ATWT Update Monday 7/21/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/21/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At the Worldwide offices, Meg and Paul come to see Mike. Mike is smirking about Paul being out on bail and probably getting away with murder. Paul snips that he didn’t kill Sofie and he doesn’t care if he believes it or not. Meg explains that the police now think that she killed Sofie. Mike is now listening; how does she think he can help her? She reminds him that he knew Sofie towards the end. She thinks he can tell them something about her life, her past, or people she hung around with. Paul wants to know if she was seeing someone who could lead them to the real killer.

At her suite, Barbara comes home to a darkened room. She turns on the lights and notices the area where she keeps her jewelry has been rifled through. Cole comes out of the bathroom behind her and tells her that she is not going anywhere.

Mike tells them that the only person Sofie was interested in and obsessed with was Paul. Meg tells Mike that there was someone else; the baby wasn’t Paul’s. How would she know that? The baby wasn’t far enough along to be Paul’s. She manipulated the records to show that Paul was the dad, but he wasn’t. Was there someone at the hospital? Mike doesn’t think so because, according to her ex, she didn’t even have any friends. Meg and Paul look at each other – what does he mean her ex?

Barbara thinks Cole is even more vile then she previously thought. He wants her to shut up. She wants her jewelry back. It is part of the payment on the $100,000 she owes him. She wants him gone, as she heads for the door. Cole grabs her and he reminds her of what he supposedly saw. Does he think the police would take his word over hers? She is right about one thing – he can’t go to the cops – so now they are going to Plan B, as he pulls out a gun, and Barbara gasps.

At Java, Susan meets with Alison. She wants her to know that Paul fired Rick Decker, so she will never have to see him again. Alison is relieved. What else is bothering her, Alison wonders. She got a package today – it is from her father, she says nervously. Meanwhile, at the door, Chris starts to walk in, and a woman calls him ‘Doc’ and wonders if he is coming in for a coffee. He sees Alison and Susan and tells her that he changed his mind; he also wants the woman to call him just Chris, instead.

Paul walks over to Mike and wants to know what he is talking about. He called this guy when Sofie disappeared – his name was in Sofie’s address book. Do you think they have been hanging around? No, he seemed like he hadn’t seen her since he left town. He says that he wishes he could help Meg but he doesn’t know anything, as he walks away. Meg is upset, but Paul doesn’t want her to give up.

Cole tells Barbara that they are going for a ride. Where are they going? They will go wherever he wants because he has the gun. They head down in the elevator. Meanwhile, Paul and Meg are walking into the lobby. Meg thanks Paul for keeping her hopes up as they kiss. Cole and Barbara start to get off the elevator when they see them kissing, and Cole yanks her back inside the elevator and orders her not to say a word as he holds the gun to her head.

Meg and Paul head to the elevator, but Meg wants to get coffee before they talk to his mom. He hopes she is still not mad. Meg smiles – why would she hold a grudge with her after she accused her of murder? They head off. Cole and Barbara head off the elevator and bump into Lisa. Barbara pastes a smile on her, but Lisa doesn’t know what she would be doing with him. Cole tells them that they can catch up about that later because he and Barbara have to go, as he leads her away. A concerned Lisa watches after them.

Susan realizes that this package may be a shock, and Alison agrees because she hasn’t seen or talked to him in forever. Susan told her that she wondered if she should even bring it to her, but then she decided it wasn’t her decision to make, but there is a nice trashcan across the room if she so chooses, she says with a smile. Susan gets up and leaves, as Alison thanks her. Aaron walks over and sits down. What is going on? She holds up the package; this is from her dad. The man that fell off the earth? Aaron asks. They apparently have a post office there. Alison tells him that her mom thinks she should throw it away, but Aaron knows she is curious about what is inside. They rip it open, and Alison sees a note. It reads that he heard she was in nursing school and he wanted her to know how proud he was. There is no signature, and Alison thinks that he obviously doesn’t know how to sign it – dad? Larry? The man that gave her life? Aaron thinks she might want to toss it now. She already opened it and read the note. She takes out and opens a red jewelry box; inside is a silver bangle bracelet. It is nice – she guesses. Aaron suggests that she try it on. Alison stares at it.

Paul and Meg are brainstorming; Meg wonders if the father was the killer since it was such a secret. Paul thinks they should split up and try to talk with more people that Sofie dealt with. Paul thinks someone knows something and may not know it yet. Meg thought they were going to see Barbara. They can wait until they do this, Paul answers.

Cole takes a blindfolded Barbara to a remote location. She pleads with him to take it off, which he does. She looks around stunned. How long has he been living here? He doesn’t want her to ask another question and tells her to do what he says.

Alison, talking to Aaron, admits that she wondered why her dad just stopped caring. Maybe he didn’t – maybe he just stopped writing. She jokes about the fact her mom thinks he is the reason she is screwed up with men. Alison continues to fidget with the gift. Does she still think about him a lot? She tries not to. Alison wonders what it means if she wears the bracelet… only one way to find out, she says, as she puts it on. She thinks it actually looks nice. Aaron agrees. Meg comes in wanting to talk as Alison excuses herself to go run off some nerves. She is starting up nursing school again. Meg wishes her luck. She tells Aaron that she wants to talk about Sofie. Is she in trouble? She could be. She wants to know if there is anything he can tell her about Sofie. He thought they were friends, and then he realized that she kept a lot of things to herself and that he didn’t really know her at all. When he heard what happened, he wasn’t that surprised. Why? Sofie doesn’t make good choices; she doesn’t read people well. Meg thinks she was pretty good at using them, too. She was a weak person, Aaron thinks. She let herself get abused repeatedly. By whom? Her ex – Cole Norbeck – he was a real jerk.

At Java, Paul is meeting with Chris. He didn’t really know Sofie, but she was alone, except for the jerk who wanted to sell their baby. She wasn’t a part of that? No, but she was under her thumb. Paul asks Chris if he ever slept with Sofie. He can go now, an aggravated Chris tells him. He is not the baby’s father and they have to find out who is – for Meg. He didn’t sleep with her. He just wanted to help. He, and actually Aaron, both tried to be nice to her, but after Cole, she was only attracted to creeps. He stares at Paul, who smirks at what he is implying.

Cole slams down a piece of paper and is looking for a pen. Barbara tells him that he will lose the $100,000. She has cancer. He isn’t interested; she has to be careful where she goes and what she is around because it could be dangerous to her. He won’t get any cash if she is dead. He doesn’t care because she is going to write to her son and tell him that she needs $100,000, or it won’t be the cancer that kills her, as Cole puts his hands around her neck. Barbara tells him no. What does she mean? He just threatened to kill her. She is exhausted and wet. She is sorry she met him, tried to do business with him, and that she wasted her time trying to stay alive only to die in this filthy pit with a pathetic loser like him.

Meg sees Paul outside of Barbara’s room. What did he find out? They realize they both got the same information about Cole. They wonder where he is. Mike told him that Cole was out of town. They wonder if he came back. Meg comments about how Sofie was obsessed with pleasing Cole, even though he abused her, and a lot of the time, abusers are also obsessed with the object of their abuse. They wonder if he left town out of the blue because he was in trouble, and if the trouble passed, then maybe he came back. They should try to find someone that saw him. Paul switches gears and wonders if Meg is ready to go talk with his mom. They knock and get no answer. They think it is weird. Where would she go?

Cole tells Barbara that she is making this harder than it needs to be. Barbara doesn’t think he has thought this through. He orders her to shut up. He doesn’t know how he is going to get out of this. He tells her to shut up again. He paces and then kneels on the floor and proceeds to shoot up, as a shocked Barbara now understands. How long has he had a drug problem? He wouldn’t call it a problem – he likes it. He needs help, Barbara tells him. If he lets her go…. he slams the table. He is not letting her go – nothing bothers him now – now she better write that letter. She told him that she won’t. Fine, he will write it himself, but she will pay because he has nothing to lose, he says, as a horrified Barbara watches.

At the diner, Susan and Bob are seated at a table. She tells him that they have obviously been avoiding one another for a while now. Bob agrees – ever since court. She apologizes for it being so unpleasant, but she understands that he would side with his child. She knows Chris resigned and she feels for him. It was not how he wanted things to turn out. She realizes he had high hopes for Chris to take over for him when he came back. He did, but things don’t ever seem to go as planned. Susan is happy Alison is back on track in the nursing program, and she thanks him for that. He is glad, too. Susan admits that it makes what happened today a little strange – as if it were a bad omen. What happened? Larry. He sent her a present out of the blue. What was it? She didn’t stick around to find out. She took one look at Alison and saw 10 years of hurt in her face; she took off soon after. He doesn’t keep in touch? He hardly ever did, and she doesn’t understand. He is an educated man and he knows better. He must know what kind of damage it would do for a young girl to think their father doesn’t care. Does she think he sent this gift to change things for the better? It is a little late. It is because of him that Alison is a confused girl who makes a lot of wrong choices when it comes to men.

At the track, Alison is running when she suddenly has a coughing fit and has to stop. Chris is running behind her when he sees her having trouble. Is she ok? What is he doing there? He is running because he has a lot of time on his hands now. He is worried that she should have warmed up and stretched before she ran. He will show her how. She needs to relieve the tension in her head and shoulders first. She teases him about liking being tense. He tells her she needs to be loose as he goes up behind her and massages her arms and shoulders.

Meg and Paul see Lisa and ask her if she has seen Barbara. She saw her a little while ago with that ‘dreadful Cole person’. A worried Paul and Meg stare at one another.

Cole is fidgeting with a pen and talking to himself; where should he tell Paul to leave the money? Cole writes as he talks out loud about leaving it in the car. He wants to go to sleep, but Barbara tells him to stay awake and they can figure this out together. A letter will take too long. They can call Paul. He doesn’t think so, Cole snaps. She is just trying to help. No, she is trying to trip him up. She thinks she is special and can run everything because she has money. He is raising his voice as he walks over to her and grabs her. He is smarter than her but she talks to him like dirt. She is sorry, Barbara tells him. He shakes her. He is going to make her sorry now. People have treated him like dirt his entire life, and they paid…. like Sofie… she held out on him, and he made her pay.

Lisa is walking with Paul and Meg to Barbara’s room telling them how the hotel workers told her that Cole has been hanging out there for weeks – he has been harassing people – especially the women guests trying to get free drinks. She couldn’t figure out why Barbara would be hanging out with Cole – especially after the baby drama. She opens the door, and they head inside, as Paul agrees that she would never do that. Meg thinks Barbara might have caught Cole in the act, as she points towards the area where Cole rifled through Barbara’s jewelry. Paul wonders nervously where he would take her.

A scared Barbara wonders what he means by what he said about making Sofie pay. Cole, who is in her face, coldly tells her since she is so smart, she should be able to figure it out. She realizes Cole killed Sofie. She doesn’t understand because Rick said whoever killed her was a medical professional – as Cole smiles – or someone good with needles. Why? – she couldn’t hurt him. She didn’t do what she was told and didn’t pay up – plus, she was using his kid to work her son. She was pregnant with his baby? Yes, but she tried to play him, but he doesn’t get played. She looked him right in the eye and lied. He recalls her saying how she only had $5,000. He was outside her room when Meg yelled about how Paul paid her $100,000 to get lost. He goes into Sofie’s room, and she is worried about what he heard. He grabs the box where her money is, as Sofie tries to act nice; she was just going to call him. She wasn’t going to tell him about the $100,000. Sofie smiles and finally admits that he wasn’t even worth the $5,000 – it is a severance fee – he is out of her and her baby’s life. It is his baby, too. He doesn’t care about this baby… only the drugs. It does take a lot of money. She is not giving him money so it can go up his arm. She doesn’t get to call the shots anymore. She has heard his empty threats before and she has finally woken up to see the kind of loser he is. She tells him that she is calling Paul, as he walks to her telling her the syringe he takes out is not empty. She should really be more careful about who she calls a loser, he warns, as he walks to her. Barbara is amazed – he has the money and he … Cole interrupts her… wants more. Now that she sees how good he is with one of these, as he picks up the syringe she should be more respectful. She will do what he wants. Good. He has to untie her first though, Barbara tells him.

Bob is eating apple pie and smiling about Susan’s peace offering as being very tasty. It is the least she could do. She heard also that Chris was leaving town. Will he look for work at another hospital? He was leaving, but now he has decided to stay. Susan stares, as Bob wonders what is wrong. She just figured, with the damage he caused Alison and his own reputation, that he would want to start fresh elsewhere. Bob laughs - she went 10 whole minutes without getting on his case. She can’t pretend and she doesn’t feel good about him and Alison having to run in to each other. They are not a good combination. He has apologized though and done all he could to make amends, Bob reminds her. That may be, but she is vulnerable, and he may make a play. If she sees him trying to take advantage of that, she will do all in her power to stop it. Susan tells him that she will see him later.

Chris is helping Alison stretch some more. He hesitates when he touches her, but she tells him that she is fine with that. They do more stretches, and then Chris tells her that he will see her around. He then stops and wonders if she wants company running. Alison smiles.

Barbara finishes the letter, and Cole grabs it and puts it in his pocket. He goes to tie her up again. She asks him to tie her in front, but he won’t listen. He ties her hands behind her back and then heads out the door with one last comment saying she can scream as much as she wants because no one will ever hear her. After he leaves, Barbara wriggles her hands around to try to get free.

At Worldwide, a nervous looking Cole sees Mike coming out from the office. He sees Cole and asks him if he can help him. Is he Paul? No, he is not here. He shoves the letter in his hand and tells him to make sure he gets this, as Mike watches him go. Mike calls Paul and tells him that he needs to get to Worldwide offices now, as he is staring down at the opened letter.

Barbara is free as she pounds on the door and yells for someone to help her. She sees Cole’s gym bag and grabs the syringe and drugs. She fills the syringe, but then she hears Cole and pretends to be tied up still. Cole gleefully jokes as he comes in saying, ‘honey, I’m home!’ She pretends to be coughing and having trouble breathing because of the mold down there. Can she get some water? Cole reluctantly gets it after she reminds him that if she dies, he won’t get paid. Barbara sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back with the syringe. Cole starts to strangle her, but the drugs take effect and he collapses.

Mike hands Paul the folder with the letter inside; the cops can get fingerprints now and know what to do. Paul tells him that the cops already know who he is. Meg wants to call the police, but Paul remarks how Cole looked edgy. Mike thinks he looked like a junky. Paul thinks that the police will spook him and since he has his mom, there is no telling what he will do. Paul’s phone rings and he answers it; it is Barbara telling him that Cole took her; she drugged him, but he could wake up at anytime. He tries to calm her down; he knows, but he needs to know where she is. She looks around and tells him that she doesn’t know.

Alison and Chris are running when Aaron shows up. Alison jogs over while Chris hangs back. She teasingly asks Aaron if he likes sweaty girls. She looked pretty good out there. Is Chris bothering her? No, he actually helped. Alison is smiling and chatting when, suddenly, she has a dizzy spell. Aaron supports her and walks her off the track to sit down, as Chris watches.

Paul is trying to calm Barbara down when he tells her to hold on. He puts her on speakerphone. What does she see? It is isolated; they may be underground because the walls are cold, stone and wet. Mike asks her if she hears anything like a low rumble. She hears water dripping – and a low rumbling. Suddenly, the phone goes out, and neither can hear one another. Meg asks if Mike knows where she is. Mike thinks it sounds like the Old Mill in the cellar; he and his brother used to play near there. Paul starts to leave, as Meg thinks he should call the police. Paul tells her no police.

Barbara is patting Cole down, looking for anything, when he wakes up. Barbara jumps back and tells him that he passed out. He sits up and wants to know what she did to him. How did she get loose? She is trying to help him. He needs medical attention because he was standing there and his legs gave out. He didn’t take that much drugs because he is careful. He sees the empty drug bottle and tells her angrily that she is really starting to tick him off, as he comes at her. Barbara tries to put a chair in between them, but Cole rips it out of her hands and throws it aside. He grabs her by the neck.

Mike tells Paul that he is going to take the information and go to the police. Paul tells him fine and that Meg should stay with him. Meg tells him no way so they head over to the Old Mill and pry open the door with a crow bar. They find the space in disarray, but empty, as Meg and Paul are both overwhelmed. Suddenly, from in the dark behind the door, Barbara comes out of hiding. She races to Paul, who hugs a sobbing Barbara. She cries as she tells him that Cole had a gun and tried to kill her. Paul soothes her. They get her to the hospital where Meg and Susan tend to her. Susan tells Paul that Barbara’s vitals are good; they will keep her here overnight, but she will be fine. Meg tends to Barbara and asks her how she is. She is fine, but she wants to apologize. Meg smiles; it is not uncommon for mother-in-laws to find fault with their son’s wives. A remorseful Barbara remarks that not all mother-in-laws accuse them of murder. Meg smiles again; she is lucky she has thick skin. Susan tells Barbara that they are going to start her on an antibiotic but they are understaffed right now. Meg interrupts – she will go get it. Susan hesitates, but then sees Meg’s face. Okay. She gives her the medicine information, and Meg tells Paul she will be right back and that he should call Mike. Paul calls Mike to tell him that his mom is okay. What about Cole – did they get him? They have no idea where he is.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Meg goes to get the antibiotics out of the medicine cabinet. She suddenly feels something against her back. She turns around to find Cole standing there with a gun. Meg tells him to go because the police are looking for him. He is not going empty handed. She can’t get her hands on narcotics, only antibiotics. She has the keys though; she better start moving.

Barbara wonders where Meg is. She will be back in a minute. Barbara thinks that Paul should take Meg home now because she has been through a lot.

Alison is sitting with Chris. Is she sure she is ok? She just pushed herself too hard. She starts to get up, but her bracelet gets snagged on her shorts. Aaron comes back with her water and tells her that they should get going so she isn’t late for her first day of nursing school. Chris agrees and wishes her luck. Alison thanks him for the run. When walking away arm in arm, Aaron remarks about she and Chris looking cozy. She has always been a sore loser, but now she thinks she can be a better winner. Chris watches them go.

Cole is holding the gun on Meg as she fumbles with the keys for the cabinet. Cole grabs the keys and realizes they are her house keys. Does she think he is stupid? She tells him that she doesn’t have any other keys. That is the wrong answer, as he walks towards her. He fires the gun close to her and then panics – does she see what she made him do? He takes off, and Meg grabs her side and sees blood. She tries to get to the door, quietly mumbling Paul’s name, but she collapses instead.

Mike is walking up to the hospital with the police when he sees Cole racing out. He tells them that is who they are looking for. They start to chase him. Mike catches him, jumps on him and wrestles him to the ground easily.

Barbara and Paul are talking. She tells him, laughing, that Meg is too good for him. He knows. When she apologized to her about accusing her of murder, she was so gracious. That is who she is. Paul’s phone rings, and it is Mike telling him that they caught Cole. Paul thanks him. He tells Barbara, who is very relieved. Now she can sleep because the nightmare is over.

However, Meg is lying unconscious, bleeding on the floor by the medicine cabinet.

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