ATWT Update Wednesday 7/16/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Fairwinds, Barbara shows up and is mad that Paul hung up on her. Meg wants to know what is going on; they are in this together. Barbara tells Meg that Rick Decker proved Paul is innocent, as Meg is thrilled. The new evidence however implicates her, Barbara answers flatly.

In the NYC hotel, Carly is thrilled with how wonderful the city, restaurants, people, and shopping was. She thanks Neal for a terrific trip so far. They haven’t even gotten to Paris yet. He is spoiling her and she loves it. She should laugh more often he suggests, as they kiss. They stop but then kiss some more.

At the hospital morgue, the officer asks if Rick is almost done? He is in no rush to get out of here because it is better then prison. The morgue is the best place for him, Susan says as she walks in the door. Rick makes a comment about how wonderful she still looks. Susan ignores his cold sounding charm. Alison mentioned she saw him; he has gall to show up in Oakdale.

Meg is upset that Barbara would think she killed Sofie. Barbara tries to explain about how Rick traced where the needle came from and how a professional made the injection. Meg is incensed; this is the same professional that stayed up with her at night when she couldn’t sleep, who held a face cloth to her head when she was nauseous and had the shakes. She thinks she would then turn around, stick a needle in a pregnant woman’s arm, and leave her for dead? Barbara is just telling her what the report says; she is not accusing her of anything. The look on her face tells her that she isn’t just reporting what the evidence shows. Paul tries to calm her down, but he can’t. She is going out; he can deal with his mom because she is done, as Meg slams out of the room.

Is this how Rick gets his kicks now - slicing open dead people, Susan asks? He works for the state as a forensics specialist now. That must take all the fun out of it because the people are already dead; they can’t suffer like everyone did, Susan answers cooly. Rick tells the officer that she is just bitter. She is bitter that she ever married him. Once upon a time, he could get her to do anything he wanted. So, Susan shows him what she thinks of that memory when she throws coffee on him.

Carly pulls back and Neal apologizes. She doesn’t want him to be sorry because she is just not ready right now. He doesn’t want to scare her off. He didn’t. He also wants her to know that this trip has no strings attached. She smiles, as Neal suggests a massage from the hotel while he goes to his meeting. Carly thanks him and tells him that she will see him later. Carly calls down to the front desk for a massage.

At home, Lily is praising Luke on what he is doing with his money. She would expect no less from him because it is a wonderful idea. He just wants to help sick kids. He could have done anything with this money and he chose this, Lily marvels. He could have given it back but then Damian would know he still gets to him, and this way he can do something good with the Grimaldi name. Lily remarks over the name – The Luke Snyder Foundation. Luke worries about how quiet his dad was when he got the letter. Is she sure, he is ok with it? He trusts him to make the right decision; he is behind him 100%. He hopes so because part of the reason he is starting this, is because he feels this is something his dad would do. Lily agrees; Holden is a good man, but it can be a lot to live up to.

Carly is wrapped in a towel lying down on the massage table when she calls out for Scott, the masseuse, to come back in. There is a knock finally and Carly tells him to come in. Carly is babbling about how she is trying not to be embarrassed because she knows he has seen a thousand people. Suddenly, Holden interrupts her and says hi. Carly’s head whips up as she stares at him. He can’t be here; he has to go; the masseuses will be back. No, he won’t because he paid him off. What is he doing here? He doesn’t know. He has to go home; he needs to forget about her. He tried that, but he can’t. He needs to think about Lily. He has thought about her a lot. He could have walked off the plane when he first got on, but he couldn’t stand the thought of her being with this guy. It is not like that; they are staying in two separate rooms. For how long? He sees the way he looks at her; he doesn’t want him near or touching her. Carly tells him to stop it! Who she goes with or where she goes is not his business. Why? He is married. He doesn’t know what his marriage is anymore; he can’t fix it; he can’t do it because he has taken time and space and it doesn’t work. He wants to be with her – all the time - and she said she wanted the same thing. He will end it. What? He will end his marriage for them, as Carly stares at him.

Rick is yelling about the officer doing something about her throwing coffee on him? Too bad, it isn’t sweetened with potassium chloride, Susan growls. That was a million years ago. Tell that to the people you murdered, Susan shoots back. He wants her out, so Susan happily leaves with a satisfied smile.

At the Lakeview, Margo is questioning the maid; she saw Paul in the hallway outside Sofie’s room– how did he seem? He seemed ok but a little annoyed that her cart was in his way. His girlfriend was more upset when she visited Sofie a little time before. What were they saying? She couldn’t hear but it didn’t sound friendly. Margo wonders why she didn’t say anything before? The hotel tells their workers to be discreet. Margo frowns because the police pride themselves on making people be forthcoming. Is Meg going to be in trouble because of her? That remains to be seen, as Margo walks away.

At the morgue, Rock gets another visitor from Meg. He smiles as he calls her the pride of Memorial’s nursing staff. She looks angry enough to kill, he tells her. Meg glares at him.

Luke wonders why his dad seemed distant? Is it because the money came from Damian? Why would he think that? When Damian asked him to go back to Italy and he did, he could never forget the look on his face. She explains that Holden knew he was tricked and would never hold that against him. Luke tells her that if he did ever have to choose, he would choose Holden. He is his dad, the man that raised him and he loves him very much; he hopes he knows that. Lily explains that Holden is proud of him and has just been distracted because he has had a lot on his mind recently. Why? Are they ok? Lily says nothing.

Carly tells Holden that he will not end his marriage or leave Lily for her; he needs to go home and leave her alone. He can’t. Yes he can, he needs to put all of this out of his mind. If he does, what will she do? Whatever she has to. Does she think running off to Paris will make her forget him? If he thinks it is easy, then he is wrong. She hates that she has to run ½ way across the world to forget. She admits that she is running away then. They all know she is capable of ruining her own life, but she won’t do it to him or Lily. She tries to get her robe off the hook, but she can’t and she screams out in frustration so Holden helps her. She starts to tear up; she can’t be what he needs her to be. What is that? …His. She asks for her robe, as Holden gives it to her and she starts to put it on with Holden’s help. He quietly tells her that sending him away is not going to solve this. She demands that he stop it! He can’t talk to her like that anymore! She won’t do it; she won’t be the woman that steals her best friend’s husband. He can’t do it either – being that close to her – he needs her – he needs to do this, as he passionately kisses her and Carly gives in.

Meg asks Rick if he thinks he is clever. Rick asks her in what way? Saying she looks like she could kill… especially as he is going around accusing her of murder. He didn’t; he just told Barbara that a trained professional was involved in Sofie’s murder and suddenly she is there defending her name. He can’t help that Barbara suspected her. Not that he would expect her to take responsibility. Why is that? Women never take responsibility for any of the damage they inflict; they just move on to the next victim. That is ironic coming from him, Meg shoots back. She has no desire to waste her time with him, but she did not kill Sofie Durant. She could have though based on her vocation, Rick answers. She would know where not to leave a mark or a bruise. She would know how to inject the needle at exactly 45 degrees, as Rick holds up a syringe while the door opens and Paul comes racing in. He heads for Rick and decks him.

At the Lakeview lounge, Margo is asking Lisa about Meg threatening Sofie. Lisa tells her that she is the most loving and gentle person she knows; she can’t even compare her to Paul or to Barbara for that matter. Why did she bring Barbara into this? She was just using her as an example. Example of someone who might threaten Sofie? She didn’t say that. Margo tells her quietly that they can talk here or at the station. Lisa finally tells her that she came across Barbara and Sofie upstairs; Sofie told her that Barbara threatened her – that she would kill her if she didn’t stay away from Paul. She is such a liar so she can’t be trusted. She never heard Barbara say it though. Someone killed Sofie though, and between Barbara, Paul and Meg it is not so much about why, but who got to her first?

The officer rushes in to separate Paul and Rick as Rick is yelling about Paul attacking him. Paul tells the officer that Rick came after Meg with a syringe. Is that true, the officer asks? Kind of, because he was simply showing her how the murder occurred. Paul wants Rick kept away from his family and not on his case anymore, as the officer starts to drag Rick away. They wind up at the station, where Margo tells an officer to take Rick to a holding cell with no windows. Rick stops her; he hopes that she looks at his report on the murder of Sofie. She thinks she will stick to the report from her doctor instead of one from a man serving life sentences for multiple murders. That is too bad because he brings a different perspective to it. Does he mean how he would do it? So to speak. Why does she care who solves this as long as it is solved, Rick wonders? He is hauled away, as Margo glances through the file.

Barbara comes home where Cole is waiting for her in the dark. Barbara is annoyed; what is he doing there and how did he get in there? She is calling the police and a cell will soon be waiting for him. He doesn’t think so because he has this, as he holds up medicine. That is hers. No, it is what killed ‘his Sofie’.

Lily tells Luke that she knows it has been hard on him watching she and Holden go back and forth for so long. He just wants things good between them again. She is happy because Holden moved back in. They are finding things that make them happy – the stuff they took for granted.

Holden and Carly are lying in bed after making love; they shouldn’t have done that – they should have stopped themselves, Carly maintains. How? Carly doesn’t have an answer. There is a knock and it is Neal; he wants to know how the massage is going and if she is finished? Holden and Carly sit up quickly in bed and stare at each other. Carly gets into her robe and heads for the door while Holden gets dressed. She talks through the door; the massage guy just left and she was going to call him. Can he come in? She was going to take a shower. She will meet him at the bar when she is done. Carly tells Holden that Neal doesn’t have a clue that she is hiding him in there. She is such a liar and she was good at that; it was too easy. An affair is one lie on top of another. Where does Lily think he is? Out getting milk, Carly coldly wonders? It may be an affair, but he has feelings for her and they are real and so are hers for him. She has no right to have them though, Carly answers. What is she going to do now? Well, she can’t exactly go home with him. Is she going to Paris with Neal? If she does, will he promise her that he will go home and make his marriage work with Lily? Is that what she wants?

At Fairwinds, Margo is talking with Meg about a maid telling her that she was arguing with Sofie the night she got murdered. She has argued with her before – it certainly wasn’t the first time. However, it was the last, Margo replies. Why? She had heard that Sofie was pregnant with Paul’s baby. She didn’t believe it at first so she went to see her and she showed her a sonogram and told her how they went to the appointment. It must have been upsetting. What does she want her to say? Sofie had accused Paul of rape and she believed that she was lying still. She had a sonogram as proof and she was the last to know though, Margo reminds her. She would never – she was pregnant. When she left, she was alive. There is noone that can back that up though. Paul wants her to leave. Margo tells her not to leave town. Is she a suspect? Margo says nothing, but she leaves.

Cole tells Barbara that he knows; she was stoned out of her mind when she went into Sofie’s room and stuck it in her arm. She is calling the police. She already said that, or does she not remember? He knows how the morphine can play with her mind – the hallucinations and memory loss. Is she sure that she didn’t take some that night? Barbara stutters. That is what he thought…not so sure anymore is she?

Carly helps Holden dress and fix his collar. He wants to talk about this, but she doesn’t. This is the best way. Lily will never know. He will though. Is she going to Paris? She should because it is best that she get away for a while. She can go around the world, but it won’t change things or make him stop thinking of her. Holden goes to kiss her, but she pleads with him to go. Holden slowly heads for the door and leaves. Carly sits down on her bed and starts to cry. Later, Neal knocks on the door and a now dressed Carly answers it promising that she didn’t forget him. She abandoned him on purpose then? She invites him in and he sees her packed suitcase on the bed. He wonders what is going on?

Paul answers the phone and it is Dr. Schiller looking for Sofie. Sofie is not here. She tells him that there was a mix up at her office when they were there. Can they come in? He will be there right away. Paul goes to leave and Meg goes with him.

Cole tells Barbara that she killed Sofie because he saw her do it. She took a ‘happy shot’ because she is now good at it. She starts to relax and then thinks of all that Sofie has done to her and her family. She filled her syringe with ‘juice’ and heads over to her room, but Sofie wouldn’t let you in until you played the grandchild and family card – the one thing she wanted. A distraught Barbara listens; it was smart but cold. He tells her that she didn’t even make it into Sofie’s room before she jammed the needle in her arm – he saw it, as Barbara reacts by saying no repeatedly. Sofie wondered if whatever she gave her would hurt her baby, but you turned around and walked out the door. She wouldn’t do that. That is ok because he is there to help.

Dr Schiller tells Paul and Meg that she had been out of town and didn’t know about Sofie. What is going on, Paul wonders? She wanted Sofie to have another sonogram. Meg asks why? She doesn’t know how this happened, but she thinks there was a clerical error with the sonogram. How could that happen? There was a sonogram attached to her file, but then there was another one in the file cabinet with her name on it. There were two sonograms, Meg asks incredulously? Yes and they don’t match. The one in the file cabinet was much younger then the other one and that one had her name on it. Based on weight and size, there was no way Sofie was 2 months pregnant, as she told them at the time. Meg asks him if he knows what that means? Sofie was not pregnant with his baby, Paul answers with a smile.

Carly tells Neal that she can’t go to Paris; she shouldn’t even be here with him now. She didn’t feel pressure from him, did she? No. Why did she say yes? He is smart, funny and handsome. She was using this trip to get over someone else and that isn’t fair. Neal tells her that someone, must be Holden Snyder. How did he know? Did he know all this time? He saw Holden pass through the lobby when he was in the bar and he knows he wasn’t there for him. She is sorry. He never knew what he did to rub him the wrong way, but now he does. She means she was sorry about misleading him. He teases her because he is trying to be stoic. She didn’t plan it. The whole thing or Holden following her to NYC? The whole thing. She doesn’t even know how it happened. She hasn’t told anyone; she has noone to talk to… maybe if she did, it would have ended differently. These things happen – emotions getting muddied and tangled up, Neal empathizes. It might not be right, but he isn’t going to judge her. What is she going to do? End it; he has a wife.

At home, Lily is reading when Holden comes home. Lily goes to kiss him, but he pulls back. What is wrong, she asks? Holden stares sadly.

At Fairwinds, Meg and Paul are getting drinks when Meg tells him that she can’t believe this; Sofie really did lie about the baby. Paul can’t believe it either, but what is worse, is some guy is out there who doesn’t even know that he was a father because of all of this. Maybe he does, Meg wonders? Maybe he is the one who switched the sonograms. She has never seen anyone with Sofie besides Aaron and Mike though. Paul wonders about both, but Meg is sure neither one of them would have slept with her. Is she sure? Yes, but Sofie did confide in Mike so maybe Mike has an idea who the mystery father is. If they find the dad, it may lead them to the killer.

Barbara wonders how Cole can help her? He can be real good at telling people nothing. Noon would believe him. Can she risk it? What does he want? He wants $100,000. She doesn’t have that lying around. She can have some time, but it would be a big mistake to leave him waiting.

Carly pleads with Neal not to say anything – especially to Lily. He won’t say anything – because he likes them both, but he thinks she deserves better. He will call her a car to take her to the airport, but if she changes her mind about him or just needs a friend – he wants her to call him. She thanks him and he leaves.

Lily pleads with Holden to talk with her because he is scaring her. Did something happen in Louisville? He can’t lie anymore. Lily doesn’t understand. He was in NYC. Why? There is someone else – he was having an affair. Lily’s mouth drops open in shock.

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