ATWT Update Tuesday 7/8/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s house) Neal arrives early for his date with Carly so when Carly opens the door in her robe she apologizes to Neal for running late. Neal smiles and says they make the perfect couple because he is always early and he is always late. Carly tells Neal he can have something to dink while he is waiting on her to finish getting dressed. Neal tells Carly to point him towards the kitchen so he can serve himself a glass of water while he is waiting on her to finish getting dressed. Carly goes upstairs to get dressed and Neal heads towards the kichen when Jack arrives and wonders if anybody is home. Neal is appalled that Jack would come into Carly’s house without knocking on the door. Neal asks Jack if this is an American custom because in Britain they would never do such a thing. Jack tells Neal that In America they just ask who the heck are you and what are you doing in my house. Neal deduces that Jack must be Carly’s ex- husband and tells him that he completely understands his reaction. Neal explains that his name is Neal Stokes and is about to tell him a little more about himself when Carly comes downstairs and asks Neal to help her with the clasp on her necklace when she is shocked to see Jack. Carly is a little nervous as she explains to Jack that Neal is Mike’s boss and his construction company is in charge of building the subdivision on Emma’s former land. Carly explains to Jack that she met Neal while visiting Lily and Holden at the farm and also tells Jack that Lily and Holden are responsible for setting up this lunch date between her and Neal. Carly wonders what Jack is doing there and he gives Carly a letter Sage wrote from camp. Carly reads the letter and explains to Neal that Sage is her and Jack’s youngest daughter who has recently gotten over her fear of horses and now is having fun riding horses at camp. Neal tells Carly that she is lucky to have children and be able to send them away. Jack gets annoyed at Neal’s comment and explains Sage is only at camp she isn’t in boarding school she will soon return home. Carly tells Jack that Neal didn’t mean to say that and Neal tells Jack that he doesn’t have children yet but he is sure that he will love them when he has them. Carly tells Neal she is ready to leave so they head out the door and Carly tells Jack to let himself out of the house.

(Holden and Carly’s house) Holden thinks about he and Carly making love at camp but when Lily asks what is wrong he lies and says he was thinking that he shouldn’t have given Meg his blessing to marry Paul. Holden wants to head to the farm to talk to Meg but Lily tells him that she needs him more right now. Lily asks Holden not to shut her out and talk to her about his problems because she wants to move forward in their marriage. Holden agrees that they should move forward so Lily thinks they should go out to Lunch and talk and afterwards they can go to the farm and if Meg is there he can talk to her. Holden goes to grab the car keys and Lily answers the door. Jack tells Lily he has a bone to pick with her and wonders how Lily could set Carly up with another smooth talker with an accent who Carly will think can sweep her off her feet. Lily thinks Jack is jealous but he denies the accusation saying that he is only concerned about his kids. Lily tells Holden to talk some sense into his cousin but Holden agrees with Jack’s opinion. Jack tells Lily that he met Neal and from their meeting he could tell that Neal has a woman on every construction site from here to Shanghi. Lily laughs and tells Jack that if he got all of that from a first meeting with Neal he is a great detective. Jack tells Lily that he doesn’t trust Carly’s instincts about men if he first date with Neal started with her meeting Neal at the door in a robe. Lily tells Jack to trust her instincts about men even if he doesn’t trust Carly’s instincts because she thinks Neal is smart, funny, handsome wealthy, and just what Carly needs in her life right now. Lily thinks that Jack doesn’t want Carly to be happy with any man who isn’t him but he has every right to be happy with another woman. Jack tells Lily that isn’t true he just thinks Carly is very vulnerable right now and he doesn’t want her to fall for this guy and hurt the kids again Lily tells Jack that he has no right to butt into Carly’s life because he isn’t with Carly anymore. Jack tells Lily he is just the father of Carly’s children and he ex husband so of course her life should be of no concern to him and he storms out slamming the door behind him. Holden tells Lily that Jack has a right to his opinion and she should stop pushing so hard for Neal and Carly to begin dating.

(Lakeview) Neal and Carly talk and Neal encourages her to talk about her past so she tells him she has told some lies, committed some felonies, and broken the heart of a good man more then once. Carly is surprised when instead of being scared away by this brief description of her past Neal admires her for being a strong woman. Neal tells Carly that his wife died after fighting a brave battle with breast cancer but he loved her very much and still misses her. Neal tells Carly he will not settle for anything but the passionate love kind of love he had with his wife if he ever marries again. Neal also tells Carly that she is the first woman who has caught his eye since the death of his wife two years ago.

(Carly’s house) Neal walks Carly to her door and gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her he had a great time. Carly invites Neal inside for some water or tea but he says he must return to work. Neal tells Carly that f he would have stayed he would have preferred to have tea with her. Carly walks inside the house and is angry to find Jack with his feet on the coffee table reading the newspaper. Carly shoves Jack’s feet off the coffee table and demands to know what he is doing in the house. Jack tells Carly that he needed a quiet place to do paperwork but Carly knows him better then that an tells him that he was waiting for Neal to bring her home. Jack tells Carly he is just trying to protect her because he is concerned about another stranger coming into the kids’ lives. Carly knows that is just an excuse from Jack because he doesn’t trust that she won’t hurt the kids again. Jack tells Carly that he wasn’t happy to see a stranger in his house and Carly reminds Jack that is her house. Carly tells Jack that she wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Janet in her house when she arrived home the other day and Jack says that is different because the kids know Janet and besides he and Janet are only friends. Carly tells Jack that she and Neal only had lunch so she doesn’t know why he is so upset about it. Carly tells Jack she promised him that she wouldn’t hurt the kids again so he should trust her and stop suffocating her. Carly reminds Jack that he asked her to let him go and she did that although it wasn’t easy and now she wants him to do the same for her. Jack apologizes and tells Carly she is right that she has a right to be happy with whomever she chooses without interference from him. Jack leaves and Carly wishes she could be happy with the man she wants to be with which is Holden.

(Farm) Neal arrives to thank Holden and Lily for setting him up with Carly because they had a great time at lunch. Neal tells them that he thinks Jack must have a screw loose for letting a great woman like Carly go. Lily decides to set up a dinner and invite Neal and Carly and Neal gladly accepts the invitation. Neal tells Lily to call him with the details of the dinner and then he leaves to go to work. Holden reminds Lily how badly her last dinner set up for Carly was and he also thins this dinner will be a disaster Lily tells Holden that if he is Carly’s friend he will want her to find someone who will love her and accept her for who she is even if it isn’t Jack.

(Fairwinds) Meg is startled to wake up and find that Paul isn’t in bed with her so she calls his name several times until she finds him in the living room. Paul explains that he had some rose bushes delivered and he wanted to get them in the ground right away. Meg figures out that Paul planted the roses to cover the spot where Sofie is buried. Meg wants to call the police and explain to them what really happened to Sofie but Paul says that nobody on the police force will believe his story especially since he moved a body and tampered with a crime scene. Meg still can’t believe that Meg could think for a second that she could ever kill anyone. Paul explains that he thought that Meg was possibly defending herself because Sofie did something to provoke her. Paul explains that he found Sofie with a syringe next to her body and the last word she said was Meg so he immediately shifted into protection mode. Meg tells Paul she understands he was only trying to protect her but she wishes that he wouldn’t have done it. Meg wonders if Sofie could have killed herself and wanted to get her revenge by blaming one of them for the crime. Paul says that he doubts that because she wouldn’t have killed herself because she was expecting baby, which she thought, was her only hope for hanging on to him.

(Lakeview) Mike questions Barbara about Sofie’s whereabouts but she tells Mike not to worry because Paul gave Sofie money to leave town and live a good life with her baby. Mike doesn’t believe that because the last time he saw Sofie she was going to stay in Oakdale no matter what anyone thought of her. Barbara tells Mike to drop this and just be glad Sofie is gone.

(Mike’s Office) Mike asks Kelly the building secretary if she has seen Sofie who was working out of one of Barbara’s offices. Kelly tells Mike he hasn’t seen Sofie in a long time so Mike wonders if she left some personal things in her office. Kelly tells Mike Yes and gives him a box of Sofie’s things. Mike looks through the box and finds some of Sofie’s jewelry and Cole’s phone number Mike remembers Cole was Sofie’s old boyfriend so he calls Cole to ask if he has seen Sofie. Cole tells Mike that he hasn’t seen Sofie and he doesn’t know or care where she has gone. Cole tells Mike he must be the latest sucker to fall for Sofie’s innocent act. Cole tells Mike that he is sorry to tell him but Sofie was far from innocent and perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Cole tells Mike he should be happy Sofie left before she dragged him into her latest scam.

(Fairwinds) Barbara arrives and happily tells Paul and Meg that she has taken care of the Sofie problem for them so now they are free to get married. Barbara wants Paul and Meg to get married today by the roses Paul planted to cover up Sofie’s grave. Meg tells Paul she can’t do this and goes to her room while Paul tries to persuade his mother to wait on the wedding but she won’t take no for an answer. Paul tries to ask Barbara what she did to get rid of Sofie but Barbara gets angry and tells Paul not to worry about what she did to Sofie because it doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is that he and Meg can be happy. Barbara goes out to the garden to get things ready for the wedding. Meg can’t believe that Barbara would kill Sofie especially when Sofie was carrying her grandchild. Paul tells Meg that Barbara had not formed any attachment to this child and neither had he so to her the ends justified the means. Paul tells Meg Barbara did what she did to protect their happiness so now they must protect her because she couldn’t stand a trial given her medical condition. Meg agrees to marry Paul in the garden and help him to protect Barbara.

(Fairwinds Garden) Paul and Meg are about to get married when Mike arrives to tell Meg that Sofie is missing. Paul tells Mike they are about to get married and he is interrupting the wedding. Mike asks Meg if she is sure she wants to marry Paul and she must marry him. Mike can’t believe that Meg would marry a man who has another woman pregnant. Meg and Paul exchange wedding vows while Mike watches sad and confused and while he is watching the wedding he finds a piece of Sofie’s jewelry on the ground.

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