ATWT Update Tuesday 7/22/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Parker she made his favorite brownies and she wonders why he has not spoken to her since yesterday. Parker still doesn’t say a word and Carly asks him why he is so mad at her and he yells that he thinks she is a slut and all she ever does is mess up the family. Carly tells him that he can think whatever he wants to think about her but he will never speak to her like that again. Carly asks Parker why he said such awful things to her and then asks if the door slam she heard the other day was the wind or if he overheard a conversation between her and Jack. Parker tells Carly that he overheard the conversation between her and Jack and wonders how she could do that to her best friend. Carly admits that she made an awful hurtful mistake but she is going to fix it. Parker tells Carly there is no way she can fix this and he will never forgive her for what she has done. Parker tells Carly he can’t understand why he should listen to her when she tells him what to do when she does such hurtful things. Carly admits that she has set a bad example but everyone makes mistakes.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Parker shows up to talk to Liberty and he drinks a beer Liberty tells Parker to calm down so they can talk. Liberty and Parker sit on the couch and he tells her that Carly had an affair with her best friend’s husband. Liberty tells Parker that everyone makes mistakes but his mother loves him very much. Liberty advises Parker to give up on the idea of the perfect family and let the grown ups work out their own problems. Parker tells Liberty he is so happy to have her to talk to because when he had a problem in the past he would just run away. Parker tells Liberty he feels much better after their talk and gives her a kiss.

(Farm) Emma arrives home and wonders what Holden is doing at the farm and he tells her that he and Lily broke up. Emma assumes that it is because of Lily’s earlier problems and suggests that maybe she should go to another clinic. Holden tells Emma that this was all his fault Lily had nothing to do with it.

(Hospital) Barbara has a nightmare about Cole Paul stands beside her bed and gently awakens her from sleep. Barbara wonders how long she has been asleep and she asks Paul why Meg hasn’t returned with her medication. Paul goes to the nurses’ station and asks the nurse if she has seen Meg who went to get some medication for her mother and hasn’t returned. The nurse tells Paul she hasn’t seen her so maybe she picked up the medication and left. Paul goes to the room the nurse mentioned and looks through the horizontal shaped glass hole in the door and sees blood so he asks the nurse to quickly open the door. Paul and the nurse find Meg bleeding on the floor so the nurse rushes to get a doctor. The doctor tells Paul they must operate on Meg immediately because she has been shot and is losing a lot of blood. The doctors rush Meg into the operating room while Paul goes back to Barbara’s room to tell Barbara that Cole shot Meg. Susan arrives and tells Paul and Barbara that Dr. Caldwell is working on Meg and he is the best doctor in his field. Susan tells Paul to call Meg’s family because she is going to need blood. Paul calls Holden and tells him that Meg was shot by Cole and is in surgery now and also explains that Meg needs blood. Holden tells Paul that he has the same blood type and he will be there right away. Holden and Emma rush to the hospital.

(Hospital) Susan grabs Holden as soon as he arrives so he can donate blood for Meg and Emma yells at Paul because she knows he is somehow the reason Meg was shot. Paul explains that Cole killed Sofie who was carrying Cole’s unborn child and then he kidnapped Barbara and held her hostage for money. Paul continues by telling Emma that the police caught Cole and then he must have gotten away and shot Meg. Emma tells Paul that he only brings Meg Pain and he should stay away from her. Susan tells Paul and Emma that Meg should be fine because they wee able to get the bullet out and the bullet didn’t touch any major organs. . Susan tells Paul he needs to sign some paperwork since he is Meg’s husband. Emma is stunned again and Paul apologizes and explains that he and Meg were going to tell her when she returned but now with this they didn’t have time. Holden arrives and is happy to hear the good news about Meg and Emma gets angry with Holden for allowing Meg to marry Paul and he tells her that Meg was going to do what she wanted and nobody could have stopped her from marrying Paul. Holden tells Emma she shouldn’t be arguing about this now she should just be happy Meg is going to be okay. Paul promises Emma that he will do his best to make Meg happy. Emma talks to Meg who wants to tell her she married Paul but she says she already knows and they will have a big party to celebrate her marriage as soon as she is feeling better. Emma and Holden leave Meg alone to be with Paul who thinks that Emma is right all he does is bring her pain. Paul thinks he is being selfish for wanting Meg in his life and she would be better off without him. Meg tells Paul not to say that because if they break up Cole and Sofie win. Meg tells Paul that they have proven that nothing can keep them apart. Paul thinks that Meg is too good for him and she tells him to never forget it before they kiss.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda that she tried to run over Carly in her driveway but at the last second she changed her mind and ran into the retaining wall of the house. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden and Carly slept together and she has to repeat it again because Lucinda can’t believe what she just heard. Lucinda wonders if Holden was sober when he and Carly slept together and Lily says the affair was reciprocal. Lucinda wonders how Lily found out about it when he got back from a business trip. Lily tells Lucinda she felt like she shouldn’t let Holden go on the trip and she was so happy when he returned home and that is when he told her about the affair. Lucinda thinks Holden is an idiot for sleeping with Carly and then telling her about it and she suggests to Lily that he did it as payback for her affair with Dusty. Lily cries and says why as Lucinda holds her. Lucinda suggests Lily get a divorce but Lily tells Lucinda that she has to think of her family and remember Holden has been there for her through rough times. Lily tells Lucinda that she won’t get a divorce just because she (Lucinda) wants to hurt Holden. Carly arrives to talk to Lily and pleads with Lily to forgive Holden. Carly explains to Lily that Holden was lost without her and they only had the affair because they were both very lonely and needed comfort. Carly tells Lily that Holden still loves her and the relationship between them is over and she is sure Holden wants things to be the way they used to be. Lily tells Carly that Holden doesn’t think that way and she would buy her story if she and Holden hadn’t slept together twice. Lily tells Carly that she isn’t as stupid as she wants her to be. Carly advises Lily to think of her family and not give up on the man she loves because over her because she isn’t worth it. Lily tells Carly that she has no right to talk to her about family and then tells her to leave and never come back.

(Farm) Holden once again tries to tell his mother about the affair with Carly but Lucinda arrives and tells him to leave Lily alone in her grief and wonders how Emma can stand there and not say anything when Holden had an affair with Lily’s best friend. Holden tells Lucinda that Meg was shot and he hasn’t had a chance to talk to Emma because they have been in the hospital all day. Holden screams for Lucinda to leave now because Emma doesn’t need to deal with this right now. Lucinda tells Emma she is sorry Meg was shot and tells Holden she will finish their conversation later. Emma tells Holden that she is too tired to deal with this and yells at him that he better fix this mess because Lily doesn’t deserve what he did to her. Holden calls Carly who is just into her house and she tells Holden she has no idea how to fix this problem. Carly tells Holden that she has been dealing with both Parker and Lily who both gave her what she deserved. Holden tells Carly he has been dealing with Emma and Lucinda and he also doesn’t know how to handle this problem. Holden suggests that they should meet to talk because maybe they can figure out a way to solve the problem together.

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