ATWT Update Wednesday 7/2/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Yo’s, a somber Alison arrives and orders a drink. The bartender mentions it looks like she is having a bad day. Try a bad life, Alison answers flatly. Soon, in walks Aaron.

At Tom and Margo’s home, many of their family members have gathered for Tom and Margo’s 25th anniversary party. Bob walks over to Tom and tells him that he has something for him; Tom laughs and admits that he is worried. Bob pulls out the top hat that Tom wore at his wedding to Margo. Ever the good sport, Tom puts it on. On the couch, Lisa, Kim, Nancy and Margo are regaling Casey in stories of when she and Tom got married – it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Nancy remarks about how wonderful it is to have three generations under one roof celebrating this milestone. Margo sees the top hat being sported and wonders where her gift is? Tom jokes that the best gift she got was the day she married him so long ago. Tom and Margo can’t believe it has been 25 years. Lisa wonders where Chris is? Doesn’t he have time off from the hospital – cue Chris walking in clearly not walking well, as Kim wants to talk with him outside. They step outside and Chris tells her that he is sorry he is late. Kim shakes her hand in front of her face to wave away the alcohol smell. She is angry that he is drunk at Tom and Margo’s party.

At Yo’s, Aaron wonders why Alison is drinking? She was kicked out of nursing school and defeated in court; everyone thinks she is a liar. He doesn’t think that. He grabs the drink - the pity party is over.

Kim can’t believe Chris would show up like this. She is furious that his brother went to court on his behalf, won his case for him, cleared him of all charges and discredited Alison as well; he did all this for him and he thanks him like this? Does she ever think that he didn’t deserve to win, Chris asks?

Meg tells Mike that she doesn’t believe that Sofie is pregnant. She had a sonogram, Mike explains. It could have been from her pregnancy from with Hallie. Mike thinks this trick is elaborate for Sofie. Meg would have known about this because Sofie would have gone to Paul and he would have told her. Paul hasn’t always been upfront with her, Mike reminds her. He wouldn’t have kept this from her – now. Why would he buy into this, Meg asks? She lied about the rape. He thought so too, but if there was any truth to this then he had to tell her. She has had enough of Sofie.

At Barbara’s suite, Paul starts to leave; he has to tell Meg the truth. She deserves to know the truth before she walks down the aisle. Barbara assures him that she can handle Sofie, but he doesn’t want her taking care of Sofie. If Meg finds out from someone else then he will lose her forever. At least if he does things his way, he has a shot with her, as he races off.

Mike explains that he had to say something because she is his friend. She is glad that he told her so she can stop this sick lie before it goes any farther. Meg takes off and Mike gets a business phone call, which he takes briefly, but is on his way out the door when Paul comes running in yelling out for Meg. Mike tells him that she is not there. She is supposed to be there because they are leaving for Vegas. Why isn’t she? He told her what he would not tell her– congratulations on his pregnancy with Sofie. Paul is incensed; he told her? He did because it was obvious that he wasn’t going to. Paul grabs him; why would he tell her? So, it is true? It is not a secret because he is there to talk with Meg. He had no right; it is his job to explain it. He thinks Mike was just biding his time to hurt him. Paul tells her that he has no idea what he has done, as he races out.

At Sofie’s, Meg arrives; she snarls at Sofie about how many lies she has told. Why doesn’t she leave? Why is she still around? She is sick of her and she should get out of town now. Paul paid her $100,000 to leave town. It was not about money for them. There is no she and Paul because when she leaves there tonight, they are going to Vegas to get married. Meg explains that Paul loves and is marrying her and not Sofie. So, she can stop lying; there is no baby. Sofie grabs her sonogram. She points out the date and the size; she is a nurse and she can do the math. If that were true then Paul would have told her. She doesn’t believe her, as she tosses the sonogram down.

Kim is amazed how everyone thinks he deserved to win but him. Chris explains that she has all these allusions about him being a good doctor with the Hughes name. He is a liar and Alison was telling the truth –not him. She accused him of sexual harassment and using his position and that is what she did, Kim questions amazingly? It is a matter of degree, Chris explains. He went to ask a favor from Brenda to get her to take the test again. However, when she let him believe that she slept with Aaron, he went to Brenda and told her if she wanted to let her go from the program then it would be fine with him. Why didn’t he tell someone the truth? He got up on the stand and lied. He lied to keep his job, Kim asks stunned? No, how many times has his dad given him the chance to get it right and how many times has he shaken his head at him. His father loves him, Kim tells him. He wants his respect, Chris answers. He gave him so many chances to get it right and for once, he wanted his dad to think he had.

Aaron tells Alison that she needs him more then she needs the drink. She has taken a lot of shots recently and he is going to help her pick up the pieces. That could take years. He is not going anywhere.

Sofie asks Meg if she would believe it if Paul told her? Paul was at the hospital with her when the sonogram was taken. She knows the doctor that examined her - Dr. Schiller. She could call her herself. Meg recalls finding Paul at the hospital pretending he was looking for her to go to lunch. Sofie taunts her about why Paul didn’t mention being at their baby’s first sonogram; that is something huge to keep from the woman you supposedly love.

Kim tells Chris he knows the difference between right and wrong, and his actions need to reflect that and if he knows that, then his father would be happy. He will find peace of mind too.

Casey tells Margo that she is the best mother ever, but she has to let him live his life as an adult; that makes her feel so old, Margo jokes. Kim walks back in and Bob walks over to her. Where is Chris? He wasn’t feeling that festive so he thought he shouldn’t stay. That is too bad. Bob walks away and Lisa tells Kim that she understands why he wouldn’t want to stay with all that he went through with Alison. Bob asks Lisa for help. Nancy mentions that she noticed that he wasn’t doing well; what is going on with him? Kim doesn’t know what to say.

Chris walks into Yo’s and orders a drink. Alison is annoyed he is there but decides that she is not leaving. He walks over to her and tells her that she should be the first to know that he is quitting his job effective immediately.

Paul is knocking on Barbara’s door and getting no answer; Barbara walks up from behind out of breath and looking nervous. She needed some air. She is supposed to be in bed. He has been trying to find Meg and was hoping she was there with her. She hasn’t seen her, Barbara answers. They go inside; he was too late, Paul explains; Mike opened his mouth. How did he know? Sofie told him. He needs to find her; he never should have listened to her. He needs to go tell Meg that it will be ok. Tell her that Sofie is out of his life forever. It isn’t true though. Yes, it is and he needs to make her believe that. He needs to calm down and think about where Meg would go. Paul runs out. He heads to Sofie’s room where he finds her door ajar. He heads inside and sees Sofie lying on the floor. He races to her and slaps her to wake her up. He doesn’t get a response. Finally, Sofie stirs; he asks her who did this to her? Sofie almost inaudibly mumbles Meg’s name. Paul looks away upset. Meg was there, he asks repeating what he thought she said? Sofie suddenly stops moving. Paul takes out his phone and then Sofie mumbles Meg’s name again and he puts it away.

At the farm, a despondent looking Meg walks in clutching her purse, as Mike wonders if she is ok? Why is he still there? There was a problem at the sight. Mike tells her that Paul was there; he wanted to talk with her – did he find her? She says nothing. Did she find Sofie? Meg is out of it. He can talk to her. She can’t. Why not? How did this happen, Meg mumbles?

Paul is crazily grabbing the sheets off of Sofie’s bed and wiping items in the room down. He wraps Sofie in the sheets and then finds the syringe on the floor and puts it in Sofie’s back pocket before he completely covers her. He grabs the sonogram and puts it in his pocket. He grabs a Lakeview laundry cart from the hallway closet and brings it in her room.

Alison doesn’t understand; Chris answers that she wins; she can go back to work and not worry about running into him. He won’t be there. Is this a joke? No. She should be happy because he is leaving, as he laughs. It is funny because she won’t have a career in nursing because of him then he won’t have a career because of her. If he thinks that is what she wanted, he is so wrong, Alison sadly answers.

Lisa wants to toast the happy couple, as Margo’s mom, Lila calls. She is glad she remembered however, she can’t really talk with all the commotion. She says a quick goodbye and they continue with the toasts. Lisa talks about how Tom is the love in her life and Margo is the beautiful wife in his life. They are an inspiration and have shown the world that love is the biggest adventure of all; they are soul mates. They fought the fight for love. They all raise their glasses. Margo kisses Tom passionately, as they all laugh telling them not to get carried away yet. Later, because they have a gift for them. They laugh about them chipping in for one present; they are cheap. As they laugh, Tom and Margo open the box and look inside.

Mike apologizes to Meg; he shouldn’t have said anything. Whatever she is feeling she can tell him. She doesn’t feel anything. She shouldn’t even be here; she should be on the airplane on her way to Vegas (as she recites specific seat information and flight info). How could she be so wrong about everything? She wasn’t; she just didn’t know. She wishes that she wasn’t sitting in her mother’s kitchen on her wedding night thinking about a stupid dress that she is never going to wear, as Mike hugs a crying Meg.

Paul carefully puts a wrapped up Sofie in the laundry cart and covers her with towels. He rolls her into the hallway and closes the door; he comes face to face with a maid wondering if there is a problem? There is no problem. He lies explaining that he thought he heard a noise out in the hall. She tries to take the laundry cart, as Paul instinctively goes to stop her and then he slowly heads back into Sofie’s room.

Mike can’t believe he should say this; maybe she should call Paul. She doesn’t want to. There is s lot of missed calls from him. She wants to be alone. He is worried, but he will call her in the morning. Will she promise that she will be ok? She can’t. Can he do anything for her? It has already has been done.

Chris tells Alison that he was never good at figuring out what she wanted. She doesn’t want to get into this. She just wanted to be a nurse. Aaron wants Chris to leave. Alison tells Aaron she just wants this over. Chris tells Alison that they go way back and he never stopped believing in her – and he still does. He tells her to take care and he leaves.

Margo sees the photo album; it is beautiful, as they look through the pictures that so many people sent in from all over. Sabrina, Frannie, Leanne, John, Andy, Lila and Katie. They laugh at the hairstyles and fashion but love the memories. They all walk down memory lane with the pictures over the years. Margo and Tom tear up, as they thank everyone.

Paul is pacing around Sofie’s room before he heads back out into the hallway. He looks around and finds the cart in the storage room. He wheels Sofie in the cart away.

Tom walks Margo down memory lane, as he recalls it. They married 25 years ago on a whim. They said they would never look back and he has never regretted it. He knew that she was the woman that he needed to spend his life with. He doesn’t need anything more then she and the boys. Margo tells him that she promised to be his companion for life, and she did. She found her life, her heart, her soul and her purpose with him. She is so glad she said yes that day. They all toast again…. to 25 more years. Casey tells his parents that they want new ‘wedding photos’ with all of them – as they set up the camera to take a picture of them all.

Barbara asks the Lakeview manager if he has seen Paul? He has not. Barbara then sees Mike. They were family once and she thought that he would value Jen’s memory better. He ran to tell Meg how Jen’s brother had a big secret with Sofie. If this strategy was aimed at hurting Paul or helping Sofie, then it was a failure. He must be so proud of himself. He isn’t because he hates to see Paul hurt his friend. They will be fine and married soon, Barbara assures him. Is she sure about that? She will bet her life on that.

Outside, Paul is digging a hole in the dark, placing Sofie in and then covering her up with dirt. He heads back inside his home, makes himself a drink and sits down. He calls Meg, who is at the kitchen door staring out of it. She hears her phone ring, checks the ID and then tosses it back down on the table and walks back to the door. Paul leaves her a message promising her that they will be ok and that he loves her. He tosses his phone down, gets up and walks over to the fireplace. He takes out the sonogram and stares at it for a moment before he grabs a lighter and flicks it open so the flame grabs a hold of the corner of the sonogram; soon the flame is engulfing it so Paul tosses the it into the fireplace; he steadies himself as he gets choked up.

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