ATWT Update Monday 7/14/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/14/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne


At home, Noah and Luke are worried about why Lily is crying; she is crying because she is happy. With Holden moving back and now them finding their way back together, it is perfect. Luke wants Lily to say yes to their request. Noah is unsure, but Luke is adamant that he stays at the farm again. There is a knock and Lily goes to answer the door, as Noah and Luke happily talk about living together again. Noah can’t help but say yes now. Lily walks back looking nervous; she holds up the envelope, which came special delivery to ‘Luciano Grimaldi’, as everyone looks unsure.

At the hospital, Bob talks with Chris about his letter of resignation. He can’t accept this, as his boss and father.

At the Lakeview, Alison comes over to Aaron, who is working the bar, and tells him that she just got a letter of apology from Chris. He told her that she should have won the lawsuit instead of him. Aaron smiles; what is she going to do?

At the farm, Carly comes in and Jack wonders if everything is ok with Parker? Yes. Could he move back into the house to stay with Parker while JJ and Sage are away; she just needs to get away. Where is she going? She just needs a break. Jack starts to tell her that he can’t when he gets a phone call and tells her that he has to take this. He heads outside just before an oblivious Janet, dressed in a animal print negligee, waltzes downstairs wishing Jack (or so she thinks) a good morning and going on about how well she slept. She sees Carly instead and she becomes slightly uncomfortable. Carly smirks and wonders what is so good about this morning?

Outside, Holden is working on some chores when Neal walks up. Neal makes small talk, but Holden tells him that he is a bit busy. Neal comments about how the two of them could make some good money together with this farm deal so it would be great to work together and be on the same side. He wants to tell Holden that he and Carly are leaving for Paris tonight and he didn’t want there to be any hard feelings. Holden wonders why Neal would think he cares where Carly goes on vacation? Neal repeats that sentiment, as if implying he wonders that himself.

Carly decides it is time to leave, but Janet stops her. She doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea; she and Jack are just friends. Brad wouldn’t pay for her room anymore so Jack offered her a place to stay. Carly smirks – she does know how Jack rides to the rescue a lot. Carly then repeats about how she is sure they are just friends… not sounding like she believes it, as Janet smiles coyly and adds with ‘beneys’. They aren’t like that at the farm though because he is a stickler for rules. Carly knows what she is talking about. Janet then makes an offhanded remark about how they all seem to have a thing for Snyder men, as Carly gets skittish about what that means? Janet explains that she couldn’t help notice that she, Carly and Katie have all gone for Brad and Jack. Is there a point to this, a growing annoyed Carly wonders? She is sorry; she didn’t mean to offend her. She didn’t. Jack comes back in and Carly tells her that she will make other arrangements for Parker since he has his hands full there now, as she leaves and a serious looking Jack stares at Janet. Jack then follows her out; what is she upset about? It is predictable that he gets ‘busy’ with his brother’s ex. They all trade women around like nothing. Jack thinks she is jealous. No, it is just weird. Parker thinks so too, Jack admits. That is a good reason for him not to be staying with Parker while she is gone. Parker is his child and he will look after him. Why is she going on this trip when she just got Metro up and running? She is going to Paris. That is pricey; is she going alone? No… she is going with Neal. Jack tells her the hell she is, as Carly’s smile fades.

Holden assures Neal it is none of his business where he and Carly go. Neal gets the impression it is not clear-cut. Why would he say that? He was upset at dinner and now he seems grumpy. He wants Holden to be direct with him. He felt that Holden was upset when they announced that they would go to Paris. He could care less where he goes with Carly and he hopes that is direct enough for him because he is getting sick of talking about it.

Jack holds the door open for Carly to come back in. Jack asks Janet for some privacy, as she tries to make some lame jokes, which fall flat; she is going to go upstairs and get dressed; Carly thinks it is a good idea. Janet shoots back for such a hot day it got awfully chilly in here. Janet leaves and Jack tells Carly not to start. She didn’t and she even refrained from commenting about the cheesy get-up she was wearing – is that what he is going for these days? Jack laughs sarcastically; it is not any of her business, but Janet has her own room. When Emma gets back, she won’t be fooled because she wasn’t, Carly snaps back. He isn’t denying anything, but this with Janet is far different from jetting off to Paris with that smooth talking Brit. What will the kids think? JJ and Sage won’t know and Parker will be too busy being traumatized from seeing him shacking up with Janet to notice. Jack thinks that he might be traumatized thinking his mother is abandoning him again. Carly’s face changes to anger when she tells him that is not at all what she is doing; he has no right to tell her what to do. He does because this is Simon all over again. He is nothing like Simon; he is a legitimate businessman who has no inkling for becoming a fugitive. She is furious; she gets to have a relationship that goes somewhere too. So, she admits that she and Neal do have a relationship? Not that it is any of his business, but she will have her own room in Paris too. Who is going to be running Metro while she is gone? It is not forever; it is just for a couple of weeks. Is she going to explain this to Parker? She did, and he said what? What he always says…whatever. That means he hates the idea. He will handle it and since he is wrapped up with Janet, she will have someone else look after their son, Carly snips. He wants her to leave Janet out of this, but Carly tells him that won’t happen. She doesn’t want him and his new girlfriend hanging out at her house and she doesn’t want Parker at the farm while he and Janet tip toe between each other’s rooms. Jack snarls back that he is surprised she is leaving Parker there to begin with; he is surprised she isn’t dragging Parker off to hang out with Prince Charming. He doesn’t want her to get holier then thou – she of all people… as Carly looks guilty.

Chris thinks Bob needs to reread his letter. He did because he got the part about making the hospital susceptible to a lawsuit, using his influence to get Alison ousted from the program and lying to Tom and him. He needs to pay for what he did, Chris adds. He should, but reparations could be made. He needs to resign so he doesn’t have to fire him, Chris explains. That isn’t necessarily true; he stood up and admitted to what he did; he took responsibility for it. He doesn’t want him to give up a career. He isn’t going to, but he needs to put some distance between him and the hospital. Chris thinks his dad shouldn’t have to defend him. That is a father’s duty, Bob answers. It shouldn’t be a chief of staff’s job. He will think about where he is going. His mother won’t be happy. He isn’t leaving yet. Bob apologizes if he put any extra stress on him. What he did had nothing to do with him; it was his own fault, Chris explains. Bob hopes he will change his mind. He won’t, but he has a request about Alison. Bob tells him that he already took care of it.

Aaron thinks that Chris could never make up for what he did. She knows, but she wishes things could be different. She needs to focus on the future, Aaron thinks. What future? They could start over in Seattle? He would do that for her? Yes. She appreciates that, but she doesn’t want to run away. She wants to rebuild here in Oakdale. What is she going to do? She doesn’t know. Her cell phone ringing interrupts. It is Brenda; she wants to meet with her right now.

At Lily’s, Lucinda walks in and is happy to hear that Luke and Noah are going to be moving back in together, but she wonders why the long faces? Does it have to do with the envelope in his hand? Luke tries to be casual; it is just something from the Grimaldi family, but his face says otherwise. Lucinda wonders what his dad has to say? He is not interested in hearing from his dad or his family. Lily wonders if it might be important? Lucinda is interested, as she takes the envelope and opens it. She tells them that apparently his dad wants to make amends… in a big way. Luke tries not to look like he cares, as a concerned Lily watches him.

Carly heads out the door, as Jack thinks this is a double standard. She is judging him for Janet staying at the farm when she is jetting off to Paris with someone she just met. If Janet asked him to go to Paris, would he go? No. Carly smirks – so having separate rooms in a gorgeous city like Paris is bad, but sharing a bathroom at the farm with his brother’s aging prom date is a-ok. Jack wants her to stop putting Janet down. No, not until he stops comparing Neal to Simon; she knows this trip is sudden, but she needs to get away. She got an offer she couldn’t refuse. What else did he offer her? Carly says nothing; she will find someone else to take care of Parker. Jack sadly stares after Carly.

Holden tells Neal that Carly has the right to go to Paris with whomever. How long will they be gone? A few weeks because Carly has to get back. Holden tries to be subtle about trying to figure out Neal’s plan; will he be coming back with her since he has business dealings all over the world? He will be coming back and if all else goes well, he hopes to be spending a lot more time here. Holden’s cell phone rings interrupting them. Lily asks him to come home because they have a situation with Luke and he needs his father. He will be right there. Holden wishes him well on their trip because he has to go.

Alison comes back to the bar to tell Aaron that Brenda told her that they are letting her back into the nursing program. Aaron smirks; Chris is unbelievable – first he gets her kicked out and now because of his guilty conscience, he tries to change it back. Alison is annoyed; she is going to talk with Chris. Aaron wants to go with her, but she explains that she needs to do this on her own, as she takes off.

Jack stops Carly; he doesn’t want to fight; they are both trying to get on with their lives. They may not agree on how they are doing it, but they are parents and they need to get along. He knows he can’t talk her out of leaving, as Carly interrupts to tell him that is right; it is no longer his call. He doesn’t want her sending Parker to stay with a neighbor though; he will stay at her house with Parker. What about Janet? He will deal with her. Carly agrees and thanks him. Jack heads back in after Carly leaves and Janet tells him that she overheard; how is he going to deal with her? Jack walks up close to Janet without a word.

Carly sees Holden by the barn and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear it. He wants to go on record as saying that he thinks that Neal is offering a lot more then she is ready for right now. He doesn’t have the right to say that because what exactly can he offer her? Holden says nothing, as Carly stares at him awkwardly suddenly. She starts by him when Neal comes over – he thought he saw her; there has been a change in plans. Should she not pack for Paris? She should, but they have to make a quick business layover in New York City; he tells her that he booked two rooms at a the central park hotel, as Holden listens to this information. Carly tells him that she needs to go home and pack, as Neal puts his arm around her and leaves with her teasing her about helping because he is an expert at packing without wrinkling. Carly slowly and finally looks back and tells Holden goodbye and to take care. Holden waves awkwardly and looks sadly after her.

At his room, Chris is dressing when he answers the knock thinking it is room service. He sees Alison, who is steamed, and apologizes. Does he think his pathetic little apology is going to smooth over for the fact that he lied in court? This is what she thinks of his letter, as she rips it up and tosses it at him. He didn’t lie really. He is too clever for that, she admits. He ruined her reputation. He knows that and he didn’t mean to so he is trying to make up for it. How much did he have to bribe Brenda to get her back in the program? He didn’t do anything. He told his father the truth, and he thought it was the best thing to do for the hospital because she didn’t flunk out and that it had been a judgment call. It was right that his dad also accepted his resignation. Alison is surprised to hear that it was Bob’s idea.

At the hospital, Kim takes the letter from Bob; he couldn’t talk Chris out of it? Bob explains that he tried, but Chris thought this was for the best. Kim thinks for a moment and then tells him that this could be for the best – that Chris get distance from Alison and all of this. Bob feels responsible that he chased his own son away because he expected too much. He couldn’t have been more supportive if he tried. Chris needs to work through his issues on his own; he needs a fresh start. Does he have to do that far away? She hopes that doesn’t happen.

Alison isn’t impressed that he resigned; it is too late. He is trying to make things right. So, he can stop feeling guilty? He is just trying to make it up. He can’t fix this. He knows she hates him, but he doesn’t want her to tank her career out of stubbornness and to get back at him. Her future should only be about herself and not anyone else; he only wants the best for her. Alison leaves.

Janet tries to make more jokes, as she wonders how Jack will deal with her? He just means he is going to explain things to her. Carly is leaving for Paris for a few weeks and she needs him to move into her house to take care of Parker so he doesn't need to stay with a neighbor. Janet thinks that she can help take care of him and Parker too - she can make them dinner at night and a healthy breakfast in the morning. They can tell Parker that their relationship is no big deal. Jack cuts her off; he doesn’t think she heard him – he is moving back into Carly’s house not her, as Janet’s changes.

Lily and Lucinda explain to Holden that Damian wants to release a portion of his trust to Luke. Luke wants nothing to do with it, but Lucinda wants Holden to talk some sense into him because she is a businesswoman – it is a lot of money and she wants him to imagine what he can do with it. Luke doesn’t care if it is a fortune because as far as he is concerned it is dirty money. She understands that he doesn’t want to be indebted to Damian because of all he did, but she wants him to rethink about this with all the good he can do. Lily thinks Luke should stick to his beliefs, but Holden thinks Luke should do what he wants. Luke needs some air and Noah goes with him. Lucinda hopes Luke rethinks this because it could help him a lot. Lily thinks that this is a bribe; she turns to Holden wanting his opinion, but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Lily is upset that he seems preoccupied; where is he and what is going on with him? He is just tired because he didn’t sleep well the night before. Is he feeling ok? He is fine. He just thinks that Luke needs to be the one to make this decision and they need to stay out of it. He has to go grab his cell in his car. After he leaves, Lucinda wonders why Holden doesn’t seem like himself? Lily doesn’t know; he had a melt down last night and Carly and Neal had to leave because of it. Lucinda doesn’t think that sounds like Holden. Lily knows that; she thinks it is partly about the fact that he is worried about Meg with Paul being arrested. Lucinda comments about how the Worldwide board isn’t thrilled with that news either, but she wonders how she and Holden are as a couple since he moved back in? They are closer, but obviously, something else is bothering him. She needs to find out what it is. She is trying, but so far, he hasn’t given her a single clue.

Holden is calling Carly wishing her outloud to pick up. Carly, at home, sees he is calling and ignores it when Neal comes in with some wine. They are opening the wine when Holden calls again. She ignores him again. They toast to their trip.

Janet is giving Jack breakfast, which he is thoroughly enjoying. She wants him to see what he is missing when he moves back into Carly’s house. Janet thinks it isn’t that big of a deal, because Parker already knows. Jack just thinks he is confused and he doesn’t need to be throwing things in Parker’s face. He is probably not happy that his mom took off to Paris with a guy she hardly knows. Janet thinks he has to learn sometime. He has learned enough; the last thing he needs to have in his face is stuff about sex. Janet reminds him that he is a teenager and that is all he probably thinks about. There is nothing wrong with that or with the idea that his father is allowed to have a sex life too; he needs to lighten up.

Noah is getting Luke a milk shake at Java. Luke wonders if he agrees with his grandmother and that he shouldn’t pass up all that money? Noah thinks he will do the right thing; that is not an answer – he wants his opinion. He thinks his dad is trying to find a way to make things better between them. That is not going to happen. It could be an ulterior motive, but what if he passes it up and he misses out on making a real connection again with his dad and then he regrets it and then it might be too late?

At his room, Kim asks Chris if he is ok? He is. She is glad because what he did was a brave thing to admit what he did was wrong and to apologize to Alison. Chris realizes his dad told her that he was going to resign. He was disappointed but proud. No matter where he goes, they are behind him all the way. Chris tells her that he doesn’t know where he is going actually; he just got through telling Alison not to run away or give up so he thinks he may take his own advice. Kim is thrilled, as she happily dances out the door after his comments.

Alison hangs up the phone with Brenda telling her that she will accept their invite back into the nursing program. Aaron asks what changed her mind? Chris; he told her that she shouldn’t give up on something she really wants; she actually thinks she will make a great nurse. Aaron smiles: he doesn’t agree with anything Chris does, but in this case, he is glad that he said that to her. Alison remarks about she may have lost in court, but right now, she feels as if she won.

Jack doesn’t think Parker doesn’t need to be up close and personal with his sex life. Janet gives in; he knows Parker best afterall. Jack explains that last time Carly took off with a guy, his kids didn’t know if she was coming back, and he had to pick up the pieces. Is that what is really bothering him? She wonders if he might be jealous? Does he wish it were he flying off to Paris with Carly? Jack says nothing when he stares at her.

Carly finishes packing and comes downstairs where Neal is waiting. They joke about him showing her a good time in Paris without ever ordering her frog legs because she will get sick. They head out the door.

Lucinda shows up at Java to see Luke after he left her a message. What is going on? He is thinking of accepting the inheritance. She is glad to hear that. He was thinking about what she said about doing good with it; he was thinking he wanted the money to start a foundation to support sick kids and their families, as they try to cope. Lucinda thinks he is being very thoughtful. He doesn’t know how to do any of that so that is where she comes into this. She has a stable of lawyers that specialize with non-profit endowments, Lucinda happily offers. They can get started right away? That sounds great. She is not surprised what a great thing he is doing. She heads out and Noah agrees with what she said. He is not doing it for Damian but for him. Why? He tells Noah that when he said he wanted to join the army to make a difference, it rang true so that would be what working on this foundation would be about and something they could do together.

Jack tells Janet that he is not jealous of Carly. It surprises him, but he is not losing any sleep over this. She is welcome to stay at the farm while he is gone. Will he come visit? She might get lonesome. He kisses her; he wants to go upstairs. What about the cohabitation rule? As of right now, he is not living there, as he takes her upstairs.

Outside at home, Holden is on the phone making a call.

In the limo, Neal tells Carly about how they will go to dinner, dancing and get some ideas for Metro. She doesn’t want to think about the club or Oakdale. Her phone rings interrupting them. Carly mumbles to herself, as she looks at it. It is not too late to change her mind. No, they are going to have a wonderful time. No one will ruin it; it is exactly what she needs, as she takes a sip of champagne.

An annoyed Holden is hanging up his phone when Lily comes outside and comments about how upset he looks. There is a problem with a horse in Louisville and he has to handle it. How long will he be? At least overnight. Lily quietly tells him that she will go help him pack. After she walks back into the house, Holden gets on the phone to book a flight – to NYC.

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