ATWT Update Thursday 6/26/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/26/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(School) Janet arrives to pick up Liberty and runs into Jack who is picking up Parker who is having a meeting with his soccer coach. Janet and Jack both smile and Janet tells Jack she thinks Parker has been a wonderful influence on Liberty. Jack is glad that Parker and Liberty are friends and that Liberty feels a part of the Snyder family. Janet invites Jack to go out to lunch with her and Liberty since Liberty would love to have lunch with Parker. Brad arrives and doesn’t look too happy to see Jack and Janet talking and laughing with each other. Brad wonders what Janet is doing at school since it was his day to pick up Liberty. Janet apologizes and admits to Brad that she missed her daughter and wanted to spend time with her. Liberty and Parker see everyone in the parking lot and wonder why they are all there to pick them up. Brad invites Parker and Jack to go to Al’s diner with him, Janet, and Liberty. Brad sends Parker ahead and tells him he will pick him up at the diner later. Janet asks Jack to go because they will have fun but Jack tells Janet he doesn’t want to play her game.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty shows Brad and Janet that she got a 95 on her math homework and they are both so proud because Liberty has never done so well with Math. Janet thanks Parker for helping Liberty with Math and being such a good influence on Liberty. Everyone at the table has fun at lunch as Janet tells Brad and parker that Liberty never wanted to take ballet lessons when she was little until she saw a ballet costume in the window of the ballet studio that was Barney purple. Janet laughs and says she used to call Liberty her little dancing dinosaur. Parker laughs and tells Janet he would love to see pictures or a tape of Liberty dancing in a purple ballet costume. Janet tells Parker she has pictures and a tape and after lunch they can go watch it at Brad’s house. Liberty tells Parker they should go to the movies instead and Brad and Janet give their permission for them to leave after lunch. Liberty asks Brad if she can learn how to drive this summer and take the driving test. Brad tells Liberty she can take the driving test if she keeps getting good grades in school. Jack arrives and Brad apologizes for not calling him to let him know Parker and Liberty went to the movies. Janet invites Jack for a drink and Brad invites himself to go along as well. Brad quickly leaves to call Katie and let him know of his plans to have a drink with Janet and Jack. Jack tells Janet that he won’t let her use his and Brad’s sibling rivalry to get attention from Brad. Janet denies Jack’s accusation at first but then admits she likes getting attention from Brad and she has noticed that Brad gives her more attention when she is with him. Jack tells Janet he hates being manipulated by women because his ex-wife hurt him a lot by manipulating him. Janet tells Jack she is not a manipulative person but for years she held on to the hope that she Brad, and Liberty and now that it is finally happening she likes the feeling of family. Jack reminds Janet that she is wasting her time because Brad is in love with Katie. Janet tells Jack she knows that but it is hard to let go of the hope that she will someday have a family with Brad. Jack tells Janet that she is a smart strong woman who can make it without Brad. Jack tells Janet to call him if she ever gets Brad out of her system because he likes her and has fun with her. Jack leaves and Brad comes back and he and Janet go to the Lakeview to have a drink together.

(Movie Theater) Liberty persuades Parker to skip the movie and go back to Brad and Katie’s house so that he can do her math homework for her again.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Liberty is happy to be in an adult free zone and immediately puts Parker to work on her Math homework. Liberty explains that she is depending on him to get her driver’s license and a car. Parker is disappointed that Liberty doesn’t want to spend time alone with him but she promises they will spend time alone together when she gets a car. Liberty plays with Katie’s butt master and Parker asks her to stop distracting him while he is trying to do her homework for her. Parker asks Liberty to go to the kitchen and make some popcorn so he can finish the math homework. Parker can’t concentrate on Math even with Liberty in the kitchen and soon walks over and starts kissing Liberty just as Jack arrives and catches Liberty and Parker in the act.

(Lakeview) Brad and Janet have a drink and she apologizes for being so scared young and stupid that she didn’t tell him she was pregnant sooner so he could have been a part of Liberty’s life at a younger age. Brad tells Janet that she did a great job with Liberty and asks her not to dwell on the past. Brad thinks what is important is that he is part of Liberty’s life now and it isn’t too late for him to be a father to her. Janet tells Brad that Liberty left her sneakers in her room and she needs them for school tomorrow. Brad goes into Janet’s room to wait for her to get Liberty’s sneakers and Janet tells Brad to get himself a drink from the minifridge. Janet suddenly walks over and gives Brad a kiss on the lips.

(Camp) Holden arrives to visit Faith and Natalie because he was picking up a horse nearby and thought he would come see how his girls are doing. Faith and Natalie are happy to see him and take him to meet their counselor and persuade him to stay for the talent show. Carly arrives to visit Sage because she dropped of J.J at the boys’ camp and took the opportunity to visit Sage. Carly talks to the camp director Winkie and finds out that Sage is at crafts and then makes her way over there to see her. Sage is happy to hear that J.J has recovered from his illness because she prayed for him every night. Sage makes a necklace for Carly as she watches her and Sage persuades her to stay and watch her perform in the talent show. Carly and Holden don’t see each other until they are about to take their seats for the talent show. Holden and Carly smile at each other even though they act shyly as they explain to each other what brought them to visit the girls. Carly calms a nervous Sage while Holden does the same for Faith and Natalie. Holden and Carly then calm each other as Sage sings first and then Faith and Natalie sing together. Sage sings Good Morning Baltimore from the musical hairspray and Holden congratulates Carly because Sage got a standing ovation. Carly points out that she started the standing ovation, but Holden tells her the rest of the crowd would not have stood up if Sage hadn’t done well. Carly and Holden hold hands as Faith and Natalie sing their duet. Winkie stops the show because there is a big thunderstorm coming and she wants the campers back in their cabins before the storm. Carly and Holden say good-bye to the girls because they want to make it home before the storm. Winkie forbids Carly and Holden from leaving because when storms come they always wash out the bridge. Holden tells Carly to stay and he will try to beat the storm home. Carly is about to get into bed when Holden arrives because the bridge has washed out. Holden takes the top bunk and Carly uses the bottom bunk. Carly and Holden sit together on the bottom bunk as Carly tells Holden how beautiful it is to ride a horse up to the top of a mountain in Montana just as the sun begins to rise.

Holden and Carly almost kiss and then Holden suddenly gets up and tells Carly it is best that he sleep in his car. Holden explains to Carly that something dangerous may happen if he stays in the cabin alone with her. Carly tells Holden that if he goes out into the storm he may get hit by lightning. Carly insists that Holden stay and tells him that they will make a pact that nothing will happen between them. Holden heads for his car but returns a few minutes later soaking wet. Holden takes his shirt off as he sits on the top bunk it breaks. Carly and Holden laugh and Carly tells Holden he needs to lose weight. Holden and Carly take Holden’s mattress and put it on the floor and once they are both down on the floor together they begin to kiss each other.

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