ATWT Update Monday 6/23/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/23/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the hospital, Meg and Paul come into Barbara’s room with good news that she can go home. She promises to take it easy; Meg promises that she will be watching after her. Barbara tells Paul that he is a lucky guy. Paul jokes that she is alright. After they walk out, Meg promises Paul that she will take good care of Barbara. Paul talks about not knowing if it is possible, that Sofie did this to his mom. Meg reminds him that it is more then likely that she tried to kill his mother and frame her. She is willing to do anything. Paul thinks Sofie won’t try anything now that they will be watching her closely. Meg thinks that Sofie is crazy and that it won’t matter because she isn’t rational; she won’t be stopped until someone stops her.

At the Lakeview, Sofie is gossiping with the front desk manager about Barbara becoming ill. Sofie implies that it was Meg’s fault and that it isn’t the first time Meg has hurt one of her patients; she killed a patient once, as Mike walks up and wants to talk to her; she has nothing to say to traitors.

Paul and Meg sit down to talk; he knows she doesn’t want to hear this – he thinks Sofie loves his mom so it is hard to believe she would do this. Meg is concerned that she is willing to kill someone she loves to get back at her and get what she wants. Paul hopes she is wrong, but they will act like she is right; next time they may not be that lucky.

At the farm, Jack wonders why Brad has come by? He came by for Emma’s cinnamon rolls. Jack rolls his eyes and doesn’t have much to say. Brad thinks Jack is in a bad mood because things didn’t go that well with Janet the other night – she is obviously too uninhibited for him. Jack calls him on being childish to taking this approach to get information.

At the diner, Janet waits on Katie. She is there alone. Janet thinks it is great that she can eat alone. Brad wasn’t able to come Katie explains, but Janet thinks it is easier for Katie to grill her about what went on with her and Jack the previous night.

On the tennis court, Parker is having a hard time concentrating because of Liberty, who is nearby watching his every move.

Brad cops to not being there because of the cinnamon buns; he came to see how he was doing; he was worried that he was out with Janet; he thinks she could do him harm. Jack smirks; he wants to hear this excuse. He has had failures with women and his confidence is shot. He has issues with spirited women like Carly and Katie. He thinks he should try to be with someone calmer. Jack doesn’t believe he is doing this; he thinks he just wants to stay the main man in Janet’s life even though he is married.

Janet tells Katie that she had a great time with Jack. She understands why Jack might be gun shy because he was betrayed, but then she apologizes for using that word with Katie. He is passionate and exciting. Katie thinks that Janet is using Jack to make Brad jealous. She would not do that. Katie smirks; she is glad to hear that because if she were then she would have to make her life horrible.

Brad jokes about Jack being insecure because of him. He knows that Brad is flattered because Janet seems into him, Jack comments. It is a burden, Brad replies. Jack thinks Janet is simply trying to build a relationship with him for Liberty’s sake. If he wants to think that; he knows he was jealous of him, but going after Janet is not the way to go because she is not that into him, Brad answers. Jack thinks Brad is trying too hard him to get him to believe that Janet is after him because of Brad. Jack thinks Brad needs to dial it down a notch because they are friends, but if he wanted to make it something more then there wouldn’t be anything he could do about it.

Janet jokes that Katie’s threats go well with lunch. Janet realizes that Katie must care about Jack, she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him, and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. They are just two people with no partners right now. If something were to happen, which she doesn’t see happening…she is not the kind of person men have trouble getting over; the evidence is overwhelming, as she nods in her direction. Katie laughs; she is sorry and she realizes it is not her business. She does care about Jack. Janet jokes about it being nice thought of as Femme Fatale.

Brad tells Jack that he thinks there is someone out there for him…. just not Janet. He thinks the secretary at WOAK is great for him. Jack is amazed- is he talking about the one with the stuffed animals? There is a knock; it is Janet, who Brad thinks is there because of him because she mentioned seeing his car out front, but Janet tells Brad that she is there for Jack. Brad looks slightly miffed by this. She has a CD from the band they were talking about last night. She sees they look tense; did she come at a bad time? No, Jack explains that he was on his way to see Parker’s tennis match – does she want to come? Sure. Brad looks annoyed.

Parker continues to struggle with his attention, as he watches Liberty in the stands. Liberty is happy that she distracted him. Parker plays it off that he didn’t realizes she was there. However, he serves a ball and hits the net, as Liberty smiles.

At Fashions, Paul is talking with Lisa. He updates her on Barbara. He is also there to talk about Sofie; Meg thinks that Sofie tampered with Barbara’s medicine. Does he think she could have done that after everything Barbara did for her? Paul thinks that she wasn’t intending to hurt his mom as much as trying to get Meg in trouble. He would like her to make Sofie leave the Lakeview. Lisa assures him that it is done.

Sofie is irate with Mike. He betrayed her by telling Meg personal information about her. Mike reminds her that he told Meg where she went to high school; that isn’t usually a crime. She knows that he is on Meg’s side too and that she is to blame and Meg is wonderful. Mike wants her to calm down. He used her pretending to be friends in order to help Meg. He knew she hated Meg and he still told her things about her. Hr thinks she is mad because she got caught in a lie. She doesn’t care; it is not important. He thinks it is important to tell the truth – like about rape. She had to drop the charges because of him. No, she did it because she lied and he doesn’t know why. He never will either because she is never talking to him again, as she stomps off.

Back in her room, Barbara puts on make up and does her hair. Is she acting vain? No, she is doing what she should to make herself feel better, Meg answers with a grin. She is so thankful after yesterday, Barbara admits. Meg tells her that she will pick up magazines downstairs and then they will order lunch from room service.

Lisa sees Sofie and tells her that they need to talk; she needs to ask her to check out. They are over booked and they need her room. She isn’t overbooked, Sofie snaps. She is, Lisa says with a look. Sofie starts to yell; it is because of Meg. They are all ganging up on her. She deserves better. Lisa snaps back about her wanting to get into about what she did to Barbara? Meg did it; she wants her to leave now or she will; call security, Lisa tells her. She leaves and Meg comes down on the elevator; Sofie approaches her angrily and tells her that she is trying to ruin her life, as she raises her hand to slap Meg, but Meg grabs her arm and stops her while glaring at her. She doesn’t have to lift a finger; she is doing that on her own. She told Lisa that she tried to hurt Barbara, Sofie says. She did that - to try to kill a woman that only helped her - just to get back at her. Thank God Gwen has her baby so Hallie is as far away from her as possible. She is a ‘whack’ job. She can’t say that, as Sofie starts to hyperventilate and falls to the floor, as Meg watches annoyed.

At WOAK, Brad comes in annoyed and Katie asks him what is wrong? Where was he? He was at the Farm to see Emma. How was her grilling session with Janet? She didn’t do anything. Brad suggests that she stay out of Janet and Jack’s lives. Katie smiles; it sounds like an order. He has just had a bad day. He has an idea; Parker left him a message – he has a tennis match so they can go watch Parker kick butt. Katie agrees. Brad takes a deep breath realizing why he suggested this.

Janet and Jack are talking about cows, but Jack teases her about her not really being into farm animals. She laughs; she more into malls. Jack thinks she must miss Liberty. She does. Jack wants her to come with him to watch Parker’s match then.

Paul walks over to Meg, who is tending to Sofie on the floor; she fainted or pretended to, Meg explains. Sofie wakes up and sees Paul, as this causes her face to light up, but then she pleads with him to make Meg go away. Paul tells her that they will leave instead. Has she talked to Lisa? He did that to her, Sofie whines? She must have packing to do. Sofie glares at them; she will never forget what they did to her, as she stomps away. Meg is furious, but Paul laughs at seeing her take on Sofie. Meg calms down and Paul tells Meg that he wants to do something, but he wants to go upstairs because he wants his mom in on this.

At the tennis match, Janet and Jack arrive and stand with Liberty. Parker is annoyed all the adults are there, as Jack laughs. Brad and Katie arrive and Janet says to Brad that he didn’t tell them that he was coming when she saw him at the Farm, as Katie and Jack say in unison that it must be a coincidence. Liberty, who is nearby, rolls her eyes over this.

Meg and Paul come upstairs to Barbara’s room. They tell her that Lisa evicted Sofie. Meg thinks things will be calmer now. Paul doesn’t think so, as Meg looks nervous. He has something to tell – ask her. He gets down on one knee; he wants Meg to marry him. Meg stares at Paul without saying a word. Barbara teases Paul about how she can’t say no in front of his sick mother. She will manage if she needs to say no; she is tough. Meg smiles, as Paul gets up. He loves her, he would walk through fire for her and even now, he has even tried to grow up for her. He thinks the 400th time is a charm. She even got his mom to like her. Barbara laughs. Everyone she comes into contact with is happier for knowing her; he just wants a chance to make her that happy. Meg’s smile fades, as she admits that she doesn’t know if she can marry him. Paul’s face drops, as he looks devastated.

Lisa tells the front desk manager to make sure that Sofie has cleared out of her room in half an hour. Mike overhears. Lisa tells him that she is no longer welcome. Upstairs, he knocks on her door; she doesn’t have anything to say. He is there to help her, as she slowly opens the door to him.

All the adults sit down and watch Parker’s match; Liberty wants them all to not worry who knew who was going to be there. She takes Janet and Brad’s hand and holds them with each of hers. Jack and Katie soon notice and look at each other. Parker wins the match and they all get up and cheer. Liberty is embarrassed. Janet asks Brad what they should do now? An awkward Brad tells her that he and Katie are going to take Liberty home and make sure she does her homework. Janet looks disappointed, but she tries to hide it. Liberty tells Parker how well he played; she can just tell him the truth that he is awesome Parker jokes, as she laughs. Jack calls Parker over, as Liberty tries to get the upper hand again by telling him to shower.

Barbara tells Paul and Meg that she is going to get into bed with her magazines. She tells Meg that she needs to do what is best for her, but – and she hesitates – that she doesn’t think Meg needs to wait for things to be perfect… because she will be waiting forever. Paul is watching their conversation from the side with a desolate look on his face. Meg stops Barbara from leaving; Paul asked her to marry him in front of her because he wanted Barbara to hear her answer. She turns around and tells Paul yes. Paul looks stunned, as she races into her arms and hugs him.

Mike tells Sofie that he feels partly responsible; she agrees since he spied on her and then reported to Meg. That is not what he means – he never should have pushed her to go to the police. She was raped. No, she wasn’t and he thinks she needs help, Mike counters. Sofie wants him to stop it because he sounds like Meg.

Paul breaks out the champagne; he was that confident, Meg wonders? He actually thought with everything that happened with Sofie that she would run for the hills. There is no way to stop the fact that she loves him. He holds up the ring, as a giddy Meg holds out her hand and he puts it on. He promises to try not to screw it up this time.

Sofie opens the door; she wants Mike to leave. She should not be alone. She doesn’t need him. She looks like she is about to faint when Mike wants to help. She wants him to leave. As he is leaving, she tells him that for his information, she is not faking this.

Downtown, Liberty begs Brad to let her go with Parker, Janet and Jack. He finally relents. Liberty and Parker joins Jack and Janet in the diner. Janet smiles; she thanks Jack because this is what family is about, as she takes his hand.

At home, Brad is furious; Jack is trying to take Liberty away from him. He is trying to make her feel like part of the family, Katie explains. Katie wants to know why they suddenly had to go to Parker’s tennis match? She answers her own question; he knew that Jack and Janet were going to be there. Is she mad? She is sick and tired. Of him? She is sick and tired of this sibling rivalry and what it is doing to their marriage, as she heads out of the room.

Paul and Meg are kissing on the couch when his phone rings. He finally picks up; it is Sofie – they need to talk. No, they don’t. He is wrong; she needs to see him in her room right away – alone. Paul says nothing. Meg wishes him well as he is off to appease Sofie; he doesn’t have to do this. There is nothing she can do to them, Meg tells him. Paul heads out. Barbara comes into the room and wonders where Paul went? He is going to see Sofie. Barbara is stunned; Meg thinks it is a good thing because now she can see there is nothing she can do to them.

Liberty tells her mom that she and Parker are going outside to talk about her math homework. Jack teases Janet about how Parker is a lot easier to talk to when they are around. Janet agrees because Liberty is actually talking about homework. She thinks Parker is a good influence on her. She likes the family unit too. Brad is his family too, so maybe they should stay what they are, Jack thinks. What are they? Friends.

Outside, Liberty asks Parker to do her homework and email it to her. Parker stares at her, as Jack comes outside with Janet and thinks it is time to leave.

Janet drops Liberty off at home, as Brad is annoyed they were gone for so long. He pretends it is just because she needs to do her homework. Liberty leaves and Brad asks Janet about her and Jack? They are just friends, but if anything exciting happens, she will let him know, a coy Janet responds.

At home, Jack comments about Parker’s improvement in tennis. Parker changes the subject – he wants to know if he and Janet are dating? No, they are friends. Parker thinks it is just sex then. Jack is floored. What is he talking about that for? Liberty told him that her mom was just into sex, so that must be the attraction, as he heads inside and Jack stares after him with his mouth wide open.

Katie comes out of her room and asks Liberty where Brad is? He is outside talking with her mom. How was the diner? She saw how Parker was looking at her. All the guys look at her, but she doesn’t look back, she adds with sass, as Katie smiles. Brad comes back in and Katie asks him how Janet and Jack’s date was? It wasn’t a date; they just took them out to eat. It doesn’t matter at all to him.

Meg comes out and sees Barbara looking at bridal magazines, as Meg jokes with her about not being subtle. She has never been accused of that. Barbara worries about Paul talking with Sofie. Meg thinks that Paul can tell Sofie that they are engaged. Barbara worries about what Sofie supposedly has to say to him.

Sofie whips open the door to Paul, who is standing there stoically, when Sofie practically jumps into his arms. She has the most wonderful news; she is pregnant. Paul stands there without moving with a frozen look of disbelief, as Sofie cuddles up to him.

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