ATWT Update Wednesday 7/9/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the office, Emily talks with her assistant about how great she looks, as she is heading out for her date; she ended up finding a nice man from speed dating. What are her plans, she asks Emily? She is spending the night with George Clooney she says with a chuckle. The assistant heads out and Casey calls; Emily reminds him that they decided. No, she decided. She can’t do this now because she has a deadline she needs to meet. Casey is telling her that he works great under pressure. She hangs up, as this bothers Casey. Margo walks in and slams the door behind her. He didn’t hear her. Who was he talking to?

Outside on the Fairwinds grounds, Meg asks the judge to repeat the vows, which he does and Meg finally says yes. Paul beams. The judge pronounces them man and wife. They kiss, as Barbara is thrilled. They head inside for a small reception. Paul reminds Meg that he will spend the rest of his life proving how much he loves her and how grateful he is that she agreed to marry him. She feels the same way. Mike comes back over and congratulates them. He and Paul have something to talk about now, as Paul and Meg look annoyed.

Casey doesn’t think Margo respects his privacy when she demands to know why he is talking with Emily, whom he doesn’t even work for anymore. Why would she ask whom he is talking to if she heard him say her name? Margo says nothing. He can pick his own friends. She is twice his age. Margo and Casey are arguing when Tom comes in and Margo changes the subject. Tom tells them both that he is taking Margo away to celebrate 25 years at the honeymoon suite at the Lake Geneva Lodge. He rattles off all they will be doing. Margo tells him sadly that she can’t go.

Meg thinks whatever Mike wants can wait until morning, as Barbara wonders what is going on? Meg tells her not to worry there is a crisis that Mike needs to talk to them about. Paul thinks Meg should go with Barbara, but Meg tells him that she is staying with him. Mike holds up the bracelet of Sofie’s. He recognizes it from seeing her wear it. So? He just found it in his garden. Paul recalls burying Sofie in his garden when the bracelet probably fell off, as both of them say nothing. Paul is sarcastic; alert the media; she spent a great deal of time here. He seems offended, Mike notices. This day is important to both of them and they don’t want to talk about Sofie. He doesn’t owe him an explanation, but Sofie worked on her jewelry in the garden so she could see her pieces in natural light. Mike leaves and Meg wonders if Sofie was wearing the bracelet when… Paul stops her because he doesn’t want to talk about Sofie anymore. He lied really well and it seems they are both going to have to get good at it on a regular basis now, but Paul holds out her hand to take Meg’s and she takes his hand.

Tom can’t believe Margo; he had to pull a lot of strings. She is sorry, but she can’t leave home that easily. He checked with the station and she isn’t on call. Casey tells Tom that it is about him. Tom tells Margo that he can take care of himself for a night – he has seen Casey order pizza. Tom is annoyed; it is 25 years. They need time to themselves. Casey promises her that he will be fine. He doesn’t want to ruin this for them; he will be good. Margo doesn’t know what to say, but Casey tells her that he is going to leave so they can pack.

Emily is on the phone with her mother trying to make dinner plans, but she is on call so she can’t make it. Emily tells her that it is ok and she will see her another time, but as she hangs up the phone, the disappointment and loneliness shows on her face.

Tom tells Margo that he knows she is worried about Casey, but they can’t monitor him 24/7. This isn’t about just one night away, but they need to focus more on carving out time for the both of them. He loves being a dad, but he wants to be a husband too. Margo is starting to be convinced, but she is still worried about how Casey is acting. Tom thinks Casey just doesn’t want to feel like he is still in prison. Margo doesn’t seem completely sold on this. Tom throws his hands up; he could take her to the moon or Lake Geneva and she would still be busy worrying about Casey.

Paul and Meg walk into the living room and seem to interrupt Barbara and the judge looking at something. Paul offers the judge some champagne, but he has to head back because his daughter is visiting. Barbara walks him out. Before the judge leaves, he wishes them all the happiness. Once alone, Paul wonders what they were doing when they came in? Meg tells him that his mom was showing him pictures of Johnny and Hallie. Barbara is so considerate not to talk about the grandkids around her. Paul is sorry. She can’t help it, because it was horrible. He knows. When they were having the ceremony, all she thought about was his baby, their baby and Mike. She doesn’t know how long she can keep this up like nothing happened. This is the worst part, Paul promises; it will take time, but it will get better. How? They have to make their lives count for something. They didn’t do anything wrong, and if they let Sofie ruin their lives from the grave then that would be a sin; she, more then anyone, deserves to be happy. Barbara comes in and tells them that one more glass of champagne, one more toast and one more picture then she will be gone. They pour some champagne and Barbara toasts them. Barbara explains that standing in the garden (as a guilty Meg looks down), she realizes she was happier then she had been in a long time. She now has another daughter, as Meg hugs her. Paul echoes her sentiment with a heartfelt toast. They toast to Meg.

Mike is walking around the grounds of Fairwinds and doubles back to the rose garden. He steps on some dirt and picks it up. He talks to himself about how it is Paul’s wedding day and still he is working on the garden?

Casey arrives at Emily’s office; this is what happens when she hangs up on him – he comes looking for her. She can see that, but her words are not as strong as before. He told her the other day that he loves her and she shut down. He skipped over what she told him. He is the last person to judge her based on his life. She is the best thing that has happened to him. Emily wants him to stop, but he isn’t going to let go of her because she is scared of his mother. Emily stares at him. She has to be afraid of his mom because she could lose his son. That is bull. She understands why his mother is upset; she was a prostitute, she slept with her husband and brother. She knows why she would be upset that she is sleeping with her son now. Fine, they won’t go public; he will meet her wherever – Chicago, Hong Kong… as long as they can be together. He nuzzles up to her, but Emily pulls back; after he left the other day, his mom came there and knew something was happening between them; they can’t risk it. Casey knows his mom is a cop. She is a good cop, Emily reminds him. They can be careful. His parents are going away. He knows it has been fun before, but wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the same bed? Emily smiles.

Tom starts to head for the door, but Margo tries to stop him; she doesn’t want him to walk out. So, they can talk about Casey some more? He is calling and seeing Emily, Margo explains. So what? It is wrong. He is young and has his whole life ahead of him. Why is he so taken with her? This is just a guess, Tom answers dripping with sarcasm, but she probably doesn’t monitor him 24/7 and she listens to him. Margo turns her back to him and answers back with her own sarcasm about how if anyone would know how Emily is, then it would be him. Tom stares at her and then angrily tells her that he is not going to talk about that on his anniversary. Margo turns quickly and apologizes. He knows she doesn’t like Emily, but she can’t hurt them or their family. Margo recalls threatening Emily about how she knows things about her that she doesn’t want Tom to know. Finally, Margo tells Tom that he is right; if she doesn’t push this then it will fix itself. Tom is shocked by her abrupt turnaround. Margo heads off to pack a bag and tells Tom that there will be no more talk of Casey or Emily.

Emily and Casey are fooling around on her desk when she tells him that she can’t do this. She can’t go to his parent’s house. He has a room there – no a cell. He has made some big mistakes. They, as a couple, are not one of them. Emily tells him that he will get over them; there are other girls for her. There is only one her, he responds. This feels like punishment because somewhere it was decided his mom gets to call all the shots. She is only trying to protect him. He doesn’t want Emily to defend her. Emily says nothing. Finally, a beaten Casey tells her that he gets it; his mom has won. Emily doesn’t want him to leave like this. He has to go; he will miss her, as he rushes off. She mumbles to herself that she will miss him too.

At the Lakeview, Mike sees Lisa; he still hasn’t found Sofie. Lisa isn’t worried; Sofie is a conniving manipulative person. Mike thinks she is also needy and it is weird that she would leave town when she is pregnant. Lisa is sick and tired of thinking and talking about Sofie; all she has done has caused pain to those she loves. Lisa leaves and Mike talks to himself about how it will only get worse. Mike heads upstairs and asks the maid, who is cleaning Sofie’s room, about if she has seen her? She has not seen her, but she left without leaving a tip. He could ask Paul about it though.

Barbara is saying her goodbyes and hugging both Paul and Meg; they are going to be so happy together, as she leaves. Meg worries to Paul if Barbara will be ok? He doesn’t know. If she killed Sofie…. Paul stops her when he walks toward her and sweeps her up into his arms. She laughs, as they kiss and leave the room.

Mike repeats the words the maid told him - that she saw Paul come out of Sofie’s room and the next morning she was gone. Mike gives her some money - to make up for the tip she didn’t leave. If she sees Paul, he doesn’t want her to tell him that he was there asking about anything.

Meg is in bed when Paul gets in; is she ok? Yes. She is such a liar. He loves her. Can he tell her that they will get past this? She has no reason to feel guilty. He is not answering her question. Yes, but can she forgive him? Does he remember when the judge asked her about if she could marry him and it took her a while to answer? Paul laughs; it took her like an hour. She was raised to believe those vows mean something. By saying yes, that means she was saying yes to them being married, not yes to covering up what happened to Sofie or covering up for him and Barbara. She wants to be his wife and that means she has forgiven him. He wishes he could change things. Meg stops him – she doesn’t want to hash it out anymore because she has forgiven him; she sees this as a fresh start. She wants things to be 50/50 between them from now on. She looks at him long and tells him that they will get past this, as they kiss.

Casey walks in and Tom and Margo are ready to go. Tom tells Casey they left the number for the lodge. He is not calling them because he doesn’t want to interrupt. Margo notices that he is home soon. His plans fell through. She is sorry; she is his mother and she wants him happy. Tom drags Margo out of there. Margo is sure Casey was telling her that she doesn’t have to worry.

At her office, an annoyed Emily tosses away her Chinese food and leaves. She finds herself outside Casey’s home when she looks in and sees Casey inside. She has a change of heart and starts to leave when Casey races out and stops her. She shouldn’t be here. He is glad she is, as he kisses her. Emily gives in.

Meg awakens in Paul’s arms, but then she gets up and leaves the room. She is walking in the darkness of the rose garden when she hears something and wants to know who is there? Mike shows himself, as Meg asks him why he came back? She came back too and why is that? She thought he was her friend. He is. He is so direct usually, but now he is showing up trespassing with strange questions and failed accusations. He is looking for Sofie. Why is she so important to him? He doesn’t know. Does he like the woman who falsely cried rape and tried to murder her mother-in-law? Is she implying she had it coming? Why is he assuming something happened to her? Because she was pregnant and scared and he thinks they should find out what happened. Mike starts to walk away when Meg wonders angrily why he cares? Either everyone matters or noone matters. What about she and Paul – do they matter, Meg wonders? Why did they get married? She loves him. Why did they get married today? His mother wanted it. Or was it so she couldn’t testify against Paul. Meg angrily tells him that he crossed the line; she doesn’t have to listen to this, as she starts to stomp away. Mike yells back that she is too decent to be involved in this. Sofie is pregnant with Paul’s child and he should want to know where she is so he can at least send money or does he know that wherever she is, she can’t use the money. Meg yells for him not to say that. Then she notices his hands are dirty. He was just admiring Paul’s garden; the roses were planted that day. Yes, because as he must remember, they got married today…. the wedding he was spying on. Mike laughs. He was watching and he will keep watching. She wants him to go and not come back. He will continue to watch and not let this go. She is going to get Paul. So, he can take care of him too, Mike asks angrily? Meg yells for him to stop it, as she stomps away. Meg races into the bedroom and wakes Paul up; she tells him that Mike is outside with dirt on his hands, asking question and hanging around the rose garden. Paul gets on his robe quickly and tells Meg to stay there because he will handle this.

Meanwhile, Mike is on his knees furiously digging with his bare hands in Paul’s rose garden.

Casey is thrilled that he and Emily have this private time together to act like normal people in a real house. Emily wonders where their relationship can go? Casey doesn’t care; this relationship is not like anything either of them have ever experienced before; he just wants to be together as much as they can. He wants her to feel safe with him; she does feel safe, as she kisses him.

In their car, Margo and Tom are driving as Margo tells him that she is going to try to stop thinking of Casey. Suddenly, there is a phone ringing and Margo recognizes it is Tom’s phone -the one he only uses when there is an emergency. He has to get it. He answers it and tells the person on the other end to not say a word until he gets there. He apologetically tells Margo that he will make it up to her. She understands, as they joke around. Tom tells Margo to call Casey to tell him that they are on their way back. Margo doesn’t want to wake or bother him.

Casey and Emily are getting frisky in the living room, as they start to undress.

In the Lakeview lounge, Lisa finds Barbara; she is up late. What is going on? Paul and Meg were married earlier. Lisa doesn’t seem thrilled; it seems sudden that right after Sofie disappears, they race to the altar. Barbara is not pleased with Lisa’s commentary. Lisa explains that she wants them happy, but she is worried because Mike was there earlier looking for Sofie. What did she say to him? Nothing, but he did question her staff and then he left quickly. She can’t picture Mike being so hell bent on something if there isn’t anything wrong. Paul and Meg are married and that is all that matters – nothing is wrong.

Paul comes back in the bedroom to tell Meg that Mike has taken off. How did the garden look? It looked the same as they left it. She doesn’t think he will give up. He agrees. Why did Mike leave, Meg wonders? Paul thinks it was because he didn’t want to face him. Meg disagrees; he is not afraid of him; he left because he has a plan.

At the police station, Mike walks in and tells an officer that he wants to talk with Jack. He is on a call so Mike agrees to wait and he takes a seat.

Only wearing their underwear now, Emily and Casey continue to fool around as they make out in the kitchen; she wonders if Casey is hungry? He is. She is too because she threw her dinner away earlier She will make him something to eat. He kisses her some more and she tells him that if he keeps this up, she will rescind her dinner offer. He doesn’t care, as he picks her up in his arms.

Margo asks Tom if he wants her to drop him at the station? He will take a cab home because he doesn’t want her to wait up for him because he doesn’t know how long it will take. She won’t; she will just grab something to eat and go to bed unless Casey is still up.

Emily and Casey are feeding each other blueberries when she offers to make a tray of food and bring it up to him. He loves the idea and goes upstairs to wait. Emily is grabbing some glasses, wine and the rest of the blueberries in her underwear when Margo opens the door. A stunned Emily stands there with her mouth open before she finally says that it isn’t what it looks like. Margo tells her that it looks like there is an intruder in her home, as she reaches behind her back, pulls out a gun, and points it at her. Her son is in her home and she has to protect her son, she says her voice cold as ice, as she continues to train the gun on her and Emily gasps in horror.

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