ATWT Update Friday 7/11/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/11/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(High school) Liberty is sad when she sees Parker and he doesn’t speak to her - he just gets on his bike and rides away. Liberty screams that it isn’t her fault that Jack is sleeping with Janet but Parker doesn’t here her because he is too far away. Jack and Katie arrive to pick up Liberty and she tells them she is thinking about a problem. Brad is happy that Liberty is concentrating on homework but Katie senses the problem has nothing to do with homework. Liberty tells Brad and Katie that Parker is mad at her just because she told him Jack and Janet were sleeping together and he later found out it was true. Brad can’t believe the news and then he gets very angry and both Liberty and Katie wonder why he is so upset that Jack and Janet are sleeping together. Brad pulls Katie aside and tells her he is mad at Jack not because he slept with Janet but because Parker and Liberty found out about it and they are too young to know about such things. Brad tells Katie he must talk to Jack and he promises Katie he won’t fight with him.

(Al’s Diner) Janet tries to feed Jack banana cream pie and Jack wonders why Janet is being so nice to him. Janet tells Jack she knows he had a rough night at work because he had to arrest his cousin’s husband. Janet sees the look on Jack’s face and knows that she is getting too personal talking to Jack about things that a casual sexual partner shouldn’t talk about so she drops the subject. Janet switches back to casual chat when she feeds Jack some banana cream pie and Jack laughs as he asks Janet if she is trying to make him fat and Janet tells him she is just trying to give him incentive to work up a sweat later naked. Parker looks through the window from outside of the diner and sees Janet feeding Jack pie so he rides away on his bike. Jack sees Parker and goes outside to talk to him about what he just saw but he can’t find Parker anywhere. Jack calls Parker on has cell phone but Parker doesn’t answer him on the cell or on the home phone. Brad tells Jack they need to talk outside and once they are outside Brad yells at Jack for broadcasting to Parker and Liberty that he and Janet slept together. Jack tells Brad that he did no such thing but Brad tells him he heard the news from Liberty today. Brad accuses Jack of being just like their mother acting one way in public but keeping secrets in private. Jack tells Brad that he and Janet are having a casual fun relationship. Brad thinks Jack is taking advantage of Janet who is very vulnerable right now. Jack goes back inside the diner to talk to Janet once Brad has left. Jack asks Janet if she told Liberty about their relationship. Janet tells Jack she didn’t say a word to Liberty about their relationship but she is smart and figured everything out. Jack tells Janet he has to go now and Janet is sad because she thinks Jack is mad at her.

(High School) Liberty admits to Katie that she and Parker are having a relationship but doesn’t tell Katie she and Parker have kissed. Katie tells Liberty that she would have a problem if she and Parker had kissed because Parker is younger then her. Liberty doesn’t see the problem that she just happens to like younger men. Katie explains that Parker has had a hard time since Jack and Carly divorced and the problem got worse after Jack and Katie divorced. Katie tells Liberty that Parker may have a problem getting close to people he fears they will leave him. Liberty tells Katie that he wishes that their parents would quit sleeping around and stay with one person so that they wouldn’t ruin her life. Liberty tells Katie she wants to go to Parker’s house to do damage control.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Brad tells Katie he talked to Jack and it didn’t go well and he fears that because Liberty sees Janet sleeping around she thinks it is okay to sleep with anyone. Katie points out that they slept together before they were married but Brad tells her they didn’t have to set a good example for a teenager. Brad thinks they should tell Janet to leave town because she is a bad influence on Liberty.

(Carly’s house) Liberty climbs through the window to wait for Parker in his bedroom and she hears Jack downstairs. Jack tells Parker that he and Janet are having a casual fun relationship and neither one of them is thinking about marriage. Jack tells Parker that they are being responsible so neither one of them gets hurt. Parker is angry that jack is treating his relationship with Janet like it is no big deal when having sex with someone should be a big deal. Parker wonders what will happen to he and Liberty’s relationship if he and Janet break up. Jack tells Parker that he and Liberty shouldn’t be affected by he and Janet’s relationship. Parker is surprised to find Liberty in his bedroom and she asks him n0t to break up with her no mater what happens between Jack and Janet. Parker wonders how Liberty feels about him so she gives him a kiss to prove she cares about him.

(Al’s Diner) Brad and Katie politely tell Janet to leave town because her relationship with Jack isn’t setting a good example for Liberty. Janet is hurt that Brad and Katie would think that because she has raised Liberty as a single mom all these years. Brad tells Janet she can do whatever she wants but he won’t pay for her room at the Lakeview anymore. Janet cries and calls Liberty and leaves a message for her to call as soon as possible. Janet then cries as she calls Jack who heads to the Lakeview to see Janet.

(Lakeview) Janet packs her things and tells Jack that Brad and Katie are forcing her to leave because they feel her relationship with him isn’t setting a good example for Liberty. Janet continues to cry as she tells Jack she has no choice but to leave because Brad won’t pay her bill at the hotel anymore. Jack tells Janet she can come stay with him at the farm.

(Carly’s house) Carly calls Lily and says that she is nervous about dinner at her house tonight with Neal. Lily tells Carly to relax and just have fun with Neal. Carly tells Lily that Neal has arrived early and she must get the door so she hangs up the phone. Holden arrives and pleads with Carly to not come to dinner tonight because she can’t bear to see her with another man. Carly tells Holden she would much rather be with him then Neal and she can’t bear to hurt Lily anymore she has decided to find someone else rather then be alone. Holden tells Carly that he understands so they both decide to deal with dinner tonight. Holden leaves and Neal arrives with an orchid plant for Carly. Neal tells Carly that he doesn’t want her to feel pressured by him about dinner or anything else. Carly says she doesn’t feel pressured just relentlessly pursued by him. Neal starts to leave and tells Carly he will send his regrets to Lily. Carly wonders if Neal would continue to pursue her if she had gone to dinner with him tonight. Neal says he would have continued by sending her flowers and letters and calling her until she agreed to go on a date with him again. Carly tells Neal to give her back the orchid plant and they head to Holden and Lily’s house for dinner.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Lily asks Neal if he likes to ride because Holden is a horse trainer and both she and Carly ride horses. Neal tells Carly and Lily that he owns a horse farm in Argentina where he raises polo ponies. Neal invites Carly, Lily and Holden to visit his farm anytime. Holden tells Neal he hates Polo and he has no respect for the sport. Neal tells Holden that he won’t like him because he also plays polo and points out that the horses aren’t mistreated. Neal compares Polo to American rodeo but Holden points out rodeo takes skill and there is no skill involved in polo. Carly shoots Holden a mean look that says calm down or Lily will be suspicious about your attitude. Lily tells Holden that she is sure that Neal didn’t mean any disrespect to rodeo he was just making conversation. Carly tells Lily she must leave because she has to work tomorrow. Neal and Carly leave and Neal thanks Lily for being such a great hostess. Lily blasts Holden for being so obnoxious and demands that he go apologize to Carly right away for embarrassing her.

(Lakeview) Carly and Neal have dinner because she knows he must be hungry since they left the house without having dinner. Carly tells Neal she needs to get away for a few days to Montana to relax and clear her head but she can’t leave right now. Neal asks Carly to think about going to Paris with him for a few weeks and stay in his flat with him in separate rooms and he promises they can take their relationship as slowly as she wants it to go. Holden arrives and offers a tense apology to Neal but he still looks mad at him. Carly tells Neal to go make the phone call to Paris that he needs to make so he smiles and leaves Carly and Holden alone to talk. Carly tells Holden that she is going to Paris with Neal for two weeks in hopes that time away from each other will ease the tension between them. Holden wishes Carly a good trip but he still looks very mad and when Neal returns he remarks that Holden is acting jealous of her. Carly remarks that Holden isn’t jealous he just feels he needs to protect her because Jack is his cousin. Neal is thrilled that Carly has accepted the invitation to go to Paris and says his secretary is making all the arrangements now.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Holden arrives and tells Lily he apologized but that was a big waste of time because Carly has decided to go to Paris with Neal. Lily is thrilled that things are going so well between Carly and Neal. Holden pours himself a drink to calm down and then decides to take Carly’s advice and concentrate on Lily. Holden tells Lily he acted so awful today and gives her a kiss.

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