ATWT Update Monday 7/7/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/7/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In the city, a recruiter asks Noah how he is holding up? He is ok, but he has to get used to getting up at 4:45 AM. The man laughs and tells him if all goes well after his pre-enlistment ceremony, tomorrow he will be in basic training. Things are moving fast. Is that ok? Yes. From a bit away, Luke yells Noah’s name, as Noah excuses himself to talk to him. Is he there to see him off? Luke says nothing, as Noah realizes he is there to try to convince him to not do this. Noah can’t handle this right now, as Luke reminds him that this may be the last time they see each other for a long time. Noah tells him where he is staying and tells him to meet him there in 10 minutes.

At the farm, Holden is working on a project, as he stops to wipe the sweat off of his brow; he has a fantasy of Carly bringing him some water to cool down. She tells him that she is hot too, as she undresses and drops her clothes to the floor. Holden is preoccupied when he slams the hammer down on his thumb. He hops around when Lily walks in and tends to him with some ice. She asks him if he was daydreaming…was he thinking of her? Holden manages a smile. Lily tells him that she is going to get back to her laundry. He tells her that she doesn’t have to hang out while he does his chores. She doesn’t mind helping out while Emma is gone and now that they are back together, she doesn’t want to let him out of her sight. After she walks out of the room, there is a knock and a man in a suit with British accent, tells Holden that he was touring the grounds and the heat started to get to him. Could he trouble Holden for a drink of water? He can come in but first Holden wants to know whom he is?

At home, Carly is putting away the dishes when she calls out to Parker wondering if Jack has called? Parker doesn’t answer her because he is too busy thinking about the kisses he shared with Liberty the night before. Carly walks up beside him and sees he is miles away. She will take him to work since Jack isn’t around.

At the Lakeview, Jack and Janet are in bed. Jack wakes up to Janet kissing him on the neck. He asks her if this really happened? Yes, but just in case they should do it again. Jack smiles and kisses her. Suddenly, Jack is gently pushing Janet off of him and racing to get up leaving a confused Janet watching after him.

Holden introduces Neal to Lily; he is Mike’s boss; he owns the construction company working with Worldwide. Lily greets him telling him that Mike has told them all about him. He apologizes for barging in on them. Lily offers him some tea. He would love that iced tea because he is not used to this kind of heat so early in the day. Carly walks in and sees everyone standing in the kitchen, but all she seems to really notice is Holden; she tells him that she didn’t know he would be there. Lily offers her some tea, but Carly tells her that she will catch up with her later, as she heads for the door. Lily introduces Neal then, who then tells Carly that he hopes he is not the reason she is leaving so quickly; he wouldn’t want to race off such a ‘lovely young lady’, as Lily smiles and Holden looks uncomfortable.

Noah arrives back at the hotel with the recruiter. The man tells him that they will be leaving by bus in 30 minutes. He reminds Noah that he can invite his friend to the oath and enlistment ceremony later. No, there is noone he wants there. The man leaves and Noah sneaks out right after. He meets up with Luke outside. They can’t meet in his room? There are no visitors allowed. Luke explains again that this move is about his dad. It may be partly, Noah agrees. Luke understands the need to be something bigger then yourself and to make a change; this is not the way though. He can’t tell him what he wants. His dad wanted him to live that life, but he was dead set against it. What changed? Maybe he changed or maybe Luke didn’t know him that well. The Noah he fell in love with is not the real Noah or the one that says he loves him is not the real Noah? This army Noah is the real Noah. He has to get back, but he is glad he got to see him one last time. Noah leaves and Luke calls after him.

At the tennis court, Liberty walks over to Parker with a big smile, as he plants a kiss on her again. Why is she late? She had to take the bus because her mother didn’t show up and Katie and Brad had left already. Parker thinks it is weird because his dad didn’t show up either. Liberty teasingly goes ‘oh no,’ knowing what is probably going on. Does she think they spend the night together? Duh. Why wouldn’t they show up? He is a cop. Liberty thinks he would have called; he is taking the walk of shame through the Lakeview lobby.

Jack is dressing and is racing around talking about how he overslept. He has to get over to Parker because he was supposed to drive him to work. That is what happens when you have mind-blowing sex – you become preoccupied. Parker is going to be so worried. Janet thinks he has probably already gotten to work. He still has to check on him. Janet tells him that she should go with him. Jack stops; she is going with him to see Parker? She is going to see Liberty because she was supposed to drive her to summer school. Jack nervously smiles and tells Janet that he would like to keep what happened between them. Janet agrees to this, as Jack races by. Isn’t this the part where he says he had a great time and they should do it again soon, as Jack stops and tells her that, but then races off.

Lily explains to Neal that Carly owns a club in their town. As Neal tells her that he would love to stop in. Carly seems preoccupied as she stares at Holden. Holden asks if she is ok? Jack didn’t show up to pick up Parker, he isn’t at work and he isn’t answering his phone. Lily tells her that they just got there but maybe he is oversleeping upstairs. Lily and Carly leave to go check and after they do, Neal asks Holden if Carly is single? Holden starts to explain that she just recently got out of a long-term relationship, but then he catches himself and tells him that she is available.

Noah is packing when Luke walks in. He told him that he couldn’t have visitors. He had to see him; does he want him to get kicked out? Would that be a bad thing? The army isn’t the place for him; he is gay. He can’t talk about being gay, act on it or share himself with others. Noah tells him that he is the only one he wants to be with him so he won’t be acting out on it, he won’t want to talk about him because it will only make him feel worse so this whole don’t ask don’t tell works for him. He will be ok not talking to his friends about him or hanging his picture by his bed? It is just for a few years. Years? He wishes his father wasn’t dead because he would laugh in his face. He can’t just go to school and make movies; he has to do something with his life. This is the life he wants? His father is still running his life from the grave. What is he doing? He came here and is talking to him like he is too stupid to make his own decisions. Luke grabs his shoulders and tells him he is terrified for him. He will be ok, as he hugs him. There is a knock as the man on the other side tells him to open up. Noah opens the door partway; he will be right down. Is there a reason they can’t come in? Noah slowly opens the door; the men remind Noah he knew the policy – who is this? Luke steps forward and tells him that he is Noah’s boyfriend. Noah’s mouth drops open.

Carly and Lily come back downstairs and Holden assumes Jack wasn’t there. He wasn’t and his bed doesn’t look slept in. Holden tells Carly that he will let Jack know she is looking for him if he sees him. Carly is about to leave when Lily tells her that Sage left her sweater and she will go get it; Carly wants to go, but Lily tells her that she will be right back. Holden tells Carly to call Jack again. She doesn’t want to overdo it. Before as a married couple, there is no limit to calls, but now there is a delicate balance. Holden tries to comfort Carly a bit, as she worries he is hurt. They live in a small town and everyone knows him so she would have heard something by now. He always knows what to say to make her feel better. Lily comes back in. Lily reassures Carly that Jack will be fine. Is there something else bothering her? Her cell phone ringing interrupts them; it is Jack. He lies and tells Carly that he was working on a case and had his cell off. Carly is relieved; Parker was worried. She tries to casually tell him thanks for calling and hangs up after he tells her that he is checking on Parker. Lily and Holden assume everything is fine and Carly makes a swift exit to go to work. Holden walks her to the door when Carly turns around to say goodbye, he is inches from her face. They both pause but then she says goodbye and quickly leaves. Lily tells Holden that something is bothering Carly – more then Jack. Holden thinks she was fine. He keeps saying that, but she knows there is more to it and she is convinced it has to do with a guy. Holden snaps that they should just stay out of it, as he makes a quick exit as well, as Lily watches after him.

At the tennis courts, Jack walks over to Parker and Liberty. He apologizes saying he got held up; he will see him later though. Liberty glances at Parker, who stops his dad to ask him specifically where he was? Jack stumbles a bit over his words, as he said he was working undercover. Parker smirks at Liberty and tells them that is what he thought. Parker asks him to stay to watch him. Janet walks over and she and Jack act a bit awkward, especially when Janet mentions she saw him last night. Jack walks over to watch Parker, as Liberty realizes something is going on between them. She has seen her mom look that way before? The ‘earth moved for her and Uncle Jack last night?’ Janet pretends to not know what she is talking about – she and Jack are just friends, as she coyly waves at him and Liberty rolls her eyes.

The men ask Noah if he invited Luke there? He didn’t. Luke wonders what if he did? He would be kicked out of the program. Noah pleads with Luke to tell the truth because he knew the rules - that there is no alcohol, drugs, skipping curfew or visitors. Luke realizes he can’t lie about this; Noah told him but he came anyway. One of the men asks Luke to leave, as Luke touches his face when he tells Noah that there is no truth greater then the fact that he loves Noah, as he leaves.

Holden comes back in and apologizes to Lily for snapping. Lily is snapping the buds off of a flower when Holden jokes about it being his head or another part of his anatomy that she is thinking about as she angrily prunes. Lily smiles; she likes his anatomy just fine, as they hold each other’s glances. Then Holden changes the subject; he is heading home now does she want to come? Lily wonders why he does that? They look like they are going to kiss but then he holds back, she does, and then the moment is gone. She then tells him not to mind and starts to turn around when Holden takes her, whips her around and kisses her. Better? Much. We have unfinished business, Lily tells him. Does she want to prune more? They have to talk about Lily, as Holden looks uncomfortable.

At Metro, Carly is doing the books when Neal comes in and tells her that he thought she might be open for an early breakfast, but he can see he is wrong. He is trying to charm her when he admits that he came by just wanting to see her again. He figures she would see through his ploy though. Would she take pity on him? Carly is charmed; he wants to be direct – he would like to have lunch with her tomorrow? He doesn’t know her. Hw knows she is kind based in her concern for her friend. Jack – her ex. He likes the sounds of that. He fact checked; Lily told him that he was single, Carly asks? No, her husband gave him his assurance that she was single, as Carly looks slightly annoyed. The information he received isn’t exactly right. Is she seeing someone? Holden didn’t have the right to talk about her personal life; she is not ready to see anyone right now. He picks up her phone and inputs his number into it so she won’t forget him if she changes her mind. There is more banter and then he leaves.

Lily explains that they have been talking about Carly and Jack for years – what changed? Nothing; he is just worried about Luke and Noah; Noah enlisting is rough on him. She didn’t think because he shouldn’t have to worry about Carly and Jack too. They used to read each other’s minds. They will get back to that. She can make a picnic. He actually has a headache he can’t shake so he is going to head home; he will see her after she finishes up.

Luke is waiting outside the hotel when one of the recruiters walks over to him. Luke thinks he is there to tell him to get lost, he has every right to be there waiting for Noah. The recruiter tells him that he just thought he could use some water while he waits. Luke thanks him and apologizes. Sometimes it is hard for friends and family to enlist. They don’t enlist people that don’t want to be there. They pressured him. Does he think that Noah is that easily manipulated? It isn’t what Noah wanted; Noah loves him. He doesn’t know anything about that. Luke knows he doesn’t because of the whole policy of don’t ask don’t tell. This is wrong for Noah and he is not going to stand by and, let this happen. He should stay as long as he needs. He is going to talk him out of it. Then if by talking to him one last time talks him out of the military then it is the best thing because the military doesn’t need people that don’t want to be there. Luke smiles appreciatively.

Noah explains to the recruiter that he was telling the truth. He knows that, but if he is uncomfortable with enlisting then he should take more time to think about it. Does he not want him anymore? He wants exemplary people like him. What does he want? He wants to serve his country. Then let’s go, the man answers. Noah goes outside and into the waiting van, where Luke sees him get in. He races over and pounds on the window telling him not to go and that he loves him. Noah looks at him for a minute before he turns away from him and the van drives away.

Liberty wants Janet to stop avoiding the question; what is going on with her and Jack? Janet tells her that Jack is private so drop it. Jack decides to head out at the same time Janet decides to leave. She would like to go get breakfast, but Jack isn’t sure; he doesn’t think it is a good idea. She is not asking him to sign his life away. Jack agrees finally. Janet reminds Liberty to keep them on the ‘dl’. Liberty tells Parker that she is right about his dad and her mom; they were together last night and he lost the bet.

Noah is sitting with another military recruiter, as he goes through more of the enlistment process. Noah remarks about how many questions they ask. That is because they want to make sure they are getting honorable men with integrity. He tells Noah that he has done very well so far on all parts, but he wants to know if there is anything else he wants to tell them that might have any bearing on the enlistment process? Now is the time to tell him, as Noah just stares at him.

At the farm, Luke comes home and sees Lily; she asks if he is ok? He didn’t think Noah would go through with it. If he wants to change the world then he is all for it, but he doesn’t know why he wants to risk his life being sent to Afghanistan or Iraq. Why can’t he find meaning in hid life with him? Maybe he doesn’t know how. She wants him to come back to the house with her. Luke appreciates it but being with her and his dad isn’t going to make him feel less lonely. Just because he left doesn’t mean he won’t come back to him one day, Lily reminds Luke. He hopes he gets the chance.

The recruiter asks Noah if there is something he needs to mention? He didn’t mention something before; he is gay. The man jumps up and tells him that he didn’t hear that. He asked him about parking tickets, parties and the window he broke when he was 9. They make a big deal about making sure that you bring up everything and if you left out anything they would find out and kick you out. They want to know all about him but they don’t care who he is, Noah is amazed. The recruiter poses this scenario: If a female office approached him, would he tip his hat or salute? He would salute but what does that have to do with this? He is saluting because he is saluting the rank and not that gender. Don’t ask don’t tell is meant to act as the same shield; the policy assures you are to be treated like any other soldier. He thought that before when he asked all those questions, but now he has to wonder because he is being completely honest now; he is gay. If he writes that down then his commander who may or may not disqualify him from service will review it or he can retract the statement. Therefore, he would lie about whom he is? On the other hand, he can see it as others have before him and decide whom he sleeps with isn’t anybody’s business but his.

At home, Holden opens the door to an annoyed looking Carly; is he alone? Yes. Is she upset? How dare he! He hands her over to a strange man. Holden tries to deny that, but Carly is incensed. Not only that, but he is British. When she was on the rebound from Jack, she hooked up with an Australian and almost lost her freedom. And now that she is - Holden inserts on the rebound from him – as Carly answers vulnerable, she may be hunted down by Interpol for murder someone. Murdering this guy? No for murdering him – for pimping her out.

Jack and Janet finish their breakfast and he has to go; he realizes he doesn’t have his wallet – it might be upstairs. Janet thinks he may want to subconsciously return upstairs. They could revisit it again and again. It would be safer if she left it at the front office. She promises that she won’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. Janet gets up and starts to head upstairs, as Jack leaves soon after.

Downtown, Liberty tells Parker that his dad wants to keep things quiet because he is a private person. This proves nothing. Why would he want to hide something if nothing is going on, as Liberty remarks about them being kind of a couple and her mom and dad being kind of a couple is kind of weird. It is too weird fro Parker; he needs to go, as he takes off. Liberty quietly calls after him about him not breaking up with her because nobody breaks up with her, as she then suddenly looks sad.

Jack takes his wallet and heads for the door, as Janet stops him – what is wrong with him? Did she scare him last night? Did he look scared? He has a do not disturb sign on his forehead though this morning. He likes her; she is sexy, fun and smart, and in bed, their chemistry is off the charts. However, he thought a one-night stand was one night. She laughs; a one-night stand can be as long as they want as long as they keep it fun, as she takes off her dress. Jack seems unsure; he is a serial monogamist, but he also isn’t looking for a commitment right now; he needs there not to be strings. He is gun shy. Janet agrees to this even though she thinks it is funny coming from a man who wears a gun for a living. Jack smiles and takes off his shirt, as they kiss.

Luke is walking out of the door at the farm when he sees Noah standing there; he couldn’t do it Noah tells him. Luke says nothing but runs into his arms and hugs him.

Holden explains that he didn’t volunteer anything and he didn’t use the word available. What word did he use, Carly snaps? He told him that she was single when he asked; what else could he say? He just threw her out like a piece of meat. Why would he do that because he couldn’t stand seeing her with Mike and she knows that. She knows that she is in his way and she knows that he is probably looking for her to be somewhere that won’t threaten his marriage anymore, as she thinks it is a good idea. She grabs her phone and makes a call; she gets his machine. She tells Neal that she changed her mind; it turns out that she is single. She hangs up and Holden doesn’t want her to do this. She doesn’t know what else to do; what is she supposed to do with these feelings? Lily interrupts them when she walks in the door and asks them what is going on? Holden tells Lily that Carly is upset, as Carly looks at the floor. She tells Lily that everything hit her at once when Jack didn’t sleep in his bed last night she just accepted a date with that guy Neal. Lily is happy; it is great. Carly doesn’t know; things are changing so fast. Lily thinks it is great for Carly to have a handsome new guy to focus on; it is just what she needs to move on. Carly tells her that she is counting on that, as Holden stands behind them noticeably bothered by this shifting from one foot to the other.

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