ATWT Update Thursday 6/19/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/19/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hughes House) Tom calls Emily and accuses her of being unethical for describing Chris as a pompous, arrogant, hospital big wig. Emily tells Tom that she couldn’t think of any other way to describe a guy who gets a woman kicked out of the nursing program because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Tom tells Emily that he will get a gag order to stop her from publishing stories that are not true. Emily tells Tom to get his gag order but in the meantime he can gag on this and then she angrily slams down the phone. Tom is frustrated and Casey walks in and Tom tells him he was talking to the most unethical, unscrupulous, newspaper editor and Casey smiles because he knows Tom is talking about Emily.

(Emily’s office) Emily tells her staff to deliver complimentary copies of the intruder to the Lakeview, Java, Al’s Diner, and the hospital because she wants all of Oakdale to know that Chris Hughes is a jerk and deserves to pay for what he did to Alison.

(Hughes House) Casey tells Tom that Emily’s stories usually have some facts behind them. Tom thinks that Casey is taking Alison’s side over his own uncle and wonders how Casey can be against his own family. Casey clarifies that he doesn’t think Chris intended to hurt Alison but she must have a case or the lawsuit wouldn’t be going to court. Tom tells Casey that this case could hurt Alison if it goes to court. Casey laughs because it seems like Tom is going after Alison like a hit man goes after his prey. Chris arrives to practice his testimony with Tom and Casey leaves the house so they can be alone to work. Chris tells Tom he got a copy of the paper but he didn’t read it because he doesn’t read trash. Chris tells Tom that not too many people read the intruder so the article won’t make a difference in the trial. Tom tells Chris that more people read the tabloids then he might think and Emily has managed to put Alison’s case in the court of public opinion. Tom goes over some of the questions Bonnie is likely to ask him and Chris is doing pretty well in his responses until Tom asks him if he persuaded Brenda the director of the nursing program to give Alison a make up exam because of his friendship with Alison. Chris responds yes but Tom corrects him and explains that he must make sure to make it clear to the jury that Brenda made all the decisions regarding Alison and he never used any influence with Brenda. Tom asks Chris a question about his past relationship with Alison and brings up that he cheated on Alison with Emily. Chris gets angry and Tom warns him not to get so angry at the mention of Emily’s name or he will lose the case.

(Emily’s office) Casey arrives to give Emily a message from Tom but he and Emily kiss for a long time before he actually gives her Tom’s message. Casey tells Emily that Tom made it seem like Alison had the most to lose if she goes to court. Emily wants to find out if Tom plans to use Alison’s past against her. Casey tells Emily that his father is a good man and would never fight dirty to win a case. Emily asks Casey to find out what Tom plans to use against Alison. Casey asks Emily if their relationship would end if he decided not to spy on his father for her. Emily tells Casey that there are so many reasons she shouldn’t be with him and should put an end to their relationship. Emily tells Casey that whatever he decides to do it won’t affect their relationship. Casey tells Emily he is going to do this to prove to her that his father is a good man.

(Hughes House) Chris asks Tom if he thinks that he should fight the lawsuit Tom says yes but the question is if he wants to fight clean or dirty. Tom tells Chris that most likely this will become a case of he said she said unless either side can come up with evidence that places the character of the other person in doubt. Tom asks Chris if he wants to use Alison’s porn past against her. Chris tells Tom that if this comes out in court it would destroy Alison. Tom agrees to use the porn movie as a last resort but he won’t do it if Chris doesn’t want him to use it. Chris tells Tom to use the porn movie as a last resort in the case.

(Hospital) Aaron arrives to give Alison a present to lift her spirits and apologize for his fight with Chris.

(Park) Aaron takes Alison to the park and he beats her when they have a race and Alison thanks him for the surprise. Alison admits to Aaron that she is scared that Chris will use her past against her in court. Alison thinks that she led Chris on and maybe unwittingly caused him to get frustrated and angry with her. Aaron tells Alison that she had every right to change her mind about sleeping with Chris. Aaron congratulates Alison for learning to do what is best for her. Alison tells Aaron she thinks he is very good for her. Aaron tells Alison that he likes her and that is why he stays with her. Alison surprises Aaron with a kiss and tells him she felt very good about kissing him not scared at all.

(Hughes House) Casey looks in Tom’s briefcase and finds the DVD of Alison’s porn movie and asks him directly if he intends to use it in court. Casey blasts Tom and explains that he told Emily that he would never fight dirty in court. Casey blasts Tom for hurting Alison who is like family and once saved Margo’s life. Tom tells Casey that he has nothing against Alison but he has to win the case. Casey accuses Tom of being unethical and leaves the house. Tom screams at Casey not to tell Emily about the DVD. Casey calls Alison and tells her to meet him in Emily’s office.

(Emily’s office) Emily, Alison, and Aaron talk and Casey tells them that Tom intends to use the porn movie in court. Alison cries a little Casey leaves to go get her something to drink. Alison considers dropping the lawsuit but Emily tells her that when she was a hooker a john beat her up and she didn’t report it because she thought that nobody would believe her. Emily tells Alison that she was afraid that a jury would think she deserved it because the guy had paid to be with her. Alison tells Emily that she didn’t deserve to get beat up and Emily asks Alison if she deserved the treatment Chris gave her. Alison leaves because she needs to think and Emily tells Casey she hopes Alison doesn’t drop the lawsuit.

(Hospital) Aaron arrives to plead with Chris not to use the tape against Alison in court. Aaron tells Chris that Alison has made a lot of mistakes in her past and the first time she was ever proud of herself was when she was in the nursing program. Aaron asks Chris to let Alison keep the only thing she has her dignity if he ever loved her at all.

(Hughes House) Tom calls Alison to tell her he has nothing against her and thanks her for saving Margo’s life. Tom tells Alison that he intends to use her past in court if he thinks he needs to use the information. Tom gives Alison one more chance to drop the lawsuit but she informs him she intends to go ahead with the lawsuit.

(Carly’s house) Carly is asleep on the couch when the romantic dialogue of the movie she is watching gets into her dream with her and Holden playing the part of the actors in the movie. Carly dreams she is telling Holden that even though she longs and craves being with him she can’t hurt her best friend.

(Farm) Holden sits on the porch thinking about the kiss he and Carly shared and when Lily surprises him out of his thoughts he tells her he wants her to go on a romantic get away with him. Holden tells Lily that they need to be alone together with nothing to distract them. Lily is thrilled and goes inside to use the kitchen phone to ask Carly if they can borrow her cabin in Montana. Holden tries to stop her by saying they could go away to a beautiful romantic place but Lily insists on Montana so he can’t refuse her and agrees to go to the cabin. Lily asks Holden to talk to Carly because she has a meeting with Lucinda and they can work out the details after her meeting.

(Carly’s house) Carly remembers seeing Holden with no shirt on and interrupting he and Lily’s lovemaking she is so distracted she spills her coffee on the kitchen counter. Holden calls Carly on her cell phone and she sends his call to voice mail. Holden comes by a few minutes later to ask Carly if he can borrow the cabin so he can have a romantic get away with Lily to work on their marriage. Carly is happy to lend him the cabin even though neither Holden nor Carly look happy. Carly forces Holden to talk about the kiss and they both agree it will never happen again. Carly encourages Holden to act normally around her because she doesn’t want to lose his friendship. Carly invites Holden to have a cup of coffee but Holden tells her it isn’t a good idea because he can’t be around her right now. Carly tells Holden she is glad that he and Lily are working on their marriage because she only wants his happiness. Holden tells Carly he is happy so Carly tells him to start acting happy.

(Lakeview) Lily and Lucinda finish their business and Lily asks Lucinda if she can borrow the jet for a romantic get away with Holden. Lucinda wonders whose idea the vacation was and Lily smiles and tells Lucinda Holden surprised her with the idea. Lily also tells Lucinda that she thinks Carly’s conversations with Holden while she was away persuade him to give their marriage another chance. Lucinda thinks Holden realized he missed her and that he has always loved her. Lily tells Lucinda that she doesn’t intend to lose Holden again.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells herself that Holden and Lily have decided to reconcile and she is happy about the news. Carly takes her keys and leaves the house to go for a horseback ride.

(Farm) Holden gives Lily Hannah’s phone number so she can call her and make arrangements for the trip. Holden tells Lily that Carly is very happy that they have decided to work on their marriage. Lily thinks Carly must be very lonely with Jack and both her sisters out of town. Holden doesn’t think that Carly is lonely and he tells Lily Carly is handling the changes in her life very well. Lily calls Hannah and Holden goes to check on the horses. Holden sees Carly and tell her to stop running away from him. Carly tells Holden she needs to go for a horseback ride and he decides to go with her. Carly and Holden stop to look at the view and are reminded of their trip to camp together. Lily goes outside and calls Holden’s name but is unable to find him. Holden and Carly stare at each other for a few minutes and think about kissing each other again. Carly starts to leave but Holden asks her to stay a little longer.

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