ATWT Update Friday 7/18/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/18/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad feeds Katie the romantic breakfast in bed he made for her and jokes that she trained him well. The alarm clock rings and Katie gets out of bed to go awaken Liberty. Katie returns to the bedroom a few minutes later and tells Brad not to panic because Liberty didn’t sleep in her room last night because her bed is still made Brad goes to call the Lakeview to see if Janet left a forwarding address but the Lakeview tells him that Janet didn’t leave a forwarding address when she checked out of the hotel. Katie thinks they should go ask Parker if he knows where Liberty is so they head to Jack and Carly’s house.

(Farm) Janet makes a breakfast of omelets for Luke and Noah and says she can’t eat anything because Jack got an emergency call about an accident last night while they were sleeping. Janet wonders if Luke and Noah have ever had that problem but Luke says no because its house rules that they can’t sleep together. Janet thinks rules are made to be broken. Janet leaves to go look for Jack because she is worried about him. Luke and Noah think Janet is hilarious and wonder what Emma will think about her living there. Luke and Noah both think Janet is a great cook but Luke laughs as he wonders what Emma will think when she finds out Janet rearranged her spice rack. Luke tells Noah he is happy to have him living there and almost went to his room last night but didn’t want Emma to throw him out if she found out they slept in the same room. Noah tells Luke he loves living there and feels very safe which is a feeling he hasn’t felt in a long time.

(Carly’s house) Brad knocks on the door and is surprised to find out it is open then he yells upstairs to Parker twice and asks if he has seen Liberty. Parker awakens and awakens Liberty and tells her that her father is downstairs. Janet arrives looking for Jack but Brad and Katie tell him her that he isn’t there. Janet explains that she is worried because he left the farm really early this morning to investigate an accident and she is worried about him. Janet tells Brad and Katie that dating a cop can sometimes interfere when it comes to a private life. Brad gets angry when Janet tells him that since he told her to leave the Lakeview Jack offered to let her stay at the farm. Brad starts in on Janet saying that she is setting a bad example for Liberty but Janet says that she and Jack decided they are adults and he has no right to run their lives. Brad wonders if Liberty stayed at the farm with her last night. Janet tells Brad that Liberty was supposed to stay at their house and then she panics when she finds out that Liberty didn’t sleep at Brad and Katie’s place last night Liberty is panicked upstairs and tells Parker if her parents especially Janet catch her in his room she is toast. Parker gives Liberty a sheet and helps her climb out the window.

Liberty gets to the front door and tells Brad, Katie, and Janet she went to Al’s diner for breakfast and Parker apologizes for not responding when Brad called his name but he was in the shower. Janet tells Parker that she wants to take Liberty to school today and once she and Liberty get outside she tells Liberty that her clothes look wrinkled just like she slept in them. Brad tells Parker that he should respect Liberty because she is his family. Parker points out that he and Liberty aren’t really cousins and Brad says that he became a Snyder so family must mean something to him. Brad also warns Parker to stay away from Liberty. Janet demands that Liberty get in the car because they are going to the farm to teach her a lesson. Liberty thinks Janet will hit her again but Janet tells her she won’t lay a hand on her. Parker tries to catch up to Liberty but she has already gone in the car. Brad tells Katie she thinks Parker is lying and they head to work.

(Farm) Janet tells Liberty she is taking her to the gynecologist so that they can talk about Birth control and get the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Liberty wonders if once she is on birth control she can have sex but Janet says no because she is still a baby and mistakes can happen and Liberty says she is living proof. Janet tells Liberty she wants her to have a better life then she did and goes to college.

(TV Station) Brad is distracted so Katie tells the crew to take a five-minute break so that she can talk to Brad. Brad tells Katie Parker was lying because he had the look of a guy who had just made love. Katie calls Henry to find out if Liberty had breakfast at the diner this morning. Katie hangs up the phone and tells Brad that Liberty was lying she didn’t have breakfast at the diner this morning. Katie tells Brad it is time to talk about sex with Liberty. Brad can’t even mention the word sex and Liberty in the same sentence. Brad tells Katie that he wants to tell Liberty not to have sex until she is married so he can have grandchildren. Katie tells Brad that she could help him but she feels it isn’t her place because he and Janet should hand le the talk with Liberty.

(Hospital) Jack questions Holden and Carly about how Lily could have crashed her car into the retaining wall of her house. Holden says it was an accident and Carly doesn’t want to talk about the subject with Jack. Jack wonders if Carly has checked on Parker this morning and she tells him she checkd on him last night and he was fine. Jack is about to argue with Carly about leaving Parker home alone all night but she tells him she is too tired to argue with him. The nurse arrives and tells Holden that Lily is awake so he goes into her room. Lily awakens and when she remembers what happened she screams for Holden not to touch her and to get out now. Lily tells Holden to send Jack in because she needs to talk to him. Lily tells Jack she had every intention of running Carly over with her car but she changed her mind at the last minute because she thought of her kids and his kids so she turned the wheel the other way. Jack wonders why Lily wanted to kill Carly and she tells him to ask Carly and Holden all the gory details of what happened. Carly and Holden talk in the hallway and Carly worries that Jack will go ballistic when he finds out about the affair. Lily tells Jack she feels sorry for him because she didn’t see this coming either. Jack goes out into the hallway and figures out that Holden and Carly have been having an affair. Jack is appalled that Holden was so hard on Lily for sleeping with Dusty and now he cheats on her with Carly. Jack tells Holden Carly probably pressured him because Carly doesn’t care about ruining a marriage as long as she satisfies herself. Holden tells Jack to back off because Carly has taken enough from him. Jack corrects Holden and says it is he who has taken enough from Carly. Lily walks out and tells Carly to get out because she doesn’t want to see her at all. Holden tells Carly that she should go home. Lily gets angry that Holden continues to defend Carly even though she is the one in the hospital not Carly.

(Farm) Noah tells Luke he can’t believe his father is gone and he is lucky to have both parents. Luke calls Lily and finds out she is in the hospital so he and Noah head to the hospital.

(Hospital) Luke and Noah arrives as Lily is telling and Holden to leave one more time and wonders why Lily is so mad at Carly and Holden. Holden doesn’t want to talk about it but Luke demands that he stop treating him like a child. Holden tells Luke he hurt Lily very much because he had an affair with Carly. Luke is hurt that Holden could do this to his mom and tells him that he used to look up to him but he doesn’t respect him anymore. Lily checks out and Holden offers to take her home but she wants Luke to take her home. Holden wonders if they can talk later but Lily tells him to talk to her lawyer.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and wants to know how the affair started between Carly and Holden. Carly tells him that they were friends and they were shocked when they had feelings for each other. Carly tells Jack they never intended to hurt anyone. Jack tells Carly that she will never change because she acts without thinking about how her actions will affect people and then she expects to be forgiven. Jack tells Carly that he won’t forgive her for sleeping with Holden just as Parker walks into the Living room and hears his parents talking in the kitchen. Parker turns and leaves the house and Carly hears the door and hops Parker didn’t hear them talking. Jack tells Carly that Parker isn’t in the house. Carly tells Jack she didn’t want Parker to find out this way. Jack wonders how she wants her kids to find out she had an affair with their uncle. Carly yells at Jack that she has had enough of him putting her down and it was a relief for her to be with a man who didn’t spend every minute judging her. Carly screams for Jack to get out now.

(Al’s Diner) Jack tells Janet that he didn’t think Carly could hurt him anymore but she out did herself this time. Jack explains to Janet that Carly had an affair with her best friends husband who is also his cousin. Janet tells Jack that Carly is really low and he deserves better and she holds him to comfort him.

(Old Town) Liberty tells Parker that she is having parental troubles; he says that he is tired of his mom always making mistakes.

(Carly’s house) Carly has a drink as she cries then she throws the glass against the wall and she sits on the couch and begins to sob.

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