ATWT Update Thursday 7/17/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/17/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Metro) Henry serves a customer a chocolate martini and the customer confesses that he thought chocolate martinis were wimpy but this one is lethal. Vienna arrives and starts kissing Henry and tells him she must be alone with him now. The customer jokes and asks Vienna if he can have what Henry is having and she responds that she is a one man woman. Vienna and Henry continue to kiss as she tells him that they don’t spend any time together since he started helping Carly with the club. Vienna suggests they hire someone to run the bar while Carly is gone so that he can go back to the Diner and be with her. Henry admits to Vienna that they now own part of Metro. Vienna is angry that Henry bought part of a club she didn’t want to own and kept it a secret from her. Henry tells Vienna that he only bought the club because he wants to give her the glamorous life she had when they met each other. Vienna tells Henry that she loves the simple life they have now and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Vienna thinks that Henry feels this way because he is afraid that another man is going to take her away from him by buying her things. Vienna assures Henry that things can’t buy her off and she will never leave him. Henry then admits to Vienna that he has never felt worthy to have her because she is to good for her. Vienna tells Henry that he is a wonderful man and he is more then worthy of her love. Henry then admits that he didn’t buy the club because of her he bought it because he is a shallow person and misses the glamorous life. Vienna tells Henry that she loves the fact that he is shallow so she decides to support him in part ownership of the club.

Vienna goes to the kitchen because she wants to plan what kinds of things should bee on the menu for the club. Bonnie arrives and Henry thanks her for helping persuade Carly to give him part ownership of the club. Vienna arrives and tells Henry not to pour Bonnie a drink and she looks mad at Henry again. Vienna is hurt and angry that Henry shred secrets with Bonnie and kept secrets from her. Vienna tells Henry that she and Bonnie know each other very well and have stolen men from each other on occasion. Vienna tells Henry she will never forgive him for confiding in Bonnie and not her and storms out of the club. Bonnie explains to Henry that she and Vienna have similar tastes in men and clothes and they also tend to think alike. Bonnie also tells Henry that she and Vienna have stolen men from each other but she like Vienna did refuses to tell Henry about the men.

(Carly’s house) Jack opens the door to Janet and laughs because he has been watching her get in and out of her car for about an hour trying to decide if she should come inside or go home. Janet explains that Carly made it clear she didn’t want her in the house while Parker is there because she could be a bad influence on him. Janet gives Jack the food she brought for him and Parker and starts to leave but Jack kisses her and asks her to come in for a few minutes. Jack promises to keep his hands to himself and if Parker comes downstairs he will give her a good night kiss on the porch. Jack and Janet kiss for a few minutes and he persuades her to stay and eat the food she brought for him.

The doorbell rings and Parker opens the door to Liberty who has come over to study. Parker and Liberty head upstairs and Jack tells them to just study and not do anything else. Parker responds with an embarrassed look on his face and says dad as he heads upstairs. Jack is anxious to get the food warm but Janet wants to know what he meant by his comment to Parker. Jack tells Janet that he caught Parker and Liberty kissing the other day but it was something harmless that kids their age do. Janet is very angry and tells Jack he had no right to keep this information from her. Janet screams for Liberty to come downstairs now because they need to talk. Liberty wonders what is going on and Janet demands to know what she has been doing with Parker. Liberty tells her mother she is studying with Parker but Janet wants to know about the kissing. Parker is upset with jack because he told Janet about the kiss. Janet tells Liberty that she won’t be doing any more kissing until she is much older or possibly never kiss anyone at all. Janet is angry at Liberty because after all she warned her about Liberty has not learned from her experience. Liberty tells her mother that she doesn’t intend to be like her if she decides to have sex someday her will use protection so she won’t end up with an unwanted baby. Janet cries and tells Liberty that she never said that but Liberty says that it is what she meant to say and storms out of the house. Parker chases after her and tells Jack that he started this fight.

((Holden and Lily’s house) Lily is so happy that Holden is home early that he just can’t stand to lie to her so he tells her he has been having an affair with another woman. Lily demands to know the name of the other woman and Holden doesn’t think that is important but Lily demands to know so he whispers Carly.

(Cab) Carly is taking a cab home and crying as she tells the cab driver she has hurt two men but she is determined to do the right thing for once in her life.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Lily asks Holden to repeat what he said to make sure she heard him right so he says Carly’s name again. Lily suddenly makes sense of all the little clues Holden left her that she didn’t see because she trusted him. Lily tells Holden that she now understands that he picked a fight with Neal because he was being eaten up by jealousy over Carly. Lily is hurt by so many things and she confronts Holden about all of them. Lily tells Holden that they sleep in the same bed but she practically has to beg him to touch her yet he will fly thousands of miles to steal a few moments with Carly. Lily wonders what Carly has that she doesn’t have and then she answers her own question by saying she has been telling every available man in town about her smart, pretty, and loyal friend Carly. Lily tells Holden that Carly couldn’t wait for Lily to help her find a man so she helped herself to him. Lily wonders how the affair started and how many times they have slept together. Holden tells Lily that he and Carly first began to rely on each other as friends when she went away. Lily tells Holden that for months she has felt worthless and like she wasn’t a good mother because she kept secrets and had an affair with Dusty. Lily tells Holden she went away to become more like the woman she was when they fell in love all the while trusting him and he has an affair with Carly. Holden tells Lily he never meant to make her feel like she wasn’t a good mother or a worthless person but Lily says that it may not have been his intention but that is how she felt at the time. Lily is mad at herself because she feels she helped Carly into Holden’s arms because she confided in her all the problems in her marriage. Holden tells Lily that Carly didn’t do this on her own but with him. Lily screams for Holden to get out so he leaves the house. Lily screams in frustration and cries as she looks at a family picture.

(Carly’s House) Jack tells Janet not to worry because Liberty knows how much she loves her and they will patch up this fight. Jack also tells Janet that Liberty is a smart kid and she raised her right. Janet tells Jack that what he just told her is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her and they kiss on the couch. Carly arrives and says she can’t handle this tonight and when Jack and Janet begin to explain she says she doesn’t care and asks them to leave the house. Jack and Janet leave and Carly gets a call from Holden who says he must talk to her now. Parker comes inside and wonders where Jack and Janet are and she says they left. Carly tells Parker she must go out for a few minutes. Parker goes upstairs and he and L8iberty try to study but they can’t concentrate on studying. Parker wonders if Liberty what she said to her mother Liberty says no because she knows that her mother wanted and loves her very much. Liberty tells Parker that he can kiss and touch her if he wants to so they start kissing and touching.

(Farm) Janet makes Jack a sandwich because she needs to do something when she is nervous. Jack tells Janet that Liberty is a good kid with a lot of street smarts, which she has taught her so history isn’t going to repeat itself because Liberty isn’t her. Janet explains to Jack that Liberty was the best and worst thing that ever happened to her because she made her grow up. Liberty was the worst thing because she could never give Liberty the best things in life. Janet also regrets that Liberty didn’t grow up with Brad in her life. Janet tells Jack that she worries that Liberty will meet a guy who will make her head mushy and she will have sex before she is ready. Jack once again assures Janet that Liberty will be okay and then he kisses her to make her feel better.

(Lakeview) Carly tells Holden that for once in her life she is going to do the right thing and send him back to Lily. Carly tells Holden that he still has a chance with Lily and she will do anything she has to do to forget about his feelings for him. Holden tells Carly it is to late because he told Lily everything. Carly tells Holden he shouldn’t have done that but she is going to save his marriage. Carly gets up and Holden stops her and asks what she is going to do. Carly explains that what they had was wonderful and he has been the only man who has never judged her. Carly gives Holden a kiss good-bye and tells him that she is going to make Lily hate her so that it will be easier for Lily to love him again.

(Holden) and Lily’s house) Lily decides not to shed one more tear over Holden and leaves the house and gets in her car. Holden arrives looking for Lily but she isn’t home and he looks at the family picture and wonders what he has done.

Lily is in her car and sees Carly walking by she remembers when Holden told her he slept with Carly so she speeds up the car and heads straight for Carly.

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