ATWT Update Friday 7/4/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/4/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the police station, Janet shows up waving her little flag and tells Jack he shouldn’t be caught behind that old desk on the 4th of July. She needs to light a sparkler under him. She has a picnic lunch and Jack appreciates the smell of apple pie. Janet opines that he needs to eat and she needs to thank him for talking her off the ledge the other day and making a fool of herself over Brad.

In her room, Liberty grouses to Parker that it’s not fair that she has to stay and do her homework while Brad and Katie cover the parade. But she makes it sound so attractive if Parker gets it done real fast, then they have the rest of the day all by themselves to do whatever he wants.

Brad and Katie are at the station and dressed like Uncle Sam and lady. Jack gets a phone call from Katie saying there has been a robbery at WOAK, some mini-cams have been taken and they can’t cover the parade without them. Jack starts to nix the invitation, but Janet asks if she can just go with him? She always wanted to solve a crime. He warns her that Brad will be there and she says she knows. But she’s going to have to face them sometimes, might as well be on a national holiday.

Dillon, a friend of Liberty’s shows up and wants her to skip the homework and spending time with Parker, the geek, and he shows her a camera they can take some pictures with at the parade. Parker asks where he got it, it looks like a professional camera? He avoids that question and childes Liberty for having this kid hanging around. Liberty does go through the motion of asking Parker if he wants to go with them, but Parker announces that he has things to do.

Both Paul and Holden are making phone calls frantically, no Meg. She’s hasn’t been home, hasn’t slept in her bed, no one has seen her for 24 hours. Holden is mad and demands that Paul tell him the whole truth. What did he do with Meg? She shows up and answers that Paul did nothing. She wants to talk to him alone, but Holden won’t leave. Paul has flashbacks of finding and disposing of Sofie’s body. He tells Meg not to say another word to Holden. He wishes he could change what happened.

Katie shows Jack the room where the robbery occurred and Brad questions Janet why she is there? He’s clearly not happy that she is there with Jack and following him around like a puppy dog. She apologizes for the other day, for making a fool of herself and he denies that she was. He’s even more perturbed when Janet says Jack was there for her and comforted her, he’s really good at that. Brad and Jack have words and Brad ends up telling him that he doesn’t like Jack arranging his life for him. Jack gets it, Brad just doesn’t like him being friends with Janet. In the guise of helping Katie with her makeup, Janet asks if Brad told her everything? Katie says yes, he always does. And he certainly made it crystal clear that she would never ever come between the two of them. Katie answers that she is not so threatened by any romantic threat, but they are linked forever because of their daughter. She admits her life got really complicated when Liberty showed up, and then Janet. She doesn’t think Janet gets just how complicated it was. Maybe the other day will clear the air, time to grow up, leave high school behind for good, all of it.

Lisa fills Barbara in on what the maid said – Sofie and everything in her room just disappeared. Barbara isn’t surprised and surmises that Sofie is a very secretive, manipulative young lady and has probably done this before. Lisa offers another scenario, perhaps someone she knew showed up and scared her away. Perhaps Barbara scared her to death.

Meg is cautious but questions Paul why he had not told her that Sofie was pregnant? He states that Sofie lies, so he had to make sure she was pregnant, that the baby was his, so he was trying to protect Meg. He says but he screwed up and he swears he would have never married Meg without telling her first. She’s disappointed, after all they have been through. He couldn’t turn to her, he had to go this alone? Paul lamely says he loves her, but Holden guides her out the door and tells Paul if he really loves him, then leave her alone.

While waiting for the parade, Jack runs into Parker and tells him about the cameras. Parker says he knows nothing about nothing. Jack isn’t going to read him his rights, but he thinks Parker knows more than he is admitting. Janet though sees Dillon trying to sell his to a stranger for $300. And then Liberty joins him and she says to herself, “Oh, Liberty, what have you got mixed up in now?” She tells Jack that she knows she can trust him. She thinks she knows who took the cameras. She doesn’t think Liberty is involved, but she may get mixed up in something that can affect the rest of her life. Jack says he will check it out.

Holden takes Meg back to the farm and tells her that he is sorry about Sofie. She admits she was not thinking when she ran off and he was worried. She is so tired that she puts him off and says they will talk later after she takes a bath. She soaks in the tub thinking back over what Sofie told her about Paul’s baby. Paul interrupts and tells Meg that Sofie can’t hurt her anymore. He knows what she did, but it’s going to be all right. She realizes Sofie is dead and that he thinks she did it. He said he hid the body but objects when Meg wants to tell the police. They will surely think he did kill Sofie.

Jack asks for Parker’s help. He needs him to get Liberty away from Dillon. He took the cameras and Jack doesn’t want her involved. All goes down well, except that Liberty accuses Parker of ratting out Dillon. Jack delivers Liberty to her mother who is relieved to hear Liberty knew nothing abut the stolen cameras. He tells Liberty she is lucky as those cameras are worth thousands and Dillon will be charged with grand larceny. Brad hears about it and he rails at Liberty of not staying home where she was supposed to be. She disobeyed him and went with her thief friend so now she is grounded. Jack tries to jump in, but Brad won’t hear it. He doesn’t like Jack trying to tell him how to raise his kid now. He tells Liberty this might be a good time to knock off the “life is one big joke” routine. He’s relieved but surprised to find out all has been solved and it was Janet who helped solve the case. Liberty also realizes it was Janet who told Jack, Parker was not involved. Jack tells Janet he thinks they need to go retrieve that picnic basket of hers. She agrees, all this detective work has made her hungry. Brad admits to Liberty that perhaps he over-reacted so why doesn’t he un-ground her and they all go watch the fireworks. She needs to see Parker so she takes off for home. He gripes to Katie that Liberty is mad at him and it’s all Jack’s fault. Parker delivers Liberty’s homework to her and just turns to leave. She says she knows he didn’t rat Dillon out, and please don’t leave.

Luke is surprised to find Holden at the farm. He asks about Meg, but Holden says she will never be okay as long as Paul is in her life. He’s poison for her, but she keeps running back time after time. Luke admits they all keep falling for people not good for them, why he doesn’t know. Holden asks what is going on with him? Luke tells his dad that his boyfriend, Mr. G.I. Joe, Private First Class, enlisted without even telling him. And the best part is he ain’t telling and they aren’t asking! He realizes this is all tied up with his dad’s death, but this isn’t going to bring the man back. Holden advises Luke to go find Noah, even if he doesn’t know where he is. If Noah is doing all of this for the wrong reasons, he can’t just watch someone he loves walk to the edge of a cliff and just stand there. That’s all Luke needs to hear, he’s going to go find some inductions centers.

Lisa tells Barbara that she is being very evasive and is scaring her. She insists on Barbara telling her what made her put the fear in God in Sofie. And she knows Barbara would do anything for her children. Lisa comes back later with a peace offering and assures Barbara she did not mean to imply that Barbara was a cold-hearted killer. Lisa laments that thank goodness Sofie left town on her own accord and maybe now they can get some peace.

Janet glances in her picnic basket and Jack jokes nobody would steal it, they are in a police station. She quips that for his information her pie has led many a man into the criminal activity arena. He realizes they missed the parade, but can he interest her into showing her the interrogation room and they can watch some out the window. Instead she offers how about coming back to her hotel room with a much better view? He hems and haws and says he better not. She chides that is all he does is say no. No, he can’t do that, it would be too much fun, no he can’t do that either while he is on duty. She bets him $5 and and ice cream on top of that piece of pie that he can’t even say the word yes. He hesitates, looks around, but finally says, “yes…….I would like to have pie and watch the fireworks from your hotel room window…yes, yes, let’s go.” He puts out his hand and she takes it and says she will pay him later, she promises.

Meg wishes Paul hadn’t done what he did. He says he will never let anything bad happen to her. Maybe this will all blow over and nobody will realize anything is wrong or miss Sofie. He is sorry that Sofie is dead but part of him is relieved that she is not going to be able to hurt them anymore. Maybe they then can have the life they have always wanted. Please tell him that she understands. Paul leads her downstairs and Holden has a few choice words for him. Meg doesn’t want to discuss this tonight and insists she will go with Paul. They will take care of Sofie.

Parker doesn’t want to listen to Liberty trying to apologize for thinking he was that kind of guy. And he won’t be doing her homework any more. He never wanted to, he never liked it. He admits he only did it because he liked her and it was a way to be around her. She thinks that is a really good answer and kisses him.

Jack and Janet finish up their indoor picnic while she talks his ear off about some past beaus. He develops a stiff neck and she insists that stiff necks are her specialty and massages it. And in fact they aren’t going to talk about it, but do something about it. She asks when was the last time that he had sex? He whips his head around, “what?” She asks again – sex – you know the old-fashioned, mind-blowing, no-strings attached sex?

Katie massages Brad’s shoulders too and asks why does he let Jack get to him? He says because he is so tired of Jack always being the good guy, the smart guy, the reasonable guy. He points out that Katie just doesn’t get it. Brad finally has a family and now Jack is trying to take it away from him. She asks if they are talking about Liberty or Janet? Janet is not his family; just the mother of his daughter. And no one, including Jack, can take her away from him. And most importantly, what is she, chopped liver? And if this is a competition, he has her, not Jack, so congratulations he has won! He chuckles that she is s right, and quite the prize.

Jack gets up and nervously says he’s not the type of guy to talk about his sex life. Janet says well she does all the time….well she would if she had one. But, it’s okay, she was just asking. Inching closer, she asks if he has any idea how gorgeous he is? She thought it would be fun. He answers that it would be fun, and she’s sexy as hell but…..Janet says uh oh, here it comes again, that no reflex again. That no, “no, can’t do it. Might be fun. Jackie can’t have fun.” She reminds him that he said yes once today and got pie. Just think if he said yes again what he might get. She is tired of talking and kisses him. He finally gives in and says hell yes. She helps him pull off his shirt as he pushes her toward the kitchen table…… groping……the fireworks outside have started and Brad and Katie kiss and he thanks God Bless America… Liberty and Parker kiss…….Meg and Paul are a little more somber as he assures her all will be okay.

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