ATWT Update Monday 6/30/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/30/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Carly is making tea and becomes distracted with thoughts of sleeping with Holden, as her teakettle whistles, she comes back to reality. She sees she has a voice mail and so she listens to the message from Holden worrying that she is ok. She replays the message again with a slight smile on her face.

Holden arrives at Lily’s, as she rushes to him worried and thrilled to see he is ok. She heard about the storms and asks how his night at camp was? It was boring. Where did he sleep? In a broken bunk, but he survived. How was the talent show? It was great, as he gives her the gift Faith made for her. She notices he is a million miles away and wonders what is wrong? He was just upset that he didn’t make it back to her in time for them to leave on their trip. She understands; is he tired – maybe the broken bunk caused him not to sleep well? She suggests he take a nap and relax with her. She kisses him. Holden pulls back claiming he needs a shower first.

Carly replays the message again until she is annoyed with herself. Her cell phone rings and she sees it is coming from Lily and Holden’s. It is Lily wondering if Carly could pick up Ethan and take him for a while so she and Holden can spend some alone time together. Carly agrees with hint of sadness.

At the Lakeview, Sofie sees Paul; what did Meg say about their good news? He hasn’t told her. She better hear about it soon because she is going to show soon. What is stopping him from telling Meg the truth? She thinks he is afraid that Meg won’t want to marry him once she finds out.

At Fashions, Meg tries on wedding gowns. She is nervous, as the sales woman wonders if she is pregnant? No, she wants to wait until after they get married. She admits to be worrying about her mom not forgiving Paul for past mistakes. The sales woman thinks it will be water under the bridge when she sees how happy she is. Meg smiles; she feels hopeful that things will go right for them this time.

Paul tells Sofie that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Barbara walk over and is incited that Sofie is still at the Lakeview; she thought he was having her kicked out, as Sofie smirks when Paul tells her that he changed his mind. Why? Sofie thinks he should tell, as Paul tells her to stay out of it. Sofie leaves and Barbara demands to know what is going on? Paul takes a breath and then explains that Sofie claims she is pregnant with his child. He can’t believe her, a stunned Barbara asks?

Carly arrives at Lily’s, but Holden opens the door; she is there for Ethan. He leads her outside to the porch; he was worried that she was in a ditch after trying to drive through the storm. She is fine; he doesn’t have to worry. Is she ok? What does he think? Lily opens the door and finds them outside with their heads together. Carly explains that she just got there. Once inside, Carly remarks on the beautiful bracelet Faith made for Lily. How did she know Faith made this? Carly and Holden glance at each other, as Lily wonders why Holden didn’t tell her that Carly was at the camp with him last night? Carly was there – he forgot. Carly adds that she was bringing JJ to his camp across the lake. They didn’t know one another would be there. They decided to stay for the talent show because they didn’t want to let the kids down. Lily completely understands. She is glad that Carly was there – she only wishes she could have been there too. Carly comments quietly that it would have been better that way. Did she stay the night too? She took her chances on the back roads and went home. Holden goes to get Ethan while Lily admits to Carly that even though they can’t get away right now, she intends to put that lingerie she bought to good use, as Carly forces a smile.

Barbara and Paul arrive at her room and Barbara is going on about how Sofie can’t be pregnant. He bought her another pregnancy test and waited while she took it. That doesn’t mean anything; the baby can’t be his. He did have sex with her. You and who else, Barbara asks? Sofie claims there has been nobody. After all the lies, he believes this? Does Meg know? This will kill Meg, Paul admits. She won’t have to know. She can get Sofie to have a sonogram and find out how far along she is; that will prove he is not the father after all. Paul tells her to hold that thought, as he heads out the door.

The sales woman wonders why Meg is putting the wedding dress back on the rack? She is superstitious plus they haven’t set a date yet. So much has gone wrong and she is worried that they will screw it up again. The woman thinks she needs to take a chance. Meg admits that she has waited a long time for this and all they have been through – they have earned some happiness.

Paul shows up at Sofie’s room; he wants her to come with him. They are going to the hospital for a full prenatal exam. She just had some morning sickness and really doesn’t want to go anywhere. All the reason not to wait, Paul pushes. He is not happy she is pregnant, but if this is his baby, he will be responsible. She appreciates that; she will make an appointment next week. That isn’t good enough. He doesn’t trust her? He already lost two babies and he won’t go through it again. Sofie offers that they are alike in that they both lost out on the chance to be parents – it is meant to be. If they do have this baby together, they still don’t have a future. He doesn’t know that, Sofie answers back. He wants her to come to the hospital with him. Anything for the baby. Sofie and Paul leave.

At the hospital, after the exam, the doctor tells Sofie and Paul that she looks healthy. She suggests vitamins etc. Paul wants to know how many weeks she is along? The doctor thinks they could schedule a sonogram in the next month. Paul wants it done today to see how far along she is.

Meg goes to Barbara’s room. How did shopping go, Barbara wonders? She has some definite possibilities. Barbara wishes Meg rethink her suggestion and let her make her dress. She wants her to rest up and stay healthy, Meg answers; it is too much work. Barbara thinks it is a good goal to set to dance at their wedding. That is why Meg thinks she would be taking on too much. Barbara plans to let the seamstress do all the heavy lifting; she will just oversee. Meg is tempted. She finally agrees, as they hug. She is glad to think about a positive future. Has she seen Paul? He had an errand to run; she will be downstairs having lunch with friends and he can join them. She also has to first pick up her friend who is also joining them who works in obstetrics. Meg heads out, as Barbara looks nervous.

Sofie is commenting to the doctor about how it seems too early to have an ultra sound. The doctor thinks they will have more data if they wait, but they can do the test now. Paul is insistent, as the doctor leaves to go set up the test. Paul tells Sofie that if this is his child then she has nothing to worry about. The tech comes in to start the test. Paul gets a call and excuses himself. Sofie asks the man how accurate the test is? The tech tells her that it is very specific – it can tell the actual date of conception more or less.

Barbara is on the phone telling Paul that he needs to get out of the hospital because Meg is on her way over to there to pick up a friend for lunch and he should guess what department she works in? Has Sofie had her sonogram yet? She is having it done now.

Inside, the tech gives Sofie her sonogram and tells her that she is looking at her baby – who is 3.6 mm and about 4 weeks. Sofie’s face drops – she is only 4 weeks? Or a little less. Sofie pauses and then asks how big would the baby be if she were 2 months? About 20 mm, the tech answers. Does she want him to stick around to talk with her husband? No, she is ok. Sofie races to her phone and calls Cole, who is at Yo’s. Has he left town? No. He was thinking of a way to try to make more money before heading back to LA. She thinks she can help with that. She wants him to come to the Ob-gyn floor at the hospital right away and to make sure no one – especially Paul sees him.

In the hallway, Meg sees Paul and wonders what he is doing there?

Lily makes Holden lunch, but he wants to get back to the farm to check on the horses. They would have been heading to Montana now so, the horses would be fine and Carly has taken Ethan so she would love to take advantage of their alone time. She missed him last night; can they go upstairs? Holden stares for a moment before he tells her yes. .

At home, Carly is helping Ethan play with a barn with horses. She notices that the horse looks like his Holden’s. She thinks of riding on the horse with him. She suddenly tells Ethan that he should keep it because he belongs to him.

Upstairs, Lily comes out in her negligee; she looks beautiful. She got this for him the other day; she hopes he likes it. Holden however fantasizes seeing Carly standing before him wearing the negligee. Holden seems miles away, as Lily calls him on it wondering what is wrong? He hasn’t seemed the same since the other day. Is there something he needs to tell her? Holden assures her that he is fine. Where did he go? He is right there with her. He zoned out. What does she expect when she wears an outfit like that. She can take it off. No. Lily looks funny. That is his job, as they start to kiss.

Meg worries that Paul’s mom is not ok? She is fine; he is there because his mother told him that she was going there to pick up her friend and he was hoping to take them all out to lunch. Meg is happy but surprised. He wants to head out so they can grab a table before it gets busy. Paul leaves and Sofie comes out of her room looking for Paul, but she bumps into Cole instead, which she is happy about. He wants her to hurry up and tell him what she wants so no one sees him – especially security. She drags him into the stairwell, shows him the sonogram, and points out the size. She needs him to get into the medical records room and get her a sonogram for a 2-month along baby that would need to be 20mm. What is she planning? Is she pregnant again? Sofie doesn’t want to get into it. She will give him an additional $10,000 if he does this. How is she going to get more money because he thought she was tapped out? She knows where to get more. Is she holding out on him because she is in trouble now? She pushes him in the direction of the doorway to go do this for her.

Paul, Meg and her friends are at lunch, as he orders them champagne to celebrate. He is thankful that they let him crash this lunch. Her friends comment about how lucky she is. Meg worries that Paul seems distracted, but Paul assures her that he is fine. Her friend asks if they set a date? No, but Paul wants to do it soon.

The doctor comes back into see Sofie and talk about the sonogram. However, her file is missing though; the doctor will go find it and come back. Sofie asks her to take her time because the father is missing now too. She mumbles to herself about how Cole better do one thing right in his life.

Holden and Lily are in bed after making love and Lily is amazed at how good it was; she thinks him being away helped make it more intense. Holden is still distracted, as Lily talks about how close they came to losing one everything. Now, every moment is more precious. She would like Holden to move back in right away. Is she sure? Isn’t he? He thought they would wait until they were both ready. She is ready. The girls are still at camp; what happens if they don’t work out again; he doesn’t want to disappoint them. She doesn’t either; she loves him, does he love her? Yes. She has worked so hard to change; she can’t promise perfection, but she will be more honest. She learned it from him. Holden quickly doesn’t want the compliment about honesty. She presses; she means it because she sees how he is about honesty – it is like he doesn’t know how to lie – it is not in him, as Holden tries to hide his guilt. He isn’t perfect, he offers. He hasn’t lied to her, Lily says. He was judgmental and hard on her, Holden replies. He had a right to expect honesty. She deserved to make a mistake. Holden doesn’t want to go there. She has more to be sorry about then he. What does he have to be sorry about? He has serious faults. Lily laughs; she knows this because he leaves his dirty socks on the floor. She just wants him to move back in. He wants to move back in too, he finally answers. They snuggle, as Lily tells him that they have to get up because Carly is coming back with Ethan; she can’t wait to tell her, as Holden looks unsure. Carly comes back and Lily is thrilled to tell her that her prayers were answered – Holden is moving back in; it is all because of her. She has been such a good friend; she knows that she put in a good word from her. Holden was a different person when he got back today; whatever she did was amazing, as Carly remembers sleeping with Holden. Carly tells Lily she got Holden back on her own. Lily tells her that she will always be grateful. Holden comes into the room and Lily asks Holden to keep Carly company while she puts Ethan down for his nap. Holden quietly tells Carly to meet him at the stables because they need to talk. She will be there.

Paul is wolfing down his food and tells Meg that he has to run. He hasn’t even eaten all his food. Paul’s phone rings; he has to take it. Meg’s friends are very impressed with Paul. It is Sofie and she tells him that she has her sonogram results. He tells her that he will be right over. Meg walks over and asks if everything is ok because he seems distracted? He has to handle a moody board member. He promises everything is fine and when he gets back, he will be all hers, as he kisses her.

Back at the hospital room, the doctor tells Paul that the baby seems healthy, as Paul interrupts to ask how far along Sofie is? The doctor tells him based on the size of the fetus she is about 2 months. Paul’s face subtly drops. After she leaves, Sofie asks him if he believes her now?

By the stables, Carly tells Holden that she got the good news from Lily. That is only part of what he wanted to say to her. She always wanted them to work out Carly continues. He does still want to be with Lily, she asks? Yes, but he can’t do that until he is honest. About what? About what happened between them. Carly pleads with him not to do that.

Meg’s friends comment about Paul’s champagne costing an arm and a leg. He likes the best. He has good taste in champagne and women. Meg comments about how things are better now because there was too much drama in their lives before. She feels as if they turned a corner because she can trust him now. Her friend’s toast to her long future with Paul.

Back at her room, Paul tells Barbara that he saw the sonogram; the baby was conceived 2 months ago when he made the worst mistake of his life. He and Meg lost their baby because of him and they almost didn’t make it; how is he going to tell Meg? How is he going to get out of this? A solemn faced Barbara tells him that he needs to marry Meg right away and leave Sofie to her.

At her room, Sofie takes out more money from her box when there is a knock; it is Cole and she pulls him in the room. She tells him that this is all the money she has so he has to leave town now. Not now that he has his own personal ATM. She doesn’t feel well so she doesn’t want to deal with him right now. He may not be a math whiz, but he can figure this out. She is carrying his kid. He can’t know that, Sofie growls. The $10,000 isn’t going to cut it. If she wants him to help convince Paul that his baby is actually Paul’s then it is going to cost her - a lot more – try regular payments for a long time.

Lily is getting Ethan back up because he can’t sleep. She doesn’t blame him. She is too excited too because daddy is moving home and he will never leave again.

Carly thinks if he tells Lily it will break her heart. He has been telling her for months how important honesty is – how can he go back to her lying about something this big? She thinks telling the truth may be moralistically good, but it is just relieving his guilt. It isn’t always the best thing. It is a bit selfish to feel better. It will cause her pain. It will be worse if she finds out later, Holden counters. Why does she have to find out at all? Don’t do it to Lily or to her. She has a relationship at stake too; Lily is her best friend. She only has her. They can just pretend what happened between them never happened; he can move back in and be a great husband and father. She doesn’t want him to throw it all away because of one stupid mistake. He finally agrees if she thinks it is for the best. Carly breathes a sigh of relief. It is for the best; he needs to go take care of his wife. Carly races back to her car, stops for a moment and then drives away as Holden watches her go.

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