a woman that ran away with a jewel thief talk to her about family. Carly wants her to look at her; she is all alone; she is asking her to not make the same kind of mistake she made over and over again. Lily reminds her that so many people told her not to be friends with her because she is not – trustworthy- and they were so right. She wants her to get the hell out of her home and never come here again!

Lucinda tells Emma that she is so happy Meg didn’t die; what happened? Emma can’t talk about this right now. Lucinda agrees, but she tells Holden that they have a lot to talk about. She wants him to stay away from Lily in her grief, and she won’t say it again. She leaves and Emma stares at Holden and tells him now she sees why he didn’t want to tell her.

Paul is lying next to Meg in her hospital bed. What if her mom is right? About what? Bad things tend to happen when she is with him. Is he being selfish wanting to keep her all to himself. Doesn’t she have a say about it? Isn’t she better off without him? He can’t think like that, then Cole and Sofie win. It will take more then a bullet to break them apart. Paul stares at her lovingly; she is more then he deserves. She smiles; she doesn’t want him to forget it, as they kiss.

Emma drinks down her wine; she will never go away again. She can’t believe all that has happened since she left. He is sorry. Her daughter marries a man that doesn’t deserve her; the whole world is going to hell and he ruins a marriage with a woman that deserves better. He knows. Whatever happens, he has got to fix this! She grabs the bottle of wine and walks away.

Carly comes home and her cell phone rings. It is Holden; she tells him that he shouldn’t call. She just got put through the ringer with Lily. She went to see her? It doesn’t matter because she just got what was coming to her. He has been dealing with Lucinda and his mother. He really needs to see her. She can’t believe he said that, she laughs flatly. He means just to talk, trying to figure things out. Their lives are falling apart and he needs to know how to fix it. Does she have any idea how to fix it? She has apologized repeatedly and is not getting her anywhere – not that she thought it would. He is in the same place. Since they are not getting anywhere separately then maybe they should do to together. Carly says nothing.

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