ATWT Update Tuesday 7/15/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/15/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Java) Casey talks to Emily who has been trying to get in touch with him all day because she is nervous and scared because a court date has been set for Daniel’s custody hearing Casey apologizes to Emily for not calling her and explains that his cell phone isn’t charged because he forgot the charger at home when he moved out. Emily wonders why Casey moved out of the house and he tells her he couldn’t stay in the house with his parents after the way the treated her. Casey tells Emily he has been staying at friends’ houses until he decides what he should do. Emily asks Casey to move back into his parents’ house and tell them he made a big mistake and he won’t see her again. Emily cries and tells Casey that she hates to be forced to choose Daniel over him but her son needs her. Casey refuses to lie and say bad things about Emily to his parents but Emily thinks that if he tells them he won’t see her again they might agree to let her keep her parental rights with Daniel and drop the custody case. Emily is positive Casey can persuade his parents to change their mind if he can convince them that he won’t see her again. Emily tells Casey that he can tell his parents that she is the biggest slut in the mid west and it won’t hurt her feelings because she knows he won’t mean the words he is saying to his parents. Casey encourages Emily to fight for custody of Daniel and tells her to stop letting his parents treat her like dirt but Emily takes Casey’s hand and desperately pleads once more for Casey to do this for her if he loves her at all. Casey agrees to lie to his parents and do as Emily asks of him. Emily thanks Casey then gets up to leave the table.

(Hughes house) Tom arrives home with Daniel who wonders why his father took him out of camp today. To explains that he needed to talk to him about some changes that are going to be happening with his family situation. Tom tells Daniel that he won’t be able to go on vacation with Emily to the Grand Canyon this year. Daniel explains that his mother got special permission for them to be able to camp down at the bottom of the canyon. Tom tells Daniel that he and Margo can take him to the Grand Canyon if he still wants to go there this summer. Daniel explains that it won’t be the same because he was looking forward to spending time with Emily since he hardly gets to see her at all. Tom explains that he will be going to court soon to make some changes in the custody agreement. Daniel wonders what his mom did this time and Tom refuses to give Daniel any details only saying that it is a grown up matter and something about which he shouldn’t worry. Daniel is frustrated because he has no say in the decision and heads upstairs to his room. Casey arrives and tells Tom he needs to talk to him and Margo because he has made an important decision. Tom calls Margo to tell her to come home because Casey has something important to tell them. Margo arrives home and Casey tells his parents that he has made a big mistake with Emily and won’t see her again. Casey also tells Tom and Margo that he wants to move back home if they will have him. Margo is thrilled Casey came to his senses and gives him a hug. Margo tells Casey that he deserves better then a woman with such a bad reputation. Casey thinks that any parent would say the same about him if he were dating their daughter. Margo and Tom both think that Casey’s situation is different because he has changed and Emily isn’t capable of changing her l9fe. Casey asks Tom and Margo to drop the custody suit against Emily since he won’t be seeing her anymore. Tom tells Casey that Emily is a prostitute and he will do anything it takes to keep her away from his children. Casey pleads with Margo to persuade Tom to change his mind because she is a mother and knows how painful it is to be separated from a son since Adam left home. Margo tells Casey to stop bringing up Adam every time he wants something from her because it won’t work anymore. Margo tells Casey that she agrees with Tom and doesn’t think he should change his mind because Emily has had enough chances.

(Emily’s office) Susan stops by and notices that Emily is sad so Emily tells her she ended things with Casey hoping that he can persuade his parents to drop the custody suit. Susan tells Emily that she is putting too much faith in Casey because he is just a kid and she doubts he can change Tom and Margo’s minds about the lawsuit.

(Police Station) Margo gives Meg two minutes to talk to Paul and Meg and Paul both wonder how they got to the point where he was digging up a dead body. Meg tells Paul that Barbara was shocked when she asked her if she had killed Sofie. Meg tells Paul that Barbara told her that she had scared Sofie but hadn’t killed her. Meg encourages Paul to tell Margo the truth and see what happens because they have nobody to protect anymore.

(Lakeview) Barbara meets with the high priced attorney she hired to defend Paul and he tells her the case against Paul is circumstantial and he will get off if they can create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. Barbara tells the Lawyer that she doesn’t want her son to get off on a technicality she wants him to be found innocent of the murder. The Lawyer says then the only chance for Paul to be found innocent of the charges is for him to hire a forensics specialist he has worked with before that has a 100% success rate. The lawyer warns Barbara that the forensics specialist is in jail because he is a criminal but the state allows him to get out and help on some cases as long as he is with guards. Barbara tells the Lawyer she doesn’t care as long as Paul is found innocent of murder. Barbara goes upstairs to meet the forensics specialist and is shocked to find its Rick Decker. Barbara is angry and fires the lawyer for even suggesting that this evil man help Paul. Rick tells Barbara he has changed because he has found a higher power in prison and he only wants to help people now. Barbara doesn’t believe Rick and starts to walk away again until Rick asks her if Paul is more important then he pride. Barbara is disgusted by the thought of having to do it but she hires Rick to help Paul.

(Hospital) Chris apologizes to Alison for what he did and for fighting dirty to win the trial. Chris is also happy that she is back in nursing school. Alison tells Chris he didn’t do it because of him but because its something she wants and she won’t let anything stand in her way. Chris makes it clear that he didn’t ask Brenda to let her back in nursing school his father did but all the same he is happy about her decision. Susan arrives and yells at Chris to stop bothering Alison but Chris explains that he was only apologizing to her and admitting that what he did to her was wrong. Susan thinks Alison should take Chris back to court but Alison tells Susan she has decided not to continue this fight because all she wants is to get on with her life. Susan gets beeped and Chris tells Alison Susan was right but Alison says all she wants is to become a good nurse and to never see him again for the rest of her life.

(Police Station) Paul tells Margo that he found Sofie dying and tried to call 911 but it was already too late. Paul tells Margo that when he asked Sofie what happened to her all she said was Meg. Paul explains he assumed that Meg killed Sofie in self-defense so he wanted to protect her that is why he moved the body. Margo tells Paul and Meg that Meg is now a suspect in the crime and she could also hold them both for obstruction of justice. Barbara arrives with her lawyer and Rick Decker and the Lawyer tells Paul not to say another word and tells Margo Paul’s bail has been posted. Barbara explains to Paul that she hired Rick as a forensic specialist to help in his case. Paul refuses the help but Barbara insists that Rick is staying to help him. Rick tells Margo that he wants to see Sofie’s autopsy but she refuses so he shows her a court order authorizing him to do his own autopsy on Sofie’s body. Rick heads to the hospital to get to work on the case and Paul and Meg head home.

(Hospital) Alison screams when she walks into the morgue and sees Rick Holding a needle and standing over Sofie’s body. Alison screams for the guards to stop Rick and one of the guards gently escorts her outside and explains that he is guarding the prisoner who is helping on a police case. Chris walks by and Alison through tears explains that Rick Decker is back in Oakdale. Chris gets the same explanation from the guard while he holds Alison to comfort her. Rick apologizes to Alison for scaring her and Chris tells Rick he will be watching him. Chris promises Alison that he won’t let anyone hurt her again.

(Fairwinds) Paul and Meg arrive home and Paul is still suspicious of Rick Decker’s motives for helping him on the case. Meg tells him that Rick Decker is a horrible person but if she can help prove he is innocent she will thank him from the bottom of her heart. Paul and Meg make love and celebrate a belated wedding night.

(Lakeview) Rick tells Barbara that Paul was killed by a medical professional because the syringe was stolen from the hospital. Rick also tells Barbara that Sofie was injected without any damage to the surrounding tissue and suggesting it was someone who knew how to give an injection. Barbara calls Paul and tells him not to let Meg know but it seems that Meg might not be as innocent as she claims.

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