ATWT Update Friday 6/20/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/20/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Janet is bored and can’t think of a thing to do so she calls Liberty to ask her if she wants to go see a movie. Liberty is happy and asks what movie until Brad tells her she can’t go out because she promised to stay home and study. Janet is annoyed that Brad doesn’t allow Liberty to go out with her but encourages Liberty to obey her father. Janet hangs up the phone makes a raspberry noise to show how much she hates that Liberty is in summer school. Janet decides to go down to the Lakeview bar and have some fun but it is boring there too. Janet asks the bartender where she can do to have some fun and decides to take his recommendation and go to Yo’s.

(Police Station) Jack is also bored at the station and doesn’t feel like filling out incident reports so he plays a game with himself. Jack balances a pencil on his nose to see how long it takes for the pencil to fall off his nose and if it falls off his nose he will fill out a report. Dallas and some other cops at the station encourage Jack to put the reports in his bottom drawer and come with the rest of the day shift to Yo’s to have some drinks.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Katie comes home tired and wants to take a nap and a hot bath and Brad picks her up and takes her in the bedroom. Brad explains to Katie that he didn’t want to disturb Liberty while she is studying. Katie doesn’t understand how Liberty can study with the TV on and the latest fall out boy CD in her headphones. Brad knows that Katie is tired but he persuades her to go to YO’s for 1980’s night but only after he promises to wear a 1980’s outfit.

(YO’s) Janet arrives and all the cops in thee room think she is sexy and are ready to make their move on her until Jack tells them to leave Janet alone because she is a friend of the family. Jack walks over to Janet and thanks her because the chicken soup she made for J.J cured him. Jack buys Janet a drink and they talk about their bad 1980’s hair. Janet gets Jack to laugh and admit he had a mullet and is proud of it. Janet tells Jack she had a poodle perm and purple hair and then they toast to bad 1980’s hair. Brad and Katie arrive and Brad wants to leave as soon as she sees Jack and Janet together. Katie persuades him to stay because she put a lot of effort into her Madonna costume and feels like dancing. Brad and Katie go say hello to Jack and Janet and then they go dance. Janet wonders if it doesn’t bother Jack to see Brad with Katie given that he and Katie were once married to each other. Jack admits to Janet that it used to bother him but he put it in the past because he is glad to see Katie happy. Jack advises Janet to remember that Brad is married and a part of her past. Janet tells Jack that she and Brad are only Liberty’s parents and she has no intention of breaking up Brad and Katie’s marriage. Jack and Janet then toast to forgetting the past and decide to join the rest of the cops in a game of trivia. Janet hears the song they played at her prom so she asks Katie if she can dance with Brad. Katie gives her permission but the expression on her face says that she feels jealous and Jack asks her if she is threatened by Janet. Katie tells Jack she doesn’t feel threatened by Janet because she is a part of Brads past. Once the dance s over Janet goes back to talk to Jack but when another of her favorite songs comes on she starts to walk over to Brad but Jack stops her and tells her she promised to put things in the past. Jack asks Janet to dance to the song and they have a fun time together. Brad watches for a while and then he pulls Janet aside and tells her to stay away from Jack because he is Liberty’s uncle. Janet assures Brad that she and Jack are just friends. Janet reminds Brad that he encouraged her to have her own life and not be so dependant on him and Liberty. Katie is glad that Janet is having a good time with Jack.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Liberty sends a text message to Parker asking him to come over and rescue her. Parker comes over a few minutes later and Liberty asks her to help him with his geometry homework. Liberty and Parker go into Katie and Brad’s bedroom and spread their books out on the bed to study. Liberty gets sleepy and lays down Parker tells her that she smells good and she tells him she borrowed some of Katie’s perfume. Liberty rolls over and is soon asleep so Parker does her homework for her. Parker finishes the homework and considers kissing Liberty to wake her but thinks better of the idea. Parker tells Liberty he has to go home and she wakes up from her nap and tells her they must study together again sometime.

(Yo’s) Brad can’t stand to watch Jack and Janet dance together anymore so he tells Katie its time to go home.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad and Katie arrive home and Liberty shows Brad her completed geometry homework before she heads to bed. Brad asks Katie what she thinks of Janet and Jack’s friendship. Katie thinks that it’s good for Jack and Janet to have fun together because they could use a distraction. Brad thinks Jack and Janet’s friendship a little incestuous because Jack is Liberty’s Uncle. Katie tells Brad that the relationship is no more incestuous then her once being married to Jack who is his brother.

(Lakeview) Jack takes Janet home and refuses Janet’s invitation to come inside for a drink because he must drive home. Brad calls Janet and wonders if Jack is still with her and Janet tells Brad that Jack brought her home and left a few minutes ago. Janet hangs up and smiles because Brad is acting like a jealous guy.

(Farm) Holden tells Carly they must talk about the situation but she doesn’t want to talk because she is afraid of what they will say to each other. Holden tells Carly he is scared of the same thing but he can’t ignore the situation anymore. Carly tells Holden she has feelings for him and Holden tells the same to Carly. Carly tells Holden they must ignore the feelings because he must try to save his marriage. Holden tells Carly that he loves Lily he just isn’t sure he is in love with her anymore. Carly tells Holden they helped each other through a rough time when they were both in a similar situation that is why these feelings surface. Carly insists that Holden should not give up his marriage for a temporary fantasy. Holden tells Carly that his feelings for her are very real and Holden and Carly are about to kiss again when Lily arrives and calls Holden’s name. Carly hides because she can’t face Lily right now. Lily tells Holden that the new stable hand Eddie told her that he might be by the stream. Lily tells Holden that he just needed to take a ride to clear his head and breathe some fresh air. Lily wants to ride back with Holden on his horse so the ride back together. Lily is surprised to find the horse that Carly was riding by itself and wonders how the horse made it all the way there. Holden tells Lily that Eddie probably rode him there. Lily thinks it’s strange that Eddie would leave a horse alone and then go muck out the stalls she is sure there must be another explanation. Lily and Holden make it back to the house and Holden asks Lily if they can cancel their trip. Holden explains to Lily that he wants more time to train Eddie and besides he is expecting a new horse and wants to make sure it gets settled into its new surroundings. Holden promises they will go to Montana in a couple of weeks when things are less hectic at the farm. Lily has a disappointed tone in her voice but tells Holden it is okay. Carly arrives and Lily tells her they are not going to Montana right now. Holden walks Carly out and she tells him she hopes he didn’t cancel the trip because of her. Holden lies and tells Carly he has too much work to do on the farm right now. Holden goes back inside and asks Lily if she is disappointed about not going on the trip. Lily tells Holden that it is okay because he promised to take her in a couple of weeks and he always keeps his promises to her. Holden holds Lily as he and Carly stare at each other because Carly is on the porch watching Holden and Lily.

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