ATWT Update Thursday 7/10/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/10/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hughes House) Margo draws her gun and points it at Emily when she sees Emily in a black bra and panties in her living room. Emily pleads with Margo to put the gun down because this isn’t what it looks like and she can explain everything to her if they just have a chance to talk calmly. Margo is very angry and tells Emily she could kill her right now and get away with it by claiming that Emily was an intruder. Emily tells Margo that she is no threat to her so she doesn’t have to kill her but Margo tells her that she is a threat to the safety of her family and she must be eliminated. Margo reminds Emily that it wasn’t enough that she slept with Tom now she had to get her filthy hands on Casey too. Casey comes downstairs and yells for his mom to stop then he grabs Emily by the arm and puts her behind him so that if Margo decided to shoot she would have to shoot him before she shot Emily. Margo tells Casey to get out of the way because he doesn’t know the things that Emily has done. Tom arrives and is shocked by the seen and a demand to know what is going on he also manages to grab the gun from Margo. Margo explains that it is obvious that Emily seduced Casey to which Casey yells that Emily never seduced him he wanted to be with her. Margo tells Casey that when one partner knows more then another and takes advantage that is called seduction. Margo is about to tell Tom about Emily’s prostitute past when Casey tells Tom not to believe Margo because she is lying. Margo tells Tom and Casey that Emily was a thousand dollar a night prostitute she laughs and says that Emily must have made a lot of money while Daniel was away in Europe. Tom doesn’t believe Margo until Margo tells him to look at Emily who can’t deny her allegations. Emily cries as she tells Tom it was a brief very bad period in her life. Tom tells Emily to get out of his house now and get a good lawyer because he is going to do everything in his power to make sure she never sees Daniel again. Casey tells his parents that if Emily isn’t welcome at the house then he is leaving too. Emily tells Casey to stay with his parents and leaves the house. Margo tells Tom that for once in her life Emily did the right thing. Casey tells Tom and Margo he has lost all respect for them and he never thought that they would ever humiliate anyone the way they just humiliated Emily. Tom tells Casey that if they humiliated Emily she earned it. Casey tell Tom that he is leaving to be with Emily and they can’t stop him so he heads for the door Tom angrily grabs Casey and gets him away from the door. Margo begs for Tom to let Casey go because she doesn’t want to see him in the hospital again. Tom lets go of Casey and tells him that he must have been blinded by his hormones to do something like getting involved with Emily. Casey insists that he knows the kind of person Emily is and that she has changed. Casey tells Tom that Tom never knew Emily at all he must have been blinded by his hormones when he had an affair with Emily years ago. Tom warns Casey never to talk that way to him again and Casey says he is done talking he is leaving to be with Emily. Margo tells Casey that if he walks through that door he better not come back again. Casey tells Margo that he knows how much pain she felt when Adam left home but at least she will know that he is with Emily.

(Emily’s office) Susan arrives to talk to Emily about planning a dinner for Alison’s birthday and wonders if Emily can ask Tom to let Daniel be with them that day. Emily sobs and tells Susan about her affair with Casey and that Margo caught them together tonight so he is going to take Daniel away from her. Susan tells Emily she has lost her mind to rob the womb with Casey. Susan tells Emily that Casey doesn’t love her not because she isn’t worthy of love but because he is all hormones and he is doing what guys his age do. Emily tells Susan that Casey told her he loved her but she never said those words to him so she kept her emotions under control. Susan tells Emily that if she had kept her emotions under control she never would have slept with Casey. Casey arrives and tells Emily that he has left home and she shouldn’t let his parents ruin their relationship. Emily tells Casey to forget about her and find a girl his own age. Susan and Emily tell Casey to leave so he does so but he tells Emily he isn’t giving up on their relationship. Emily cries because she fears she has lost Casey and Daniel.

(Hughes House) Tom is angry with Margo because she kept the information about Emily a secret from him. Margo apologizes but she felt she should give Emily a chance to turn her life around for Daniel’s sake. Margo vows to fight to get Casey away from Emily because she won’t let Emily have him. Tom thinks it may be too late for that but Margo is confident because Emily has never been able to keep a man in her life. Casey returns to pack his bags and eave the house and Margo tells Tom if she loses Casey because of this she really will kill Emily.

(Fairwnds) Meg can’t stop thinking that Mike found something in the garden and now he is going to the police. Paul tells Meg to stop thinking about Sofie and concentrate on their marriage. Paul prepares dinner for Meg and she is surprised that he is a good cook. Meg jokes that she is glad that one of them can cook and Paul tells Meg she will have to help by taking care of the herb garden. Meg gets nervous at the mention of the word garden and Paul tells Meg she doesn’t have to eat what he made for her. Meg tells Paul that she intends to enjoy the meal he made for her.

(Police Station) Mike arrives and tells Jack that he thinks Sofie has been murdered and her body is buried in the garden at Fairwinds. Jack tells Mike to sit down so they can talk about what he knows and why he thinks that Sofie has been murdered. Mike tells Jack that Sofie has been missing for several days and the maid at the Lakeview told him that the last time she saw Sofie was the day she saw Paul leaving her room late at night. Jack tells Mike that doesn’t prove anything because Sofie could have left town. Mike tells Jack that Sofie would never have done that because she was pregnant with Paul’s child. Jack tells Mike that still doesn’t prove that Sofie was murdered and he can’t do anything based on a gut instinct. Mike tells Jack he found Sofie’s jewelry in Paul’s garden. Jack tells Mike that Sofie could have dropped the jewelry in the garden at that still doesn’t prove anything. Mike tells Jack he confronted Paul about Sofie and he got nothing out of him. Jack tells Mike he probably didn’t ask the right questions.

(Fairwinds) Jack arrives with Mike and asks Paul to give him an address for Sofie so that he can put Mike’s mind at ease. Paul tells Jack he can’t do that because Sofie left town without telling him. Paul tells Jack that Sofie was always a liar and she got Mike to belive all her lies. Mike tells Paul that Sofie wasn’t lying about being pregnant with Paul’s baby .Meg tells Mike Sofie could have been lying to him because she lied about everything else. Paul tells Jack that Mike is just Jealous because he and Meg got married this morning so he is trying to get revenge against him. Jack is shocked that Meg got married without her family present and wonders why she was in such a rush to marry Paul. Meg tells Jack that she has waited a long time to marry Paul and she didn’t see the need to wait any longer to be happy. Jack tells Meg that Emma is going to wonder why she rushed into marriage with Paul without her family. Jack asks Paul to see the garden but Paul tells him no because his gardener is on vacation and he doesn’t like strangers poking around in the garden. Jack tells Paul that he will return with a search warrant to look at the garden. Paul tells jack to return with a search warrant whenever he wants but he won’t look in the garden without a warrant. Once Jack and Mike leave Paul tells Meg to go find Barbara and tell her everything so she doesn’t have to hear it from anyone else. Paul gets ready to dig up Sofie’s body and move it to another place.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Barbara that Paul may be arrested tonight for covering up a murder. Meg explains to Barbara that Paul found Sofie dying in her room and because she said Meg he thought that Meg had tried to defend herself against Sofie. Meg also tells Barbara that Paul took the body and burred it in the garden near the rose bushes. Meg pleads with Barbara not to let Paul go to jail for a murder he didn’t commit and admit that she killed Sofie. Barbara tells Meg she didn’t kill Sofie she just scared her hoping that Sofie would leave town. Meg and Paul rush to Fairwinds to stop Paul from confessing to protect Barbara.

(Police Station) Jack is unable to get a search warrant because he doesn’t have enough evidence to get one. Mike heads to Fairwinds to dig up Sofie’s body with his bear hands to prove to Jack that she is buried in the garden. Jack follows Mike to Fairwinds to keep him from making a mistake. Jack and Mike arrive in time to see Paul closing the trunk of his car. Jack asks Paul if he can look inside the trunk and when Jack opens it he finds Sofie’s body. Barbara and Meg arrive to late to stop Paul because Jack is putting the handcuffs on Paul. Barbara screams as they are taking Paul away that she won’t let him go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Jack tells Meg she should keep her mouth shut no matter what happens because a wife can’t testify against her husband.

(Police Station) Jack asks Paul if he killed Sofie and he tells him that he didn’t kill Sofie but he doesn’t say anything else. Jack tells Paul to get a good lawyer or else Meg will be waiting a long time for her wedding night.

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