ATWT Update Thursday 7/3/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/3/08


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Tracey

(Alís Diner) Mike finishes eating and asks for some ice cream, but Henry tells him he wonít get any ice cream until he persuades Carly to sell him an equal share of Metro. Mike tells Henry it will be hard to persuade Carly because she is determined to be the sole owner of Metro. Henry explains to Mike that he only wants to give Vienna the best life possible. Mike leaves the diner, and then Henry and Vienna close the diner in order to dress up as George and Martha Washington so they can make love.

(Holden and Lilyís house) Lily suggests to Holden they invite Carly over and have an impromptu BBQ at their house. Holden isnít thrilled about the idea, but Lily calls Carly anyway. Carly lies to Lily and tells her that Jack came over and she and the kids are having their own BBQ. Lily is disappointed, but understanding, and wishes Carly a happy 4th of July. Carly sits on the couch bored because Metro is closed and Jack took Parker on a fishing trip. Mike comes over to ask Carly to think about selling Henry half of Metro. Carly tells Mike she knows she is crazy to turn down Henryís offer, because it would mean she would have more time with the kids, but the answer is still no. Carly explains to Mike that the kids are at camp and Parker is working, so she needs to keep busy at Metro. Mike tells Carly that he understands the need to keep busy to fill the space of something that is missing. Mike tells Carly that he also hasnít got a personal life so he fills his life with work. Carly asks Mike to stay and calls Lily back to ask her if she can come to the BBQ and bring a friend. Lily is thrilled because she thinks Carly has a new boyfriend. Carly tells Lily that her date is handsome but he is a surprise and she wonít know who he is until they arrive at the house.

(Holden and Lilyís house) Lily tells Holden that Carly is coming and bringing a surprise date. Lily thinks Carly has been acting awkward around her because she has been concentrating on her new boyfriend. Carly comes over, and Lily asks Mike if he and Carly are dating, and he says no, they are just friends. Holden demands to know what Carly is doing with Mike, and she tells him that she is trying to move past what is happening between them because it is wrong. Holden and Mike go get a beer from the kitchen and Holden asks Mike if he and Carly are dating, and he says no, they are just friends. Holden looks relieved, although things are still tense at dinner between the two couples. Carly and Holden canít stop sneaking looks at each other, and since Carly canít take the pressure anymore, she tells Lily she has to get some sleep to open up Metro early tomorrow. Mike and Carly say their good nights to Lily and Holden, and Mike drives Carly back to her house. Holden canít stop wondering if anything is going on between Mike and Carly, so he insists on going to the store to get some milk even though Lily tells him he can get milk tomorrow.

(Carlyís House) Carly is surprised to see Holden. He says he was on his way to the store, but when he got in the car he drove to her house. Holden admits to Carly that he wanted to check if Mikeís car was still there because he felt jealous of Mike. Carly tells Holden there could never be anything between her and Mike because she has feelings for him. Holden tells Carly that it feels wrong being in Jackís house when Jack isnít there. Holden tells Carly it feels wrong for him to have feelings for her because she used to be Jackís wife. Carly tells Holden itís her house, not Jackís, but she also feels its wrong for her to have feelings for her best friendís husband and Jackís cousin. Carly tells Holden they have mixed up their boundaries and must forget about their feelings for each other and wait until things straighten themselves out. Holden and Carly are about to kiss, when Holden gets a call from Lily asking him to bring home some blueberry muffin mix because she wants to make him breakfast in bed tomorrow. Holden hangs up the phone and apologizes to Carly for coming over because it was a mistake.

(Yoís) Luke interviews Cyndi Lauper for the college newspaper and thanks her for coming to Yoís for the gay pride benefit. Luke wonders why Cyndi brought her true colors tour to Oakdale since it is such a small town. Cyndi explains to Luke that it is important to help spread the word about Gay pride to the small towns because gay people have a much harder time if they live in a small town. Luke tells Cyndi he is gay and she wonders if he has a boyfriend. Luke says he used to but they broke up.

(Java) Regís ex boyfriend, Tony, tells Noah he broke up with Reg because Reg wanted a serious relationship and he wasnít ready for a serious relationship. Tony tells Noah that he hopes that Reg can find the type of relationship he wants because he is good guy and deserves to find love. Tony invites Noah to the Gay pride benefit at Yoís and Noah accepts the invitation. 

 (Yoís) Noah arrives with Tony and, from the look that Cyndi sees pass between Luke and Noah, she advises Luke not to give up hope because their relationship isnít over yet. Cyndi tells Luke that it wonít be easy for Noah to forget about his Luciano. Cyndi dedicates her performance to Luke, and tells him she has a psychic feeling that he and Noah will get back together. Cyndi sings a song from her new CD and then she dedicates the song true colors to Luke and sings it to him. Noah and Luke look at each other and you can tell they are thinking about what to do. Noah looks like he is deep in thought as Cyndi continues to sing the song. Noah tells Luke they need to talk, so they go outside to have a talk. Noah tells Luke that he loves him and only wants to be with him. Luke and Noah kiss each other, and Luke is so happy, because he feels they can now be together. Luke and Noah go back inside, and Luke introduces Noah to Cyndi as the love of his life. Cyndi tells Luke she knew that he and Noah would get back together. Cyndi tells Luke and Noah to love each other and always be proud. Luke asks Noah to come back to the farm with him tonight so they can be together because there wonít be anyone at the farm. Noah tells Luke he would love to do that, but he canít, because he has enlisted in the army and leaves for Chicago tomorrow to finish the paperwork. Luke tells Noah to reconsider, and wonders if he told the recruiting officer he is gay. Noah tells Luke he had no reason to tell the officer about his private life. Luke tells Noah he will have to hide who he is again, but Noah tells him he knows who he is and what other people know doesnít matter. Noah explains to Luke that he is confused right now, and he needs to return to a life of structure and rules so that he can feel secure. Luke is hurt that Noah doesnít feel secure with their relationship. Luke thinks that Noah is still trying to please his father, but Noah tells Luke that he feels he needs to serve people in some way. Luke tells Noah that they can find a place to serve people together. They could go build houses for people, or find some other worthy project to do together. Noah explains to Luke that he must do this, and there is nothing he can say to change his mind.

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