ATWT Update Friday 6/27/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/27/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At Metro, Henry makes Katie a martini which she savors. She asks now that he’s taken over for Carly, do people tell him all their problems? He admits they do, so just spill it. She acts unconcerned, what problems? Okay, one little question. What does it say when your husband suddenly decides to spend the evening with the girl he got pregnant in high school? Mike walks up and quips it just means her husband is nuts!

Janet continues to smooch all over Brad who lamely goes through the motions of saying no, she shouldn’t. He asks where is that coming from? And she continues, he knows and there is more. She’s still in love with him, she has been since high school. And don’t pretend this didn’t happen or that he didn’t want it as much as she did. She liplocks him again. He tries to push away and she grabs hold of his t-shirt and says she is glad it happened. She’s glad he finally knows how she feels. Protesting, he claims that she does not love him. She blurts out that then why does he think she is here? Does he think she is happy seeing him with someone else? Or Liberty ensconced here with a new happy family? Yes, she does want that and what is best for her. But Janet can’t pretend any more. She pants that she wants him now, she wants him as much as she did the first day on the football field. “You wanted me, I think you still do.”

Likewise in her room, Liberty is kissing Parker when Jack walks in and sheepishly looks away. He says he went by Al’s to pick Parker up as discussed, but Brad told him they had gone to the movies. Liberty says it was totally her fault, she asked Parker if he wanted to help her with her homework. Jack asked, “was that homework?” She admits no, that was kissing, they already did the homework. She changes the subject by asking if he wants some popcorn? Parker suggests to his dad that they just go home and Jack thinks that is a good idea. Liberty holds him back and wants to talk to him just a second. She confesses she hopes he won’t say anything to her mother about what he saw tonight. Given her history she gets a little hysterical about kissing and guys when it comes to Liberty. And she would never be that stupid. Jack makes no promises, but thinks her concern for Janet is overwhelming.

Brad sits Janet down and says he never thought he’d say this in a million years, but they are going to talk. He pulls up a chair and sits in front of her and declares that she does not love him. He thinks she is just stuck on him like he’s some sort of kidney stone that she can’t pass. He gets it, it’s also like flying in an airplane. You get bumped from first class and then it’s like being stuck in coach, middle seat, all the time. She declares that he says that, but she still loves him. He says she has to stop saying that, get over this high school thing. It’s like she is protecting herself. She admits that she is feeling pretty beat up right now. Another thing, he informs her that he never thought he would say this, but she could do better than him. Better, someone who really loves her, and he doesn’t. She’s devastated when he says he never did. He continues, that she needs to move on and find someone who appreciates someone as great as she is. She asks would that be Jack? He replies NO, not Jack, absolutely off limits. She cries this is what is so confusing to her. He wouldn’t be so flipped out about her and Jack if he didn’t still have feelings for her. What about at the tennis match earlier, when they were sitting all together holding hands like one big happy family? Look her in the eye and tell her he did not feel that connection. Seriously he tells her the connection they have is that they share one beautiful, funny, smart daughter. “And that is the extent of it. I’m with Katie, I want Katie. I want to spend the rest of my life with Katie.” She mimics like she wants to spend her life with him. He brushes away her tears and tells her to come on, he’s so not worth it. He gives her a big hug and they are in a clinch when Liberty walks in. She says she turns her back for one second and look what happens.

Katie reveals that Brad got all weird because Janet went to Parker’s tennis match with Jack. What Jack and Brad have going on, their subway rivalry, is like saying that World War 2 was a slight difference of opinion. She admits Brad has matured a lot over the last few months, so Mike asks is she really worried about this? Not really, but Janet pushes a lot of Brad’s buttons and he feel guilty and protective of her. She doesn’t even want to say it, but its like he’s obsessed with her. Mike says he feels sorry for her. He knows how it feels to be obsessed with someone in love with their ex.

At home, Jack tells Parker he can put it off if he wants to, but they’ve got to talk about it sometime. Parker asks what’s there to talk about? Jack says for one thing, Liberty is older than him. Parker wonders if Jack thinks he is some geek pushing himself on Liberty? “And maybe if you’d stop being a cop for five minutes, you wouldn’t be alone.” He apologizes and Jack is okay with that, but he tells him sometimes when people make a joke of everything, like Liberty, they can still cause a lot of pain. Parker objects when Jack wants to go tell Brad and Janet. His mother would be a lot cooler about this. Jack says maybe, but he has two parents and he’s the only one present.

In their cabin trading passionate kisses, Carly and Holden fall back on the bed with Carly saying they can not do this. Later they go WOW, that was really……..yes it was. Carly asks what do they do now? He admits he’s been doing too much talking, but when he’s with her that he feels like himself and she makes him feel really good, even before they did this. He hopes she is not sorry and she admits she is not.

Brad tells Liberty it was nice of her to knock first. Sarcastically, she says sorry, she didn’t really think she would be walking in on her parents making out. He explains that her mother got upset and he was just trying to make her feel better – that’s it! He tells Janet her insights wrong, his right? She nods in agreement. He whispers to Liberty to be nice to her mother, she’s way nice to her. When he leaves she accuses her mother of finally making her move and she just blew everything sky high. Janet tells her this is none of her business. Liberty thinks otherwise, most of her life has revolved around her mother’s relationship with this dude. She made it Liberty’s business because she was always pining about some guy who wasn’t even in the picture. Why does she think she finally took off to go find him? Janet says okay, she was the world’s worst mother, but they don’t have to discuss it tonight. This rejection by Brad is a conversation she always dreamed about having with her daughter! Liberty tries to tell her mother that Brad is kinda cute and funny, but he’s really not all that great. She got really ticked because she doesn’t want to see her mother crying over him again. Janet vows that she will try to stop crying, just Liberty promise her that she won’t let any guy throw her away like her, don’t end up like that. Especially someone who will walk away and never think about her again. Liberty assures her that she doesn’t have to worry about her. A knock at the door and Janet wants to duck out and let Liberty get rid of whoever.

Mike apologizes for bringing up something so personal. Katie accepts and says they both knew she had it coming, and she should have been more sensitive. Her ex-husband that she treated really, really badly probably doesn’t need to hear about her present martial problems. He admits he is fine, otherwise he wouldn’t have come back here. Why don’t they leave the past in the past? And as mad as he was at her, he never came close to hating her.

Liberty opens the door and it’s Jack. She tells him her mother is really upset so if he brings up the Parker thing, it will only upset her more. She heads out. Janet walks in and Jack tells her she looks like hell, just what any girl wants to hear. He asks why the crying? She reveals she just made a total fool of herself, and it’s all his fault.

Carly asks Holden if she can say one thing? She realizes how complicated his life is and one of the things she likes is the way he manages to balance it. And whatever happens, whatever has happened, she will not be a complication for him (famous last words). She expects nothing of him. He owes her nothing. He grins that she defines the word complication. He giggles that she was only trying to be noble and she is not very good at that. He says this wasn’t exactly a surprise. For the last few weeks he has wanted her, so now can they talk about things that matter, like how to jump-start a car? He wants her to know he’s really happy and he hasn’t been for a while. She says it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. A knock at the door and they spring apart. Maybe it’s Winkie checking to see they don’t have any alcohol.

Holden pulls his jeans on and puts on his shirt, opens the door and it’s Faith. Innocently she asks what took him so long to answer the door? The counselors told her they got stuck because of the rain….and speaking of which, it is raining, can she come in? He’s concerned, but lets her in. Carly is there with her clothes on now. Faith asks why didn’t they tell her when they came back? Holden says he didn’t want to ruin her night. Faith asks why is the mattress on the floor? Carly explains that the bunk beds collapsed. Holden and Carly exchange looks when Faith says looks like they are having a pretty weird night.

Jack says great, he loves this part when it’s his fault and he has no idea what he’s done. It’s like he is still married. She doesn’t think this is a good time to talk about it, and they both know it’s all HER fault. She told Brad how she really feels about him. He says he did not tell her to do that. She knows and he certainly didn’t tell her to act like some stupid seventeen year old and tell the guy she still was in love with him and scare the crap out of him like she did. She’s really afraid that she’s some ridiculous person. He tells her she is not. She feels deeply, that is not ridiculous, that’s pretty great. She says she has a sixteen year old daughter that has more sense than her, when is she going to grow up? When will she learn when to quit?

Liberty ends up at Brad’s and she says he could have been a little more sensitive. He understands she is concerned and wants to help, but they are doing her mother no favors to let her believe something that isn’t going to happen. She can’t believe her mother let one stupid prom night ruin her life. Brad disagrees, Janet doesn’t think that. She thinks Liberty is the greatest thing that ever happened. Liberty says she wasn’t talking about her mom, she was talking about him. And as for her mother not telling him, it was like she wanted to live in this little fantasy world, and not be told that he didn’t want her. And now that is totally gone.

Katie kisses Mike on the cheek and tells him there is a girl out there somewhere smarter than she is, for him. Now she must go check in on her nuclear family dysfunction tonight. She buzzes Henry, who then accuses Mike of still having a thing for her. He claims they are only good friends.

Jack assures Janet that she is awesome, he wishes he was more like her. It’s better to make a fool of yourself trying to connect with someone, right? Tonight, for instance, something came up with Parker and Jack was right and told him that Parker screwed up. He just acted like a kid and Jack did what he always does - act like a cop. Janet likes hearing this and begs him not to stop. But he doesn’t want her to go changing. She says she is not going to change, just join a monastery in Brazil! No, he can’t let that happen.

Faith hands Holden a glass beaded bracelet that she made for her mom. He puts it in his pocket and says he will make sure she gets it, it’s great. He insists on walking her back to her cabin. Carly says good-bye and that Faith was really great in the talent show. Faith replies she was happy Carly was there in the audience, like she was filling in for her mother (oh if she only knew?). When they leave, Carly blasts what in the hell were they thinking?

Janet tells Jack that he’s nice; does he want a drink? He declines as he has to get home to Parker. She thanks him for cheering her up, she does feel better. He suggests why doesn’t she come with him and they sit on the porch and have a beer? That sounds good to her, she’d love it….as the mood she is in usually gets her in a lot of trouble. He quips that what she needs to do is hang out with a cop.

Janet asks if it feels weird to come back to this house that he once lived in? He admits it has some good memories, but bad ones too. He thinks tonight is a good thing. Something that she dreamed about can’t happen, and she is able to put it aside. He wishes he and Carly were among that small percentage of marriages that could last, but it wasn’t. So he’s going to concentrate on all the wonderful things in his life. She says easy for him to say.

Holden comes back to the cabin and finds a note from Carly…….”see you back in the real world, Holden, Carly.” Henry tries to get Mike to convince Carly to sell him the place for Vienna, the love of a good woman. Henry tells Mike he should try it, just keep looking. Mike advises him the art of a good bartender, don’t give advise, just listen. Henry muses, “a man like that going home alone. What’s the world coming to?”

Katie comes home and thinks something is burning. Brad announces he made her cookies and he figured if he made them twice as hot they’d be ready twice as fast. She thanks him, it’s the thought that counts. She asks him if there was any new developments tonight with Janet? Not really, he answers. Except that Janet confessed that she loves him and threw herself at him. Katie collapses in his arms and says thank God.

Janet tells Jack that Brad was really, really nice, firm but nice. He thinks he ought to be, he owes her big time….just look at Liberty, how great she is and Janet did that. Which reminds her, what happened to Liberty tonight and why she left so fast. He goes to get another beer and she hollers he can’t avoid the question as she will worm it out of him. He’s not the only one who's good at interrogation. Carly walks in and asks Janet who the hell is she? They introduce and Jack returns and tells Carly he thought she got stuck at camp. She smarts that she got unstuck, and why is he bringing a date into her house? He has some nerve. Later he says she knows he is not the teenage babysitter sneaking his girlfriend into the house. She apologizes, says she was exhausted and the drive back was miserable, and she took it out on him and his friend. She’s going to bed, he can go back to his conversation and let himself out. He asks if anything is wrong, something with Sage? She denies anything is wrong, nothing happened.

Carly sashays by and says good-night to Janet. Jack tells Janet that was Carly. She remarks she made quite a first impression. He jokes that she doesn’t know the half of it. Parker starts an e-mail to Liberty, then thinks he’s a dweeb and deletes it. She calls and says his dad came to see her mom and she was in the middle of having a meltdown so she doubts they got around to talking about them. He seems to want to talk about it and she goes on and on about him helping her with her math, same time tomorrow? Carly pops in to say good-night….curb his enthusiasm. She asks what’s wrong? She tugs on his hair and he asks her to stop it. She says she gets to do that, she’s his mom. He hates being this age, being so dumb. Isn’t this the part where she says something to cheer him up? She thinks then says well he is going to get older, no matter what. The problem with stupid is that it can stay with you for a lifetime.

Janet tells Jack that he doesn’t have to take her home; doesn’t he want to stay and talk to Carly? No, he replies, not in her mood. Janet says that mood – it wasn’t her. Whatever mood she was in, she was in before she got home. Whatever happened tonight to upset her happened before she got home. This gets him to thinking.

Brad tells Katie he thought she would be mad. She tells him no, she is not threatened by Janet. Everybody else but him could tell she was obsessed by him. They climb in bed and she continues that maybe now that Janet has outted herself and realizes she can’t have him, she will move on. He made it pretty clear to her, but he didn’t want to hurt her. On the football field yes, but not girls crying. He’s talked enough tonight, he doesn’t want to talk anymore. But he does want to share with Katie, just not with words. She gets it, okay with her. They kiss and fall back on the bed.

Holden, feeling lonely, remakes his bed on the floor and thinks back to making love to Carly. Carly sits on the couch thinking as well, Jack comes back, says he saw the light and just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Rather somber, she says the kids are fine. She would have called if they weren’t. She assures him that she is okay, don’t waste his time on her. She leaves and tells him again to lock up when he leaves. Even more puzzled, he thinks, “okay, Carly, what is going on?”

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