ATWT Update Wednesday 6/25/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Java, Luke sees Noah working behind the counter. He is surprised to see him there. Noah explains he is trying to help with costs at college. Does he need any money, Luke asks? He can’t take money from him. It can be a loan. Noah smiles sadly.

At the Lakeview, Aaron wants to know what is up with an edgy looking Alison, who is sitting with Bonnie. She wants to hear the tough questions and Bonnie doesn’t think it is necessary right now; She knows Tom intends on whipping out the movie she made – and playing it in open court. She will have to admit that she was on Meth while prostituting herself. Bonnie understands she needs to do this and asks Alison some hard questions; Alison thinks she is going to be sick, as she rushes away from the table.

At the Intruder offices, Casey comes in and Emily tells him that they closed the hearing to the press; the request came from Tom. She wonders what he is planning? If he is going to show her movie, why wouldn’t he want to do that in open court? Casey doesn’t think want to humiliate Alison. Casey thinks that his dad won’t use the videotape; he has ethics. Emily growls; he is so young. Not that young, as Casey grabs Emily and kisses her.

Aaron thinks Alison feels warm. Does she want to stop this hearing today? It would feel better for today, but tomorrow she would kick herself for rolling over on Chris. She is ready to go, as Alison asks that Aaron leave the room if Tom uses the tape. He is not going to slink away like he is ashamed of her. He doesn’t think Tom will do it either. Bonnie thinks that Tom needs to be careful because it could backfire on him and she could come across as sympathetic.

At the hospital, Bob sees Tom and Chris heading out for court. He will see him in court. He thought it was closed, Chris asks? Only to the press - he looks surprised, Bob answers. He is nervous because his career, reputation and funding for the hospital on the line. Bob doesn’t want him to get ahead of himself; he just needs to tell the truth.

Casey and Emily are making out when Susan knocks quickly and walks in. They fly apart and Casey pretends he is looking at something by the door. Susan is surprised to see him and asks him why he is there? He was on his way to court and then found out it was a closed hearing so he wanted to know what was going on? Susan wonders why he didn’t talk with his dad, but Emily cuts her off and tells him that Casey doesn’t need to have the third degree, as she suggests that they all leave. Susan leaves with Casey and Emily bringing up the rear, as Casey gooses Emily, who gives him a look, but also smiles.

At the courthouse, Aaron is comforting Alison, as they sit with Bonnie in the hall. Chris walks up and glares in their direction. They lock eyes, as Alison rushes down the hall telling them that she will see them inside, as Aaron goes in. Bonnie and Tom talk about how she thinks his behavior was inappropriate by going to Alison about using the movie and then having Lisa suggest to her that she drop the case. Tom agrees, but also explains that they were trying to stop this from getting this far. Bonnie thinks they could end this with a cash settlement, an apology and to have Alison reinstated to the nursing program. Tom tells her that isn’t going to happen – they want it dropped completely or they move forward. Bonnie thinks that means Chris has something to hide since he wants to keep this pout of court.

Inside the courtroom, Aaron asks Chris if he thought about the favor? He did, and he realizes that he doesn’t owe them anything. Aaron pleads that he rethinks it because he knows what bringing the movie up would do to her. Alison walks in, as Chris smiles and tells her sadly that this shouldn’t be happening. She agrees… he never should have made it happen, as Chris walks by her and goes to sit down. Emily, Susan and Casey walk in. Emily tells him that he should go sit with his family. Casey isn’t sure he wants to because he doesn’t agree with what they are doing. Casey tries to reply, but Kim comes over and tells him that they saved him a seat. Casey begrudgingly sits down, as Kim tells Emily to be more careful about what she writes in her tabloid. She is only writing the truth, as Kim smirks. She should be careful because she could be on the wrong side of a lawsuit. Emily now smirks, as she tells her to bring it on. Kim tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Brenda is the last to arrive, as Chris and she look at one another. The judge comes in as the hearing starts.

Noah brings Luke his drink and Luke tells him that he made it wonderfully. Does he want to sit? He needs to get back to work. An officer walks in and tells Noah that he will wait for him outside, as Luke nervously wonders what that is about? He just needs to answer some questions. The manager of Java worries that he is being arrested. No, he is just handling something; he tells the manager he will be back soon. Luke wants to go with him, but Noah tells him that he is fine. After Noah heads out, Luke follows.

Bonnie starts questioning Brenda about her allowing Alison to retake a test. She admits that Chris asked her to. He did influence her then? That one time, Brenda answers. Bonnie asks more questions and then Tom questions Brenda. He asks her if she kicked Alison out of the program because of Chris? Absolutely not. Tom submits Alison’s grades to the judge.

At the station, the officer gives Noah his father’s dog tags that washed ashore. Have they found the body? No, but he has been officially declared dead. Noah drops into the chair holding the dog tags when Luke walks into the background.

Tom asks Brenda about Alison’s grades. She had mostly D’s and C’s. Her grades are well below average. She was dropped because she was failing and in her opinion would never make a good nurse. Bonnie questions her now; she made a decision to cut Alison after she passed a test, but not after tests when she got D’s and C’s? Doesn’t that seem strange? Did she have a conversation with Chris on the day Alison was cut from the program? Yes. Bonnie wonders if she just followed doctors’ orders? Tom objects and Bonnie tells them that she is done with her and now will call Alison to the stand. Bonnie asks her to talk about her relationship with Chris. They were friends but headed towards more. Were they intimate? Not exactly; it never happened. How did Chris react? The first two times, Chris understood. The last time was the day that she found out she passed her last test. They were celebrating and she ended up refusing to become intimate again. How did Chris react? He got mad and they argued so she left. When did she see him again? The next day at the farm when he showed up and thought she was sleeping with Aaron; she didn’t sleep with anyone that night or since then. So, Chris angry? Yes. The same day, Brenda kicked her out of the nursing program. The judge calls for a break. Alison and Aaron hug. Chris whispers to Tom that Alison is lying about sleeping with Aaron because she was only wearing his shirt when he walked in. Tom doesn’t know why it matters what she did. Chris realizes what he is doing and decides to stop talking.

Luke walks over to a distraught looking Noah. Noah explains that these dog tags were his father’s. He always wore them and they found them. Luke wants them to leave. Noah thinks he needs to go back to work; they can call his boss and explain.

Tom opens his questions with asking Alison if she is virgin? He knows she is not because she was engaged to his brother, was pregnant and lost their child. Tom reminds her that she has made it a habit of sleeping with Chris before and now she keeps opening and closing the door when she goes with Chris to his room. Bonnie tries to object, but Tom talks about the character of these two people and he thinks Alison’s character is extremely important in this case. The judge agrees. Bonnie looks upset and mumbles to Aaron that Tom opened the door. Alison looks worried

At the farm, Luke asks Noah if he wants him to make him anything? No, he is fine. He talks about when his dad jumped into the water and when he didn’t come up, he knew he drowned, but it never felt real. If he were alive, he would be wearing these. It is over and he can’t hurt him anymore, Luke reminds him. Noah thinks he should have made it right; if he had a chance to talk with him, maybe things could have turned out differently. He knows he didn’t because of him, Luke says quietly.

Tom wonders why she is afraid to have sex with Chris? She has intimacy problems. Has she had these problems before? In a way, yes. It didn’t stop her from having sex before though. No. Aaron jumps up declaring this line of questioning isn’t; fair; the judge warns Aaron. The judge tells Tom to show his evidence. Tom goes to take out the movie, but Chris stops him. He doesn’t want him to use it; he can’t do it to Alison. Tom thinks he is trying to lose. Tom explains that the evidence is not really pertinent. Emily and Casey look at one another. Tom calls Chris to the stand. Did he ever use his influence to get Alison help in the program? He asked – never told her that she had to – allow Alison to retake her test. He believed in her. What was his opinion of her abilities? He thinks she would make a good nurse, but she couldn’t bring up her grades and he is sorry about that.

Luke gives Noah some movies that they could watch – the Godfather. Luke then shows him about his home movies about his real dad; he tells him how his dad had him kidnapped; he wanted to sell him out. Then when he came out he tried to ‘degay’ him. When he watches these movies, he doesn’t see the greed or the cruelty. It is not the same with him, Noah explains. He knows his feelings for his dad are complicated and that he wants to find the good in him. He doesn’t need to polish his dad’s image so it doesn’t reflect badly on him. He is a good loving decent man; his father was an angry cold isolated man. He is his son though, Noah worries. He deserves to be loved, as Noah starts to cry and hugs Luke.

Bonnie asks Chris if he was mad when Alison changed her mind again? He was since this was the third time. They were already in bed and he is human. Did it anger him to see her with another man? He admits that it didnít go over well. How angry was he Ė enough to take it to work with him? Absolutely not. Did she seek out Brenda? He bumped into her. What did he say to Brenda that day about Alison? He wants the best for her and even now, with her suing him, he still wants the best for her and thinks she will make a wonderful nurse. Bonnie quietly rests her case. The judge tells them that he is going to take a break and render his decision. Emily walks over to Alison and tells her that she is proud. She sees Casey leave and heads out into the hall to supposedly check in with work, as Susan watches her go. In the hallway, Casey grabs Emily who reminds him that both their families are right in the other room, but Casey doesnít care. He is happy that his dad didnít use the tape, but Emily thinks that he did plenty of damage without using it.

Back inside, Alison wonders what her chances are? Bonnie canít say. She wants to winÖ for herself, because of them, as she looks at Chris and his family, but also because of her mom because she always seems to disappoint her. She canít worry about her mom or anyone else. Alison is happy that Chris said that she would make a great nurse. Bonnie asks her if she really thinks he said that to Brenda after he saw her with Aaron? She doesnít know. Soon, the judge comes out and renders his decision; he explains that he needs to know if Alisonís case has merits and if Chris impeded her studies and career by engaging in sexual discrimination? He finds that Alison was treated unfairly, as Bonnie looks hopeful but Alison remains stoic. Dr. Hughes improperly asserted his authority by interfering with her studies and career; he would have expected better judgment. The plaintiff was a willing participant in the relationship and she was more then happy to take some favors when it helped her however. Is there proof that Dr. Hughes interfered with her studies? There is some evidence that he did, but there is another fact to consider. Alison never achieved the standard expected of her in the nursing program and ultimately it was her own limitations that caused her to be terminated from nursing program; he must find in favor of the defendant Ė Dr. Hughes.

Alison and Bonnie look depressed, as Chris and Tom looks elated. Emily races out and tells someone on the other end of the phone that she wants an editorial on the front page of the Intruder about sexual harassment and doctors with a big picture of Chris next to it. They ruled against her sister, but they arenít going to mention that. Casey walks out and tells her that he is going to the Intruder with her. Tom, Chris and the Hughesí walk out and tell Casey they are heading over to the Lakeview to celebrate Ė does he want to come? He already has plans. Tom hopes they see him over there. After they leave, Emily is adamant that he goes with his family because they already hate her as is. Casey tries to tell her that he wants to stay with her because he knows she needs him, but Emily tells him that she wants him to go, as she pushes him away. Casey slowly leaves. Inside the courtroom, Alison tells her mom that she is sorry that she disappointed her. Susan assures her that she didnít. She wanted to do something important with her life Ė like becoming a nurse. She will. Susan wants them to go eat something rich and yummy. Alison sadly agrees and they all head out, as Alison takes Aaronís hand.

Noah tells Luke that he needs to go back to work. He should stay, but Noah doesn’t feel like this is his home anymore and that he doesn’t belong there anymore; he knows this is Luke’s home, but all the farm reminds him of is the fact that he doesn’t belong anywhere anymore. Luke tells him that he belongs with him. His father died hating him because he was gay and couldn’t be what he wanted. He can’t help being who he is, Luke explains. He doesn’t think he can be who he wants either, Noah answers as he walks away.

Bob asks Casey if he wants champagne? What are they celebrating – the fact that the big bad powerful Hughes family knocked down a defenseless girl. Tom thinks he should watch it because Alison accused Chris of doing something he didn’t and he had every right to defend himself. Kim pipes in that Tom could have made it worse for Alison. Casey understands that he didn’t use her past, but she still is going to suffer because she can’t be a nurse – because of Chris. Chris tells him if that is how he feels then he shouldn’t be there. He is right, Chris agrees as he walks away. Casey shows up at Emily’s office, who is stunned to see him – why is he there? Chris kicked him out of his party. What did he do? He spoke the truth; he did say nice things about Alison though. He needs to stop making waves with his family because they are barely flying under the radar as is. He is staying because she needs him. Alison may have lost the case, but she has her dignity. Emily is worried that Alison may use drugs because she pushed her to fight this. Casey doesn’t think that will happen, as he goes to lock the door and Emily smiles.

Bob is thrilled that Chris won because it could have been detrimental to Chris and the hospital if it had gone the other way. Kim thinks it is because her son is honest and courageous that he fought these trumped up charges. Chris seems awkward by all this talk. Chris promises he will never make this mistake again. Kim hopes he never gets mixed up with any of the Stewarts again. Alison, Susan and Aaron walk into the room, as Alison and Chris lock eyes and Chris looks away. Susan wants to leave, but Alison wonders why they bother because it is a small town and they will bump into one another a lot. Susan gets paged and has to leave, but Alison understands. She hugs her and heads out. Kim, Bob and Tom head off leaving Chris behind. Aaron wonders if she still wants to go into the dining room because Chris is probably still in there? They could leave and go for a walk or a bike ride. She only came out to appease her mother; she doesn’t feel like talking about it so she was wondering if he minded that she just be by herself? Aaron understands, but hopes that she doesn’t plan on sitting around by herself being depressed. She did a great job. It didn’t make a difference because the judge was right because no matter what Chris did or said, he didn’t technically ruin her chances at nursing program – she did. She is going to wash her face and go for a walk.

Casey is kissing Emily, but she tells him what she needs is for him to hold her close, which he does. He apologizes to her. She doesn’t understand why because he has been wonderful; he is one the finest men she knows, as she kisses him passionately.

Back at Java, Noah sees Luke and he tells him that he can’t get into it now. Luke tells him that he is going to keep it short; Noah keeps trying to break up with him and he keeps trying to stay in his life, but that is going to end starting right now. He is not going to stalk or pressure him into anything he doesn’t want to do. Noah appreciates it. Just because he isn’t doing those things, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him – he always will – if he needs anyone at all ever – he wants him to come find him, as he walks out and Noah sadly watches him go.

Alison is about to leave when she sees Chris sitting alone. He didn’t think she would want to be in the same bar with him. She is having a horrible day and even went to a dark place about how she could score some drugs, but then she saw him and something clicked in her. She has changed; she is not that same girl from the movie because she has worked a lot to be different. One day she will go back to school and work hard to make something of herself because it is important to her. Chris thinks that is great. He – however, today tomorrow next year will be the same spineless dishonest person he is today – it will never change because that is who he is, as she confidentially walks away. Chris takes a drink and slams down the glass. Alison turns and watches him one last time. A somber Chris orders another drink.

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