ATWT Update Tuesday 6/24/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne


(Farm) Carly arrives while Holden is trying to finish fixing the kitchen sink, which is clogged. Carly tells Holden that she didn’t notice Lily’s car in the driveway so she thought she would take the opportunity to talk to Holden about why he postponed his trip to Montana with Lily. Carly tells Holden that she knows he postponed the trip because of their conversation yesterday out in the field where they admitted they both had feelings for each other. Holden tells Carly that the trip postponement had nothing to do with the conversation they had yesterday. Holden insists that he has to close on the sale of a horse also he isn’t comfortable leaving a new stable hand on thee farm. Carly thinks Holden is being defensive which proves that she is the reason he postponed the trip to Montana. Carly tells Holden that he owes Lily a second chance and adds that Lily thinks that this trip is just the thing they need to have a happy ending. Holden is annoyed that Carly questioned his motives for delaying the trip. Holden does admit that both he and Carly crossed the line and she is right to want to leave things just as they are between them. Holden tells Carly that they both know what would happen if they admitted that what they feel is more then a harmless flirtation between two lonely people. Holden tells Carly that the trip won’t work because when he returns he will just be more eager to see her. Holden apologizes for hurting Carly and putting her in the middle of his marriage.

(Fashions) Lily arrives and asks Lisa to help her pick out some sexy black lingerie because she is planning a romantic night with Holden to spark things between them. Lisa shows Lily some very sexy ensembles and one that includes detachable stockings causes Lilly to tells Lisa she s trying to start a fire not burn down the whole house. Lily still can’t decide what to buy so she calls Carly and asks her to come down to Fashions because she needs some advice on a surprise for Holden.

(Farm) Carly tells Lily she will be there in a few minutes to offer her advice on the surprise for Holden. Carly hangs up the phone and then tells Holden to remember the person whom they both would be hurting if they acted on their feelings for each other. Carly tells Holden she trusts him to do the right thing because he always has in the past.

(Fashions) Lily comes out of the dressing room after she is assured by Lisa and Carly that there is nobody else in the store. Cary approves of the sexy outfit Lily has chosen and tells her to buy it because she locks beautiful. Lily pays for her purchases and the two ladies walk to the Lakeview as they talk. Lily tells Carly she wants to have a romantic night with Holden so they can rekindle the spark between them even though they are not going on the trip. Carly wonders if Lily is disappointed that Holden postponed the trip to Montana. Lily tells Carly that she knows that Holden will go on the trip with her when he is ready and she is trying not to push him. Carly tells Lily they should go on the trip now while the kids are at camp because when the kids get back they won’t have time to go on a trip.

(Lakeview) Lily wonders why Carly is trying to push her and Holden to go on this trip. Carly tells Lily she just wants her and Holden to be happy and she thinks this trip will help their marriage. Lily tells Carly she isn’t as worried as before because lately Holden looks at her the way he used to look at her when they were dating. Carly advises Lily not to think that things are better between her and Holden just because they are sleeping together. Carly explains to Lily that she and Jack never had a problem with the physical part of their marriage but after they finished making love there was still a space between them. Lily tells Carly that she and Holden never used sex to save their marriage so that won’t be a problem. Carly advises Lily not to let Holden think too much or let things like horse sales and stable hands get in the way of their marriage. Lily calls Holden to ask him to come by the house after he is done at the farm. Carly pays for her and Lily’s drinks and tells Lily she s doing the right thing and then she gets up and leaves the table.

(Carly’s house) Carly sits on the couch and cries a little before J.J arrives and wonders if anything is bothering her. Carly tells J.J she is just tired and J.J asks if he can go to camp if the doctor says it is okay for him to go. Carly agrees that if the doctor tells him it's okay to go he can go to camp. Carly tells J.J she will even drive him to camp because she would love to spend some time with her favorite guy.

(Lily’s house) Holden arrives so Lily quickly hides her shopping bag from him before he can see it. Lily asks Holden if he would reconsider going on the trip to Montana with her. Holden tells Lily he has been thinking about it and he has decided to go on the trip. Lily is thrilled and gives Holden a hug as she asks him what changed his mind. Holden tells Lily he just thought about things and decided he would rather spend time with her instead of his new stable hand Eddie and a horse.

(Lakeview) Paul can’t believe that he just heard Sofie say she is pregnant with his child so she tells him that he heard what she said correctly. Paul then tells Sofie that she is lying and she must prove to him that she is telling the truth by taking another test in front of him Sofie tells Paul she understands why he would doubt she is telling the truth but she would be happy to take another test for him. Sofie tells Paul she didn’t buy another test so he offers to buy another test and bring it to her. Barbara gets worried that Sofie is up to one of her dirty tricks or that she has hurt Paul in some physical way. Barbara wonders why Meg isn’t worried that Paul is with Sofie and Meg tells Barbara she trusts Paul completely, Barbara tells Meg that she trust Paul its Sofie whom she doesn’t trust. Paul comes back upstairs with the test and drink in case Sofie needs to drink something so she can go to the bathroom. Sofie tells Paul she doesn’t need it and tells him he can wait in the bathroom with her but he says no and leaves her alone in the bathroom. Sofie comes out of the bathroom after about five minutes and shows Paul that the stick turned blue. Sofie starts to talk about the wonderful future and family they are going to have and gives Paul some champagne to toast to the baby. Paul tells Sofie she is crazy because this baby means nothing to him because he can’t be sure he is the father of the baby. Paul thinks Sofie could have slept with a number of guys before of since she slept with him. Sofie tells Paul that she would never do that and reminds him that the night they slept together they didn’t even think about using protection. Sofie tells Paul that the night they conceived the baby he loved and needed her.

Paul reminds Sofie that the night they slept together was a mistake because he will always love Meg. Paul even tells Sofie that he and Meg are engaged to be married. Paul tells Sofie that from this point on he doesn’t care what happens to her. Paul tells Sofie that he wants her to stay away from Meg and Barbara and that he hopes she will use the money he gave her to leave town. Sofie tells Paul that she intends to use the money he gave her for the baby and she doesn’t have any money with which to leave town. Paul tells Sofie that nothing she does will keep him from marrying Meg. Sofie tells Paul that he can marry Meg if he wants to but she doesn’t think Meg will marry him after she finds out about the baby. Sofie also doesn’t think that Meg will think very highly of Paul when she finds out he threw the mother of his child onto the street. Paul calls Lisa and persuades her to allow Sofie to stay at the hotel and send him the bill. Paul asks Lisa not to tell Barbara that Sofie is staying at the hotel because the mention of Sofie’s name upsets Barbara. Meg sees how worried Barbara is about Paul so she calls him but is surprised when her call goes straight to voicemail. Barbara persuades Meg to go to Sofie’s room to check on Paul. Once Meg arrives at Sofie’s room Sofie tells her that Paul has just left and then closes the door in her face. Meg gets a call from Paul a few minutes later telling her to meet him at the farm so they can celebrate their engagement. Sofie goes to visit Barbara to let her know they will soon have to make peace with her once Paul gives her some important news. Barbara tells Sofie that the only way she will ever have peace is when she leaves town for good. Barbara demands that Sofie leave and Barbara slams the door behind her.

(Farm) Meg shows Holden the ring and asks for his blessing of her marriage to Paul because Paul makes her happy. Holden tells Meg he doesn’t like Paul because he has hurt her so many times. Meg tells Holden Paul has changed but he refuses to believe that Paul Ryan could change. Meg tells Holden that she loves Paul and that when they are not together she feels like a part of her is missing. Holden tells Meg that he gives his blessing but Emma will be another story. Meg persuades Holden to talk to Emma then she gives him such a big hug he can’t breathe. Paul arrives and Meg excitedly gives him the news that they have Holden’s blessing. Holden makes it clear to Paul that he doesn’t like him but he sees that he makes Meg happy. Holden warns that if he ever hurts Meg Emma will probably use the shotgun on him. Paul and Meg are alone and Meg is so happy that Holden gave her his blessing because that will make it easier for her family to accept their marriage. Meg tells Paul that she would love for her family to accept him but if they don’t accept him it is okay because she is happy with him and that is all that matters. Paul and Meg profess their love for each other and kiss. Meg and Paul go out on the porch and open some champagne to celebrate their engagement. Meg wonders what it is that Paul wanted to say to her but since Paul can’t bear to ruin Meg’s good mood he just says he loves to see her so happy and gives her a kiss.

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