ATWT Update Wednesday 6/18/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Holden puts ice in his drink, which makes him think about kissing Carly again. His thoughts are interrupted by Carly. He stares at her without a word. Then he sees JJ behind her. Carly explains that Emma offered to watch JJ while she works. They are still awkward with each other even though they try to hide it. After JJ leaves to go play with some of Faith’s video games, Carly comments about how she can tell by his look that she is the last person he wanted to see.

At Metro, Henry is covering for Carly until she gets back. Bonnie comes in and wants to celebrate; what is the occasion, Henry asks? She holds up a check from Gray’s estate. It has his name on it Henry notices. Is this for real? Yep. Henry is thrilled, as they toast.

Holden tells Carly that she is always welcome there with JJ. It is more then about JJ, as Carly decides that she doesn’t want to get into it actually. She leaves and Lily calls Holden asking for the girl’s zip code at camp. Holden decides to ask Lily out for dinner, which thrills Lily. He wants to make a night out of it. She thought he would never ask, as she smiles.

At the Lakeview, Paul wants to make sure Meg is on board with Sofie leaving town on her own. Meg agrees – as long as she causes no more trouble; she has to go check on Barbara though. Meg walks through the lobby to head upstairs as Cole is hiding behind a newspaper; he sees Meg go up on the elevator.

Sofie is upstairs in Barbara’s suite nervously switching out the Morphine bottles with one that Cole stole, which has a much higher dosage. Her phone rings and she quickly answers it annoyed; what does he want, she asks Cole? He tells her that Meg is on her way up so she should get out. She hangs up quickly, as Barbara calls out from the other room asking if someone is there?

From the diner, Luke calls Noah; they need to talk because he doesn’t like how they left things; can they talk or is he busy? Noah, who is at the police station, tells him that he is tied up because Ameera was released and he is at the station because she wanted to see him. Luke jumps up; he is coming over. Noah explains that he can handle this, but Luke is adamant that he is coming over whether he likes it or not.

Barbara comes out of her room still calling out to whomever she thought she heard. Sofie has slipped into the bathroom unseen. Meg walks into the suite and tells her that she is there, as she rushes in the door. Is the pain worse? She can’t get comfortable or sleep, Barbara admits. She is going to give her the Morphine shot now. Meg gets out the medicine, as Sofie sneaks out from the bathroom and races back to her hotel room. Cole sees her outside and wonders what happened? She heads inside quickly. Cole tells her that he did some research and learned that one shot of Morphine at that strength could kill someone; he is not ready for that – is she?

Paul comes upstairs, as Meg is administering the medicine to Barbara. She explains that Barbara is not feeling too well, but this should help. Meg unknowingly injects her with the increased dosage medicine. They lie Barbara down so she can get some rest, as Meg and Paul talk about watching a movie. They ask Barbara if she wants to see anything, but she is already asleep Paul notices. They think she is just exhausted.

Cole wants to know if someone is going to die then he needs to get out of town quickly. She will get him the money. Is she holding out on him? Barbara and Paul set up an expense account for her that she can get her hands on. If she is playing him then she will be sorry. After he leaves, Sofie rushes to her lock box and puts the Morphine inside that she took from Barbara’s, then grabs Paul’s check and heads for the door to leave.

Paul thinks he and Meg should watch the movie in another room so not to disturb a sleeping Barbara on the couch; Meg thinks they should just move her to her bed. Meg starts to move her when she notices her pulse is weak. She quietly tells Paul to call 911 because Barbara needs help right away.

Henry can’t believe the check is real. It is; she made some copies from evidence of some shady business that the lawyer was doing with Gray and if it came to light then he would be disbarred. He can cash this? Yes. He is rich. Gray’s lawyer has made Henry a Financial Consultant to the estate so she won’t go to the police. He needs to call Vienna to celebrate. Bonnie doesn’t think that Vienna would appreciate the windfall from her old lover. Henry thinks they are all past that. Carly comes back, thanks Henry but admits that she doesn’t have the money to pay for his services right now. Henry happily tells her that it is ok, as Carly looks stunned. In fact, drinks are on him he announces to the room. Can he afford that? He can because he is filthy rich.

Luke shows up at the station, as Noah tells him that he didn’t have to come down. He wanted to. Ameera’s case hasn’t been completely resolved, but she can get out of custody. There is a family that was close to her mother in LA and they want her to move in with them Ameera explains. Luke is glad that it turned out ok; he is sorry to have put her in police custody. He thought he was protecting her. Noah wishes he had let him handle it. Ameera tells Noah that Luke and he were both great for her. She also filed for an annulment. She regrets all the complications she caused. Noah tells her that he was happy to do it. She wishes them the best so they can finally be together. Luke smiles, but then looks at Noah.

Carly makes a martini for Henry, but then they both realize that she made it wrong. She can’t serve this stuff; she needs him. Does she remember how he pretended to buy this place to help out with Kit? Yes. She also remembered that it didn’t end well. He thinks this time would end up better. What if they went into business together and became equal partners; they do make a great team.

At home, Holden shows up dressed to the nines to take Lily out. He has a bouquet of flowers for her as well. She is happy that he asked her out, but she wonders what has gotten into him recently? Can't he bring her flowers without a third degree, he jokes? He just thought they deserved a night out. She agrees, as they happily head out.

Henry explains that he is loaded now and this place can use an infusion of cash. She won’t have to use duck tape on the pipes anymore. She can head home at night to see the kids. That sounds tempting. She will also get Vienna in the equation and she will bring in a classy clientele. Has he pitched it to Vienna? No, but she will be on board. Carly doesn’t think she wants a partner right now. Bonnie teases him about striking out with Carly. He is not out of the game yet. He is going to convince Vienna to hang up her apron for an evening gown. Vienna walks in and doesn’t look pleased to see Bonnie with Henry.

At dinner, Lily wonders when the last time they did this? It has been a long time. She thinks she knows why he asked her out – it is Carly right, as Holden looks uncomfortable.

Carly is putting ice in a glass when she thinks about Holden.

Vienna tells Henry that she has been looking for him and she finds him with this man-eating bimbo, as Bonnie smiles. Henry reminds her that they are all supposed to get along until they got part of Gray’s estate. He thinks that he has something that will cheer her up, as he shows her the check – they are rich. Vienna looks at the check and then at Henry. Doesn’t he understand that this is dirty money, as she walks off?

At the hospital, a doctor and a nurse are monitoring Barbara, who is unconscious in a hospital bed, as Paul and Meg watch through a window. Her breathing is shallow and her pulse is weak, but she hasn’t woken up. They gave Barbara a drug to counteract the Morphine; he needs to know how much she took? Meg tells the doctor that she can give him all that information. Paul wants to see Barbara. He goes into her room and talks to her quietly about needing her to open her eyes now; she has scared everyone enough.

Sofie comes back to her room and heads for the lock box; she opens it and puts the cash inside, as she keeps out $10,000 for Cole. He will never get his greedy hands on the rest; Paul wants her to keep it and she has to do what Paul wants, she mumbles to herself.

Meg explains that she gave Barbara 4mg and almost immediately, she had a reaction. The doctor doesn’t understand how that could cause such a severe reaction. He will get a consult to try to come up with an answer. He leaves and Meg pulls out the Morphine from her bag; she sees it reads 50mg. That is impossible, she mumbles to herself. Paul comes out and wanders what it wrong? Meg looks horrified.

Ameera fills out the paperwork for her release. Noah and Luke insist she keep in touch with letters and pictures. She is glad that she is no longer coming in between them anymore. Sofie thanks Noah for all he did. They hug, as he reminds her that they are like family. She is sorry about his dad. She says goodbye and good luck to Luke; she hopes they will be happy. She leaves and Noah and Luke are left staring at one another.

Meg explains to Paul that she made a terrible mistake, but she doesn’t know how. She picked up Barbara’s medicine from the hospital and she was sure she had taken the concentration of 4mg, but she just looked at the bottle and it reads 50mg. This could have been lethal, but she is sure that it had read 4mg. Paul stays calm and tells her that if she thinks it was 4mg then it was; she wouldn’t have made a mistake like that. Why not, Meg wonders? That is the mistake she made before. What if Barbara…. Paul stops her; she will be ok. If anything happens to Barbara then she doesn’t think she will be able to forgive herself. They are interrupted when they hear a code blue being registered; the doctors and nurses rush into Barbara’s room, as Paul and Meg watch silently.

Lily thinks that Carly was involved in getting Holden to ask her out. It isn’t about Carly. The two of them have spent so much time together though. She is their good friend and she has a lot invested in the two of them getting back together. Why does she think that is, Holden asks? If they get back together then there is hope for she and Jack. Holden says nothing. Lily wants to go dancing to get rid of all the dessert calories that she consumed. Holden agrees; where does she want to go? It will be a surprise. Soon they are both walking into Metro, as Carly sees them together and forces a smile. Carly tells them it is a surprise to see them. Lily happily tells her that they are on a date. Holden explains this was Lily’s idea. Lily steps away for a moment and Holden apologizes. Why - this is exactly what they need; it is exactly what they all need, as she walks off.

Henry gives Bonnie and Vienna champagne; Bonnie wishes him luck and she heads off. Vienna snidely remarks that she thought Bonnie would never leave; Bonnie is the reason they are filthy rich, Henry reminds her. Henry wants her to think bigger in her life then just the diner. How would she like to own part of Metro? He wants her to think about the glam and the celebrities. She doesn’t care about the money – only him, the diner and Pepper. He put in an offer, and all they have to do is to get Carly to say yes. She said no? She will change her mind if they charm her. They aren’t going to because her answer is no as well.

Carly gives Holden and Lily some sparkling cider to celebrate. Lily hears a slow song and wants to dance, as Carly is forced to watch them slow dance.

At the Lakeview, Sofie asks a maid how Barbara is doing? She must not have heard… Barbara was rushed to the hospital earlier. She hopes she will be ok, Sofie pretends. The maid tells them that they all hope she makes it.

The doctor comes out and tells Paul and Meg that it was a close call, but Barbara is still very weak. The drug they gave her to counteract the Morphine is taking affect so he hopes that will help. She is not out of the woods yet. Meg tells the doctor that she made a terrible mistake; Paul tries to stop her. Meg continues to say that she gave Barbara 50mg instead of 4mg. How did that happen? She doesn’t know because she is sure the label said, but the doctor has interrupted her. This will not only have to be reported to the Medical Review Board but also to the police. He heads off, as Meg and Paul stand there silently.

Luke wonders if Noah was ok with him being there. He was. Noah is about to leave when Luke stops him – didn’t he hear what Ameera said? She doesn’t know that they aren’t together, Noah answers. Luke thinks they should go and talk, but Noah tries to decline so Luke tells him to shut up and that he is buying.

At Java, Noah tells Luke that he is surprised that he wants to hang out with him. Why? Reg. What about him? He broke up with his boyfriend and asked him out. Does he think he would be with someone else that quickly? He came looking for him and he found him with Reg; he wanted to talk. Luke tells him that he doesn’t know what he thought he saw but they were just talking. Noah finally believes him. Luke smiles; he came after him though – does that mean he still wants to be with him?

Holden and Lily are hanging out when he gets a business call that he goes outside to take. Lily goes to see Carly. They seem happy, Carly says. She doesn’t know what happened but suddenly he can’t get enough of her. Carly tells her that she just wants her happy.

Henry asks Vienna if she wouldn’t rather be here tripping the light fantastic? She could never give up the diner because that is her baby so the answer is a big fat no.

Across the room, Carly watches Holden and Lily whispering in the corner smiling and having fun. They head out, as Lily waves happily to Carly on the way out. Carly looks sad as she watches them go. Henry walks over to Carly and calls her his future partner but Carly can’t handle this now, but she has one more favor to ask – can he watch the club while she takes care of something? Henry is thrilled to do it thinking that will help with them becoming partners. He tells Vienna he was born with a cocktail shaker instead of a rattle; Carly has to see that she can’t make this work without him.

At the farm, Lily tells Holden that Ethan is sleeping soundly; she hates to wake him. Holden suggests that she stay then. Is he sure? Yes, he missed her, as he kisses her and suggests that they go upstairs.

Paul wants to go get fresh air and go to get some of Barbara’s belongings. Meg wants to stay with Barbara – as long as she doesn’t handle her medication then she should be fine, she adds sarcastically. Paul assures her that it wasn’t her fault. It was and she is sorry. It wasn’t; he will see her shortly. Meg goes and asks the nurse if she could see the log of the medicine that she checked out earlier? Meg looks at it and looks confused; she mumbles to herself that maybe Paul is right.

At the Lakeview, Sofie races over to Paul, who is heading up in the elevator. She heard about his mother; is she ok? It was a close call, but she will be ok. Can she see her? No, it isn’t a good idea. He walks away and Sofie stands there upset.

Meg asks the nurse if there is any way that a bottle of Morphine that is supposed to be 4mg could be interchanged with a 50mg one? She explains that it is very unlikely, but coincidentally a bottle of 50mg Morphine went missing today. Was it after she signed out the meds? Yes. Do they know who did it?

Cole is waiting for Sofie in her room; it is about time. Sofie takes out pf her bag the money for Cole and tosses it at him telling him to take a first class ticket and go somewhere far away. Cole wants to know what happened? Barbara almost died, but she didn’t. Everyone knows it was an overdose and that it will be Meg’s fault. She will lose her license, maybe go to jail, but the best part is that Paul could never love a woman that almost killed his mom, she adds with a smirk.

At the farm, Carly walks in calling out to anyone. She goes looking for JJ. She comes back in the room to find Holden has come downstairs without a shirt. They both stop in their tracks.

Luke wonders if he changed his mind about them? It wouldn’t matter since he is already talking to other guys. Luke looks incredulous at him. He isn’t over him. They looked tight. It was nice talking to Reg, who is a good guy; it was nice to be with someone who wants him and who isn’t messed up. If that is how he feels then why doesn’t he call Reg to hook up. Is that what he wants – to end things for good now?

Carly apologizes, but then Lily walks down in her negligee too. Carly didn’t mean to interrupt them, but Lily is glad that she is there so she can be the first to know that things are finally working out for she and Holden. Carly tells them that she is thrilled for the both of them. JJ interrupts and asks if they are ready to go, as she makes a quick exit to leave. Lily thinks it may be hard for Carly to see them so happy together, as Holden stares after Carly.

Noah tells Luke that he doesn’t want to break up. He doesn’t want to be with him either though, Luke snaps back. He has a lot to sort out. He knows. He noticed that he isn’t wearing his wedding band and at first he thought it was a good sign, but now he just thinks he may want to be single. Luke gets up and tells Noah that he doesn’t know why this always happens to him – he falls for men that he can’t have. Noah tries to stop him, but Luke walks away, as a saddened Noah watches him go.

Paul comes back to the hospital; Meg tells him that she thinks he was right about it not being her fault about the medication. Somebody switched the Morphine. Who would do that? Sofie.

Cole doesn’t want to get mixed up in her obsession with Paul, but she could have made a lot more money off of him. He should be happy with the money he got; he can go now because their business is done, Cole tells her that he wants her one more time, as he kisses her and Sofie finally gives in.

Lily doesn’t think that Carly will be alone long; she and Jack never stay apart long. Holden doesn’t want to talk about Carly. She will meet him upstairs after he locks up.

At home, Carly tells JJ to get ready for bed, as he wonders if she is ok? She is fine, she assures him. He heads upstairs and Carly looks out the door sadly, as Holden is doing the same out at the farm.

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