ATWT Update Tuesday 7/1/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Tracey

(Hughes House) Margo thinks they should celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary instead of their 25th because she isnít nearly ready to have people over tonight. Casey gets ready to leave the house, and, when Margo reminds him to be back in time for the party, he says he wonít be at the party tonight. Tom is asking Casey why he wonít be at the party when Emily appears at the door. Margo is sure that Emily is the reason that Casey doesnít want to come to the party. Emily tells Margo to stop accusing her of something when she only came to drop off Daniel. Daniel arrives a few minutes later because he forgot a book in Emilyís car, and Margo apologizes to Emily for getting upset with her. Tom asks Emily to leave him and Margo alone to talk to Casey, so Emily takes Daniel upstairs to pick out his clothes for the party. Casey wonders if his parents want to know the real reason he doesnít want to go to the party. Tom tells him, Of course, he should tell them the truth,Ē so Casey tells them that he is angry at how they have turned their backs on people who are supposed to be like family, such as Alison. Casey tells Tom that he treated Alison like she was a criminal instead of a victim. Tom reminds Casey that the court found Chris innocent of any wrong doing in the case. Casey points out that, just because a court found Chris not guilty, doesnít mean he did nothing wrong. Margo tells Casey that Tom was only doing his job and he didnít intend to hurt Alison. Casey screams at Tom and Margo that he used to respect them, but now he doesnít respect either of them at all. Tom tells Casey not to ever speak to them that way again, and Casey reminds Tom that they asked him to tell them the truth. Margo is sure Emily had something to do with Caseyís change in attitude, so Casey admits that Emily did change his attitude and he is going to tell them why. Emily listens to the fight from the top of the stairs and rushes down and tells Margo to handle her problems with her children and leave her out of it. Casey yells that Emily had nothing to do with this, and Emily shoots him a hard look and tells him to stop defending her because she doesnít need his help. Emily tells Tom and Margo she wonít continue this because Daniel is upstairs and she doesnít want him to hear her fighting with them. Emily wishes Tom and Margo a happy anniversary and tells Tom and Margo they deserve each other. Emily storms out, Casey starts to chase after her, but Emily turns and gives him an angry look that says he better not go after her. Once Emily is gone, Casey tells Tom he is going to get some sodas for the party and will be back soon.

(Emilyís Office) Casey arrives and tells Emily he is tired of her treating their relationship like it means nothing to her. Emily tells Casey that she has to act mean to him, because if she acted nicely toward him, everyone they know could tell in five minutes how much she cares about him. Casey tells Emily that he doesnít care who knows about their relationship. Casey tells Emily that his parents know she is a good mother and would never take Daniel from her. Emily tells Casey that she was once a prostitute, and since his mother knows, she could use this information to take Daniel away from her. Casey laughs because he canít believe Emily was ever a prostitute. Casey stops laughing when he sees the serious look on Emilyís face. Emily tells Casey that she was a prostitute for two months when she was at a place in her life when she felt totally worthless. Casey wonders if Emily is still a prostitute, and she is hurt that he could even think that she would still be a prostitute. Casey apologizes for thinking such a thing and Emily tells him he can leave now because he has every right to leave. Casey gives Emily a kiss and tells her he feels badly that she even felt that much pain in her life but he loves her and he isnít leaving her. Emily gives Casey a kiss, and tells him that he is a very special person, and then asks him to go to the party now that he understands why they must keep their relationship a secret. Casey tells Emily that he will leave for the party in a few minutes, but he is only going because she asked him to go.

(Hughes House) Margo tells Tom that she canít stand Emily because every time she sees her she canít help but think of the affair she and Tom had years ago that produced Daniel. Tom reminds Margo that Emily isnít the only person who participated in the affair, and Margo tells him she forgave him a long time ago, but it is hard to forget about it. Margo tells Tom that the only good thing that came out of the affair is Daniel, who she loves very much. Margo tells Tom she worries that Emily is a bad influence on Daniel. Tom tells Margo Emily has a lot of faults, but she is a good mother and she would never hurt Daniel. Tom tells Margo that Emily is a part of their lives because she is Danielís mother. Margo worries that Casey is taking too long to get the sodas and Tom tells her to stop worrying and go get dressed. Tom goes upstairs to play video games with Daniel. Margo grabs her keys and heads to Emilyís office because she is sure that is where she will find Casey.

(Emilyís office) Emily and Casey are still kissing, but she sends him out the door because she doesnít want him to be late for the party. Margo arrives a few minutes later and demands to know the whereabouts of her son. Emily tells Margo Casey isnít there because he hasnít worked for her for a long time. Margo tells Emily she is sure that she and Casey have a secret between them even though she canít put her finger on what the secret is yet. Margo tells Emily to stop whatever she is doing with Casey or she will use the information she has on her to take Daniel away from her. Emily tells Margo she has made herself perfectly clear, and Margo says she hopes so, and storms out of the office.

(Hughes house) Casey arrives and gives Tom the sodas and he heads to the kitchen to put the sodas in the refrigerator. Casey wonders where Margo is, and Tom tells him she is upstairs getting dressed, but Margo arrives from outside and tells Tom she was checking things in the garden. Margo tells Casey that he took a long time getting the sodas because there must have been heavy traffic. Tom puts an arm around Margo and Casey and encourages them to put happier expressions on their faces before the party tonight.

(Lakeview) Cole demands that Sofie give him money since he helped her make the kid that she is going to pretend belongs to Paul. Sofie tells Cole she doesnít have more money, but as soon as she gets more money, he can have it. Cole tells Sofie that he will be back for some money later that afternoon, or he will tell Paul that she has been lying to him and he isnít the father of the baby. Cole notices the box where Sofie is hiding the money Paul gave her, and wonders what the box has in it. Sofie quickly grabs the box and opens it, while holding it behind her back, and moves the money to the bottom of the box covering the money with pictures of Hallie. Sofie tells Cole that the box is her box of memories, and Cole takes out a picture of Hallie and wonders if their next child will be as pretty as Hallie. Sofie gets angry and tells Cole all he cares about is money, and he never wanted Hallie or this new child. Cole reminds Sofie he will be back later for the money, and she pushes him out the door. Barbara tells Paul that Meg doesnít have to know about the baby, because if she finds out he will lose her for good this time. Barbara advises Paul to marry Meg as soon as possible, and allow her to take care of Sofie for him as a wedding present for him and Meg. Paul tells Barbara he canít allow her to do that because he doesnít want to start his marriage to Meg with a lie between them. Paul wants to tell Meg the truth, but Barbara tells him not to lie to Meg, just donít volunteer any information about Sofie. Meg arrives and Barbara lies to her and tells her the doctor says she doesnít have a good prognosis, so she probably wonít be around for their wedding. Paul tells Meg that Barbara isnít dying, she is fine, but it is too late - Meg already believes Barbaraís lie. Barbara tells Meg it would give her peace to know that she and Paul were married before she died. Barbara suggests that Paul and Meg go to Vegas and get married and throw a big party for family and friends when they return home. Barbara even offers to design a dress for Meg to wear to the party. Paul doesnít want Meg to rush into things, but she tells him she canít wait any longer to become his wife. Meg asks Paul to marry her today, and he tells her yes because he can never refuse her. Paul and Meg head to the farm so Meg can pack a bag, and Barbara is thrilled. Barbara heads to Sofieís room to give her a warning. Sofie is counting the money Paul gave her and trying to decide how much she should give to Cole, when Barbara knocks on her door. Sofie quickly hides the money in her memory box and puts the box under the bed before she opens the door to Barbara. Barbara tells Sofie she can get rid of her in one of two ways, she can have her put in jail for attempted murder, or she can simply make her disappear. Sofie is scared and backs away from Barbara, saying that Barbara would never harm her since she is carrying her grandchild. Barbara tells Sofie she was once married to an evil man named James Stenbeck, and from him she learned that sometimes you have to sacrifice something you want for something you want even more, and right now she wants Paul and Meg to be marred and happy more then she wants another grandchild. Sofie sees Lisa in the hallway and cries a little and says that Barbara is threatening to kill her. Lisa tells Sofie she doesnít want scenes in her hotel and reminds her that she is staying there only because of her generosity. Lisa tells Sofie that Barbara is capable of carrying out her threat, and she will always take Barbaraís side against a lying girl because Barbara is her best friend.

(Farm) Meg tells Paul that they are going to have a happy life together full of love, children and a big extended family full of nieces, nephews, and cousins. Meg thinks she is scaring Paul away, but he tells her he is very happy to be marrying her. Paul tells Meg that Sofie is still between them, but Meg tells him she doesnít want to let talk of Sofie ruin their wedding day. Paul tells Meg he wants her to know what she is getting into, and Meg tells him she already knows. If Sofie tries something, they will handle it together. Meg tells Paul that today she just wants to concentrate on their marriage and honeymoon. Meg heads upstairs to pack, and Paul tells her he is going to Fairwinds to pack. Mike arrives before Paul leaves and wonders what Paul is doing at the farm. Meg explains that they are going to Vegas to get married today, because Barbara is very ill, and it would help her to see them married. Mike wishes Meg every happiness and tells Paul not to mess up again.

(Lakeview) Paul tells Barbara he still thinks he should tell Meg the truth, because if she finds out from someone else this time, he could lose her for good. Paul is determined to tell Meg the truth tonight, before they get married. Sofie runs into Mike and tells him she isnít leaving, even though everyone in Oakdale wants her to leave town. Sofie tells Mike she is determined to fight to be happy with Paul but Mike tells her he was just at the farm and found out that Meg and Paul are getting married tonight. Sofie tells Mike she is pregnant with Paulís child and, if Meg knew about it, she wouldnít marry Paul tonight. Mike thinks Sofie is lying until she shows him the sonogram, and then he heads to the farm to tell Meg the truth.

(Farm) Mike arrives and tells Meg that he has to tell her something about Sofie before she marries Paul tonight. Meg doesnít want to listen to anything about Sofie because she doesnít want Sofie to ruin her wedding day. Mike tells Meg she is going to hate him for telling her this, but she has to know that Sofie is pregnant with Paulís child.

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